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Communicating at Work                                 30 April 2009                                  Week No. 17

 Swine Flu - Latest Information
 NHS Suffolk, the county's Primary Care Trust, released       “Always use a tissue to catch your sneezes, throw away
 the following information today (30 April 2009):             used tissues where germs can linger and regularly wash
                                                              your hands – particularly before eating food.”
 In the light of the World Health Organisation‟s decision
 to change the global swine flu situation to phase five,      For further information, please visit the
 NHS Suffolk would like to inform people in Suffolk as to     following websites:
 what this means.                                              Department of Health
 Today, Professor Sir Liam Donaldson, the Government's
 Chief Medical Advisor, said: “Phase five indicates that         NHS Choices News
 WHO considers a global pandemic to be imminent,        
 whereas at phase four a global pandemic is not                   flu/Pages/Introduction.aspx
 inevitable. A change to phase five is a signal to
 countries‟ governments to ramp up their pandemic                Health Protection Agency
 preparations – which we are already doing.             
 “We have been planning for a situation like this for some        353
 years. The preparations we have in place and are
 continuing to make will help to ensure we respond well       In addition, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
 in the event of a pandemic. If you have returned from an     (FCO) is now advising against all but essential travel to
 affected area and have flu like symptoms stay at home,       Mexico. For further information, visit the FCO website:
 call your GP or NHS Direct and you will be assessed
 and receive treatment if necessary.”
                                                              Within the West Suffolk Hospital Trust Medical staff have
 Households across Suffolk will soon be receiving an          been briefed and appropriate action, in line with our flu
 information leaflet about swine flu. This leaflet includes   plans, is being taken.
 information about what swine flu is and how it could
 spread, what the UK government has done to prepare           Any clinical enquiries should be addressed to the
 for a wider outbreak of flu, how you can protect yourself    Duty Consultant Microbiologist on ext 2579 (or via
 against flu and what to do if you have flu symptoms. The     switchboard if urgent or out of hours).
 Department of Health has also now set up a Swine Flu
 information line 0800 1 513 513.
                                                              Dr Caroline Barker               Gerald Kelly
 Dr Brian Keeble, consultant in public health medicine at     Consultant Microbiologist        Flu Planning Lead
 NHS Suffolk said: “There are no confirmed cases in the
 East of England. We would also like to remind people
 there are simple steps that everyone can take to help
 prevent catching colds and flu based on good respiratory
 and hand hygiene.

  F           I         R S                  T
                                                                                    Communicating at Work
  Transformation Programme Manager                             Michael Williams’ Porter
                                                               of the Year Award 2009
  Dr Neil Gerry recently joined the Trust as
  Transformation Programme Manager reporting directly          One of West Suffolk‟s newest porters was commended
  to the Chief Executive. If the Trust is to meet the          for his compassion, consideration and outstanding
  challenges posed by savings in public expenditure            contribution to helping the hospital run smoothly at a
  from 2010/11 onwards, deliver the national                   special ceremony last Friday.
  performance targets, improve quality, clinical outcome
  and productivity and achieve efficiencies and reduce         Lee Bland, from Norton, was presented with the Michael
  costs a formal and co-ordinated programme of change          Williams‟ Porter of the Year shield during a ceremony in
  is required.                                                 Time Out restaurant.

  Neil will have responsibility for leading, co-ordinating     The 20-year-old, who has been with the Trust for a year,
  and facilitating the required change initiatives working     was given the award just one month after he received
  closely with the Executive Team. In the first instance       recognition as a Shining Light for the kindness and
  he will be looking at non-clinical support services to       compassion he shows in the line of his work.
  make absolutely sure they are as efficient and cost
  effective as possible before moving on to work with the      Runners up were Tony Walker, who has served as a
  wider team to support change in our clinical services.       porter for eight years and won the Michael Williams‟
                                                               prize in 2008, and Andrew Harrington who has been a
  Neil brings 18 years' of experience from the private         porter for four years.
  sector having previously worked for BT as a
  Programme Manager and Business Analyst and has a             The prize, now in its fifth year, is awarded in memory of
  range of experience in applying change models and            Michael Williams, who spent a decade working as a
  techniques.                                                  porter at the hospital. It is designed to recognise the
                                         Diane Mathews         incredible service provided by porters, who fulfil a range
                               Communications Manager          of duties at the hospital including transporting patients,
                                                               collecting and processing waste, delivering food trolleys
  Gifts and Hospitality                                        and maintaining medical gas cylinders.

