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Source                         Director, Facilities Planning and Maintenance

President’s Approval/Date:

      A. PURPOSE:

            This procedure defines the process and several elements of the college’s keying system and
            establishes an orderly and efficient method for qualified college personnel to quickly obtain
            keys. Instructions are also presented for the turn-in of issued keys no longer required.


               1. Change Key – Key for door to one room only.

               2. Grand Master Key – Operates any lock on a system

               3. Great Grand Master – Operates all grand master keys on a campus system.

               4. Keying Systems Bradenton Campus – Great Grand Master system for interior doors.
                  Separate Great Grand Master system for Exterior doors, the Mechanical rooms, IFD
                  rooms and Electrical Panel rooms in all buildings.

               5. Keying Systems Lakewood Ranch – Great Grand Master system for all doors interior
                  and exterior.

               6. Keying Systems Venice Campus – Great Grand Master system for all doors interior and

          7. Marlok – A computer key and lock system that permits a lost key to be deprogrammed
             with a laptop, thus saving the expense of re-keying the locks to preserve the integrity of
             the lock and key system. Most major buildings on Bradenton Campus have one exterior
             door equipped with this device. This door is the building entry door for authorized
             personnel and the contract custodial crews.
          8. Sub-master – Functional areas of a building may be keyed so that each lock is keyed
             separately but in a way that permits a single sub-master or area master key to open all
             locks on the subsystem.

            1. Only college approved and keyed hardware is permitted. Whether keying a new building or
               re-keying an existing one, a keying plan will be developed with primary input from the user
               of the building. Duplicate keys will be maintained to be readily available for issue and
     records kept by the Facilities Department. College employees will not have locks changed,
     keys made, or any other work done by an off-campus firm. All lock work, whatever the
     nature, will be handled through the Facilities Department upon proper request.

  2. Key control will be characterized by the expeditious issue and recovery of keys. The key
     issue authority and recovery responsibility rests with the Director, Facilities Planning and
     Maintenance Department.

  3. Funding responsibilities are divided. Routine maintenance and repair of locks, maintaining
     a set of pattern keys and duplicate keys, and the keying of a new building is the funding
     responsibility of the Facilities Department. Funding to re-key a building depends on the
     reason for re-keying. If building security has been compromised by loss of master or sub-
     master key or excessive failure to recover keys from department personnel, funding
     responsibility for re-keying may rest with that department. Re-keying to satisfy particular
     department desires or needs will be funded by the department. If re-keying is required by
     the re-assignment of facilities or the need to update an antiquated keying system, funding
     responsibility will be assumed by the Facilities Department.

  4. Full-time Faculty and Staff may request keys to gain access to their building, individual
     office and/or classroom.

  5. Department Heads and Building Managers may request a sub-master key to their building or
     department offices.

  6. Adjunct faculty, part time employees and students will not be approved for keys unless
     written justification accompanies the key request form. Departments with numerous adjunct
     instructors are encouraged to use real estate type key boxes for office and classroom keys
     such as in use in Building 6 and various other places. Departments may purchase one of
     these at a local hardware store and Facilities will install. Department Heads may pick up
     keys for adjunct faculty but will be required to turn them in when the adjunct employment is

  7. When new desks and filing cabinets are purchased the user should forward one of the keys
     to Facilities Department for indexing as a pattern key. Facilities have most of this type keys
     on file for furniture purchased since 1999. Duplicate keys are available upon submission of
     the Key Request Form. Replacement of desk locks, filing cabinet locks, etc. should be
     requested on the standard work request form and will be provided. However, the requestors
     department will be expected to reimburse Facilities Dept for these expenses.

  8. Route all key requests to the Facilities Department. The Director of Facilities shall be the
     approval authority for all Master and Sub-master keys. All keys must be picked up and
     signed for by the key requestor and the key requestor at change of assignment or termination
     of employment. Keys must be returned to the Facilities Department as a condition for final
     checkout by HRO and final paycheck.


  1. The form used to request keys is on the “S” drive under Templates labeled KEYFORM.
     Paper copies of this form are also available at the Facilities Customer Service desk. This
     form should be used for requesting all building keys, all file cabinet, casework and desk
     keys for which the Facilities Department has pattern keys.
           2. Person needing the keys, (i.e. the person requesting the keys) shall fill out the Request for
              Keys form. The requestor is responsible to obtain their supervisor or department head’s
              signature as approving the request. If request is for a sub-master or master key, it shall be
              forwarded to the Director of Facilities for approval. The Assistant Director will then issue
              and log in the transactions. If a change key only is requested, it will be forwarded directly to
              the Assistant Director. Note: For Venice Campus the Plant Manager assumes the role of
              Assistant Director.

           3. One key request form is needed for each person requesting a key, thus if three people from
              one department need a key to room 2-345, then three key request forms should be
              submitted. Keys will not be issued on rubber stamped approval signatures.

          4. When the requested key is ready for issue an e-mail notice will be sent to the key requestor.
             The requestor shall come to the Facilities customer service area to pick      up the key and
             sign the form indicating they have received the keys. The Facilities Department person who
             gives the keys to the requestor also signs the form.

          5. Upon returning keys to the Facilities Department the original key request form is retrieved
             from the key inventory records. The Facilities Department uses this form to be sure that all
             keys that were signed out are returned. If all of the keys are returned to the Facilities
             Department, personnel sign and date the key request form on the Accepted by Facilities
             Department line. This is a verification that the keys were turned in and who was responsible
             for receiving the keys. The HRO check out procedure includes return of keys before final
             pay can be processed for individuals processing out of the College.

State College of Florida, Manatee - Sarasota
                                                  REQUEST FOR KEYS

To:        Facilities Department                                            Date:

                                   (Person Needing Keys)

Subject: Request the following keys for            BC,       VC, or       LWR Campus

Check One:             Full – Time                 Part – Time              Adjunct Faculty                            Other

      Building No.           Room(s) No.                                            Hook No.            Key Stamping

Reason for Request:


                         Supervisor or Dept. Head                                                Date

           Director of Facilities, Planning, and Maintenance Dept.                               Date
                       (For Master or Sub master Key)

Signed:                                                                                        Date:
                                      Person Receiving the Key(s)

Signed:                                                                                        Date:
                                   Facilities Person Issuing the Key(s)

                                                         Return of Keys

Accepted by Facilities, Planning, and Maintenance Dept: __________________________________

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