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					           Preventing Releases
           to the Storm Drain
                                                                                                   Water Quality
                                                                                                    Guidelines for
Question: Can any liquids, solids or spilled
materials from carpet cleaning activities be

                                                                                                   Carpet Cleaning
discharged to the stormdrain?
Answer: No carpet cleaning washwater or waste
may be discharged to the storm drain.
Remember: Think...about what you are doing before
you start cleaning.                                                                                   Activities
Question: Does the carpet cleaner have the
equipment, material and personnel to handle a spill
or discharge (such as a detergent spill)?
Answer: Be Prepared...for any spill or discharge.
Remember: Pre-plan: Gather the right equipment
and enough material ahead of time.
                                                          Hamilton County Phase II
Question: Is it safe for me to clean up spills and         Stormwater Committee
Answer: advance, what you are handling
                                                          For more information or to
and what to do and make sure staff are trained.           report an illegal discharge
Remember: Your safety is paramount.                       of pollutants, please call
                                                          your city or town below:
Question: When do I begin to clean up spills and
discharges?                                               Arcadia: (317) 984-3512
Answer: Act...immediately, using known and safe           Carmel: (317) 571-2441                      January 2006
procedures, and try to contain the spilled material on    Cicero: (317) 984-7072            This brochure has been prepared to
                                                          Fishers: (317) 595-3186
your property.                                                                              inform residents and businesses in
Remember: Protect the storm drain.                        Noblesville: (317) 776-6353
                                                          Fishers: (317) 595-3461           Hamilton County of the guidelines
Question: Do I need to report spills or discharges?       Hamilton County: (317) 776-8495   recommended for proper disposal of
Answer: Yes! Communicate...the spill to your supervisor   Westfield: (317) 896-5452         carpet cleaning wash water in order to
as soon as possible.                                                                        protect the water quality in storm drains,
Remember: Report all spills and discharges that are
                                                                                            channels, creeks, streams and ponds.
not contained on site to the number below or to 911
after hours.
                                                                                                      Stop and think.
                                                                                            Storm drains do not go to the sewer,
       IDEM 24 Hour Water Pollution
                                                                                            they flow directly into channels and
         hotline 1-800-233-7745
                                                                                            creeks, through wetlands and to the
       Water Quality Guidelines
     for Carpet Cleaning Activities           Filtering Wastewater                              Commercial Carpet Cleaning

This brochure is intended to explain the      Both residents and professional carpet           Washwater from carpet cleaning must be
regulatory issues regarding the discharge     cleaners should be sure to filter the            discharged to a sink, toilet, or other drain
of carpet cleaning washwater. This            washwater from carpet cleaning before            connected to the sanitary sewer system -
brochure also explains the procedures that    discharging it to the sanitary sewer since       never to a street, gutter, parking lot, or
should be followed when carpet cleaning is    fibers and other debris in the wastewater        storm drain.
conducted either by yourself or by            can clog pipes. The filtered material can be
professional carpet cleaners.                 disposed of in the garbage, provided that        • The spent cleaning fluid can be
                                              the carpet was not contaminated with               disposed of in a utility sink or other
When using water and detergents to clean      hazardous materials, which cannot be               indoor sewer connection at your home
carpets, residents and professional carpet    discharged to the sanitary sewer.                  base.
cleaners should follow these guidelines in
order to prevent waste or washwater from                                                       • Or, contact the nearest wastewater
entering the storm drains where it flows      Residential Carpet Cleaning                        treatment facility for additional
untreated to bays, estuaries and ultimately                                                      disposal options.
to the ocean.                                 Washwater from carpet cleaning must be
                                              discharged into a sink, toilet, or other drain
These guidelines apply even if the cleaning   connected to the sanitary sewer system
products are labeled “nontoxic” or            within your residence. The washwater
“biodegradable”. Although these products      should never be disposed of in a street,
may be less harmful to the environment,       gutter, parking lot or storm drain.
they can still have harmful effects if they
enter the stormdrain untreated.               When hiring professional carpet cleaners
                                              ask your contractor where they discharge
                                              carpet cleaning washwater.
                                                                                                   Before you allow anything to go
                                              • Check with the contractor to ensure                into the gutter or storm drain,
                                                the spent cleaning washwater tank is               stop and think.
                                                emptied into a utility sink or other
                                                indoor sewer connection.                           Storm drains do not go to the sewer,
                                                                                                   they flow directly into channels and
                                              • If you contract with a carpet cleaner              creeks, through
                                                regularly, arrange an appropriate                  wetlands and to the ocean.
                                                location for the contractor to
                                                discharge cleaning washwater such as               Remember the ocean begins at
                                                a utility sink, toilet, or sewer cleanout.         your front door.