  Casual Gifts                                                 Staff were invited to vote for the porter they felt made the
  Casual gifts offered by contractors or others, e.g. at       most difference to patient care, with the winner receiving
  Christmas time, may not be in any way connected with         the shield, plus a prize of £125.
  the performance of duties so as to constitute an
  offence under the Prevention of Corruption Acts.             The award was presented by Mr Williams‟ widow Lesley,
  Such gifts should nevertheless be politely but firmly        a nurse and former director of nurse education at the
  declined. Articles of low intrinsic value such as diaries    hospital, and the couple‟s two daughters, Sam and
  or calendars, or small tokens of gratitude from patients     Adrienne.
  or their relatives, need not necessarily be refused.
  Where gifts are accepted this should be reported to
  your Line Manager and placed in the Trust’s                  IT Training Bulletin
  Hospitality Register (currently held by the PA to
  Director of Human Resources).                                The April 2009 IT Training Bulletin has been published
                                                               on the Intranet and can be viewed by following the link,
  Hospitality                                                  below:
  Modest hospitality provided it is normal and                 http://intranet/WebDocManager/intra_searchgroups.
  reasonable in the circumstances, e.g. lunches in the         asp?pagestart=1&pageno=1&groupid=123
  course of working visits may be acceptable, though it
  should be similar to the scale of hospitality, which the
  NHS as an employer would be likely to offer.                 Table Top Sales in the Courtyard Café
  Acceptance of such hospitality needs to be registered
  in the Trust’s Hospitality Register (currently held by the   Wednesday 6 May
  PA of the Director of Human Resources and                    Crystal Adcock Handcrafted Jewellery
  Communications).                                             Thursday 7 May
                                                               Kim Gilbert Aloe Vera Products
  Staff should decline all other offers of gifts,              Friday 8 May
  hospitality or entertainment. If in doubt they               Freda‟s Flowers
  should seek advice from their line manager.                                                               30 April 2009
                                                                                       Communicating at Work
  Chaplaincy Newsletter – Spring Edition                      Core Brief: April 2009
  The spring edition of the Chaplaincy Newsletter is now      April‟s Core Brief has now been published and can be
  available and you can pick up a copy from the Chapel.       found on the intranet at:
  Alternatively, you can find it on our website at            asp?pagestart=1&pageno=1&groupid=40, along with 14 (yes,
  fourteen) previous editions and a lot of interesting
  things, for example, our Directory of Information on the    Order of Draw for Blood Samples
  main faith and cultural groups, a selection of prayers
  and readings from different faith traditions, our booklet   It is important that blood samples are collected into
  Help for the Bereaved, times of services, etc, as well      Vacutainer tubes in a particular order. In general this
  as who we are, what we do and where to find us.             order is as follows:
                                                                     Blood culture bottles
  Take a look – you may find it useful.                              Coagulation tubes
                                                                     Tubes with no additives
                          Revd Canon David Crawley
                                                                     Other tubes with additives
          Chaplaincy & Pastoral Care Services Manager
                                                              Please note that coagulation tubes are now taken before
                                                              tubes with no additives – this is because the plain plastic
  Conflict Resolution Training Dates                          tubes contain clot activator to enable blood to clot - there
                                                              is therefore a risk of contamination of the coagulation
  Conflict Resolution Training has been developed to          sample if taken after the „no additive‟ tube.
  assist NHS frontline staff to deal effectively with
  incidents of potential violence or aggression. The          Please see attached document for further details - this is
  training will enable staff to recognise the warning signs   available from the Pathology Phlebotomy Department
  of a potentially violent situation and take steps to        and can de displayed / used within clinical areas.
  prevent it from escalating. This training is mandatory
  for all staff who have regular and consistent contact
  with patients, visitors and relatives; so please secure     West Suffolk Hospital
  your place and that of any member of your staff who              0409.pdf
  may fit the criteria, as soon as possible.
                                                                                                         Yvonne Field
                                                                                                  Haematology Manager
  A total of 12 sessions have been arranged between
  June & December 2009. If you would like to book a
  place please contact Suzy White at or call ext 3669 with the
                                                                                      EPRO - News
  name, job title, contact extension number and               Electronic Transmission
  department.                                                 of Discharge Summaries

