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					Biography                                                   The Jive, an explosive mixture of music
Jumpin’up is an all Sicilians jive and R&B band. The        Their music is draft from the repertorio Blues,
band was born in the winter of 2005 with the attempt        Swing and Rock&Roll but above all from 50’s Jive
to recreate the warm sound of the 40’s and 50’s.            that just in those years it was going developing a
Each player comes from different music styles kinds like
swing, jazz, blues and rock and roll, but altogether they   new rhythm. Their main reference are Louis Jor-
melt their influences in the explosive mixture of swing     dan, Louis Prima (son of Sicilians parents) and
and jive in the style o the italo-americans crooners of
the 50’s.                                                   Sam Butera but also the Italian Renato Carosone
The warm voice of Tony Marino, the jump-blues guitar        (Napoli style swing) and Fred Buscaglione (the
of Giuseppe Montalbano, the rockabilly technique of the
double bass player Francesco Albanese, the dragging         Italian good – hearted gangster).
shuffle of Michele Virga, supported from Luca Zasa on       The Jumpin’up show has a funny atmosphere of old
piano, Raffaele Barranca on Tenor sax, Angelo Trento
on Baritone sax and Nicola Genualdi on trumpet, in a        Italian-American taste.
mixture indeed particular.

Available their CD at their web site

Info (+39) 328 2692026

Voice: Tony Marino
Guitar: Giuseppe Montalbano
Piano: Luca Zasa
Tenor sax: Raffaele Barranca
Baritone sax: Angelo Trento
Trumpet: Nicola Genualdi
Doublebass: D. Femminino
Drums: Michele Virga
Main experiences
—Alcamo Blues Festival 2005
—That’s Amore Festival 2005
— Comune di Terrasini
— Castello di Carini (carini - PA)
— Festa dell’Unità 2005 - Palermo
— Blues Festival Città di Palermo
— Provincia in Festa 2005 - Isnello
— Ortigia Blues Festival - Siracusa
— Concerto di Capodanno
  p.zza Mondello (PA)
—Teatro “Al Massimo” Palermo
—Teatro della posta vecchia (AG)
—Windsurf World Fest 2006
—Targa Florio Storica 2006
—That’s Amore Fest 2006
— Capo D’Orlando in Blues Fest 2006
— Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2006
— Jazz Pizza & Broocculino - Cefalù (PA)
— REX SUD Festival 2006
— Provincia in Festa 2006 - S. Flavia (PA)
— Festa dell’Unità Meridione 2006
—10th Rhythm-Riot - Camber UK
— Live at 100 Club - London UK
— Locarno Film Festival Warner Bros &
  20th Century Fox Party - Svizzera
— Rex Sud Festival 2007
—Windsurf World Festival 2007
—Windsurf World Festival 2008
— Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2007
— Castelbuono Jazz Festival 2008
— Summertime Blues Festival ‘08
— Festa dell’Unità 2008
— McCormack - Leipzig - Germany
— BIT Cernobbio (CO)
— I Love Sicilia - in tour with Sasà
  Salvaggio 2008-2009
— Swing It Again Baby weekender ‘08
  Leipzig Germany
— Castellarte - Festival - Mercogliano                NOVEM
                                             FIRST 16     W-U
                                                       BL 18 (Pal                O
— Summer Jamboree 2009 Senigallia
                                                               m o)                                         er
                                              JOINT za Sa nt'A nna, 17/ za
  (AN)                                                     Serata di
                                                  pi az
                                                                                               rdo ci       echi
                                                                             m         bini so
                                                                    per i baferta libera
                                                                                a lib er
                                                                          of rt
                                                                       n of fe
                                                                   o con
                                                                ero co
                                                          so lib er i
                                                          so lib                                        c
                                                  In gres
                                                  In gres aiutare chsente
                                                     ci ad         n
                                                aiutavede e chi no volute a              eM w
                                                non         ranno
                                                          e ver
                                                                      o d'oro
                                                 le offertdella lega de
                                                                        l Fil         Liv Sho
                                                    ti aspett
                                                                                                                            ve or
                                                          le V ock

                                                     Ddathe Rolcanos

                                                                                        AB   ILLY
                                                                                                         m in’
                                                                                S RO CK
                                                                TOP CL
                                                                          AS                            w .j

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Description: Jive, also known as Jive. One of Latin dance, with J said. Jive was originally a cowboy dance tap dance, popular in the 20 Century, thirties. During World War II, American soldiers will Jive to Britain, due to the effects of war, people's emotions are running high and time is swift, leading to the development of cowboy dance crazy proportions.