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									JIVE manifesto
for women in science,
engineering, construction
and technology
JIVE manifesto for women in science,
engineering, construction and technology
The facts

There is a skills shortage within science,           By 2010, only 20 per cent of the UK workforce
engineering, construction and technology             will be white, able-bodied, full-time working
(SECT). With women making up only 18 per             men: we need to be thinking now about how to
cent of the workforce in these sectors, the UK       make the science, engineering, construction and
is failing to make the most of the talents of over   technology workforce more diverse.
half the population.
                                                     JIVE is a partnership of organisations across
By age 18, gender preferences in subject choice      the UK which has been developing new ways to
become very obvious: 71 per cent of students         tackle these issues in education and industry.
studying English literature are female and           JIVE has influenced thousands of people during
76 per cent of students studying physics are         the two years of the partnership – young women
male. We need to ensure that girls are engaged       choosing the subjects they study; careers
in science, engineering and technology subjects      professionals changing the advice they give;
at school and see careers in these sectors as        lecturers adapting how they teach; employers
being open to them.                                  changing their company policy and practice;
                                                     women choosing to return to work in science,
Three-quarters of women qualified in science,
                                                     engineering, construction and technology.
engineering and technology leave the sector:
we need to help organisations change and             This manifesto uses that experience to
support women to stay in or return to science,       highlight actions that need to be taken to
engineering, construction or technology.             ensure women are able to contribute fully to
                                                     the science, engineering, construction and
                                                     technology sectors.

                                                             Change doesn’t
                                                             happen by itself
                                                             – action is needed
                                                             at all levels to make
                                                             a difference.
JIVE’s Key Messages
Employers can change practice;
it makes sense to do so
• Diversity and equality policies will only
  impact on recruitment and retention when        Organisations working together
  there is commitment at a senior level to put
                                                  open the doors to science,
  policies into practice.
                                                  engineering, construction and
• Offering part-time and flexible working at all   technology for girls and women
  levels can help companies recruit and retain
  more women.                                     • Girls who have hands-on experience of
                                                    science, engineering, construction and
• By implementing gender equality training,         technology are more likely to consider a
  organisations can identify and address            career in these areas.
  behaviour and actions that prevent women
  from entering, progressing and staying within   • Many organisations influence girls’ career
  the science, engineering, construction and        choice – they need to work together to keep
  technology sectors.                               girls interested and engaged in science,
                                                    engineering, construction and technology.

                                                  • Taking positive action will help to increase
The UK can’t afford to waste the                    the numbers of women in these sectors
talents of half its workforce                       more quickly.

• Adapting work practices and providing the       JIVE (Joining Policy and Joining Practice) is
  right support can help women qualified in        funded by the European Social Fund under
  science, engineering and technology return      the EQUAL Community Initiative Programme.
  to the workplace after a career break.          The project is a national partnership of 21
                                                  organisations, coordinated by the UK Resource
• Senior women can have a positive and            Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and
  powerful effect on the careers of younger       Technology. JIVE exists to create change for
  women by acting as role models and              women and girls in the science, engineering,
  mentors.                                        construction and technology sectors.
                                                  The under representation of women in
• Women returning from a career break bring
                                                  these fields contributes to a continued skills
  valuable new skills and experience from their
                                                  shortage, the gender pay gap, and is a national
  time outside the sector.
                                                  economic concern.
Employers can change practice;
it makes sense to do so
Women have an important role to play in
the science, engineering, construction and             1. Diversity and equality
technology sector and their participation is key          policies will only impact on
to ensuring the UK has the skills and workforce           recruitment and retention
it needs to remain competitive.                           when there is commitment at
                                                          a senior level to put policies
Women make up 47 per cent of the workforce                into practice
and make 85 per cent of all household
purchasing decisions. If women aren’t
represented in the product or policy life cycle,   JIVE has worked with over 50 senior managers in
organisations may miss out on new markets by       science, engineering, construction and technology to
not making the most of their female employees’     implement change at a strategic level.
perspective and market knowledge.
                                                   JIVE’s work with Inspace Partnerships, a social
                                                   housing maintenance company, has resulted in them
                                                   implementing the national ‘Dare to be Different’
                                                   policy with four key themes: Women in Construction,
                                                       Diversity in the Community, Right Behaviour in
                                                           the Workplace and Fair Pay and Promotion.

