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					                                                                                            Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                               January 3, 2007

                       Lenape District Roundtable
                                   Jersey Shore Council
                February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

                                                                          The Flag of Hawaii
 Introductions and Recognition
 *Guest Speaker(s)
 Theme Related Activity
 Audience Participation
 Training Highlight
                                                                                The Seal
 *Breakout Session
 District Commissioner
 District Executive
 RT Commissioner’s Minute
                                                                            The Aloha State

                                                          Official Language: English, Hawaiian
Aloha! This word has many meanings:       love,
                                                          Capital: Honolulu
affection, kindness, hello, and good-bye are just         Largest City: Honolulu
a few. Right now, hello and welcome to our luau!          Area: Ranked 43rd
Hawaii is a state of many islands where the               Population: Ranked 42nd
weather is warm and volcanoes rise above                  Admission to Union: August 21, 1959
beautiful beaches. How exciting to be exploring           No Daylight Savings Time
our 50th state, its people and culture. Now, let’s
capture that “Aloha Spirit”!                              State Animal: Humpback Whale
                                                          State Bird: Nene (Hawaiian Goose)
Some of the purposes of Cub Scouting developed            State Fish: Reef Triggerfish
through this month’s theme include:                       State Flower: Yellow Hibiscus
                                                          State Gem: Black Coral
Family understanding. Ohana means family.                 State Motto: Ua Mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono
Family members are important in the role they             (The life of the land is perpetuated in
play in helping the Cub Scout complete his                righteousness.)
advancements.                                             State Song: Hawaii Ponoi
Fun and Adventure. Boys will enjoy learning               (Hawaii’s own people)
about and exploring Hawaii while having fun               State Tree: Kuiki (Aleurites Moluccana)
preparing for the luau.
Respectful relationships. Cub Scouts will learn
about Hawaiian culture and the value of diversity.

The Core Value to be highlighted this month is

Honesty. Boys will learn that honesty is a form
of honor, which is an important value among the
Hawaiian people.
                                                                                             Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                                January 3, 2007

                       Lenape District Roundtable
                                    Jersey Shore Council
                 February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

                                                           Gathering Activities

                                                           Hawaiian Word Match
                                                           1. Aloha    A. Beautiful
                                                           2. Kahu     B. Love
                                                           3. Koa      C. Heavenly Flowers
                                                           4. Lani     D. Warrior
                                                           5. Leilani  E. Good-natured
                                                           6. Mahola   F. Parent
                                                           7. Makua    G. Thanks, gratitude
                                                           8. Moopuna H. Grandfather, Grandmother
                                                           9. Tutu     I. Heart
                                                           10.Waipahe J. Guardian
                                                           Answers: 1-B, 2-J, 3-D, 4-A, 5-C, 6-G, 7-F, 8-J,
                                                           9-I, 10-E
The Aloha Spirit elevates, empowers and
ennobles its people, and keeps Hawaii the
                                                           Go to Wikpedia for large maps @
uniquely special place that it is. The Aloha Spirit
is the coordination of the True Self’s mind, heart
and soul, manifested be thinking good thoughts,
emiting good feelings, and sharing goodness with
others. This is an actual law encoded in the
Hawaii Revised Statutes. Bow your heads as we
pray. Lord, grant that all peoples of the earth
will embrace the Aloha Spirit of true brotherhood
and sharing goodness with others. Amen

Hawaiian Language

Cub Scout Promise

O wau o amalia, ho’ohiki no ka hana ana I kou
kilohana                                                   On which island will you find the following
Me ka hana ana I ka’u mahelehana,                          Hawaiian cities
I ke akua ame ko’a’Ina kahiki,                             Makena
A e kokua I kekahi po’e                                    Poipu
A e ho’olohe I na kanawai o ka pu’ali.                     Hilo
Cheers                                                     Haiku
Ride the Wave                                              Kalaupapa
Stand as if on a surfboard-arms out, thumbs up,            Pahoa
one foot back, knees bent-and yell:                        Waikane
“Cowabunga! Thumbs up, dude!”                              Poipu
Hula                                                       Punaluu
Hula to one side, then the other, using hips and           Mana
arms                                                       Milolii
                                                                                                         Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                                            January 3, 2007

                            Lenape District Roundtable
                                           Jersey Shore Council
                    February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

