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									                                                                                      May/June 2009 
To enhance the success of women in the construction industry.

National Association of Women In Construction ~ Greater Omaha Chapter No. 116

             ESSAGE                                                                         PRESIDENT
                                                                                             Diana Busche
Well  I  am  beginning  to  wonder  where  the  last  two  months  have  gone.           Bland & Associates, CPAs

They have flown by in such a flurry that I didn’t get a chance to get the 
May newsletter out.                                                                     VICE PRESIDENT
                                                                                          Martha Bang, CIT
                                                                                          R.L. Fauss Builders Inc.
Congratulations to Martha for putting together such a SUCCESSFUL Fo‐
rum!  I can say that it was one of, if not the BEST Forum I have ever at‐
Congratulations to Kendra and Jody for putting on the Golf Outing!  The                     TREASURER
                                                                                            Krista Kester
two of you did a fabulous job, even with the small hiccup of moving to a                   Woods & Aitken, LLP
new course!  I will get pictures posted to the Website Soon! 
                  Martha,  Ryan,  and  Jack  Bang  welcomed  Olivia  Louise          BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                  Adeline on May 27, 2009 at 5:43 PM.  She was 20” long                    Kim Beam, CIT
                  and 7 lbs 10 oz.  Mom and Olivia are doing well.                        R.L. Fauss Builders Inc.
                                                                                         Veronica Marchand
                                                                                      Commercial Flooring Systems Inc.
June is now upon us and the College World Series is heading to town.  I 
hope you all get a chance to catch the excitement since we have only one 
more year left a Rosenblatt Stadium.   
Katie  has  arranged  for  a  tour  of  the  Midtown  Crossing,  please  see  the 
meeting notice for more detail.   
                                                                                      UPCOMING EVENTS
Also, please start thinking now for the upcoming year and what commit‐                • June 18, 2009
tee you would like to serve on under Martha’s Administration!                             Monthly Meeting
                                                                                      • July 16, 2009
                                                                                           Monthly Meeting
Hopefully I will get to see you all at the June Meeting.   
Take care, 
Diana Busche 
Chapter President  
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                                          Region 13 Forum Report
By Martha Bang

For those of you that were not able to attend our NAWIC Region 13 Forum hosted by our Greater Omaha Chapter
#116 – you missed out!
We hosted a great group of ladies from our region and beyond April 23 – 25, and everyone had a great time I think!
I believe final registration was 42.

Michell Simons, Diana Busche, Veronica Marchand, Jody DuRee, and Kendra Sorensen were all on hand Thursday
evening to help register & welcome our out-of-town guests and open the Hospitality Suite. Robin Clarke, Region 13
Director, and Dede Hughes, NAWIC Executive Vice President, held a wrap session to discuss new policies and pro-
cedures affecting all members of NAWIC. I heard it was quite a lively discussion!

Friday morning began our seminars; “Seizing the Opportunities and Benefits of BIM” by Sherry Pittman and Jean
Petsch; “Maximizing Your Success and Minimizing Your Risk at Bid Opening” by Craig Dirrim; “The Whys and Hows
of Effective Job Costing” by Don L. Short, II; and a Team Building Garden Shed project lead by Dede Hughes. I
have seen some feedback and a couple other forum reports, and our program of seminars was very well-received!
Most loved the Garden Shed project.

Friday’s Lunch, the Regional Block Kids winner was announced – Winner Christian Weaver from Black Hills Chap-
ter. 2nd place was Omaha’s Paul Owens, and 3rd was Benjamin Keithan from Greater Des Moines.

Friday evening we held the Forum Welcome Party with live “Game Show Mania” by Bryan Hill Entertainment, which
was a lot of fun, and our own Diana Busche was the overall winner!! We then had Charlie & Bev Thomsen hold a
live auction for the Chapter-Donated NEF items. The auction raised $1,240.00 for NEF. NEF Regional Chair, Mary
Buczek, CIT, CCA, reported this was the most money raised from a single NEF Auction in our Region. She was
tickled to be sending that much money on to the NEF National Office!