  Dates for training sessions are as follows:                 The way we send discharge summaries to GP practices
            th                                                                            th
  Monday 8 June 2009                                          is changing. From June 8 you will no longer need to
  Friday 10 July 2009                                         fax or post summaries to GPs. Instead, with a couple of
  Friday 14 August 2009                                       clicks of a mouse button, Epro will send the document
  Thursday 8 October 2009                                     electronically to the correct practice.
  Thursday 13 November 2009
  Monday 14 December 2009                                     This will be a major step forward in improving handover
                                                              of care and make it much easier to meet the
  1 session - 8.30am till 12.30pm                             government‟s requirement of documents reaching the
  2 session – 1.00pm till 5.00pm                              GP within 48 hours of discharge. Click this link to see
                                                              how to do the Electronic Transmission. If you have any
                                          James Pretty        questions, please contact either the IT training team or
                     LSMS, Security / Portering Manager       the Epro system administrator on ext 3834.                                                              30 April 2009
                                                                                  Communicating at Work
  International Day of the Midwife:                          No1 Main Lift – Interruption to Service
  5 May 2009
                                                             No1 Main Lift will be taken out of service from 9am on
  Midwives at the West Suffolk Hospital will be              Saturday 16th May for 2 days to enable re-roping of this
  celebrating International Day of the Midwife on            lift.
  Tuesday, 5 May by lighting sixty candles outside the
  front entrance of the hospital at 1.00 pm, and             Time of return to service of No1 Lift is planned for
  extinguishing one candle every minute for sixty            around 5pm Sunday 17th May.
                                                             If you have any enquiries regarding this work please
  This symbolic tribute is to raise awareness of the         contact Roger Gembis, Operational Estates and
  shocking statistic that every minute somewhere in the      Environmental Manager on ext 3375.
  world a woman dies because of complications in
  pregnancy and childbirth, simply because women in
  many countries lack access to skilled birth attendants     Suffolk Community Healthcare
  and basic medical care.                                    Single Points of Access
  Fundraising will also help to provide skilled midwifery    Two Single Points of Access for community services
  care to mothers and newborns in developing                 have been launched by Suffolk Community Healthcare,
  countries.                                                 offering one open referral system for both professionals
                                                             and self-referral. The SPA will be manned by a senior
  Because we have such high-quality maternity care in        clinician between 9am and 4pm, then diverted to Suffolk
  the UK, it is easy to forget the terrible conditions in    Doctors on Call between 4pm and 9am, at weekends
  which hundreds of millions of women give birth.            and on Bank Holidays. Referral forms can be faxed to
                                                             the SPA and will be actioned by the senior clinician
  We can all „do our bit‟ to change this and try to make     between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday. There are two
  deaths in pregnancy and childbirth across the world a      sets of contact details covering practices and services in
  thing of the past.                                         different areas.
                                           Patricia Davis
                                         Head of Midwifery   Locality One SPA includes Brandon, Mildenhall,
                                                             Newmarket, Haverhill and Bury St Edmunds. Examples
                                                             of the services that can be accessed through SPA
  Blood Transfusion Prescription Charts                      include district nursing, community physiotherapy,
                                                             occupational therapy, day and treatment services, falls
  Could all staff please ensure that the current chart       services, community rehabilitation and admission
  is available in all areas.                                 prevention service.
  To remind you, the present pink prescription sheet has     Tel: 01638 564430
  space for nine transfusions, with the space for            Fax: 01638 564450
  observations for each unit directly under each
  prescription.                                              Services for Sudbury and Woolpit are now accessed via
                                                             Locality 2 SPA, in addition to the referrals and services
  More prescription charts are available from supplies.      they previously handled, including for patients in
                                                             Stowmarket, Eye and Hadleigh. The additional services
                            Hospital Transfusion Team        now covered for Sudbury and Woolpit include district
                                                             nursing, community rehabilitation, admission prevention,
                                                             community matrons and the Sudbury day and treatment
                                                             team. Tel: 01449 614769; fax number 01449 770184.