                                                               Cub 7: Please join me in singing “God Bless
QUICK NOTE ON HAWAIIAN LANGUAGE!                               America.”
The Hawaiian language uses the five vowels –                   Advancement
a,e,i, o, u – and seven consanants:
h,k,l,m,n,p,w. Sometimes the w is pronounced
                                                               Hawaiian Ceremony
as a v.
                                                               With minor changes this ceremony can be used for Opening,
                                                               Closing or Advancement. For advancement, give out rank
                                                               awards after each definition, creating a segue from the
                                                               definition to something pertinent to the badge being awarded.
Aloha                                                          (e.g. for Aloha you could say the bobcat badge os how we say
Materials and Presentation: The Cubmaster blows a conch        hello to all new Cub Scouts.)
shell. Have the family members of the Cub Scouts in the
opening ceremony lead the procession down the center of the
room, holding their tiki torches.                              PERSONNEL: Master of ceremonies, conch shell blower
Personnel: 6 Cub Scouts, each holding a large letter with      (optional), six Cub Scouts, someone to operate a tape player.
their script written on the back. A 7th Cub carries the US
flag.                                                          EQUIPMENT: Tropical plants, tiki torches (improvised
                                                               imitations for indoors); headdress and lei for the master of
Cub 1: A is for Aloha – more than a word, it’s a               ceremonies; a shell or flower lei for each adult participant;
                                                               conch shell; Hawaiian music and tape player; cards printed
greeting, farewell, or salutation.
                                                               with the Hawaiian words; and for each person being
Cub 2: L is for Luau – a Hawaiian feast.                       recognized, a certificate or award and a flower or paper lei.
Cub 3: O is for Ohana-the Hawaiian word for
family.                                                        ARRANGEMENT: The torches on stage are lighted, and the
                                                               house lights are turned down. Soft Hawaiian music playing in
Cub 4: H is for Hula –a native Hawaiian dance.
                                                               the background fades out. Three blasts of the conch shell
Cub 5: A is for Aina-land, the binding spirit to all           start the ceremony; then the shell is blown four more times.
Hawaiians.                                                     The first blast is made facing east. Then there is a slight
All: We welcome you to our luau. Come                          pause, and a chant may be performed. The second blast on
                                                               the conch shell is made facing west. Then there is another
celebrate the culture, food, and games of Hawaii.
                                                               pause, and another chant may be performed. The third blast
Cub 6: Hey, wait! Before we start the fun                      is made facing south, and another pause is allowed. The
stuff…Hawaii is our 50th state. Let’s say the                  fourth blast of the conch shell is made facing north.
Pledge of Allegiance.
                                                               MASTER OF CEREMONIES: (Addresses the
                                                               audience in the traditional greeting style.) Aloha!
Our Country                                                    Welcome to our (month) pack meeting.
Preparations: A flag, picture of Statue of Liberty, mills or   Traditional Hawaiian family life has many of the
factories, scene from Utah, scene of Alaska, Hawaiian scene,
                                                               same ideals as Cub Scouting.
map of USA, recorded background music of your choice, 7
Cub Scouts.                                                    (Enter first Cub Scout) carrying a card with the
The Cub Scouts form a semi-circle around the flag, hold up     word ALOHA on it.
their pictures and say the short verse that goes with it.      MC: Aloha has many meanings: love, affection,
                                                               compassion, mercy, pity, kindness, charity, hello,
Cub 1: (Statue of Liberty) New York is a lovely
                                                               good-bye, alas, and regards. The Hawaiian family
place, where we see this lady stand.
                                                               provides a ready source of love, affection,
Cub 2: (factory or mills) Michigan is a very great
                                                               kindness, courtesy, and hospitality. In Hawaii,
state. They make the cars for our land.
                                                               aloha is shown and given not only to family
Cub 3: (Utah scene) Utah is our own state; we’re
                                                               members but to all who visit.
proud in many ways.
                                                               Enter second Cub Scout carrying a card with
Cub 4: (Alaskan scene) Alaska has some very
                                                               the word IKE on it.
cold nights with lots of short, short days.
                                                               MC: Ike means to recognize everyone as a
Cub 5: (Hawaiian scene) Hawaii is our newest
                                                               person. Everyone needs to be recognized,
state, and we’re proud to say she’s ours.
                                                               especially children. Ike can be given in a number
Cub 6: (map of USA) But all of the states
                                                               of ways. It can be a look, a word, a touch, a hug,
together make a nation of beautiful stars.
                                                               a gesture, and even a scolding. Children need to
                                                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                                         January 3, 2007

