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									                                    Using food and ecology to promote healthy people and communities

                    Summer 2009 Newsletter
                        Keep it local!
 Shop at our market stands and meet our Garden Corps interns!
    Swede Hollow Market Stand                                         Mill City Market Stand
    • Every Saturday through August 22nd                              • Every Saturday morning from August 29th
    • 9 a.m. to noon                                                    through September 26th
    • Next to the Swede Hollow Cafe at East 7th                       • 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
      Street and Bates Avenue in St. Paul                             • Next to the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis

Despite a summer with rainfall eight inches below
normal, we have had an abundant harvest of crops!
Our 24 Garden Corps interns have been busy watering
and harvesting produce, herbs, and flowers for the 27
members of our Salad Share Community Supported
(CSA) Agriculture program and our market stands.
Beginning this year, interns were split into three teams
that mixed the 10 new and 14 returning youth together.
This has allowed for more communication and team-
building activities. Interns have had opportunities
to practice public speaking by leading gardening and
                                                                            Culinary Corps prepares for CSA food sampling
tasting activities together for the many groups visiting
our gardens.                                                                          Culinary Corps
                                                                    This summer, 12 Garden Corps interns have been
                                                                    cooking and teaching in our Culinary Corps! Culinary
                                                                    Corps has weekly training sessions where we learn
                                                                    about nutrition and prepare healthy recipes showcasing
                                                                    fresh produce from our gardens. Culinary Corps
                                                                    interns then prepare the practiced recipes at our weekly
                                                                    CSA pick ups. So far it’s been a great success!
                                                                    Culinary Corps interns also help teach cooking classes.
                                                                    We’ve been teaching cooking classes at various Park and
                                                                    Recreation Centers and at other non-profit organizations
                                                                    this summer. We’ve also been fortunate to have three
                                                                    great volunteers help us with classes and trainings,
                                                                    Mari Lowry from St. Paul Public Schools Nutrition
                                                                    Services, and Nicole Smith and Lindsey Hines, nutrition
                                                                    undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota.
   Garden Corps interns distribute produce to Salad Share members   We appreciate our volunteers!
 From the Director                                                           Mississippi River Green Team*
                                                              The Mississippi River Green Team (MRGT) is enjoying
  It has been another lively summer at the Community
                                                              its second summer. At 20 members, twice as many
  Design Center. The sounds and sights of youth
                                                              teens are participating this year. This summer, MRGT
  planting in the gardens, rain gardens taking shape,
                                                              members helped Metro Blooms analyze the potential
  vegetables ripening, and other hallmarks of our
                                                              for building rain gardens at over 600 homes in the
  summer programs have been a joy to experience.
                                                              Powderhorn and Central neighborhoods of Minneapolis.
  Our Culinary Corps interns have enjoyed preparing
                                                              MRGT began a five-year restoration project at Hennepin
  garden-fresh recipes for CSA members and Garden
                                                              Island. After touring and learning about the island’s
  Corps interns to sample.
                                                              history, youth began removing invasive plants there.
  I hope you will join us in celebrating 40 years of          They have also been removing invasives at Theodore
  the Community Design Center, including more                 Wirth Park, Heritage Park, Boom Island, North
  than three decades of Ruth Murphy’s innovative              Mississippi Regional Park and the Diagonal Trail.
  community work - either at the Alexis Bailly
                                                              The MRGT planted native plants at the JD Rivers garden
  Vineyard this month or at our late autumn open
                                                              that will be used next summer to build over 150 rain
  house. Please consider making a contribution
                                                              gardens. They also planted native plants at Stewart Park
  in honor of Ruth’s legacy and our continuing
                                                              and Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden.
  organizational sustainability. We are not immune to
  the economic downturn- we will continue to remain
  a strong force in the community through the support
  of each donor, volunteer, and community partner.
  Thanks for your support!
  Tamara Downs Schwei