Saturday morning the Annual Meeting was called to order. John Stahl-Wert gave the keynote speech, “Leadership
that Empowers Performance”. It was an easy listen and I was enthralled with what John had to say about the
“engaged” and “non-engaged” employee.

Susan Jaske from the Milwaukee, WI Chapter was elected incoming Region 13 Director.

John Stahl-Wert spoke again at lunch, and this time his topic was “Doing the Right Thing When It’s Hard”. He spoke
of our current economic times and using this time to take stock of our businesses and whom we do business with.
He expressed that during these times we need to strive to maintain our business integrity, as others will get lazy and
make excuses for not holding up to certain standards, both morally and contractually. This was a talk that really
spoke to me – I wish I could do a better job of summarizing for all of YOU!

The invitation for 2010 Forum to Milwaukee was accepted. Those dates are April 29th – May 1st, 1010.

The invitation to 2009 Annual Planning Conference to O’Hare Suburban (Chicago) was accepted. Those dates are
October 16-17, 2009.

Dede Hughes also gave the invitation to 2009 National Convention in North Phoenix, AZ. I will have more informa-
tion for you at our next chapter meeting if you’re interested. Dede mentioned there will be a lot more construction-
related seminars, which everyone was very excited about. Visit for more details.

I was a little nervous about getting the meeting adjourned by 2:00pm Saturday afternoon, but we actually adjourned
a little early, so our schedule really worked out well.
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I did receive some feedback from a few ladies that attended Forum, so would like to share those with you as well:

I just wanted to shoot you an email and let you know you and your chapter did a fabulous job last weekend! The
speakers and seminars were great! And – all the other fun stuff was really a blast! Thanks much for all your hard
work. I had a great time! - Jan Turner, Vice President, Cotter Consulting, Inc.

Just a quick note to say thank you for a wonderful Forum. We had a great time. Good food, good seminars and
great speaker. I’m sending a copy of “Ten Thousand Horses” to my son in London. The hotel seemed to go above
and beyond. The gal who catered for the hotel really was very friendly and gracious. Looking forward to seeing you
at Convention or APC. Thanks again for all your hard work!! - Lauren Zannini, Project Assistant, Anderson Lock

….and my favorite of all of the feedback I saw:

Kudos to Robin Clarke and the Omaha, NE NAWIC Chapter! What a neat Forum! Their agenda was a little differ-
ent but I really enjoyed it. We had Rap Session on Thursday night, Welcome Party on Friday night, Seminars on
Friday and General Session and a luncheon on Saturday and they were completely through by 1:30 pm on Satur-
day! It was great!!

During the Rap Session, we conducted the NAWIC and the IRS presentation as well as the Chapter Budget Tem-
plate explanation. These were very well received. I have sent the template out to most of their chapters. We also
had membership questions that we answered as best we could. We were through at a very reasonable hour. The
Seminars on Friday were awesome. They had local business people give seminars on Seizing the Opportunities
and Benefits of Building Information Modeling, Maximizing Your Success and Minimizing Your Risk at Bid Opening
and The Why’s and How’s of Effective Job Costing. Great and timely topics. The speakers were engaging and eve-
ryone seemed to enjoy their presentations.

I conducted some Team Building with the Garden Shed Project and everyone had a great time. You never know
what creative women we have until you do a project of this sort. We broke the chapter members apart so they
would get to know everyone and it was such fun. We had some awesome Garden Sheds!! No one got hurt and
everyone came in on time and either on or below budget……………..Good Job!!

The Welcome Party held a Game Show night with a local disc jockey and it was hilarious. Everyone had a great
time here with wonderful food. They had a NEF Live Auction and raised over $1300.00. I call that success.