                                                                 “Working with JIVE, we have made
                                                                    significant progress in a very short
                                                                      time. We have implemented a
                                                                        diversity strategy nationally
                                                                          and had huge success with
                                                                            more female apprentices at
                                                                             the company and this in
                                                                               turn is helping to develop
                                                                                best practice within our
                                                                                 business.” HR, Inspace
                                                                                                     Nathan Pitt
    2. Offering part-time and                         3 By implementing gender
       flexible working can help                         equality training,
       companies recruit and                            organisations can identify
       retain more women without                        and address behaviours and
       damaging their productivity                      actions that prevent women
                                                        from entering, progressing
                                                        and staying within science,
JIVE has raised awareness of the benefits of
                                                        engineering, construction
flexible working practices with over 40 small to
                                                        and technology
medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in science,
engineering, construction and technology.
                                                  JIVE has worked with over 150 employers
JIVE’s Champions for Flexibility scheme has
                                                  in science, engineering, construction and
worked with a University and an innovation
                                                  technology to advise and support good gender
company to run workshops which reached
                                                  equality practice.
40 SMEs. More in depth work has been
implemented with 10 of the SMEs that took part    SummitSkills, the Sector Skills Council for the
in how to introduce flexible work patterns.        building services engineering industry, has
                                                  conducted gender awareness training of their
“The ‘Champions for Flexibility’ workshop and
                                                  own staff and additionally, JIVE has worked with
one-to-one support has been a great help in
                                                  12 of their member organisations.
terms of focusing on what is important to our
company, and what flexible arrangements            “SummitSkills is committed to working with
we can realistically accommodate into our         strategic partners to create a diverse building
policy.” Julie Edginton, Office Manager, CBG       services engineering industry. The support
Consultants.                                      from JIVE is invaluable in helping us move
                                                  forward to create an industry in which women
                                                  can prosper and progress.” Keith Marshall, CEO
The UK can’t afford to waste the talents
of half its workforce
Women face challenges, not of their making,
when both studying and working in science,             1. Transforming work
engineering, construction and technology.                 practices and providing
                                                          the right support can help
Seventy-two per cent of women who have                    women qualified in science,
qualifications in science, engineering and                 engineering and technology
technology are not working in those sectors,              return to the workplace
often due to inflexible employment practice. The
cost of recruiting and training employees in the
sector is high, so it makes business sense to       JIVE has supported over 600 women who want
retain as many qualified staff as possible, or to    to return to the labour market.
enable trained and experienced staff to return
after a career break.                               JIVE has also been working with employers,
                                                    encouraging them to provide work experience
Women who return often bring with them a            to women who have been out of the work place.
wide range of skills and life experiences -         Working with JIVE has provided the opportunity
communication, multi-tasking, negotiation and       for employers to think creatively about their
facilitation skills which enhance their technical   recruitment strategies and look at short
knowledge and benefit productivity and the           term projects or longer term
working environment. We need to ensure              vacancies for which women
those skills and experiences are valued and         returners could be ideal
recognised.                                         candidates.

Women qualified in science, engineering
and technology who have been away from the
workforce are more likely to choose to return
if they are given help and advice specific to
their needs.

Male dominated cultures within science,
engineering and technology discourage women
who often feel isolated. Mentoring supports
employees in the development of their careers
and skills and provides a safe environment to
explore issues and compare experiences.
Global defence and security company,
QinetiQ offers free places to women
returners to attend their in-house courses.

“Having trained as a physicist, I had taken an
eight-year career break, and wanted to return
to work. JIVE helped me at each stage of the
process: putting together my CV, interview
skills, meeting other women in a similar              2. Senior women can have a
situation and when I was offered a job as a              positive and powerful effect
PortfoIio Manager I was given valuable advice            on the careers of younger
on the best approach to negotiate a part time            women by acting as role
position.” Anita Howman, Research Portfolio              models and mentors
Manager, Engineering and Physical Sciences
Research Council.
                                                   JIVE has trained 150 senior women to
“I decided I wanted to return to engineering       become mentors within both industry and the
which is why I registered on the RETURN            professional institutes.
placement scheme. JIVE arranged a meeting
with a project manager at Thames Water which       JIVE has set up mentoring programmes
went really well and I was offered a 12 month      with the British Pharmacological Society
          contract in a new liaison role between   involving 23 partnerships, with Women in
                 engineering and operations.”      Property on a regional basis which has become
                       Catherine Hunt.             a key benefit of joining the network, and with
                                                   the Geological Society for women geologists at
                                                   early career stage.

