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April 25_ 2007 Board Meeting Minutes _Word doc - Colonial Village


									                             Colonial Village I, A Condominium
                                  April 25, 2007 – Minutes
                             (Next Meeting: Wed., May 24, 2007)

The April CV1 Board meeting was convened at approximately 7:10 PM after reaching quorum.
Present were four Board members (Geoff Schwartzman, President; Neil Chritton, Vice President;
Chuck Edwards, Treasurer; and Mary K., Secretary); David McPherson, Condo Manager; and
three (and later, four) unit owners.

1) Minutes – The March minutes, assumed by Chuck Edwards in Mary K’s absence last month,
   are being finalized and will be submitted for approval at the next Board meeting.

2) Homeowners’ Forum –
   A resident raised concerns about the interior hall light fixtures and general appearance of the
   hallways. It was noted that much has been done to upgrade the outside environs (trees,
   bushes, flowers, tuck-pointing, drainage projects, etc.) but the hallways needed attention
   (lighting, carpet cleaning, etc.) Homeowners and the Board viewed three sample
   replacement hallway lighting fixtures that the Board was considering for installation
   throughout CV1: large, round, sealed lighting fixtures with either white, brushed nickel, or
   brass trim. While some noted the sleek appearance of the brushed nickel, all agreed that the
   brass-trimmed fixtures best complemented the brass hardware of the doors and buildings, and
   would be best suited for the CV1 community. David McPherson, Condo Manager, advised
   those assembled that carpet cleaning of the common areas is scheduled for April 30, and that
   the Board is also considering repainting the hallways and replacing the hall carpeting as part
   of anticipated maintenance/upkeep of the physical plant. It is anticipated that interior
   renovations will run about $240,000, and will come out of reserves.

   A resident recommended a walk-through assessment of the interior common areas to identify
   needed maintenance or repairs, such as replacing worn door jams, cleaning fingerprints off
   interior doors, etc. Management indicated that such walk-throughs were already underway,
   but expressed appreciation of the identification of these items so they could be addressed.

   A resident reported having recently purchased the unit she had rented for the past few years.
   She stated that she paid the requisite move-in fee when she moved in as a renter, but was
   again charged the move-in fee when she purchased the condo – even though she remained in
   the same unit. The Board unanimously agreed that since there was no second ‘move-in,’ but
   instead a change of ownership, the resident should be reimbursed the second $100 move-in
   fee, provided that the resident owner (or her former landlord) provided Management with a
   letter describing the two move-in fees (but only one move), and accompanied by
   documentation of the initial move-in fee payment. The resident indicated a plan to follow up.

   A long-term resident owner (who has been a resident owner here since CVI’s conversion into
   condos in the 1980s) complimented Chuck Edwards for all his hard work on beautifying and
   maintaining the grounds, preventing water erosion, ensuring the trimming of trees, etc.; and
   complimented Neil Chritton for his efforts in improving conditions in the parking lot behind
   1903 N. Key. The Board echoed their appreciation to these Board members for their efforts.

                                                1                         CV1 Minutes, 04/25/07
3) Vice President’s Report –
   Neil Chritton, Vice President reported that he had taken representative photos of CVI
   building vents, Verizon cable flags, building markings, etc. and was putting these on a CD to
   help CVI Management track building changes, underground lines, drainage work, etc. Neil
   reported that in the course of his photo documentation he found instances where phone and
   cable lines had been installed on the outside of buildings; spotted three window air
   conditioning units (prohibited in the condo by-laws); found evidence of erosion at the
   foundation of one building, requiring backfill with clay; and noticed a first floor unit with a
   broken window. The Board discussed whose responsibility it is to keep phone lines
   functional for individual units, in the event that the outside phone lines were placed after
   residents found their interior phone lines were nonfunctional. It was determined that the
   Association has no obligation to repair phone lines for individual units, whose old phone
   lines may have broken in their walls; it is the responsibility of owner to have these repairs
   addressed by their phone company. (Verizon offers line maintenance coverage to subscribers
   for a nominal monthly charge.)

   Neil also reported that parking conditions in the lot behind 1909 Key Blvd. appear to have
   improved since implementation of the present resident parking program. All CV1 residents
   have received first class letters advising them that they must renew their CV1 parking
   permits by May 31 in order to be able to park in the lot behind 1903-09 Key Blvd.; after that
   date, vehicles with expired parking stickers are subject to towing. Neil reported he is still
   working on the parking petition for a portion of N. Rhodes St., but plans to submit this to
   Arlington County once sufficient signatures are obtained.

