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                                 JAGUAR JIVE
FOINTS O6 ING                    N O L ) M E    M P Q   I S S ) E   R                                      A F R I L   5 L M L


!"    C@/78 4T2 2@/
      G,?@3A H/E;,2/       !elp &our Child Succeed in School
!"    60// T0378 C4A,-U
                           It#s important for parents to be involved in their children#s
!"    R/A/AE/0* S3:/       education. This partnership between parent and teacher plays an
      <4V T4W; 24 @/?W     important role in your child#s educational experience. Help your
      G,?@3A =T-.03,;,-U   children achieve all they can. Here are some helpful tips:

!"    +,-./0U302/-
                           !"   Make a schedule for homework
      C4A,-U S44-
                           !"   Check homework assignments daily
                           !"   Read with your child
                           !"   Establish open communication with the teacher
                           !"   Keep house rules
                           !"   Make regular bedtimes
                           !"   Communicate with your child about school
                           !"   Know your child and understand signs of learning problems
                           !"   If your child has problems with some subjects, consider tutoring or another type of
                                enhancement program
                           !"   Praise children for good grades
                           !"   Ensure proper attendance
                           !"   Provide breakfast for optimal learning throughout the day
+,-./0                 5   !"   Limit television on school nights
                           !"   Encourage your child to participate in class
60// T0378             5   !"   Help your children learn good study habits
A72,:,2,/;                 !"   Study with your children and help them prepare for tests
<0/38=3;2 32           B
G,?@3A                     From

T30.CDAE;/-7/          B

                           Spelling Superstars

H4A/044A F?37/G        B
A/-2 F4?,7C

O0./0 G,?@3A H/30      I
                           Congratulations to Alex McEntarffer, the champion of the third annual 5th Grade Spelling Bee! All
                           the contestants did a wonderful job, including everyone who participated in the written tests. These
                           students studied over 200 extremely difficult words, and they were able to memorize most of
                           them. The five other finalists were Amber Prevedello, Shriyansh Sharma, Matt Lee, Austin Holly, and
                           Jessica Wicks.
                           Great work fifth graders!
         FAGE       5

      FTC <430.
                                  2010-2011 Kindergarten Orientation
                                  Tuesday, April 20th is Gilham#s Kindergarten
         F0/;,./-2                Orientation from 12:15 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in
  Trista Neuman 686-5885          the Gilham Library. If you know anyone
                                  who has an incoming kindergartener, please
      N,7/ F0/;,./-2              share this information. Kinder enrollment
  Robin Obermire 461-7811         packets are now available in the office. It is a
                                  good idea to fill out the paper work before
                                  the orientation, so you may spend your time
   Kathy Klarfeld 344-3385
                                  meeting teachers. Important documents to
         S/70/230C                bring include: birth certificate, immunization
    Jaime Black 954-1514          records (children will not be allowed to start
                                  school without this information), and ad-
N4?T-2//0 C440.,-3240             dress verification (EWEB, cable or phone bill). A physical exam is required by the Eugene 4J
  JoAnn Vollstedt 953-0744        School District before a student enters kindergarten. If you have further questions, please call
                                  the office at 541-790-6200.
    Betsey Paul 636-3241
 Christie Wolgamott 681-9016             G"LH%&’S *+,-.%-/ 0OL.23++-
  E:/-2; C440.,-3240;                               HO.-S
     Kelly Pruz 345-6928
     Gina Smith 844-1042                              456
          A2GL30U/                       thanks to all our AolunteersC
Bridget Larson-Hill 465-8878
   Susan Strom 683-9923

      S,2/ C4T-7,?

  Susie Bays, Beth Shershun,
 Brian Gulka, and Julia Siporin

       Renee Buchanan             School district 4J is among the 20 local partners making up the Youth Track Network. We will
         Erin Fuller              be providing information about free opportunities for 4J kids, including clinics and events like
                                  this one coming up soon:
        Patti Gehlhaar            ETU/-/ M3032@4- Z Y4T2@ M3032@4- G 6REE
                                  Run a little each week to reach your goal of 25.5 miles. Register at:
          Gig Nelson
                                  You can receive Tweets or Facebook updates about F566 activities.
                                  Search Track Town :S; Youth!

NOL)ME        MPQ    ISS)E        R                                                                                                     FAGE        B

