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					                             Colonial Village I, A Condominium
                                   May 30, 2007 – Minutes
                             (Next Meeting: Wed., June 27, 2007)

The May CVI Board meeting was convened at 7:05 PM. Present were four Board members
(Geoff Schwartzman, President; Neil Chritton, Vice President; Chuck Edwards, Treasurer; and
Michael Cardman, Director At-Large); David McPherson, Condo Manager; and three unit
owners. Secretary Mary K. was absent.

1) Minutes – The March minutes were approved without revisions. The April minutes are

2) Homeowners’ Forum – One owner requested and received approval of his planned
   replacement windows. He also asked the Board to expedite the replacement of trees at 2021
   Key Blvd. Another resident complimented the new receptionist for her performance. She also
   asked that the Board not remove the declining maple at 1805 Key Blvd. unless it posed an
   imminent threat. Landscape Chairman Chuck Edwards indicated that they Board would
   follow the recommendation of our arborist, Scott Bates, of Bartlett Tree Experts. His
   assessment is expected in June.

3) Treasurer’s Report –
   Chuck Edwards, Treasurer, reported there an expense for tree damage at CVII was
   erroneously coded to CVI. David will correct the charge. President Geoff Schwartzman noted
   that were an incorrectly coded termite treatment expense belonging to CVII did not appear to
   have been corrected; David will make it a priority to submit data showing this was corrected.
   David noted that plumbing company API has only now submitted a plumbing bill of $3,600
   dating back to 2006; the Treasurer will take informal account of this when reporting
   expenditures for 2007.

4) Landscape Report –
   Chuck Edwards, Landscape Committee Chair, said that the 2007 planting program had been
   completed within budget ($3,000 for trees and $8,000 for shrubs and perennials).
       He also indicated that our current lawn service company, T&J, was performing very
   poorly. They handle the mowing satisfactorily, but they have failed to perform numerous
   promised services, such as the spring pesticide program. Since this is a continuing problem,
   he recommends that we discontinue their services after this year. David and Chuck will
   develop a Request for Proposals for other companies.
       Chuck presented an estimate from Bartlett Tree Experts to perform extensive pruning.
   Much of this pruning was left over from last year, when storm clean-up devastated our tree
   budget. The Board unanimously approved the bid.
       Chuck presented a separate estimate from Bartlett Tree Experts for pest management.
   Much of this work is routine annual work, such as spraying our elm for Dutch elm disease,
   spraying our hemlocks for wooly adelgid, and the like. After a walk-through with Scott
   Bates, Chuck added treatment for 12 boxwoods (boxwood mites) and three dogwoods
   (borers). Since this was not reflected on the most recent estimate, the contract was approved
   for not-to-exceed $4,600.
       A Bartlett proposal of $4,000 to root-feed our trees was disapproved for lack of funds.

                                                1                          CVI Minutes, May 07
       Chuck said that the tree work approved to date has exhausted our tree budget for the year
       Chuck reported that our trees and shrubs are afflicted with numerous insect pests. On a
   walk-through with Scott Bates, numerous insects were identified on the condominium
   grounds. On one large azalea, Chuck identified no fewer than three different pests (lace bugs,
   azalea leaf miners, and spider mites). Failure to pay for pest treatment up front means that we
   must pay to replace the infested shrubs when they die. Hence, for 2008, Chuck asked Bartlett
   Tree Experts to submit a proposal for pest management of all trees and shrubs. He also asked
   Bates to submit a proposal to fertilize the trees, with half the trees treated each year to spread
   out the expense.

5) Vice President Report –
   Neil Chritton, Vice President, reported that notices for parking permit renewal went out at the
   end of March. In contrast to previous years, residents have two months to renew their
   permits, rather than one. In light of this extended warning period, there will be no grace
   period for enforcement — towing for expired permits will commence midnight June 1. He
   also noted that the petition for permit-only parking along Rhodes was still posted at the
   relevant addresses.