                       Lenape District Roundtable
                                   Jersey Shore Council
                February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

give ike to each other, so if the teacher                 This kind of behavior nurtured harmony in the
demonstrates the giving of ike then the children          family-lokahi in the ohana.
will follow the example.                                  (During the awards and recognition portions of the program,
                                                          leis are presented in addition to the badges or certificates.)
Enter third Cub Scout carrying a card with the
                                                          (Four blasts of the conch shell are repeated. This time the
word KOKUA on it.                                         directions change: first to the north, second to the south,
MC: Kokua, which means help, was an important             third to the west, and fourth to the east. Another version is
part of every household in old Hawaii. Every              three blasts: one to the mountains, one to the land, and the
                                                          third to the sea.)
member helped get the work done. They did not
have to be asked to kokua. They helped                    This concludes our meeting. Mahalo-thank you-for
whenever they saw help was needed.                        your attendance. Aloha.
Enter fourth Cub Scout carrying a card with the
word KULEANA on it.)                                      Songs
MC: Kuleana. One of the most important
kuleana, or responsibilities, of every family             Superwavehawaiiansurfer
member was to maintain acceptable standards of            (Tune: Supercalifragilsticexpialidocious)
behavior. Attention-seeking behavior was
                                                          Superwavehawaiiansurfer, expert of the
frowned upon, and respect for social rank and
seniority was a must. Each person was taught
                                                          Even though the most of them
what was acceptable and not acceptable. He or
                                                          Do not use suntan lotion.
she learned to accept and carry out his or her
                                                          When they hit the waves too hard
kuleana, or responsibilities, willingly.
                                                          They always cause a motion.
Enter fifth Cub Scout carrying a card with the
                                                          Superwavehawaiiansurfer, expert of the
word LAULIMA on it.)
MC: Laulima means many hands. Everyone in the
family, the ohana, shared the workload. Whether
                                                          Um diddle diddle diddle, um diddlelie,
it was planting, building a house or a fishpond,
                                                          Um diddle diddle diddle, um diddlelie.
preparing a meal or fishing, each person did a
share of the work to get it done, If a man wanted
                                                          Because I was afraid to surf
a house built, his ohana, his family, willingly
                                                          When I was just a lad,
came to help. They gathered the building
                                                          My father took my board away
materials, built the foundation, put up the frame,
                                                          And told me I was bad.
and installed the thatched roof.
                                                          But then one day I learned the word
They also gathered the pili grass and other
                                                          That everybody knows,
thatching materials. Children helped in whatever
                                                          The biggest word you’ve ever heard
way they could. This kind of laulima made the
                                                          And this is how it goes…
work easier and more enjoyable.
Enter sixth Cub Scout carrying a card with the
                                                          Superwavehawaiiansurfer, expert of the
word LOKAHI on it.
MC: Lokahi means harmony and unity. The
                                                          Even though the most of them
family considered lokahi very important, not only
                                                          Do not use suntan lotion.
with people but also with the universe. The
                                                          When they hit the waves too hard
members of the family showed this in their daily
                                                          They always cause a motion.
living by sharing goods and services with each
                                                          Superwavehawaiiansurfer, expert of the
other. The ohana, or family members, generously
gave to others no matter how little they had
themselves. Strangers were greeted with aloha
and invited to come in and partake of food.
Anyone visiting another area took food or a gift
as a symbol of hospitality. They established
lokahi with the universe by observing the law of
daily living, which included homage to the gods.
                                                                                                Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                                   January 3, 2007

                              Lenape District Roundtable
                                         Jersey Shore Council
                    February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