                                                                                                    Christian Jenner
                                                                                               Communications Officer
                                                                                       Suffolk Community Healthcare
                                                                                                                                      30 April 2009
                                                                                    Communicating at Work
                                                               Writing for Publication
                                                               26 June 2009, 09:00 – 12:30
                                                               Education Centre
   Dates from April to June 2009. Dates for all
                                                               This workshop covers the key topics for those wishing to
  workshops can be found in the 2009 Education
                                                               feel inspired and able to prepare a manuscript for
  prospectus on the Trust website.
                                                               publication. Participants are encouraged to bring their own
                                                               work along to help them think about applying their learning
  Achieving Effective Staff Appraisal & PDP                    to their own writing.
  14 July 2009, 09:15 – 15:30
  Education Centre                                             ILM (Introductory Certificate
  Shared learning with staff from Suffolk PCT
  This day is for all staff/managers who are required to       In First Line Management)
  undertake appraisal meetings with their staff, and who       13, 14 & 21 May, 02, 23 & 24 June 2009
  would either like a full day refresher or who have never     (must be able to attend all 6 study days)
  had formal training in this area. This workshop aims to      09:00 - 16:00 Committee Room
  provide Appraisers with the opportunity to clarify their     Facilitator – Denise Gallagher FCIPD
  understanding of the Appraisal process, including            Specializing in Management & personal development
  production of Personal Development Plans, and to             Completion of a project assignment and attendance at all 6
  practise the key skills.                                     study days is required as part of course agreement. The
  Note: Linking KSF to Appraisal will be delivered on a        course is for staff with supervisory responsibilities, having
  separate 1/2 day (see below)                                 identified a need to gain further skills/knowledge in
                                                               managing others.
  Recruitment & Selection Process and
  Effective Interview Skills
  17 June 2009, 09:30 – 16:00
  Education Centre                                             Booking for all of the above contact:
  The aim of the workshop is to train appointing officer       Gabrielle Spoun, Education Administrator
  on fair recruitment and selection and interviewing 
  procedures, with an emphasis on the core skills              or
  required in a selection interview such as planning,          Chris Fell, Workforce training Co-ordinator
  avoiding potential bias/ distortion, establishing rapport,
  questioning, listening and evaluation.

  Managing Projects – Only one place left!                     Information Open Event
  3 June 2009, 09:30 – 16:00
  Education Centre                                             Time Out
  This workshop is for staff involved in organising or         Thursday 14 May
  managing a part of, or a whole project. It can be an         10.30am – 2.00pm
  ongoing or new project; organisation-wide or
  department level. It will give staff knowledge and           Come and talk to the Joint Investment Framework (JIF)
  skills in basic project management methods and               Team about paid qualifications available to NHS staff
  tools, monitor progress of a project and produce             working in Bands 1 - 4 in a job that does not require a
  effective project reports.                                   registered qualification (i.e. Nursing, AHP etc.).

