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									                                                          REPORT TO CABINET
                                                           16 July 2002

TITLE OF REPORT: Saltwell Park – Heritage Lottery Fund
                 Stable Yard, Lodges and Bowling Pavilions
                 & Landscape Schemes

REPORT OF:           Jerry Barford, Group Director Development & Enterprise

                                EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

The report asks members to note schemes and estimates and to approve the
invitation to tender for the next phase of works in Saltwell Park. Specifically the
report focuses on the alteration and/or refurbishment/reinstatement of the Stable
Block and associated buildings, the Park Lodges, the Aviaries and Avenue Green
Pavilion and landscaping of the Octagonal Garden, the Dene, the Broadwalk and
the Grove.

Policy Context

1.      The proposals in this report are consistent with the Council’s policies as set
        out in Beyond 2000 and the Council’s Policies and Priorities. For the
        current year ‘Improving the condition of the Borough’s parks, including
        smaller recreational areas’ is a policy priority in the Learning and Culture
        portfolio. This has specific relevance to Saltwell Park.


2.      This report has been prepared in consultation with the Group Director
        Learning & Culture. Portfolio Holders and Ward Members have been
        consulted on the proposals. In addition the Conservation Consultation
        Group has been consulted as is required to meet the aims of the
        Restoration Plan.


3.      The Strategic Director, Finance & ICT confirms that the estimated costs of
        these works can be met from the overall budget for the project. There are
        no staffing implications arising from this report; staffing issues related to
        the Restoration Scheme will be addressed through the preparation of the
        Saltwell Park Management Plan.

4.      Other implications of the proposals are set out in Appendix 1.

5.      The scheme and estimates for the proposed scheme for the Stable Yard and
        Lodges are set out in Appendix 2.

6.      The scheme and estimates for the proposed scheme for the Aviaries are set
        out in Appendix 3.

7.      The scheme and estimates for the proposals for the Bowling Pavilions are
        set out in Appendix 4.

8.      The scheme estimates for the proposed landscape schemes are set out in
        Appendix 5.


9.      It is recommended that Cabinet:

       (i)      Notes the estimates as described in Appendices 2, 3, and 4 and
                agrees to the invitation of competitive tenders in accordance with
                the Contract Procedure Rules of the Constitution of the Council
       (ii)     Notes the estimates as described in Appendix 5 and agrees to the
                invitation of negotiated tender from the Group Director Local
                Environmental Services in accordance with the Contract Procedures
                Rules of the Constitution of the Council (5.1(vi)).

       For the following reasons:

       (i)      To continue the process of Restoration of Saltwell Park.

CONTACT: Vince Heaney extension 2947                                 PLAN REF: 197

                                                                        APPENDIX 1

Saltwell Park Restoration Scheme
Heritage Lottery Fund


1.     An application to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the restoration of Saltwell Park
       was successful and Executive Committee agreed the overall Restoration Plan
       on 2 March 2000 (Minute EX 528).

2.     The alteration and/or refurbishment of the built core and reinstatement of the
       historic landscapes forms part of the basic proposals of the Restoration Plan.


3.     It is proposed to alter the Stable Block to create an Education Centre, to
       convert the Stable Yard Stores for use in connection with the Education
       Centre, to rebuild the Animal Pens and to repair and reinstate original features
       of the Park Lodges.

4.     It is proposed to rebuild the Aviaries to return them to their original condition.

5.     It is proposed to refurbish the Avenue Green Bowling Pavilion, to provide
       clubroom, shoe changing and toilet facilities.

6.     It is further proposed to re-establish the Victorian bedding displays on the
       Broadwalk, to restore the Rock Garden at the Grove, to turf and replant the
       Octagonal Garden and to restore the historic planting in the Dene.

7.     The accompanying plans illustrates the locations of the buildings and
       landscaped areas which are the subject of this report.


8.     In October 2000 the Council consulted with the Conservation Consultation
       Group consisting of English Heritage, Heritage Lottery Fund, the Buildings
       Preservation Trust the Garden History Society, the Northumbria Garden Trust
       and other bodies. There has been subsequent ongoing consultation with
       Group members.

9.     Ward Councillors and Portfolio Holders and the Group Director Learning and
       Culture have also been consulted.

