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									                        AMARGOSA MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDING
                                RENTAL RATES

No charge for funerals or memorial services and the following organizations:

CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS (includes the following but not limited to)

Fire Department               School
Sheriff                       PTA
Ambulance                     EMT's

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS (includes the following but not limited to)

Boy Scouts                    Chamber of Commerce
Cemetery Board                Girl Scouts
People For The West           Planning Board
Water Committee

Any function for profit of these groups may be charged at the regular rates.

     The regular rate will be charged for individual campaign rally functions.

RATE SCHEDULE: CLEANING AND DAMAGE DEPOSIT - $500.00 cash, money order, or
cashier’s check
                0 to 4 hrs.     5 to 8 hrs.     over 8 hrs.
                   $35      $50             $75

                      ANY GROUP OF RV'S may stay for up to one week with a charge of $20
                      per RV.

Deposit will not be refunded if:
       the building is not clean
       the building is damaged in any way
       a town board member or town employee had to be called to the function because of
       the sheriff's office had to respond to a call at the function
                         RENTAL AND DEPOSIT FEE POLICY

 1. Those "not for profit" individuals or groups who wish to use buildings on a regular (monthly
or weekly) basis will still be held responsible for damage and cleaning. If this should be a
problem, it will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

 2. Any equipment or facility damage which exceeds the deposit amount will be paid for by the
party using the equipment or building at the time of damage.

3. All Amargosa Valley residents have use of the building. Person(s) reserving the building
must be Amargosa resident(s).

4. REMOVAL OF OWN PROPERTY: In the event that the facility is not scheduled for other
use, the lessee may leave property until 12pm the following day.

If the facility is scheduled for other use the same day or before 12pm the following day all
property must be removed no less that 1 hour before next event on same day or no less than 4
hours before next event the following day.

If the property is not removed by the above stated times, an additional day's fee will be assessed.

5. The Town of Amargosa reserves the right to stop, cancel or remove any activity or person
which they consider to be of a nature or manner offensive to the morals, decency, comfort or
safety of the community or any portion thereof, or to prevent the destruction or damage to facility
property or any property belonging to others within the facility bounds.

6. No portion of the sidewalks, entries, doorways, passages or any other portion of the facility
shall be obstructed by the lessee or used for any other purpose other than for ingress or egress to
and from the facility.

7. The lessee shall pay the Town of Amargosa, upon demand, such sums as shall be necessary to
restore the premises to its condition prior to any damages that may have been inflicted during the
term of the lease by any act, default or neglect by the lessee or any of the lessee's agents,
employees, patrons or guests, or any person admitted to the premises by the lessee. Collection or
attorney fees paid by lessee's if any occur in the collection of any money assessed for damage.

8. Any of the Town of Amargosa Staff may eject any and all objectionable persons from the
facility. The lessee by entering into a rental agreement, does expressly waive any rights and all
claims against the Town of Amargosa for any damages resulting from any ejection.

9. The Town of Amargosa Staff may enter into or upon the Town facilities and grounds at any
time and on any occasion.

10. If any member of the Amargosa Town Advisory Board, a town employee, or officers of the
Sheriff's Office have to be called to the event, the deposit will not be refunded.

11. No alteration of the rental agreement shall be valid unless made in writing and signed by
both parties.

12. For functions of more than 100 and/or where liquor or beer will be served, security must be
provided at the rate of one officer per 100 guests. A Nye County deputy must be hired for the
first one hundred people if available. Otherwise a bonded security organizations must be used.

13. Lessee assumes full responsibility for the character, acts, and conduct of all persons admitted
to the premises, by or with the consent of any person acting for and by the consent of the lessee.

14. If the building is not clean or is damaged prior to use and a check sheet is not filled out (prior
to occupancy) the lessee will be responsible, and a portion of or all of deposit will not be

15. A group of minors must be sponsored by one person 21 or older who will accept financial
responsibility for the condition of the building. Minors must not be left at facility unattended.

16. Scheduling of building use will be decided by board. Generally it is on a first come first
serve basis. In case of conflict, schedule will be decided according to the following priorities:
       b)Community government
       c)Community Schools
       d)Community Organizations
       e)Community Individuals

17. If the board determines that persons or individual organizations abuses the facility, they will
lose their building privileges.

18. Chairs, tables, other equipment and supplies will not be loaned out.

19. After functions of more than 100 people, a committee of 1 board member, 1 town employee,
and 1 town resident without a conflict of interest, will inspect the building for damages.

20. A maximum of 300 people are allowed to be in the building during private parties.

21. For large functions and/or when the building will be used for an extensive amount of time,
port-a-pottys may be required.

I have read and fully understand these rules and regulations. I agree to fully follow these rules
and regulations.

PRINT NAME                          SIGNATURE                     DATE
                             CLEANING CHECKLIST

BEFORE                                             AFTER

____ Floors swept, mopped, and carpet clean        ____

____ All trash emptied into the dumpster           ____

____ All appliances, counters and cabinets in clean ____

____ Trash bags and cleaning materials available   ____

____ Bathrooms clean                               ____

____ All doors locked and secure, key deposited    ____
      in office

____ All tables and chairs clean and returned to   ____
      storage area
                             SECURITY PROCEDURES

This form is to be given to the deputy sheriff and/or security personnel working the event.

Dear Deputy Sherrif and/or Security Personnel:

Due to the fact that extensive damage has been done to the building during prior functions, we
ask that you no only keep the peace between those attending the function, but also do the

      Patrol the building inside and out and the grounds. If damage is being done please
       remove the person(s) from the premises.
      Make sure locked areas remain locked, namely the stage wings and the upstairs meeting
      Only those using the stage (band, speaker, etc.) are to be allowed on the stage.

Please sign below that you have read and agree to these conditions.



                          KEY CHECK OUT FORM

KEY #_____

DATE CHECKED OUT__________________ DATE CHECKED IN___________________

DATE ACTIVITY TO END________________________

NAME OF PERSON CHECKING OUT KEY________________________________________


PHONE #_____________________________________


                                    FACILITY USE APPLICATION





Estimated number of participants____________________

Explain in detail the proposed use of the facility______________________________________


All applicable federal, state and local laws, policies and administrative regulations are a part of
this agreement. Full responsibility for proper care (including cleaning & trash removal) of the
property will be assumed by the above named organization or individual and any damage will be
paid for by said party.

Applicant hereby agrees to hold the Town of Amargosa, Nye County, and the Town Board of
Amargosa, the individual members thereof and all County or Town Officers, agents or employees
free from any loss, damage, liability, cost or expense that may arise during or be caused in any
way by such use or occupancy of the above facility or appurtenant property.

_______________________________                        __________________                  __________________
Signature                                              Date                                Phone

Rental fee $________ Deposit$________ Total$________ Date Paid_______

Approved____Yes____No ______________________________ Date______________
                        Town Board Member

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