  Report Writing – Last remaining places!                         Have you a specific qualification in mind that you
  12 May 2009, 09:30 – 12:30                                       want to do?
  Education Centre                                                Are you looking to develop your career?
  This workshop is for staff that are required to                 Do you want to get onto the first step of training?
  compose and write reports and who feel a more                   Do you want to find out what is available for staff in
  organised approach would be effective. The topics                particular job roles?
  covered are planning and preparation, structure and
  sequence, writing reports, illustration, checking and        Come along and ask the question of the JIF team.
  action planning.
                                                                                                             Chris Fell
                                                                                        Workforce Training Co-ordinator                                                               30 April 2009
                                                                                 Communicating at Work
  Foundation Degree in Health                               Gloves: Return of Nitrile
  Administration or Foundation Degree
  in Health Care Practice                                   A proposal was presented to the Operational Steering
                                                            Group regarding the use of non-sterile gloves available
  Commencing October 2009                                   in wards and departments.
  University Campus Suffolk (UCS) will be running the
  above qualifications at West Suffolk Hospital.            It has been agreed to provide a choice of non-sterile
  East of England (SHA), through the Joint Investment       gloves and to re-introduce Nitrile gloves as well as Vinyl
  Framework (JIF), will fund course costs if you meet the   gloves for non-sterile tasks requiring the use of gloves in
  criteria of working in AfC paybands 1- 4 and do not       all wards and departments.
  have a professional registration or a full degree.
                                                            Nitrile gloves will be provided by stores to all areas
  If you are experienced in your job role and looking for   by the end of the week.
  a development opportunity beyond GCSE/NVQ 3 this
  could be for you. The Foundation Degree in Health         Remember, only wear gloves if needed
  Care Practice and Health Administration will equip you
  with the knowledge, understanding and skills relevant     To ensure that health care workers are not at risk,
  to your employment by integrating academic and work-      please remember the following:
  based learning. Qualifications can be achieved in 18
  months part–time.                                            First and foremost ask the question ‘Do I need to
  The courses have flexible teaching arrangements               wear gloves?’
  involving part-time or evening attendance with
  University Campus Suffolk based at the West Suffolk          Gloves must not be worn for :
  Hospital.                                                     - bed making
  Application forms and details about the Foundation            - serving food or drinks
  degree courses on offer can be found on UCS                   - non-invasive clinical care e.g. taking temperature/
  website:                                          blood pressure
                                                                - general portering duties
  To find out more the programme manager, Julie
  Macleod, has arranged two dates for you to meet to           Gloves must be worn for:
  discuss the course in more detail.                            - Invasive procedures
  University Campus Suffolk                                     - Contact with sterile sites (i.e. wound care)
  Faculty of Health Wellbeing and Science                       - Contact with non intact skin/mucous membranes
  Foundation Degrees in Health                                  - All activities which carry a risk of exposure to
  Open Events in the Education Centre,                            blood, body fluids, secretions and excretions
  West Suffolk Hospital                                         - Handling sharps or contaminated instruments

                                                               Use the correct glove for the job (see Policy PP 195)
         10 June 10:00 - 12:30
                                                               Ensure hands are dry
         16 June 14.00 - 16:00
                                                               Choose the correct size, vinyl are less flexible than
                                                                Latex therefore it is important to ensure a good fit
  To register your interest in attending one of these
                                                                with no friction
  sessions contact Chris Fell, Workforce Training
                                                               Do not wear for long periods, as soon as the task is
  Co-ordinator, via internal email or ext 2630.
                                                                completed remove the gloves, wash and dry hands
                                                               Apply hand cream or moisturiser as required
                                                                                                  Jenny Saunders
  Keith Fenton, Electrician within the Estates                                         Manager, Occupational Health
  Department will be retiring on 15 May 2009 after
  working at the West Suffolk Hospital for 40 years.
  If anyone would like to sign he's retirement card or
  contribute to the collection, please contact Terry Bird
                                                            Congratulations to charge nurse Peter King who has
  in the Estates Department.
                                                            achieved an amazing 40 years‟ service at West Suffolk
                                                            Well done from all your colleagues in main theatre.                                                            30 April 2009
                                                                                Communicating at Work an Online Healthcare
  Community for NHS staff
  Launched in July 2008, NHS offers a myriad
                                                            Full details of each post can be found and applied
  of services and content that have been designed for all   for at: and click on link to
  NHS staff from porters to nurses, from administrators     NHS Jobs. Alternatively, contact the HR &
  to GP's, from CEO‟s to hospital consultants.              Communications Directorate on ext 2745 or 3699,
                                                            quoting the job reference number.
  NHS247 hosts the popular NHS Staff Discount
  scheme which allows NHS staff and immediate
  members of their family to benefit from discounts from
  hundreds of local neighbourhood businesses ranging        HAEMATOLOGY
  from insurance companies and beauticians to driving       Medical Laboratory Assistant – Band 2/3 – 15 hpw
  schools and day care nurseries and so on, all offering    (afternoons) – Permanent – Job Ref: 179-082-09-C
  discounts ranging from 5% to 25% discount.                Enquiries to Yvonne Field on extension 3074
                                                            Closing date: 11 May 2009
  The NHS247 team are constantly working on your
  behalf to arrange more discount offers so that you can    ENDOSCOPY
  be rewarded for the vitally important work you do. Let    Decontamination Technician – Band 2 – Full/Part
  us know if you want us to include your favourite local    Time – Permanent – Job Ref: 179-122-09-C
  businesses by logging onto                     Enquiries to Nigel Beeton on extension 3094 or Kathy
                                                            Webb on extension 3358
  NHS247 features a competition to find the NHS             Closing date: 11 May 2009
  employee of the month – any member of staff can
  nominate a colleague. The winner receives a prize for     WARD F1
  their outstanding contribution to the NHS. The prize is   Nursery Nurse – Band 4 – 22.5hpw –
  typically a break for two at a 4/5 star hotel.            Permanent – 179-123-09-W
  Competition prizes include a brand new car and a          Enquiries to Ann Robinson on extension 3315 or 3319
  12/14 day luxury cruise for two, worth approximately      Closing date: 12 May 2009
  NHS247 also carries a latest NHS news board; it           The following jobs are available to
  includes blogs, petitions and forums.                     West Suffolk Hospital employees only.
                                                            SURGICAL DIRECTORATE
  To take advantage of these exclusive offers, NHS          Admissions Officer – Band 4 – 37.5 hpw –
  employees and Foundation Trust members need to            Fixed Term Contract – Job Ref: 179-124-09-S
  register on which is completely free       Enquiries to Angela Price on extension 2581
  of charge.                                                Closing date: 7 May 2009