The General Session was short and sweet with all needed business being conducted. Their keynote speaker was
John Stahl-Wert who spoke on Leadership that Empowers Performance. What a dynamic speaker with a timely
topic! He was absolutely wonderful. His book, Ten Thousand Horses, is a must read. John works with organiza-
tions that want to build great leaders who bring out the very best in their people. I would recommend him for a future
convention speaker.

I had several tell me they are now considering coming to Convention since we have so many great seminars
planned. I hope we see them there!!

The Omaha Chapter had reservations early about the turnout and they were very concerned about this Fo-
rum. They shouldn’t have been as they had over 40 in attendance and they did a wonderful job. I believe that eve-
ryone came away with new information and pleased with the results. Robin Clarke conducted all the meetings with
professionalism and was certainly able to change the agenda around when the need arose. This was my second
visit to Region 13 and everyone was just as warm and friendly as before.

Thank you, Pat, for assigning me to Region 13 Forum. It was my pleasure to attend.

Dede Hughes, IOM
NAWIC Exec. Vice President

Thank you to the 2009 Forum Committee and to all whom contributed to make our Forum a successful one!
Martha Bang, CIT
2009 Forum Coordinator – Region 13
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C           OMMITTEE ROLES &

 Block Kids:  Yearly event sponsored by the chapter for children in grades 1‐6 to help promote 
 the construction industry to elementary aged children. 

 Construction Industry:  Encourage members to participate in and sponsor activities that di‐
 rectly benefit the construction industry. 

 Girl Scouts Partnering:  Responsible for sponsoring local Girl Scout Chapters for the Earn A 
 Badge In A Day Event. 

 Golf Outing:  Hosts the chapter golf outing each spring.  All monies raised are put into the 
 Chapter’s Scholarship Fund. 

 Industry Appreciation:  Event held at the end of each year to distribute Chapter Awards and 
 thank the year’s volunteers for their hard work. 

 Membership:  Promote and encourage all women in the construction industry and provide 
 mentorship for new and existing members. 

 NAWIC Supporter:  Provides affordable advertising opportunity in all NAWIC Chapter #116 
 publications and at all NAWIC Chapter #116 events. 

 NEF (NAWIC Education Foundation):  Provide quality education programs for the construc‐
 tion industry and promote the benefits of a career in the construction industry.  This chapter 
 committee focuses on raising funds for NEF. 

 Newsletter:  Communicate and publish the chapter’s monthly news to its members.   

 Parliamentarian:  A member who is an expert in the formal rules and procedures of deliberative 
 assemblies and the NAWIC organization.  

 Professional Education:  Provide educational opportunities for the general membership during 
 the monthly meetings. 

 PR/Marketing/Chapter Website:  Assist all committees with any and all publicity and market‐
 ing materials needed for events. Responsible for updating and maintaining the chapter website. 

 Scholarship:  Committee responsible for recruiting, reviewing, and awarding yearly scholar‐
 ships on behalf of the chapter. 

 Ways & Means:  Committee established to help review the methods and means of accomplish‐
 ing or paying for chapter events. 

 WIC Week:  Promote and advertise Women In Construction week throughout the local chapter. 
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   Block Kids                                    Kim Beam, CIT
   Construction  Industry/Professional Ed        Krista Kester
   Girl Scouts Partnering                        Veronica Marchand
   Golf Outing                                   Kendra Sorensen
   Industry Appreciation                         Krista Kester
   Membership                                    Kim Beam, CIT
   NAWIC Supporter                               Diana Busche
   NEF (NAWIC Education Foundation)
   Newsletter                                    Diana Busche
   Parliamentarian                               Michell Simons, CIT
   PR/Marketing/Chapter Website                  Diana Busche
   Scholarship                                   Michell Simons, CIT
   Ways & Means
   Women In Construction (WIC) Week              Michell Simons, CIT

