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Jive, also known as Jive. One of Latin dance, with J said. Jive was originally a cowboy dance tap dance, popular in the 20 Century, thirties. During World War II, American soldiers will Jive to Britain, due to the effects of war, people's emotions are running high and time is swift, leading to the development of cowboy dance crazy proportions.

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									Jive Mobile Module
Your enterprise. Now pocket-sized.

  For most corporations, mobile workers are the customer-facing,
  revenue-generating engine powering their organizations. It
  only makes sense to arm them fully. People on the go still stay
  connected—and they love their devices. It only make sense to
  make it arm them fully to improve their productivity..

  With our Jive Mobile Module, we offer a stunning native
  application for the iPhone and a significantly enriched experience
  for the BlackBerry and any other device that offers email access.
  Powered by Jive Mobile, employees on the road have all the
  organizational resources they need right at their fingertips.

  •	 Work online or off: access the people in your network and the
     wealth of information in your community
  •	 Let your employees work the way they want with the familiar
     tools they use in their personal lives
  •	 Encourage more community involvement by putting your Jive
     SBS community in every pocket
  •	 Add more ways to get value from your investment in Jive SBS communities

                                          Jive SBS Mobile for the iPhone
     Mobile at a Glance                   The adoption of social media closely tracks the adoption of the iPhone, which made
                                          the iPhone a natural choice for our first native application on a smartphone. With Jive
     Puts enterprise resources in         Mobile, iPhone users (and iPod Touch users) have full access to the robust functionality
     every pocket                         of Jive Social Business Software for online networking and collaboration. Jive Mobile
     »	 A virtual office for everyone
                                          also lets you leverage the unique properties of the iPhone, including integration with
        on the road
                                          your mobile contacts, geo-location updates, and the built-in camera for photos on the
     »	 Around-the-clock
                                          go. Jiving on the iPhone: what could be easier?
        connectivity and access to
        people and content

     Saves time in situations where       Enriched capabilities for the BlackBerry & the desktop
     time is money                        The Jive SBS Foundation includes the ability to reply to and comment on content
     »	 A more productive salesforce      via email. Jive Mobile extends the standard reply functionality to allow you to
        directly feeds the top line
                                          create content via email as well, such as creating new blogs, discussions, documents,
     Increases the credibility of         and statuses via email. Jive Mobile also makes it very simple for anyone viewing a
     customer-facing personnel
                                          particular space or group to download a vCard for starting a discussion, document, or
     »	 “Let me get you that
                                          blog within that space.
        document right now”

     »	 “Let me hook you up with
        the right person for that right

     Keeps everyone up to date—
     inside and outside the office
     »	 “Were you able to set up the
        customer meeting?”

     »	 “The customer wants two
        references—can we line
        them up?”

About Jive
                              How it works: Jive SBS Mobile for the iPhone
Jive frees people to engage
                               Jive SBS users don’t just adopt Jive, they fall in love with its ability to help them network and
in open, natural business
                               collaborate in an open and natural way. iPhone users are equally passionate about its touch-screen
conversations and
                               interface, ease of use, and fluid interaction with applications. If you’re a Jive SBS user on the go,
workflows that typically
                               you’ll love Jive SBS Mobile for the iPhone. Now you can use your iPhone to do almost everything
are trapped inside of
                               you can do on your desktop inside Jive SBS. Browse recent activity, click through to users showing
emails, phone calls or
                               interesting recent activity and call or message them, update the status about who you just talked
                               to, and browse a space/group/project, then contribute to it. Jive SBS Mobile for the iPhone makes
As the leading enterprise-
                               it a pleasure to stay fully involved in what’s happening in your business community when you are
class suite of SBS
                               away from your desk.
applications for Global
2000 companies and
governments, Jive’s
collaboration software
and community software
solutions are the first
to effectively manage
employees, customers,
and partners on a unified
platform built for tens of
thousands of users and
millions of page views.


Jive Software
915 SW Stark St.
Suite 400
Portland, OR 97205            How it works: BlackBerry access to Jive SBS
                               Jive Mobile extends the Jive SBS Foundation reply via mail capabilities to allow users to
                               create and post community content via email as well. Jive has taken a technology called
                               vCard, originally designed for electronic business cards, and associated the profile data of
                               each community space to an email address. Jive SBS users simply download the vCard for a
503-972-6143                   particular space or group to their BlackBerry contacts list. They can then start a discussion,
                               document, or blog within that space. Email notifications from particular spaces and groups
Fax                            provide links to reply to the content as well as links to create new content to facilitate direct
                               authoring capabilities.


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