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                                              MODULE 1:
                         Summer School                    July 21 – August 15, 2008

                     To be held at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava,
                        and the Slovak National Library, Martin, Slovak Republic

                         Distance Learning Phase          September 1 – April 30, 2009

The Getty Conservation Institute (GCI), the Academy of Fine Art and Design (AFAD) and the
Slovak National Library (SNL) are pleased to announce a three-module course, Fundamentals of
the Conservation of Photographs, designed to support the development of the field of photograph
conservation in central, southern and eastern Europe. The complete project description can be
found at:


Fundamentals of the Conservation of Photographs will provide
participants with both the theoretical and practical knowledge
necessary to care for the range of photographic materials found in
the collections of museums, libraries, archives and other
repositories. The course has been designed to provide learning and
practical experience in both classroom and workplace settings over
a period of nine months. This combination of theoretical and
hands-on training allows participants to build a strong
understanding of photographic materials and processes, the
deterioration mechanisms associated with them, and the
appropriate conservation strategies that will assure their long-term

                                                                       Scientific analysis of Durieu photographs
                                                                       Photo: Dusan Stulik
        Fundamentals of the Conservation of Photographs will be offered as a series of three
        complementary modules, with each module focusing on a related series of topics. Each module of
        the course will consist of two parts:

        The first part is a summer school of three-four weeks duration that will take place at the
        Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava and the Slovak National Library in Martin,
        Slovak Republic. The summer school will combine theoretical teaching with practical, hands-on

                                        The module’s second part is a series of practical distance learning
                                        activities that participants will carry out in their own institutions
                                        over an eight month period, guided by course instructors and
                                        mentors. During the distance learning portion of each module,
                                        participants will spend approximately ten hours each month
                                        pursuing assignments that will allow them to apply the concepts
                                        and information presented during the summer school to their own
                                        collections. Each month, participants will submit work reports to
                                        instructors through the course Website and in return will receive
                                        advice and additional information. The course Website will also
Slovak Legation to Monarch, March       allow participants to share information with one another and to
20th 1849, daguerreotype (1849).        take part in joint assignments and projects.
Courtesy of the Archive of Literature
and Art (ALA) of the Slovak National
Library in Martin

        The first two modules will focus on the identification of photographic materials and processes,
        their history, deterioration characteristics, and the preventive conservation, documentation, and
        collection management strategies that can safeguard collections. In combination, these two
        modules of the course will provide a strong foundation for understanding and managing large
        photograph collections. For this reason, participants are encouraged to take part in both modules.
        Participants of these two modules will include librarians, archivists, curators, conservators, and
        other professionals with responsibility photograph collections.

        The third and final module of the series will focus on conservation treatment options for specific
        types of deteriorated photographic materials. Participation in this module is open to conservators
        who have either completed both of the first two modules, or who can demonstrate prior training
        and experience in the topics covered by these modules.

        Please note that each module requires a separate application. Applications for new modules will be
        available each year after January 1.

                                                    Module 1
Summer School                                          July 21 – August 15, 2008
Distance Learning Phase                                September, 2008 – April 2009
                                                  Topics Covered
Chemical vs. Non-Chemical Photography                  History of Photograph Conservation
Photographic Processes                                 Deterioration Characteristics
Collections Surveys, Condition Reports                 Documentation
Conservation Treatment Isssues                         Proposals for Funding & Other Resources
Anne Cartier-Bresson, Atelier de Restauration et de Conservation des Photographies, Paris,
Monique Fischer, The Northeast Document Conservation Center, North Andover, Massachusetts
Klaus Pollmeier, Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design, Stuttgart
Grant Romer, George Eastman House, Rochester, New York
Dusan Stulik, Art Kaplan, Tram Vo, The Getty Conservation Institute, Los Angeles, California

                                                    Module 2
Summer School                                          July – August 2009 (dates to be determined)
Distance Learning Phase                                September, 2009 – April 2010
                                                  Topics Covered
Digitization (Copy and Duplication)                    Tests for Image Stability
Preventive Conservation                                 Exhibition & Display Conditions
Tests for Suitability of Conservation Materials         Problems of: Cased Images, Panoramas,
                                                        Negatives (Plate & Glass), Color,
                                                        Motion Pictures
To be announced
                                                   Module 3
 Summer School                                        July – August 2010 (dates to be determined)
 Distance Learning Phase                              September 2010 – April 2011

 Please note: Participation in this module, which focuses on conservation treatment for
 photographic materials, will be restricted to conservators.

                                                Topics Covered
 Surface cleaning                                     Aqueous & solvent bathing
 Mold reduction/removal                               Bleaching
 Silver mirroring reduction/removal                   Repair of cracked & lifting emulsions
 Tape/adhesive reduction/removal                      Repair of broken glass negatives
 Tear repair                                          Retouching
 Fills & compensation for loss                        Conservation of albums & portfolios
 Flattening                                           Humidification
 Matting & framing                                    Mount repair
 Unmounting                                           Treatment of photos in cases
 Mounting & lining; mount splitting                   Emulsion transfer
 Consolidation                                        Chemical treatments
 To be announced


Instructors for the course are leaders in the field of photograph
conservation. Most of the instructors will take part in both the summer
school and distance learning portions of each module.


Participants will be drawn from museums, libraries and archives in
Albania, Belarus, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech
Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland,
Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, and Slovenia.

All participants of module one and two of Fundamentals of the
Conservation of Photographs will have at least an undergraduate degree
                                                                            Scientific analysis of photograph
                                                                            Photo: Dennis Keeley
(BA or BSc) and academic and professional qualifications in conservation, library and archives
management, museum studies, photography, or a closely related field. In addition, participants will have
at least five years of work experience, as well as responsibility for a photograph collection. Participants
of the third module, which will take place in 2010-2011, will have an academic qualification in
conservation and at least five years practical experience.

Since the course is taught in English, participants should be able to demonstrate an excellent command
of spoken and written English.

In order to take part in the distance learning portion of each module, participants must have easy access
to a computer with Internet access (preferably high speed access) and experience in accessing and using
Web-based information.

Given the high level of practical work and frequent instructor-participant interactions, the number of
participants for each module will not exceed twenty people.

                                                         There are no fees for participating in any
                                                         of the modules or for the course materials.
                                                         Accommodation in Bratislava and Martin
                                                         will be covered by the Getty Conservation
                                                         Institute. Some assistance for travel costs
                                                         may be available. Although lunch will be
                                                         provided on weekdays during the Summer
                                                         School, participants should be prepared to
                                                         cover other daily incidental costs.

Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava
Photo: Barbara Burianova

Please visit the project website at
to download application materials for the first module. Please complete the application
electronically and submit the completed applications as an e-mail attachment to the following e-
mail address:

Please note that the application process requires a signed statement from the director of the applicant’s

Applications for the first module of Fundamentals of the Conservation of Photographs must be
submitted to the Getty Conservation Institute by
no later than APRIL 11, 2008.

Successful applicants will be notified of their acceptance during the first week of June. Upon confirming
their acceptance, participants will receive the course schedule, information for accessing the course
Website and information regarding accommodations.

For further information about the course or the application procedure, please send your inquiry to

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