Cub Pledge
Tune: America                                                 Den Activities
Cub friendships, pure and deep,
We promise we will keep                                       TIKI STATUE
Our pledge to thee                                            • Several cups of fine saw dust
We’ll honor and obey                                          • White tacky glue
Akela all the way                                             • Container to mix dough in
And when we graduate                                          Pour 1-2 cups sawdust into container. Add 1
Good Scouts we will be.                                       Tbsp. of white tacky glue to sawdust at a time
                                                              stirring until well mixed. A dough will form when
Games                                                         enough tacky glue has been added. Quantity of
                                                              dough depends upon how many statues you
PASS THE COCONUT                                              make, so experiment with the amounts.
Materials needed:
                                                              Use the dough to shape a Tiki.
one coconut, music preferably Hawaiian
                                                              When Tiki is completed let it air dry.
Players sit in a circle with one player                       TIKI NECKERCHIEF SLIDE
holding the coconut. The music begins and                     Use same recipe and methods to make just a
the coconut is passed around the circle until                 head.
the music is stopped. The player holding the                  Attach the Tiki head to a ring of chenille stem or
coconut when the music is stopped is out.                     pipe cleaner for your neckerchief slide.
The music begins again and the play
continues until there is only one player left.

Materials needed:
pool noodles and hula hoops
Play:Warriors have
contests to see how
many spears (pool
noodles) each can
toss into the pool of fish (hula hoop)
accurately. Obviously the warrior with the
most hits wins.

Make bingo cards with various images (pictures
or stickers) of items found in Hawaii, leis,
flowers, fruit, trees, water, fish, etc. Don’t mix            Candy leis
the pictures used for the 2 A’s. Call out bingo               SUPPLIES:
numbers as usual.                                             1 yard of plastic wrap
Decide ahead of time what will be the winner.                 1 bag of small candy bars
                                                              String – 20 – 30 six-inch
Rolling Stones - Makahiki                                     pieces
This ancient Hawaiian game is played similar to               Lay the plastic wrap down flat. Place the candy
horseshoes. Set up a small stick post in the                  bars along one long edge of the wrap about 1 ½
ground. Each person chooses a stone and tosses                inches apart. Roll the wrap around the candy
it at the post. The player who’s stone stops                  bars and tie the strings between each candy bar.
closest to the stick wins!                                    Tie the ends together to make a necklace.
                                                                                                      Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                                         January 3, 2007

                             Lenape District Roundtable
                                            Jersey Shore Council
                     February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

Present the lei to someone who is special or has               wish. or you could make the same thing using
done something very special. It is often used in               newspaper but it would not be green. Don't cut
ceremonies. Great for rewards for the Cub                      the skirts too long otherwise yours scouts could
Scouts!                                                        trip on them. Great for that Hawaiian skit

Flower leis
Materials: String, scissors, hole punch, colored straws in 2
inch lengths, pencil, colored paper

Create a basic
daisy-style flower
design. Trace this
design onto colored
paper and cut out.
Punch a hole in the
center of each
flower. On the
string, thread one
flower, then one straw, then another flower, and
so on. Leave about 2 inches on each end to tie.

                                                               Big Tops
                                                               Materials: Poster board, Compass, Scissors, Foam Cup, White
                                                               glue or tape, Pencil, Crayons or markers
                                                               Draw a small X in the middle of a piece of poster
                                                               bard. Set the point of the compass on the X.
                                                               Draw a circle about the size of a dinner plate. Cut
                                                               out the circle. Draw a design on the circle with
                                                               crayons or markers. Sharpen a new
                                                               pencil, but do not make the lead too pointy.
                                                               Carefully twist the point of the sharpened pencil
                                                               through the bottom of the foam cup and through
                                                               the X in the circle. The point should extend about
                                                               as long as your thumb. Glue or tape
                                                               the cup to the circle.
                                                               To spin, give the pencil a good twist and let the
                                                               top spin on its pencil point on a flat surface.

Plastic grass Skirt                                            Cub Grub
Use a plastic 54" x 108" green Table cloths cut to
length. I would suggest cutting in half 27" or                 Hawaiian Pali Punch
thirds 18" especially for younger scouts you could             Have fun whipping up this yummy Hawaiian
get 3 or more out of each tablecloth. Some                     drink! Top it off with a paper umbrella for some
stores run specials at on table cloths for $.69                added fun!
each. Keep your eyes open. Cut strips 1/2" wide                Ingredients:
leaving a 3" at the top for a waist band. Wrap                 • 2 cans guava juice
around your cub scouts and tape in place. you                  • 1 1/2 cup unsweetened pineapple juice
can wrap more than one time around if you                      • 1 cup fresh orange juice
                                                               • 3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
                                                                                                 Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                                    January 3, 2007