                                                   “The mentoring programme set up by JIVE has
                                                   significantly boosted my career. In construction
                                                   it’s easy to feel isolated as the only woman
                                                   and the women only networking sessions
                                                   were a powerful antidote enabling us to form
                                                   alliances throughout the industry.” Val Lowman,
                                                   Community Development Manager, Bovis
                                                   Lend Lease.
   3. Women returning from a
      career break bring valuable
      new skills and experience to
      SECT from their time outside
      the sector

   In Scotland, over 120 women made contact
    with the JIVE RETURN campaign. Sixteen
     workshops were offered across the
      country for women graduates in science,
       engineering, construction and technology,
       with a programme which ranged from
       goalsetting to networking to reviewing
       employment opportunities. In the latest
       evaluation, 24 of those who attended had
       already been successful in securing work
      in science, engineering, construction and

    AstraZeneca, Macclesfield offered a six-
  month work placement to a woman returner
 as a Chemical Process Engineer. “She quickly
regained her skills and abilities and her
previous industrial experience shows in her
work and her attitude. Working part time means
she has to be focused and she quickly became
an important member of the team and has
now accepted a permanent job with us.” Tim
Wrate, Process Engineering Team Manager,
working together
open the doors to
science, engineering,
construction and
technology for girls
and women
Teachers, advisors and support staff who are          1. Girls who have hands-on
well informed about the science, engineering,            experience of science,
construction and technology sectors and the              engineering, construction and
opportunities open to all can provide the best           technology are more likely
support for decision making.                             to consider a career in these
Employers who offer opportunities for young
women to learn more may well hit on a pool of
talent they have not tapped into before.          Thanks to JIVE, 59 schoolgirls from 18 schools
                                                  in Yorkshire have tried work experience in 38
Schools, employers and advisors who work
                                                  different science, engineering, construction and
together to widen take-up of opportunities will
                                                  technology companies and have changed their
have a bigger impact than those working alone.
                                                  attitude to working within these sectors. In one
Together, they can help keep girls interested
                                                  school alone, 50% of the girls who had not been
and engaged.
                                                  considering a career in the sector are now
                                                  doing so.

                                                  One school, sponsored by Corus and one
                                                  sponsored by Google, achieved JIVE’s Going
                                                    for Gold award for their work in promoting
                                                      science, engineering, construction and
                                                        technology to schoolgirls by running taster
                                                         days, industry visits, engineering and
                                                          computer clubs and inviting women role
                                                          models into school.

                                                          “I had the chance to see things I had no
                                                         experience of and it was a really good
                                                         experience, even the heat and grime
                                                        of the shop floor. I’m now considering a
                                                       career as a biomedical scientist.” Ellen
                                                      Milner, Ridgewood School at Rockware
                                                     Glass, Doncaster.
    2. Many organisations influence
       girls’ career choices – they
       need to work together to keep
       girls interested and engaged
       in science, engineering,
       construction and technology

JIVE in Yorkshire and Humberside has worked
with over 120 teachers, careers professionals,
work experience staff and STEM enrichment
professionals. JIVE North West has provided
gender awareness training for 115 guidance
professionals working with young people, giving
ideas on how to promote science, engineering,
construction and technology careers to girls
and techniques to challenge stereotypical
attitudes from employers and other sections of
the community.

   Hull College, Hull Tec and Humberside
    Engineering Training Association are
     all based in Humberside, where there
      are large chemical companies keen
       to engage women. Historically, these
        organisations have faced similar issues
        in struggling to engage more women in
        their training. They are now exploring
        ways of working together to take
        positive action.

       “In terms of attracting females into
      engineering, our partnership allows us
     to pool resources and experience, but
    more importantly enables us to pursue
  goals we would not attempt as individual
 organisations.” John Geale, Engineering @
Hull College.
   3 Taking positive action will
     help to increase the number
     of women in these sectors
     more quickly

After attending JIVE gender awareness training,   “The JIVE training really opened my eyes,
staff at Swansea College decided to run taster    and the steps we’ve taken at the college since
sessions for schoolgirls. As a result, 12 girls   prove that practical steps can make a real
signed up for a Design & Technology GCSE at       difference on the ground, increasing the interest
their school. The college also set up the first    among girls in engineering and technology and
women-only Electronics/Electrical Servicing       providing training to women that gives them
Technician City & Guilds course in the UK, and    the skills and confidence to get work in these
– jointly with The Women’s Workshop in Cardiff    fields.” Steve Williams, Swansea College.
– ran a women-only Digital Television Aerial
Installation course and provided mentoring        After working with JIVE, Hounslow Homes in
support for the students, one of whom is now      Oxford ran a taster day for girls and reviewed
working as a qualified installer.                  their recruitment practice and selection
                                                  procedures. In just one year, they saw a 500%
                                                  increase in applications from young women to
                                                  join their craft apprenticeship scheme.
Contact us:
website: www.jivepartners.org.uk
email: setwomenresource@bilk.ac.uk
helpline: 01274 436485

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