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									Biography                                                   The Jive, an explosive mixture of music
Jumpin’up is an all Sicilians jive and R&B band. The        Their music is draft from the repertorio Blues,
band was born in the winter of 2005 with the attempt        Swing and Rock&Roll but above all from 50’s Jive
to recreate the warm sound of the 40’s and 50’s.            that just in those years it was going developing a
Each player comes from different music styles kinds like
swing, jazz, blues and rock and roll, but altogether they   new rhythm. Their main reference are Louis Jor-
melt their influences in the explosive mixture of swing     dan, Louis Prima (son of Sicilians parents) and
and jive in the style o the italo-americans crooners of
the 50’s.                                                   Sam Butera but also the Italian Renato Carosone
The warm voice of Tony Marino, the jump-blues guitar        (Napoli style swing) and Fred Buscaglione (the
of Giuseppe Montalbano, the rockabilly technique of the
double bass player Francesco Albanese, the dragging         Italian good – hearted gangster).
shuffle of Michele Virga, supported from Luca Zasa on       The Jumpin’up show has a funny atmosphere of old
piano, Raffaele Barranca on Tenor sax, Angelo Trento
on Baritone sax and Nicola Genualdi on trumpet, in a        Italian-American taste.
mixture indeed particular.

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Info (+39) 328 2692026

Voice: Tony Marino
Guitar: Giuseppe Montalbano
Piano: Luca Zasa
Tenor sax: Raffaele Barranca
Baritone sax: Angelo Trento
Trumpet: Nicola Genualdi
Doublebass: D. Femminino
Drums: Michele Virga
Main experiences
—Alcamo Blues Festival 2005
—That’s Amore Festival 2005
— Comune di Terrasini
— Castello di Carini (carini - PA)
— Festa dell’Unità 2005 - Palermo
— Blues Festival Città di Palermo
— Provincia in Festa 2005 - Isnello
— Ortigia Blues Festival - Siracusa
— Concerto di Capodanno
  p.zza Mondello (PA)
—Teatro “Al Massimo” Palermo
—Teatro della posta vecchia (AG)
—Windsurf World Fest 2006
—Targa Florio Storica 2006
—That’s Amore Fest 2006
— Capo D’Orlando in Blues Fest 2006
— Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2006
— Jazz Pizza & Broocculino - Cefalù (PA)
— REX SUD Festival 2006
— Provincia in Festa 2006 - S. Flavia (PA)
— Festa dell’Unità Meridione 2006
—10th Rhythm-Riot - Camber UK
— Live at 100 Club - London UK
— Locarno Film Festival Warner Bros &
  20th Century Fox Party - Svizzera
— Rex Sud Festival 2007
—Windsurf World Festival 2007
—Windsurf World Festival 2008
— Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2007
— Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2008
— Summertime Blues Festival ‘08
— Festa dell’Unità 2008
— McCormack - Leipzig - Germany
— BIT Cernobbio (CO)
— I Love Sicilia - in tour with Sasà
  Salvaggio 2008-2009
— Swing It Again Baby weekender ‘08
  Leipzig Germany
— Castellarte - Festival - Mercogliano                NOVEM
                                             FIRST 16     W-U
                                                       BL 18 (Pal                O
— Summer Jamboree 2009 Senigallia
                                                               m o)                                         er
                                              JOINT za Sa nt'A nna, 17/ za
  (AN)                                                     Serata di
                                                  pi az
                                                                                               rdo ci       echi
                                                                             m         bini so
                                                                    per i baferta libera
                                                                                a lib er
                                                                          of rt
                                                                       n of fe
                                                                   o con
                                                                ero co
                                                          so lib er i
                                                          so lib                                        c
                                                  In gres
                                                  In gres aiutare chsente
                                                     ci ad         n
                                                aiutavede e chi no volute a              eM w
                                                non         ranno
                                                          e ver
                                                                      o d'oro
                                                 le offertdella lega de
                                                                        l Fil         Liv Sho
                                                    ti aspett
                                                                                                                            ve or
                                                          le V ock

                                                     Ddathe Rolcanos

                                                                                        AB   ILLY
                                                                                                         m in’
                                                                                S RO CK
                                                                TOP CL
                                                                          AS                            w .j

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