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									                 Jive Forums
                                                                                                             data sheet

Jive Forums is the market leader
For enterprise Forum soFtware

With over 1,400 customers worldwide, including support
centers, developer communities, and social networks, Jive
Forums has been setting the industry standard for how
customers and employees find answers, collaborate, and share
Jive Forums is the only J2EE, open architecture, standards
based solution on the market today. Our product gives you the
flexibility to plug-and-play with its deep off-the shelf feature
set or customize it to meet your specific needs.
Don’t just take our word for it. Leading companies using Jive
Forums include Sun, Oracle, Siemens, SAP, IBM, Autodesk,
Apple, Amazon, Citrix, Symantec, EMC, Army, PWC and GE.

whY Jive Forums?
Unique Feature Set: Allows customers to search for answers,
discuss common issues and topics, post questions to the
community, escalate questions to experts, and gain status.          keY BeneFits
                                                                    Valuable Customer Self-Service: Jive Forums gives you the
Proven Experience: Used by thousands of organizations               power of a full-featured forums solution so that your customers
around the world, Jive Forums is the most flexible and reliable     can share knowledge and find the answers they need.
discussion forum software in the market. Customers include
Sun, Oracle, Autodesk, Comcast, Veritas, IBM, Merck, Siemens,       Reduce Costs: Phone and email resolution can cost between
SAP, VMWare, RIM and Disney.                                        $30 and $100 per incident. Adding customer communities can
                                                                    redirect more than 30% of incoming requests to a cost per
                                                                    resolution of several dollars.
Open Architecture: A pure J2EE application with an open, flexible
architecture that integrates seamlessly into existing support
                                                                    Build a Knowledge Base: Jive Software’s solution captures
environments.                                                       reusable content from all the interactions, so you have a growing
                                                                    archive of answers for your users to search through.
Measurable Results: Reporting tools shed light on resolutions,
escalations, common issues, and overall savings.                    Improve Satisfaction: Providing access to expert users will
                                                                    increase their satisfaction levels and loyalty and likelihood of
salesForCe inteGration
                                                                    powerFul Features
  • Questions posted to the forums automatically generate a         Jive Forums extends discussion capabilities for support
    new case in the Salesforce case management system               environments to give the maximum flexibility and power.
  • Registration of new users in the forums creates a lead in       Features include:
                                                                    Status Levels: Rank users in the community based on statistics
  • Unanswered forums questions are escalated within the
                                                                    such as number of questions answered.
    salesforce case management system to ensure timely
                                                                    Escalation: Escalate unanswered questions to internal experts.
  • Cases are closed automatically when a question is marked
    as answered within the forums                                   Reward System: Users can reward each other answering
  • Forums discussion thread is synchronized with Salesforce        questions or providing helpful information.
    case management comments
               Jive Forums
                                                                                                           data sheet
                                                                                                            data s h e e t

keY enterprise Features
Web-based Administration Tool: The Admin Tool makes it               sCreenshots
easy to delete, edit and move messages, manage permis-
sion-levels and organize the hierarchy of categories and

Expert Search: Allows community members to locate other
members by searching through basic information such as
name or email address, or perform more complex searches
through extended profile fields.

Threaded, Flat, and Tree Mode: Messages can be viewed in
several different modes: flat mode lists messages in chrono-
logical order, threaded messages are grouped by a specific                 Figure 1: Salesforce Integration
subject, and Tree mode shows one message per page with a
tree structure for other messages in that topic.

Search: The integrated search engine filters information by
date, user, forum, and category.

Email Notifications: Users are notified by email or the web
when information is updated.

File Attachments: Attach documents, images and other files
to messages. File attachments can be screened for viruses.

Permissions-based Security: Restrict users or groups from
reading forums, creating new topics, or posting messages.

Moderation Support: Screen and edit messages before they                   Figure 2: Status Levels
are posted.

Jive Forums is a 100% Java application that leverages
server-side technologies such as Servlets, JSP, and JDBC.

Cluster multiple instances to increase fault tolerance and
scalability (with Tangosol Coherence® Technology).

Customize the entire look and function of Jive Forums
through skins technology.

Jive Forums can use an existing LDAP or external directory
for authentication and for storing all user data.

                                                                           Figure 3: Unresolved / Resolved Questions

                                                                             sYstem reQuirements
                                                                             Server: Any platform with Java and any app server
                                                                             with Servlet 2.3 and JSP 1.2 support.

                                                    317 SW Alder, Suite 500, Portland, OR 97204 • Tel: 503 295 3700 • Fax: 503 961 1047
                                                    Sales: 877 495 3700 • www.jivesoftware.com • sales@jivesoftware.com

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