4) Treasurer’s Report –
   a) Chuck Edwards, Treasurer, identified the largest expenditure this month was the water
      and sewer bill (received and paid on a three month cycle). Despite this large, anticipated
      expense ($14,776), Chuck reported that the budgeted year to date figure is positive, at
      $7,532. Arlington County projects that water rates will increase by 5% a year for the next
      15 years; this will need to be taken into account when preparing future annual budgets.

5) Landscape Report –
      Chuck Edwards, Landscape Committee Chair, reported that the Japanese holly found
      around the air conditioner units are distressed and will be fertilized and treated with
      pesticides in order to return them to health and vitality. Similarly, the azaleas and lawn
      will be treated with pesticides to kill known infestations. Chuck reported that several
      major plantings have taken place, including 5 trees, 40 shrubs, and 30 perennials. Chuck
      recommended skipping the spring planting by T&J that has not yet occurred (at an
      approximate savings of $1000) in order to maintain sufficient funds in the landscape
      budget for other anticipated projects and upkeep. Meanwhile, multiple azaleas,
      rhododendrons and trees (already purchased) await planting; a recently planted plum tree
      tipped by high winds has been shored up; and efforts are underway to keep bedding
      plants, shrubs etc. well hydrated, to avoid further ‘crisping.’

                                                2                         CV1 Minutes, 04/25/07
6) Manager Report –
   a) Storage Room Cleanup – David McPherson, Property Manager, advised that a notice
      went out to all owners and residents regarding the storage room policy, reminding them
      that the CVI community bylaws and regulations stipulate that all storage room items must
      be placed in the storage cage assigned to each relevant unit, and the hallways must be
      kept clear except for bicycles in the designated bike racks. All items stored outside of
      cages must be removed no later than May 21, and items deemed to have no or little value
      will be discarded immediately. Items of evident value (e.g., kayaks) will be stored
      elsewhere in the complex until July 1, during which time individuals may retrieve their
      items by contacting the Management office and presenting reasonable evidence of
      ownership. Items remaining after July 1 will be deemed abandoned and will be donated
      to charity. David reports that he has received no negative feedback about the notice.
   b) Tree Maintenance – Chuck Edwards worked diligently with Bartlett Tree Service to
      secure proposals to prune the zelkovas on N. Rhodes and Key Blvd., as well as several
      other trees, and perform other needed tree maintenance, totaling $8425. The Board
      approved these projects, and Management is moving forward with this work.
   c) Outside Lights – Three lights along N. Uhle St. are burned out. David researched whose
      responsibility it is to maintain those lights, and they are controlled by CV West. CV West
      has been apprised of the situation and asked to make the necessary repairs.
   d) Verizon Communications Fiber Optics Installation; Asbestos Study – Verizon staff
      conducted a brief on-site survey of CV in preparation for anticipated fiber optics
      installation in the buildings. They expressed some concern over the possible presence of
      asbestos in areas where installation would occur. The installation process is on hold until
      an asbestos study can be performed, and it can be determined whether remediation work
      will need to precede the fiber optics installation. David has contacted Connor
      Engineering to perform the asbestos study next week. If asbestos is detected, Connor is to
      produce a bid quality document that would permit bidding out of the remediation work,
      and the naming of a project manager to oversee the project. Brooks Engineering (who
      performed the asbestos remediation work at CVII) would be among the companies to
      contact to bid on asbestos remediation, should this be indicated.
   e) Replacement of Hallway Light Fixtures – After review of representative samples of
      proposed replacement hallway light fixtures, the Board unanimously approved purchase
      of 130 brass-rimmed round hallway lights (to permit replacement of 115 fixtures, with 15
      spares). David will pursue competing bids for the installation of the fixtures. To expedite
      the approval and installation process, the Board will review the competitive bids by e-
      mail, and select a contractor so that work can proceed without further delay.
   f) Tuck-Pointing Project – The mortar tuck-pointing project at 1916 N. Rhodes St. has
      been completed. The next section of buildings most in need of tuck-pointing work was
      identified as the even-numbered buildings between 1900 N. Rhodes and 1802 Lee Hwy.
      It was noted that areas at the rear and the upper portions of these buildings (with greatest
      exposure to the elements) are the areas most in need of repair. Work should begin soon.
   g) Search for Source of Water Intrusion – The hot water heater replacement project at 1917
      N. Rhodes was completed; however, evidence of ongoing water infiltration to the boiler
      room, from an unknown source, remains. Management is exploring the possibility of
      testing the water for fluoride to confirm whether the water source might be an Arlington