                        Lenape District Roundtable
                                     Jersey Shore Council
                  February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

• 1/4 cup sugar                                             Sand Pudding
• 1 T. grenadine syrup
• 1 bottle chilled gingerale                                Ingredients:
• Fresh fruit for garnish                                   Vanilla Pudding
Combine and stir until sugar dissolves.                     Vanilla Wafers
                                                            Gummy fish or worms
Fruit Kabobs
1 cup strawberries                                          Directions:
1 cup pineapple chunks                                          Make vanilla pudding.
1 cup green grapes                                              Have the scouts crush up vanilla wafers in a
1 cup cantaloupe                                                plastic bag and then put on the pudding.
Dip/topping-use 8 ounces of 2 percent fruit                     Add a gummy fish or worm or any beachy
yogurt .                                                        thing.
Rinse all fruit, such as strawberries, and green
grapes with water. Remove hull from
strawberries. Place each frit in
separate cereal bowl. Place fruit pieces on                 Blue and Gold Ideas
chopsticks by spearing food like a kabob. Fill
chopstick with desired fruit.                               B is for boys - Tigers, Bobcats, Wolves, Bears and
When ready to eat remove from chopstick the                   Webelos
fruit and dip in yogurt. And eat.                           L is for Leader - The Cubmaster who guides us
                                                            U is for Understanding - we learn to help others
                                                            E is for Excellence - we try to do our best
Hawaiian Gorp (trail mix)
Dried Pineapple                                             A is for Anniversary - Cubbing's XXth
Dried Banana chips                                          N is for Neighborhoods - where Cub Scout dens meet
                                                              each week
Dried Papaya
                                                            D is for Den Chiefs - Boy Scouts who help us in many
Dried Mango
Macadamia nuts
Toasted coconut                                             G is for Goals - for which Cubbing stands
                                                            O is for Opportunities - for boys to learn and do
Hawaiian Luau Cake                                          L is for Liberty - in the years to come
                                                            D is for Den Leaders - who love to help us
3   c. flour
2   c. sugar
1   tsp. salt
1   tsp. soda                                               Scout Candy Centerpieces
1   tsp. cinnamon                                           You need:
1   1/2 c. oil                                              You will need 6 to 12 pops
3   eggs, beaten                                            per pot depending upon the
1   (8 oz.) can crushed pineapple, drained                  size of the pot. We used a pot
1   1/2 tsp. vanilla                                        that was 5." tall with a 4"
1   c. chopped nuts                                         opening. Eight pops fit nicely
2   c. diced bananas                                        into this size. One
                                                            pound of candy melts will
Sift dry ingredients; add remaining until blended.          make about ten boy scout
Bake in greased tube pan, 350 degrees for 1                 pops.
hour, 20 minutes. Place foil over top for last 15           Scout candy molds
to 20 minutes to prevent cracking.                          Vanilla Candy Melts
                                                            Lollipop Sticks
                                                            Yellow and Blue Cellophane
                                                                                            Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                               January 3, 2007

                       Lenape District Roundtable
                                   Jersey Shore Council
                February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