                                                                          Mississippi River Green Team members at Stewart Park

                                                                               Field Trips Expand Knowledge
                                                              Youth in our Minneapolis and St. Paul programs
                                                              have enjoyed weekly field trips and guest speakers
     Conservation Corps working on Suburban Avenue planters
                                                              throughout the summer.
               Conservation Corps
                                                              The MRGT has explored the connection between
It’s hard to believe our youth Conservation Corps has
                                                              water and soil at the St. Anthony Earth Surface Lab;
been working on restoration of the Bruce Vento Nature
                                                              studied wildflowers at the Eloise Butler Wildflower
Sanctuary for six years. Both youth interns and staff see
                                                              Garden; tested water quality in the Mississippi River
measurable changes. We are winning the fight against
                                                              and Shingle Creek; participated in a workplace safety
the invasive plants. Only spot removal is now needed.
                                                              demo; learned to identify trees and diseases; and
Native plants have taken hold, especially in the prairie
                                                              learned how the Science Museum creates exhibits.
and wetland areas. Interns have seen their first bald
                                                              Garden Corps, Conservation Corps and Culinary
eagle and are noticing many more people visiting the
                                                              Corps toured the Valley Branch Environmental
Sanctuary this year, many of whom have complimented
                                                              Learning Center; viewed a storm drain emptying
and thanked them for their work.
                                                              into the river with Capitol Region Watershed staff;
This summer has been busy for our 19 Conservation             discussed pesticides with Department of Agriculture
Corps interns. In addition to working at the Bruce Vento      staff; participated in a cooking demonstration with
Nature Sanctuary, they have planted and maintained 16         Les Dames D’Escoffier; visited gardens at the U of
boulevard planters on Suburban Avenue and 30 flower            MN Landscape Arboretum and participated in team
pots on East 7th Street, installed eight rain gardens at      building activities at the St. Croix YMCA ropes course.
local homes, and maintained several rain gardens in           * a partnership between the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization, The Minneapolis Park
neighborhood public spaces.                                     and Recreation Board, the National Park Service, and the Community Design Center of Minnesota
                                   Youth Perspectives: Mai Kou Yang
                                   After two years as a Garden Corps intern and two
                                   years as a Conservation Corps intern, Mai Kou is
                                   spending her second summer as a Park Ranger for
                                   the National Park Service. She graduated from high
Mission                            school this spring.
                                   Q) What is your typical work day like?
The mission of the                 A) This summer, I usually do bike rides. I put
Community Design                   on my uniform, arrive at headquarters, pick up
Center is to help revitalize       supplies (brochures, map, walkie talkie, water), put
low/moderate income                supplies on my bike, and head to the meeting area
communities by providing           (Harriet Island, Minnehaha Falls, Hidden Falls,
technical assistance and           Phillips Community Center.) Then I take people on
operating programs that            guided bike tours.
will enhance the physical,          Q) What are some of the highlights of your job with the National Park Service?
economic, social, ecological,       A) You meet a lot of great people. It doesn’t feel like a job. It’s very social and active.
and spiritual well-being            Q) What are your future plans, now that you’ve finished high school?
of the community and its            A) I’m going to Minneapolis Business College this fall. I’m planning to study
residents.                          environmental law.
We operate food and ecology         Q) Did your experience at the Community Design Center impact your future plans?
programs that place the tools       A) Yes. I’ve always been interested in the environment, but never thought I could do
                                    anything with it. Being an intern at the Community Design Center opened my eyes to
of personal and community
                                    different opportunities.
development in the hands of
young people and families.

 Board of Directors                    Community Design Center of Minnesota’s
 Karl Benson                               40th Anniversary Celebration!
 Cynthia Cone
 Dorothea Gumbrill                       Sunday, August 23, 2009
 Sheldon Johnson                              6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
 Shoua Lor                                Alexis Bailly Vineyard
 Dan McGuiness                             Hastings, Minnesota
 Jane Prince
 Janet Rice                        Low Country Shrimp
 Julianne Seiber
 Debra Stone                        and Sausage Boil
                                     Benefit Dinner
Wish List
                                   The menu will include shrimp, sausage, Minnesota corn on the cob and potatoes, spicy cornbread,
Tomato cages, bamboo poles,
                                       home baked desserts, and seasonal wines presented by the chefs of Cooks of Crocus Hill.
floor lamp, salad spinner,
                                                                    Traditional Irish music by Barra
stock pots, chef knives,
                                   To join us, register online at or complete and return the form below with payment
watering cans, potting soil,                                   to the Community Design Center of Minnesota.
clippers, hand pruners,
trowels, loppers, rain
ponchos, 1 gallon water jugs,      Name:
small refrigerator.                Attendee Name(s):
Volunteering                       Street Address:
The Community Design               City:                                    State             Zip Code:
Center of Minnesota                Telephone:                            e-mail:
is always looking for
enthusiastic volunteers to         Number of attendees:                             Total at $100 each: $
help our programs! To sign
                                                                               Additional donation: $
up, please call or e-mail us at:
(651) 228-7073 or                                                           Total amount enclosed: $
      731 EAST 7TH STREET, SUITE 100
      ST. PAUL, MN 55106

                 Community Design Center of Minnesota’s 40th Anniversary!
           Join us for our Low Country Shrimp and Sausage Boil Benefit Dinner at Alexis Bailly Vineyard on
                    Sunday, August 23, 2009 at 6:30 p.m. See inside for registration and event details.
    Stay tuned for information about our free open house celebration which will be held later this year in St. Paul.

Look for us at these
upcoming events:
Minnesota State Fair
 Rain garden demonstration
 outside the Eco Experience
 August 28 & 29, 2009
 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Parade of Gardens
 Garden tours, recipes,
 vegetable samples and
 fresh produce for sale at
 our Swede Hollow garden
 and market stand at Bates
 Avenue and East 7th Street.
 August 22, 2009                                   Summer 2009 Garden Corps, Conservation Corps, and
 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.                                      Culinary Corps interns and staff

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