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					          Pick a better snack – LEAF LETTUCE                    TM

Wash. Eat. How easy is that?
               Lettuce may be the most eaten vegetable
               because of its role in salads as well as         Eating fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of
               sandwiches. It provides good amounts of           developing diabetes, heart disease, cancers and
               vitamin C as well as folate. Compared with                             strokes.
other ‘greens’, lettuce offers minimal value with iceberg
lettuce being at the bottom of the list. In general, the                            Fruits and vegetables are
darker and deeper green the leaves, the higher the                                   • great tasting
nutritional value. There are four basic types of lettuce                             • high in fiber
available in markets today – butterhead, iceberg, loose                              • low in fat and calories
leaf and romaine. In addition to buying individual head or                           • snackable.
bunches of lettuce, we also have a wide assortment of
prewashed, bagged lettuce to choose from.
Butterhead – This category includes Boston and Bibb
lettuce. It has a soft, buttery texture and a mild flavor.
                                                                                For other snack ideas go to:
Iceberg – The texture is crisp and flavor is very mild.           
Although it’s not a nutrition powerhouse, it does have
some benefits. A 2 cup portion (2 vegetable servings)
has more than 10 percent of the RDA for folate. When
purchased as a bag salad, the added red cabbage and
carrot contribute vital nutrients and allow the iceberg to                         For more information contact
contribute the mild crisp texture.                                          Jan Temple, CFCS, Nutrition Field Specialist,
                                                                     Iowa State University Extension, Housed in Johnson County
Looseleaf – This type of lettuce does not form a head.                Ph. 319-337-2145; FAX 319-337-7864; Cell 319-330-6175;
Instead, loose leaves are joined at a stem. Green and                              E-mail:;
red tipped lettuce are popular. The leaves may be ruffled                  Web Site:
or smooth. The taste is mild and delicate.
Romaine – This has long, deep green leaves that are                 Printed with funds from the Iowa Nutrition Network and the
rounded on the end. You may think Caesar salad when                           Food Stamp Nutrition Education Program,
you think of romaine. The leaves are crisp and the taste                      United States Department of Agriculture.
is stronger but not bitter.                                      These programs are Equal Opportunity Providers and Employers.
If you don’t plan to use lettuce right away, store                The Food Stamp Program provides nutrition assistance to people
                                                                  with low-income. It can help you buy nutritious foods for a better
unwashed in perforated plastic bags. If you brought it
                                                                  diet. To find out more about food stamps, contact the local Iowa
home in plastic bags, poke a few holes in the bag and            Department of Human Services office serving the county where you
keep it open to allow air to circulate. Avoid storing lettuce                  live, or call toll-free at 1-800-972-2017
near apples because the ethylene gas given off by the
apples will cause the lettuce to develop brown spots and           Cooperative Extension Service, Iowa State University of Science and
decay. Wash all lettuce in cool water shortly before             Technology, and the United States Department of Agriculture cooperating.
using. To speed mealtime preparation, wash and dry
leaves (a salad spinner is ideal) then layer in clean           and justice for all
paper towels in a plastic bag. Refrigerate until serving        The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its
time – best if within several hours for optimal nutrient        programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender,
retention.                                                      religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, and marital or
                                                                family status. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Many materials
                                                                can be made available in alternative formats for ADA clients. To file a
Include GREEN in your low-fat diet to maintain:                 complaint of discrimination, write USDA, Office of Civil Rights, Room 326-
                                                                W, Whitten Building, 14th and Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC
  •   Vision health     •    Strong bones and teeth             20250-9410 or call 202-720-5964.
                        •    A lower risk of some cancers

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