                                                3                         CV1 Minutes, 04/25/07
      County water pipe. (Fluoride does not occur naturally in the environment, and water
      filters can filter out chlorine, but not fluoride.)
   h) Garbage and Recycling Issues –
      i) Thompson Hauling, our contracted garbage and recycling pickup provider, met with
           David regarding ongoing recycling, trash and special pickup issues. CV has had
           several unanticipated special pickups lately (ranging from $250 - $475 per pickup,
           depending on needed truck size) because large trash items have been left in or near
           garbage rooms (instead of residents making their own provisions for removal of their
           oversized trash). This added expense must then be passed along in the form of condo
           fee increases to everyone. Additionally, residents are commingling recycling and
           trash, which is not permitted at the trash drop-off locations that Thompson’s is
           currently permitted to use. (Eisenhower recycling only takes paper; Columbia Pike
           takes all other recycling; and Thompson’s has had to separate commingled recycling
           trash prior to disposal.) Thompson’s is exploring the possibility of going to one of
           two alternate sites (Springfield, Merrifield) that accept commingled recycling trash. It
           is not presently known if these sites charge higher rates.
      ii) Additionally, dog feces are currently being left in some of the recycling bins.
           Specially marked ‘dog poop’ trash cans will be placed in each garbage room to
           provide an appropriate receptacle for this type of (biohazardous) waste.
      iii) Management and the Board asks all residents to make every effort to break down
           boxes before placing in the trash rooms, and to place refuse, recycling, and dog feces
           in their appropriately marked containers in order to keep costs down for everyone.

7) Old Business –
   a) Move-In/Move-Out Fees – Move-in/move-out fees are being collected more consistently,
      thanks to office and resident input. This has provided more income with which to offset
      expenses related to move-in/move-out activities (wear and tear to walls and carpeting,
      special pickups, etc.), thus reducing overall expenses to CVI owners and residents.
   b) CVI Resident Handbook Copyright Permission – The CVI Resident Handbook, originally
      introduced this year, is in its second printing, and has been very well received by
      residents and owners alike. At the request of Management, the Board is making the CVI
      Resident Handbook model available to the other CV communities, for adaptation and
      publication for their communities as well.
   c) Hot Water Recirculation Line Repairs – CFR inspected the hot water circulation piping
      in the crawlspaces of 1901 – 1913 Key Blvd. and recommended pipe saddle installation
      on each pipe support to avoid crushing the installation, but found the insulation in good
      condition otherwise. CFR did identify a few pipe leaks at 1905 and 1913 Key, and alerted
      Lewis Brown, CVI Maintenance Engineer, who subsequently contacted API Plumbing to
      repair. CFR recommends sending a pipe sample from this pod to the lab for analysis in
      order to determine how to best proceed (i.e., to determine whether recirculation pipe
      replacement is needed). CFR also made some recommendations regarding improving
      access to the shutoff valves.
   d) Dumping on N. Rhodes – A freestanding garbage room on N. Rhodes, shared by a few
      CVI pods of buildings, is requiring frequent special pickups of large discarded items. It is
      surmised that some dumping by through-access cars off of Lee Hwy. may also be using

                                                4                          CV1 Minutes, 04/25/07
       this garbage room. The Board discussed how to better secure this area to prevent illegal
       dumping of materials at CVI’s expense.

8) New Business –
   a) Bulletin/Announcement Boards in Laundry Rooms – In the interest of time (due to the late
      hour), discussion to consider purchasing and installing bulletin/announcement boards in
      CVI buildings to increase communications efforts was deferred until the next meeting.
   b) Consideration of Larger Washers/Dryers – At the request of residents and the suggestion
      of Neil Chritton, Management is exploring the possibility of changing out some washers
      and dryers in the CVI laundry rooms with larger machines. David will contact CoinMach,
      our present coin laundry machine contractor, about cost, options, etc. and report back to
      the Board.
   c) Signage for Trash Rooms – Given current issues regarding commingled recycling and
      trash, consideration is being made to post signs clearly identifying what each trash or
      recycling receptacle is designated to hold. Further information and decisions will be
   d) Plan for Gutted “Laundry Room” at 2021 Key Blvd. – A former laundry room at 2021
      Key Blvd. has been cleaned out. Discussion of possible uses for the space will be
      discussed at the next meeting.
   e) Window Cleaning – Management will schedule the date for the annual window cleaning
      sometime this Spring. CVI has previously paid $7.00 per cleaned window. Residents
      must remove their window screens in order for their windows to be cleaned under this
      program. More details will be forthcoming.

9) Adjournment – The meeting was adjourned, followed by Executive Session.

Next Meeting – The next CV1 Board meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 at 7:00
pm in the CV1 Meeting Room at 2021 Key Blvd. (side entrance).

                                               5                         CV1 Minutes, 04/25/07

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