Curling Ribbon                                            Mother's Ribbon
Flower Pot                                                A very nice presentation at a Blue and Gold
Styrofoam                                                 Dinner, if your pack doesn't already use them, is
Instructions:                                             to have each Cub give his mother a Mother's
Melt candy according to package directions. Pour          ribbon. Use blue & yellow ribbon or felt 6 ½” long
into molds. Add stick. Place molds in refrigerate         by 2" wide. Cut as shown and attach a pin at the
until set. Cut cellophane into 10" squares. Wrap          top. You could give the Mother the following note
the candy in cellophane. Tie off with ribbon. Wrap        to explain the meaning and purpose of the
the chocolate candy in clear cellophane. Tie off          ribbon.
with green ribbon. Curl ribbon with scissors.             "This ribbon is presented to you by your son and
Arrange candy pops in flower pot using                    Pack______so you can proudly displays your
Styrofoam to anchor. Hide Styrofoam with extra            son's rank as he climbs the ladder of
pieces of curled ribbon.                                  achievement. The mother's pins that are
                                                          presented to you as your son advances in
Blue and Gold Mints                                       rank are to be pinned on the ribbon with the
                                                          Bobcat pin at the bottom, then the Tiger, the
Ingredients:                                              Wolf, the Bear, the Webelos, and at the top, the
6 Tbsp margarine or butter,                               Arrow of Light. The colors of the ribbon are the
2 Tbsp peppermint, or spearmint flavoring,                blue and gold of the Cub Scout uniform. These
3 lbs. powdered sugar,                                    colors have meaning in Cub Scouting and are a
7 Tbsp water, colored with food coloring.                 constant reminder of Cub Scouting's aims and
Dash of salt.                                             ideals. The BLUE stands for truth, spirituality,
                                                          loyalty, and the sky above. The GOLD stands for
Directions:                                               warm sunlight, good cheer and happiness. Wear
Cream butter,                                             your mothers ribbon to all Cub Scout events to
Add flavoring, salt and water.                            show how proud you are of your son's
Add 2 lbs. Powdered sugar,                                achievements.”
Blend with mixer and
Knead mixture with remaining sugar.
Cut or shape mints.
Spread on cookie sheet and refrigerate. Cover
any unused portion to keep from drying

Blue and Gold Table Lanterns
Light up your night with table lanterns for your
Blue and Gold dinner.
You need:
16 Craft Sticks
4 Scout Foamies
Blue and Gold Paint
Foam Brush
Wax Paper
Tacky Glue
Small Candle, Tea Light or Glow Stick
Paint 16 craft sticks blue. Dry 4 wooden cut outs
gold. Let dry. Lay a 24" piece of wax paper on
your work surface. Start at the left bottom and
glue four craft sticks on the wax
                                                                                             Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                                January 3, 2007

                        Lenape District Roundtable
                                    Jersey Shore Council
                 February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

Pipe Cleaner Cub Scout                                     limit (5-8 minutes), paper clip chains are held
Use life saver for                                         high in the air to see which group has the longest
head, two pipe                                             and is winner.
cleaners for body
one through life                                           Knots Galore
saver for body                                             Divide into teams. Give the team captain a 24-
and feet, the                                              inch length of rope. At signal, the captains tie a
other through life                                         knot at one end of the rope. The next player ties
saver for arms.                                            a knot next to the first, and so on down the line.
Wind crepe paper                                           There should be a knot for every player on the
around pipe                                                rope before the team can be declared winner. On
cleaner (blue) for                                         second time through, each player unties a knot
the uniform. Glue                                          so the rope is returned to original shape. First
scarf and hat onto                                         team through wins.
figure - glue
figure to a cardboard base.

Napkin Rings                                               Webelos Activities

                                                           Scout Law Dart Board
                                                           Using a dart board with the
                                                           numbers one through
                                                           twelve have each boy, in
                                                           turn throw a dart at the
                                                           dart board and score a
                                                           point if he can recite the
                                                           point of the Scout law that
Cut craft foam into 1/2" x 5½" strips. Form into a         relates to that number.
loop and glue ends. Glue a small scout foamie              If he is correct he gets one point and may
shape to a medium one in a contrasting color.              continue throwing. The first boy to score 12
Glue to loop.                                              points wins.

Banquet Games                                              Build A Rocket Engine From A Chicken Egg
                                                           This engine works by the same principle as the
Musical Money Relay                                        engines of future starships. Its jet of steam
A way to obtain money for the World Friendship             allows it to propel a simple boat.
Fund. Each table is given a clean, empty paper             Materials:
cup. Music is played and cup is passed from                An uncracked raw chicken’s egg, A fine knitting
person to person around the table. Each time the           needle, A basin, All purpose glue, A metal foil
music stops, the person holding the cup must put           food container (such as TV dinners come in)
a penny in it. This continues as long as desired.          Scissors, A paper clip, A few inches of stiff wire
                                                           A candle
Clip it                                                    Wash the outside of the egg and pierce a tiny
Each table has a small dish filled with paper clips.       hole through it from end to end, using the
At signal, the first person joins two paper clips          knitting needle.
together and passes the bowl and beginning of              Hold the egg over a basin and blow through one
chain to next person. That player adds another             of the holes. The yolk and white of the egg will
clip to the chain and passes it on. After a set time       come out of the hole at the other end of the shell
                                                                                             Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                                January 3, 2007