Reminders and Procedures
 GILHAM ELEMENTARY HOMEROOM                        made to create classes balanced by gender,        bereavement, or preplanned absences.
 FLACEMENT FOLICY 5LMLG5LMM                        academic levels, learning styles, and social      Parents should inform the school as early as
 As we move toward the end of the year,            skills. Strong consideration will also be given   possible if their student will be arriving late or
 Gilham will begin discussions regarding class-    to children with special needs.                   will be absent. This can be done by calling the
 room placement for the next year. An im-                                                            attendance line at 541-790-6225 or sending a
 portant piece of our decision-making is to        Our goal is to create the best learn-                                          note ahead of time.
 have parent input. Parents provide valuable       ing environment possible for all our                                           S2T./-2; -42 ,-
 insight about characteristics unique to their     students. We know your support                                                 7?3;; 32 R*]]
 student. We will continue the opportunity         and assistance with our policies will                                          3_A_ AT;2
 for parents to give the school any informa-       continue to make Gilham Elemen-                                                7@/78 ,- 32 2@/
 tion about their child they feel would be         tary the best educational opportu-                                             4==,7/ W0,40 24
 helpful to us as we make decisions about          nity for your student.                                                         U4,-U 24 7?3;;_
 placement. Information you want us to con-                                                                                       Tardies and unex-
 sider must be submitted in writing on a Stu-      <REA+6AST AT GILHAM                                                            cused absences
 dent Homeroom Placement Information form          Did you know that Gilham#s kitchen                                             become part of
 and submitted to the office by April 30th.        is open every morning at 7:30 a.m.                                             each student#s
 Pick up a form in the office or download it       and serves a nutritious breakfast for                                          permanent record.
 from the Gilham Website.                          only $1.20 and that your student can also         All tardies and unexcused absences will be
                                                   use his or her lunch meal account for break-      notified by the autodial system with a phone
                                                   fast? Students on both reduced price and          call home. This procedure helps to maintain
                                                   free lunch programs are also eligible for a       the safety of all students.
                                                   free breakfast every morning. Check out the
                                                   lunch menu next time it comes home to             Oregon State Law (ORS 339 010-339.990)
                                                   view the breakfast menu and have breakfast        requires that students attend school on a
                                                   with us one morning. Try it, you#ll like it!!     regular basis. Eight (8) or more half-day ab-
                                                    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\               sences in a four-week period are considered a
                                                                                                     violation of Oregon school attendance re-
                                                            Please remember to use the
                                                    5IGHO)R ATTEN$ANCE LINE
                                                         To call in all absences and tardies!
                                                    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\                    Check Out Gilham/s
                                                   GILHAM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL
                                                                                                           Online Calendar!!
 While we both appreciate and respect parent
                                                   TAR$YDA<SENCE FOLICY
 input regarding the educational setting for the
 child, we will not consider a request for a       Due to the importance of the social, emo-           Go to Gilham/s Home Pa8e at
                                                   tional, and academic benefits of arriving at
 particular teacher. Responding to individual
                                                   school on time and maintaining good atten-
 requests for particular teachers does not
 allow us the flexibility we need to adequately    dance, students are encouraged to attend                     8ilham
                                                   school daily. Arriving at 7:30 a.m., when
 balance classrooms for the best possible edu-                                                         and click on the Calendar link.
 cational setting. We do share all parent in-      doors open, provides them with ample time
                                                   to socialize, prepare for the school day, and      The Gilham Web site also offers
 formation sheets with the teachers. It is
 important that we provide the most appro-         ensure participation in valuable opening          classroom information, access to
 priate and equitable educational setting for      activities.                                          library resources, Ea8uar EiFe
 each student at Gilham.                                                                                     archiFes and more!!
                                                   S2T./-2; 30/ /VW/72/. 24 E/ ,- 2@/,0
 We will continue to address, as we have in        7?3;;044A; EC R*]] 3_A_ /:/0C .3C_
 the past, the social, emotional, and academic     Excused absences and tardies consist of:
 needs of each child. Every attempt will be        doctor/dentist appointments, illness and
                                                                                                                       FAGE      I

     !a#$a% !'()                                                                                      F0,-7,W3?
                                                                                                      Gig Nelson
 G,?@3A E?/A/-230C S7@44?
                                                                                                  O==,7/ M3-3U/0;
 3307 Honeywood Street                                                                               Linda Willis
 Eugene, Oregon 97408                                                                              Patti Gehlhaar

 Phone: 541-790-6200
                                                                                                N/`;?/22/0 E.,240
 Fax: 541-790-6205                                                                                Maggie Arnold
 Attendance: 541-790-6225                                                                          541-338-7583
 Volume 19, Issue 7
                                                                                              $/3.?,-/ =40 N/V2 I;;T/
                                                                                                   April 20, 2010

                                                                                                C3?/-.30 4= E:/-2;
                                                                                           For a complete list of upcoming
                                                                                            Gilham Elementary School im-
                                                                                            portant dates and events, visit
                                                                                                the school web site at

 Check Out the Gilham Website
http:;;schools.=>;8ilham           !"#$ &#'( )*+",- !."##+ .#+#(!!!!
                                              PURCHASE A GILHAM T-SHIRT OR HOODED SWEATSHIRT
                You can:
!"    Get 8eneral information                                 !01234 526 78 914:;5< 18 306 7==1>6?
!"    School hours and phone I/s
!"    See a current Gilham calendar     @A!01234 B5;; 41C64D EFG?HH
!"    See a current lunch menu or       &7I30 "77969 !! EGH?HH                                    &7I30 !1C64J !K - 589 +
      make a payment on your            ,9I;3 "77969 !! ELH?HH                                ,9I;3 !1C64J !K -K + 589 M+
      lunch account
!"    Jind staff e-mail addresses
!"    Look at the current Ea8uar EiFe
      neMsletter                         N5O6J
!"    Jind forms on line                 P0786J
!"    Look at Mhat/s happenin8 in
      the classrooms
!"    Jind information about after-
      school actiFities and links to     QI58313<J
      their sites
                                         Total:                       .06>R SSSSS         .540SSSSS
 Make Gilham a JaForite or saFe it                      P;6546 O5R6 >06>R4 :5<5T;6 37 )1;05O U;6O68352< !>077;
       to your desktop!!!

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