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                         Associate in Applied Science
Leading to a Baccalaureate degree in Accounting through Ferris State University
                                               Career Pathway: Business

Program Faculty:           Stacy Horner                            follows is a suggested sequence of courses for
                           (269) 782-1220                          full-time students.
                                  •    If you are a part-time student or have transferred
                                                                   courses from another school, you should generally
                                                                   complete the courses listed under Semester I before
                                                                   taking courses listed under Semester II and so forth.
FSU Contact:               Stephanie Timm                     •    The courses listed under the heading “Non-sequential
                           (800) 456-8675                          Courses” may be taken at anytime during your
                           Ext. 1214                               program.
                                                              •    Please be sure to consult the course descriptions as
                                                                   some courses may not be offered every semester.
                                                              Course                                                    Credits

NOTE: This degree is for those people who specifically        Prerequisites
want a two-year accounting degree or plan on                  OADM 137 Keyboarding                                          1
transferring to Ferris State University to complete a         OADM 138 Formatting                                           2
four-year accounting degree. If you wish to transfer to       Semester I
another four-year program, please contact your advisor        ACCO 201      Principles of Accounting I                      4
to determine specific course requirements at the              ISYS 110      Introduction to
receiving institution prior to selecting options/electives.                 Computer Information Systems                    3
In order to become a Certified Public Accountant, you         MATH 115      Business Mathematics                            3
must meet an education requirement of 150 semester                          OR
hours of college education, a work experience                 MATH 101      Elementary Algebra                             (4)
requirement, and pass the CPA examination.
                                                              Semester II
Accounting is an information system that provides             ACCO 202      Principles of Accounting II                     4
reports about the economic activities and conditions of       ACCO 204      Microcomputer
a business. The AAS degree prepares the student with                        Accounting Applications                         3
sufficient skills and knowledge to meet entrance              ACCO 205      Applied Accounting                              3
requirements of most business organizations.                  Semester III
Prerequisites                                                 ACCO 211      Financial Accounting I                          4
                                                              ECON 201      Macroeconomics                                  3
•   You will need to demonstrate proficiencies in             ENGL 103      Freshman English II                             3
    reading, English and mathematics based on SMC
    assessment tests, ACT or SAT scores or MEAP scores        Semester IV
    or by taking the recommended classes.                     ACCO 255      Internship                                      3
                                                              BUSI 214      Business Communications                         3
•   Some of the courses in this curriculum have specific      ECON 202      Microeconomics                                  3
    prerequisites. These are described in the course          ENGL 104      Freshman English III                            3
    descriptions.                                             Non-sequential Courses
•   ACE Testing is also available for a number of the         BUSI 101      Introduction to Business                        3
    courses listed.                                           BUSI 201      Principles of Management                        3
                                                              BUSI 207      Business Law I                                  3
Core Curriculum                                               PHED 103      Life Fitness                                    2
•   In order to graduate with a college degree, all           INTE 151      Workplace Safety                               (2)
    students are required to take certain general
    education courses. These include speech, wellness,        SPEE 102      Fundamentals of Public Speaking                 3
    two semesters in English composition and                  Program Electives
    proficiency in mathematics and computer use.              (Choose no less than 7 credits of electives from the following list.)
    These are included in the following listing of            ACCO 203         Federal Income Tax                           3
    required courses.                                         ACCO 212         Financial Accounting II                      4
                                                              ACCO 214         Cost Accounting (FSU transfer)               3
Course Sequence                                               BUSI 208         Business Law II (FSU transfer)               3
•   Many of the courses in this curriculum must be
    taken in a prescribed sequence. The listing that          Total Program Credits                                        63

(800) 456-8675                               Southwestern Michigan College                           
2004-2006 Catalog                                                                                           Effective July 1, 2004

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