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									DACUM Research Chart for
Middle Manager

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DACUM Facilitators

Robert E. Norton

Christine Overtoom
OSU Consultant                                  February 10-11, 2004
DACUM Research Chart for Middle Manager
  Develop                A-1 Review business plan for        A-2 Identify       A-3 Develop        A-4 Identify
                         alignment with operations plan      target             work unit          SWOT
A Work Unit                                                  customers &        mission
  Operations Plan
                                                             expectations       statement
                         A-11 Identify     A-12 Develop
                         tactics to        deployment
                         support           process for
                         strategies        operations plan
    Implement            B-1 Announce      B-2 Solicit       B-3 Review         B-4 Solicit    B-5 Establish
    Work Unit            operations plan   feedback from     operations plan    stakeholder    schedule for
B                        to stakeholders   stakeholders      based on           support        operations plan
    Operations Plan
                                                             feedback                          implementation
  Manage                 C-1 Admini-       C-2 Develop       C-3 Admini-        C-4 Provide C-5 Create work
                         ster company      work unit         ster work unit     work unit     unit job
C Work Unit              policies &        policies &        policies &         job analysis  descriptions/
  Human Resources
                         procedures        procedures        procedures                       job specifications
  Manage Work            D-1 Develop       D-2 Secure        D-3 Admini-        D-4 Safeguard assets according
                         work unit         work unit         ster approved      to company procedures
D Unit Fiscal/Physical   budget (C&O)      budget (C&O)      work unit
    Maintain Work        E-1 Identify     E-2 Identify       E-3 Negotiate      E-4 Resolve        E-5 Develop
    Unit Stakeholder     work unit        work unit          stakeholder        stakeholder        plans to meet
E                        stakeholders     stakeholder        expectations       concerns           stakeholder
                                          expectations                                             expectations
    Maintain Work        F-1 Manage       F-2 Manage         F-3 Manage work unit                  F-4 Monitor
    Unit Business        work unit        work unit work     production activities (e.g.,          work unit
F                        personnel work flow systems         special projects)                     facilities
                         activity                                                                  operations
                         F-12 Evaluate business trends &     F-13 Enforce
                         information for work unit action    safety & health

  Evaluate Work          G-1 Establish work unit             G-2 Assess work unit              G-3 Assess work
                         performance measurement             performance (actual vs. best      unit performance
G Unit Business          procedures                          practices)                        (actual vs. goals)

  Pursue                 H-1 Identify      H-2 Develop a     H-3 Partici-       H-4 Read           H-5 Utilize
                         gaps in skills    professional      pate in            professional       professional
H Professional           & knowledge       growth plan       community          literature         listserves

SWOT =        Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunity, Threat
C&O=          Capital & Operating
                                                                                      February 10-11, 2004

A-5 Identify    A-6 Identify      A-7 Identify       A-8 Create       A-9 Identify required resources   A-10 Align
work unit       expectations of   critical success   business         (e.g., physical, fiscal, plant)   organizational
goals &         work unit         & quality          strategies for                                     structure with
objectives                        control factors    work unit                                          operations plan

B-6 Establish     B-7 Align
logistics for     work unit
operation plan    resources with
implementation operations plan
C-6 Select     C-7 Assign work     C-8 Admin-        C-9 Assess       C-10 Provide     C-12 Conduct work unit
work unit      unit employee       ster              work unit        work unit        employee performance reviews
personnel      performance         compensatio       employee         employee
               objectives          n plan            training needs   training
D-5 Maintain
work unit
E-6 Implement plan to meet       E-7 Revise
stakeholder expectations         plan according
                                 to stakeholder
F-5 Maintain     F-6 Monitor     F-7 Verify          F-9 Align work unit market        F-10 Manage      F-11 Maintain
productivity     work unit       adherence to        operations trends with plant      work unit        company
standards        process control quality control                                       business risks   productivity
                 standards       standards                                                              plan

G-4 Solicit feedback from       G-5 Develop       G-6 Implement work unit
customers & stakeholders to     action plan to    performance improvement work
improve work unit               improve work      unit plan
performance                     unit performance
H-6 Partici-     H-7 Attend to H-8 Participate in professional    H-9 Complete increasingly more
pate in          personal health organizations & conferences      difficult/challenging work unit
continuing                                                        projects
General Knowledge and Skills                           Worker Behaviors

Leadership skills*                                     Manage business climate for honesty,   Diplomatic
Mentoring skills*                                        integrity and ethical behavior       Initiative
Coaching skills*                                       Ethical                                Entrepreneurial
Organizing skills                                      Enthusiasm                             Deals with ambiguity
Presentation skills                                    Professional                           Open-minded
Delegation skills                                      Sense of humor                         Dependable
Negotiation skills                                     Intuitive                              Integrity
Communication skills (oral, written, listening, body   Tenacity                               Endurance
 language)                                             Positive mental attitude               Optimistic
Business Law, (Labor, Contract, Government)            Fair                                   Common sense
General business knowledge                             Responsible                            Assertive
Directing                                              Honest                                 Perseverance
Analytical skills                                      Flexible                               Patient
Time management skills                                 Empathetic                             Team player
Diversity skills                                       Self-motivated                         Consistent
Facilities management
General math skills (statistics)
Computer skills
Financial management
Project management
Global awareness
Decision making skills
Technical proficiency
Interpersonal skills
Facilitation skills

Tools, Equipment, Supplies and Materials               Future Trends and Concerns

Planning tool (Palm, Daytimer)                         e-Commerce
Copy/fax machine                                       Continuing pressure on corporate profits
Computer w/Internet                                    Changes in workforce
Calculator                                             Demographics
Printer                                                Inadequate training programs
Software                                               Trend toward longer career & fewer career changes
Professional library                                   Greater emphasis on work-life balance
Car                                                    Downsizing
VCR/DVD player                                         Accountability for unethical behavior
Conferencing equipment                                 Geo-political trends
                                                       Mergers & acquisitions
                                                       Greater requirements for qualified workforce
                                                       Global-Geo-Economic trends
                                                       Changing technology
                                                       Political unrest
                                                       Increased diversity
                                                       Increased stress on individuals

* Leadership, mentoring, and coaching skills are critical throughout all duties and tasks of the
  middle manager’s job.

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