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                                                                                  Geneva, 28 June 2002

                                                  Publication Notice             No. 226-cor-02

ITU-T Test Chart No. 6:
Standardized colour test chart for document
facsimile transmissions as per
ITU-T Recommendation T.23 (04/1994)

The use of ITU-T Test Chart No. 6, for the measurement of facsimile transmission qualities, is
described in ITU-T Recommendation T.23.

Date of publication:              June 1997

Language:                         Trilingual: English, French and Spanish

Paper format:                     ITU-T Test Chart No. 6:               1 page (302 mm  222 mm)
                                  ITU-T Recommendation T.23:            7 pages A4 (21  29.7 cm)

Article number:
             Test Chart No. 6     10465 – Trilingual edition
                ITU-T Rec. T.23   English                     French                 Spanish
                                  5591                        5590                   5592
Price in Swiss francs:            ITU-T Test Chart No. 6               Catalogue Price:    CHF 9.–
                                  ITU-T Recommendation T.23            Catalogue Price:    CHF 11.–
                                  Member States and Sector Members:   –15%
                                  Least Developed Countries (LDCs):   – 80%

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ITU-T Test Chart No. 6:
Standardized colour test chart for document facsimile
transmissions as per
ITU-T Recommendation T.23 (04/1994)

ITU Test Chart No. 6 for the measurement of facsimile transmission qualities, in
accordance with ITU-T Recommendation T.23 (04/1994).
The purpose of the chart is to satisfy colour testing requirements that cannot be adequately met with
ITU-T test charts 4 and 5. The chart can be used with electronic document storage facilities, electronic
document transmission facilities and facsimile apparatus.

The chart includes a Pestrecov Star, various line patterns and colour patches, text, solid colour blocks,
screened grey scales, a colour photograph and two computer-generated images. Its full description is
given in ITU-T Recommendation T.23 (04/1994).

An electronic version of this chart is included in the Standardized digitized image set on CD-ROM
supplied with ITU-T Recommendation T.24 (06/1998).
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Article number:             10465      ITU-T Test Chart No. 6      No. 226-cor-02
                             5591      ITU-T Recommendation T.23

ITU-T Test Chart No. 6:
Standardized colour test chart for document facsimile transmissions as per
ITU-T Recommendation T.23 (04/1994)

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