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Software Developer Kit for DocuWare

DocuWare TOOLKIT lets you integrate document management functions
in customer-specific applications. It provides programmers with
interfaces that make it possible for other applications – such as
Microsoft Office – to incorporate important DocuWare features.

Functionality                               DocuWare functions in the areas of          Application Areas
DocuWare TOOLKIT lets external              basket and file cabinet administration,     The application spectrum of DocuWare
programs access DocuWare directly.          as well as document processing are          TOOLKIT ranges from a simple
In this way, baskets and the documents      available (see reverse side for details).   integration in Microsoft Office
contained within can be highlighted         Functions of the C-programming              applications (per macro programming
and displayed. Documents can be             interface are integrated per dynamic        with VBA - Visual Basic for
imported, indexed and stored in file        or static link out of the TOOLKIT-DLL.      Applications), to individually designed
cabinets. For the retrieval and storage     For optimal error/exception handling,       import tools programmed in C/C++
process of documents in DocuWare file       every TOOLKIT function provides clear       for documents which were self-
cabinets, there are several options         error code.                                 generated or scanned with an external
available, up to and including display of   The COM interface enables OLE               program, all the way to creating
the documents from a result list.           automation and was designed to              connections from workflow systems to
Experienced programmers can easily          simplify the handling of TOOLKIT            DocuWare production electronic filing
take the powerful interface delivered       functions through 4GL programming           components. Whether or not
with the DocuWare TOOLKIT and               languages (e.g. Microsoft Visual Basic).    documents are placed in a basket or
integrate DocuWare‘s powerful               In order for an application to utilize      have been previously indexed and
electronic filing components right          file cabinet and basket functions,          stored automatically in a DocuWare file
within other applications (such as          DocuWare must be started while the          cabinet, it‘s all up to you.
Microsoft Word or Excel).                   application is running. This is the only
                                            possible way to ensure authentication       An example of a typical integration
Programming                                 with the DocuWare system. However, it       within Microsoft Word is the
Using a C-programming interface, it‘s       is not necessary to have DocuWare           automatic storage of a letters. Index
possible to incorporate TOOLKIT             running for other document functions.       words are read from pre-defined areas
functions for utilizing DocuWare in                                                     which are highlighted in Word. Then
other applications. The majority of                                                     the Word file along with the index
                                                                                        words are transferred to DocuWare
                                                                                        and filed away.
Functions (Exerpt)
File Cabinet                               Basket                                   Document
   DWTKGetAllArchives - List all              DWTKGetNumberOfDocuments -               DWTKGetDWHeaderHandle - Open
registered file cabinets                   Number of all documents in a basket      DW-document header
   DWTKSetActiveArchive - Pick target         DWTKGetAllDocuments - List all          DWTKGetTextField-(Numeric...)Data -
file cabinet                               DocuWare documents in a basket           Read and input a text, date, numerical
   DWTKOpenArchive - Open and                 DWTKGetAllFileAndDocuments            or annotation field
activate a file cabinet                    Names - List all file and document          DWTKConvertToDWTIFF - Convert a
    DWTKStoreDocument - Store a            names of documents in a basket           foreign format (black/white) into a
document in a file cabinet                    DWTK(Un)CheckAllInActiveBasket -      DocuWare TIFF G4 format
    DWTKSearchDocument - Search for        Select or deselect all documents in an      DWTKOverlayTIFF - Overlay of TIFF
a document                                 active basket                            documents
   DWTKGetResultCount - Number of             DWTKCheckDocumetInActiveBasket
entries in the result list                 - Select a document
   DWTKPrintResult - Print a                  DWTKGetAllBaskets - List all
document from the result list              registered baskets
   DWTKShowResult - Display a                 DWTKGetActiveBasket - Path name
document from the result list              of an active basket
   DWTKEditResult - Open a registered         DWTKSetActiveBasket - Activate a
application for editing a foreign format   basket
document                                      DWTKOpenBasket - Open and
   DWTKDeleteResult - Delete a             activate a basket
document from a file cabinet                  DWTKShowFile - Display a document
    DWTKCopyResult - Copy a                from a basket
document from a basket                        DWTKImportFile - Import a
   DWTKResultListToFile - Store result     document into a basket
list as a file                                DWTKUpdateActiveBasket - Update
   DWTKFillStore(Search)Mask - Fill        an active basket
opened store/search menu with                 DWTKStapleMarkedDocuments -
keywords/index words                       Staple marked documents in a basket
   DWTKChangeResult - Change the
index for previously filed documents
    DWTKStoreDBRecord - Create
database entry

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