                        Lenape District Roundtable
                                    Jersey Shore Council
                 February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

and fall into the basin. Hold the eggshell under           Pin a card to each boy’s back. He must try to
water and remove it when it is about half full. Put        determine what his occupation is by questioning
your fingers over the holes and shake it to clean          the other boys, asking only questions that can be
the inside. Blow out the contents, then rinse the          answered “yes” or “no”.
eggshell again in the same way. Now dry the
outside of the shell and seal one of the holes with        Closings
a blob of thick glue, leave the glue to set. Make
the boat from the metal food container. Trim the           ALOHA
sides with scissors and bend one end to form the
boat’s curved bow. Clip a small flap of scrap foil         Boys hold cards spelling "ALOHA" which is
to the stern of the boat to act as a rudder. Bend          Hawaiian for good-bye. Each boy reads one of
the piece of wire to form a cradle for the                 the parts and after the last one is read, all boys
eggshell. Cut a small piece from the top of the            shout "Aloha."
candle. Hold the shell under water so that a little        A - We came together and had our fun. It seems
water enters. Do not let too much in as it will            as though we'd just begun.
take a long time to boil. Using hand hot water will        L - We sang and danced and played some
speed things up. Arrange the candle stump, wire            games. And had some fun with Hawaiian names.
frame, and shell as shown and light the candle             O - We ate new foods and learned how Hawaiian
with an adult’s help.                                      children play and shout.
After a few minutes the boat will move forward,            H - We dressed in grass skirts we had made. It
driven by the thrust of the eggshell rocket.               was so fun we wish we could stay.
                                                           A - But now the time has come to say, "Aloha
Edible Bridge                                              until another day!"
Supplies: Toothpicks, gumdrops or mini                     ALL       "ALOHA!"
Challenge the Webelos Scouts to build a bridge
that can span two chairs and hold the weight of a          Ohana Is……
book or magazine. Have them work together to
create the lightest possible bridge that can hold          Let us bow our heads as we are reminded of
the most weight.                                           what ohana is.
Have the boys investigate the construction of
things in and around the house. What kinds of              Participant 1: Ohana is people giving and
supports hold up the kitchen table, dining-room            receiving love.
chairs, the roof, the mailbox? Have them build a           Participant 2: Ohana is people loving the
few geometric shapes out of toothpick and                  differences about each other.
gumdrops and test them for strength. They will             Participant 3: Ohana is people talking and
soon discover that the triangle is the strongest           listening to each other.
shape – all three sides work together to support           Participant 4: Ohana is people sharing with each
the weight placed on it. After they complete their         other.
bridge designs, put the bridge to the test. Place it       Participant 5: Ohana is people having fun
between two chairs and place a magazine on top.            together.
If the bridge can hold the magazine, move on to            Participant 6: Ohana is people giving strength to
the heavier book.                                          each other and feeling loyal to each other.
                                                           All: Aloha.
What’s My Job?

Index Cards with names of several different jobs
in the area of education, such as teacher,
principal, superintendent, librarian, etc.
                                                                                            Volume 1, Issue 13
                                                                                               January 3, 2007

                       Lenape District Roundtable
                                   Jersey Shore Council
                February Theme: Aloha, Cub Scouts! Webelos Activity Badges: Scholar, Engineer

Website Addresses that may be useful:                     Use www.lenaperoundtable.com for den and pack
(Recipes – Found the Hawaiian Luau Cake Here)             Blue and Gold Ideas are on the Miscellaneous
www.kidzone.ws/geography/usa/hawaii/hibiscus/             Page under Blue and Gold.
gif                                                       Some Roundtable Handouts will be posted after
www.kidzone.ws/geography/usa/hawaii/nene2.gif             Roundtable for your use on the Roundtable News
http://library.thinkquest.org/J0110077/crafts.ht          page.
(make your own leis – find colored flowers or
color your own with printable templates)
(English to Hawaiian Dictionary)
(Luau Games)

Resources used for this newsletter:

       Southern Jersey Council Pow Wow 2006
       Heart of America Council Pow Wow 2006
       Great Salt Lake Council Pow Wow 2006

And the above website addresses

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