Implications of Recommended Option

10.    Equal Opportunities Implications – The Park facilities are open to
       everyone. Accessibility and community safety issues form part of the overall
       Park improvements.

11.    Crime and Disorder Implications – The overall works incorporate security
       installations which will improve the security of the Park.

12.    Environmental Implications – The improvement of Saltwell Park will bring
       positive environmental benefits for the local community and for the area
       generally. The Park will provide an important resource for environmental
       education and will continue to promote horticultural excellence.

13.    Human Rights Implications – There may be interference or disturbance
       caused to Park users whilst the works are carried out. However, such
       interference may be justified and in this case ultimately the works to the Park
       will result in benefits to the local community.

14.    Ward Implications – The scheme will provide community facilities in the
       Saltwell, Bensham, Low Fell and Deckham Wards.

Background Information

15.    The following background papers have been used in preparing this report:

       a)       Heritage Lottery Fund Bid 1999 Document
       b)       Restoration Plan March 2000
       c)       Report of Executive Committee March 2001 (Ex 546)
       d)       Minutes of the Conservation Consultation Group October 2001 and
                February 2002.

                                                           APPENDIX 2

           Stable Block and Lodges                         Estimate £

           Restoration works to

           Park House Externals       (A1.20)             20,459

           East Lodge Externals.      (A1.24)             11,115

           Dene Lodge Externals       (A2.1.7)             9,411


           General Store              (A1.21)              3126

           Animal Pens                (A1.23)             42,402

           Conversion works to

           Park Store to form new storage and toilet      53,138
           facilities (A1.19)

           Stable Block to form a Education Centre       130,463

                                                 TOTAL   270,114

                                                                           APPENDIX 3


It is proposed to dismantle the wrought iron construction, replace missing or
irreparably damaged parts in the same material, and refurbish to original standard.
Associated sheds which are not of conservation interest will be removed and the
floors will be excavated to their original level and stonework stallrisers repaired and

Estimated Cost:      £161,321

                                                                           APPENDIX 4

It has been proposed to refurbish and improve both the George Wilkes Pavilion and
the Avenue Green Pavilion, however this report deals only with the Avenue Green
Pavilion. B2.1 (part).

It is proposed to externally refurbish the building and to improve internally to provide
improved club room, changing and toilet facilities with disabled access.

The estimated cost if the work is £75,000.

Proposals for the George W ilkes Pavilion will be considered at a later date pending
resolution of user requirements and budget.

                                                                          APPENDIX 5

(i)     Proposal – The Octagonal Garden (A1.4)

        Further to clearance work and making good following its use as a site
        compound during other works, it is proposed that the Octagon itself will be
        turfed, and the surrounding areas planted. The area near the Towers building
        will be planted with shrubs and some trees and the southern edge of the
        Octagonal Garden will be laid out with geometric bedding display areas.

        Estimated cost: £30,065

(ii)    Proposal – The Dene Historic Planting (A2.1.4)

        In addition to the works to recreate the Dene watercourse, planting works are
        proposed. These will compliment the watercourse and restore the Dene to its
        former character.

        Estimated cost: £23,083

(iii)   Proposal – Broadwalk (C1.1)

        Further to pruning and tree removal, it is proposed to restore the Broadwalk
        by importing topsoils and carefully regrading both sides of the restored
        walkway. Planting of trees and shrubs is proposed around the margins of the
        Broadwalk to reinforce its containment, and following a period to allow for
        settlement and weed control, the Victorian bedding displays contained within
        the grassed areas will also be constructed.

        Estimated cost: £69,000.

(iv)    Proposal – The Grove (E1.1)

        Further to tree pruning and removal, and the removal of inappropriate shrub
        planting, it is proposed to restore the rock garden and bedding display areas
        in front of the loggia and round the bandstand. The shrub planting around the
        outside of the Grove will be pruned or gapped up where necessary. Gaps left
        by the removal of old paths and the former toilet block will be filled, and the
        herbaceous display will be renewed.

        Estimated cost: £32,951

(v)     Proposal – South Parkland (A1.5.2)

        Further to tree pruning and removal of inappropriate trees, shrubs and
        hedges, it is proposed to restore the historic views and landscape to an area
        known as the South Parkland.

        Estimated cost £89,947


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