6) Manager Report –
   a) Hallway Lights – David reported that the hallway lights had all been replaced. Our
      contractor, Mona, discovered that a lot of the original wiring for the fixtures (performed
      in the 1980s when the condominium was redeveloped) had been improperly installed and
      was not up to code. To repair these problems, David approved a ―field change‖ that
      boosted the cost by roughly 25%, or $1,500. (The original bid was $6,000.) David noted
      that even after the change, the cost of the Mona contract was less than the next highest
      bid. Overall, the Board was pleased with the result. The field change was approved by a
      unanimous vote.
   b) Hallway Painting – As a model of how the hallways would look when completely
      renovated (except for new carpet), David had the hallway at 1805 Key Blvd. completely
      repainted. Chuck said the result was very pleasing because the new paint lightened up the
      hallway considerably. David said the cost — about $1,000 — was pretty low, which
      means that the planned community-wide painting (which will probably take place next
      year) might come in less than expected.
   c) Outside Lights – David said the erroneously installed sodium halide light at 2017 Key
      was replaced with a mercury vapor light. He also reported that the lights along Uhle St.
      had been repaired, and the pole light near 1900 Rhodes St., which had been knocked
      down in a wind storm, had been replaced.
   d) Hallway Cleaning – Hallway carpet cleaning was completed in May. The Board was
      pleased with the results.
   e) Termite Report – David said that a resident saw some termites swarming at 1914-16
      Rhodes St. The maintenance engineer will do a spot check to ensure they do not settle in
      the buildings.
   f) Window-Washing – This is scheduled for June.
   g) Dog Waste – Special cans for dog waste will be installed in the trash rooms.
   h) Laundry Room – A couple of mix-ups meant that the washers at the 1905 Rhodes St.
      laundry room were down for an unacceptable time. Part of the problem was a mix-up
      with contractors fixing an upstairs unit who shut off water unknown to management.

                                                 2                            CVI Minutes, May 07
        However, part of the problem involved CoinMach, which has the contract to maintain the
        machines. They failed to notify the office that some repairs were delayed on a couple of
        machines because of lack of parts. CoinMach’s service has not been altogether
        satisfactory, and their multi-year contract is up for renewal, so David is going to
        investigate getting a bid from at least one other contractor.
     i) Gutter Cleaning – The gutter cleaning has been completed.
     j) Parking Lot Sealing – David said that he had gotten three bids for sealing the asphalt on
        the parking lot, but the work will be deferred until the cracked concrete around the storm
        drain is fixed.

6.      Old Business –
        a) Asbestos Removal – David reported that Connor Engineering has completed the
           survey of friable asbestos in the crawl spaces. The report should be available in early
           June. We intend to hire an asbestos engineering firm to seek removal bids based on
           this report and to oversee the work. Although David believes Connor performed
           competent work, he dislikes the company’s way of doing business (hiding stuff in the
           fine print) and will seek another contractor to oversee the project.
               The Board expressed the intention of moving ahead quickly with the asbestos
           removal project. Unit owners should be aware that this will be one of the most
           expensive projects undertaken by the community since we replaced roofs a decade
           ago. It is likely to run as high as $300,000, so the Board is anxiously awaiting bids.
               It should be noted that (a) the asbestos is present only in the basement
           crawlspaces, not in any living areas; and (b) removal will not entail any risk to
           residents because the relevant areas will be fully sealed during the work.
        b) Verizon Fiber Optic Proposal – David reported that Verizon will not install their
           FIOS fiber optic lines until the asbestos removal is performed. He is anxious that we
           complete the asbestos removal no later than January, by which time Verizon will have
           completed work on the other villages. He is worried that we will be put on the back-
           burner if we aren’t ready by then.
        c) Tuck-Pointing and Vent Covers – David is focusing his tuck-pointing planning on the
           addresses facing Lee Highway, which are the most exposed to north winds. Chuck
           noted that we have a stock of original brick that could be used by the mortar workers.
               In a bit of ―show-and-tell,‖ Chuck presented three light-weight aluminum vent
           covers that had been removed by squirrels to gain access to the attics. The tooth
           marks were evident on the covers. He emphasized that it is necessary to replace the
           missing original grates, which were made of heavy cast iron and mortared into place,
           with the same kind of materials. Ultimately, it was decided that it would make the
           most sense to have iron-working firms survey the property, identify how many vents
           we need, and get them to give us an estimate for fabricating all of the necessary vent
               David will discuss sources with Doug White, our contract engineer. Once the
           grates are fabricated, they will be installed by our tuck-pointing company as part of
           the ongoing tuck-pointing project.

     7. New Business –
        a) Official Complaints – The Board approved two official complaints against unit
           owners for failure to enforce Association bylaws relating to trash disposal on tenants.
           (The complaints were subsequently resolved.)

                                                 3                          CVI Minutes, May 07
       b) Bulletin Boards in Laundry – There was discussion of installing new bulletin boards
          but it was carried over until the next months.
       c) Smoke Alarms in Hallways – Mike Cardman brought up concerns about the lack of
          smoke alarms in the hallways. Recently, a burned pan generated a lot of smoke in a
          hallway and ultimately resulted in a fire department visit, but unit owners elsewhere
          in the hallway were not aware of the potential emergency. After much discussion, the
          issue was deferred to a future meeting.

   8. Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned, followed by Executive Session.

Next Meeting – The next CVI Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 27, 2007, at 7:00
pm in the CVI Meeting Room at 2021 Key Blvd. (side entrance).

                                               4                          CVI Minutes, May 07