                            NAWIC OBJECTIVE

        1.  To unite for their mutual benefit women who are actively employed in various phases 
            of the construction industry. 
        2.  To promote cooperation, fellowship and a better understanding among members of 
            the Association. 
        3.  To promote education and contribute to the betterment of the construction industry. 
        4.  To encourage women to pursue and establish their careers in the construction 
        5.  To promote members an awareness of the legislative process and legislation as it 
            relates to the construction industry. 
NAWIC                                                                                                     PAGE 6

                     Committee Chair: Krista Kester

              NAWIC – 2008/2009 Meeting Schedule 
              NAWIC –
          DATE             MEMBER HOST(S)                LOCATION                   TOPIC/SPEAKER 
        October 16           Kim Beam, CIT            R.L. Fauss Builders         National Convention 
                                                         Fremont, NE                    Recap 
    November 20               Krista Kester           Harry A. Koch Co.        “On, s**t! Now what do I do?” 
                                                         Omaha, NE             What to know about an acci‐
                                                                                 dent before it happens 
    December  18              Diana Busche                   TBA                     Christmas Fun 

        January 15             Kim Beam               R.L. Fauss Builders              Block Kids 
                                                         Fremont, NE 

        February 19           Diana Busche            Bland & Associates             Builders Risk /  
                                                                                    Project Insurance  
                                                     March 1‐7 
                                         Women In Construction (“WIC”) Week 

         March 19              Jody DuRee             Standard Heating &               HVAC 101 
                                                       Air Conditioning 

                                                       April 23‐25 
                                               Region 13 Forum—Omaha!! 

         April 16             Martha Bang             Doubletree on 72nd            Forum Planning 

          May 21              Martha Bang/                McKenna’s                SWE Joint Meeting 
                               Kim Beam 

          June 18           Katie McPhillips          Midtown Crossing           Midtown Crossing Tour 
                                                      3212 Dodge Street 

          July 16                                                                             

        August 20             Martha Bang                    TBA                           TBA 

    September 17              Krista Kester                  TBA             Industry Appreciation Dinner 
NAWIC                                                                PAGE 7

              Industry Appreciation 
              Night is September 17, 
              2009.  More details to 

             NEED EVERYONE’S HELP. 

                  NAWIC PLEDGE

                As material for the construction of our building, 
                       I pledge the agility of my hands, 
                            The ability of my mind, 
                         And the integrity of my heart. 
NAWIC                                                                                    PAGE 8

             June 2009 Monthly Meeting Notice 
 When:      Thursday, June 18, 2009  
 Where:     Midtown Crossing ‐ 3212 Dodge Street  
 Time:      6:00 P.M. Tour 
            7:00 P.M. Dinner 
            7:30 P.M. Meeting 
 Topic:     Job Site Tour of Midtown Crossing ‐ Must haves for the tour ‐ Hard Soled  
            Shoes (Boots are Best), Hard Hat, Safety Glasses, and High Vis Vest.   
                          RSVP by Monday, June 15, 2009 to  
                   Katie McPhillips at  
                                     To enhance the success of women in the
                                            construction industry.

                                                     Gift Certificate

          This certificate entitles                Perspective Member

          to:   One Free Meal                            Authorized by:   Kim Beam, Membership Chair

                                    Greater Omaha Chapter #116 meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.

                                  Visit for the current month’s meeting information.

                                                                                       Expires September 1, 2009
              NAWIC Core Values                                   Kim Beam
                 Believe in ourselves
       Persevere with the strength of conviction                   NAWIC               Redeemed By__________________________________

                                                                Membership Chair
           Dare to move into new horizons
                                                                                       Not redeemable for cash. Redemption value not to exceed $15.00.
                                                                                       One time use only.
                                                                                       Cancellations are requested 24 hours prior to the meeting.

                                                               The July Newsletter deadline is
                                                            Friday, June 26, 2009. Please submit
                                                             all items you would like included to
                                                                  Diana Busche by this date!

        We’re On The Web:
                                                          Nikki Eberhart           8 Year (May)

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