  Thank You
                                                                             GREEN SHEET
  I would just like to say a massive thank you to
  everyone who has sent good wishes, cards and gifts                           All enquiries to:
  for myself and my baby girl Taryn.                                           Linda Buckland,
                                                                     Assistant Communications Manager
  I would also like to thank everyone who signed the
                                                                      HR & Communications Directorate
  huge card and to those who contributed towards the
  Mothercare voucher and smellies.                           
                                                                                    ext 3620
  I really am very grateful to everyone and for those who
  haven't yet seen Taryn, I will bring her in again soon.   Editorial should be submitted by 5.00pm Tuesday
                                                             prior to publication, via email or internal mail.
                                         Sara Bargewell
                                       Ex Health Records

                                                                               What’s the Buzz?...
                                                                                                  Still curious?
                                                                            Keep an eye out in the Green Sheet                                                         30 April 2009
                                      Bank Holiday Arrangements 2009
                                           th              th
                               May 4 & May 25 2009 are Bank Holidays
 Heads of Departments are responsible for informing members of their staff who are required to be on duty

Ambulance Liaison Office                   Linen Services                         Postal Service
 th                                         th                                     th
4 May Closed                               4 May          Closed                  4 May          Closed
   th                                         th                                     th
25 May       Closed                        25 May         Closed                  25 May         Closed
 Please ring ambulance control
 Norwich 01603 424255 or ext
                                           NHS Professionals                      Pre Admission Unit
                                            th                                     th
 #6101 for emergency transfers only        4 May        Closed                    4 May         Closed
                                              th                                     th
                                           25 May       Closed                    25 May        Closed

Courtyard Café                                                                    Social Care
 th                                                                                th
4 May         10:00-18:30                  Occupational Health                    4 May
   th                                       th
25 May        10:00-18:30                  4 May         Closed                   Normal standby on call service
                                              th                                     th
                                           25 May        Closed                   25 May
Diagnostics Cardiology                                                            Normal standby on call service
4 May         Closed                       Occupational Therapy
   th                                       th
25 May        Closed                       4 May         Closed                   Speech and Language Therapy
                                              th                                   th
                                           25 May        Closed                   4 May        Closed
Diabetes Inpatient &                                                              25 May       Closed
Community Nurse                            Orthopaedic Clinic
 th                                         th
4 May          Closed                      4 May         Closed                   Sterile Services
   th                                         th                                   th
25 May         Closed                      25 May        Closed                   4 May           8:00-13:30
                                                                                  25 May          8:00-13:30
Dietetics Department                       Outpatients                             Refer to Majax plan for emergency call
 th                                         th
4 May          Closed                      4 May                 Closed            out situation
   th                                         th
25 May         Closed                      25 May                Closed
Discharge Planning Team                    Palliative Care                        4 May              Closed
                                            th                                       th
DSU                                        4 May Normal on call service           25 May             Closed
 th                                           th
4 May         Limited Service              25 May Normal on call service
25 May        Limited Service                   On call Palliative Care
                                                                                  Theatres & Endoscopy Unit
                                                Consultants available – 24/7      4 May         Emergency
EBME                                            via switchboard                   Service
 th                                                                                  th
4 May              Closed                                                         28 May        Emergency
25 May             Closed                                                         Service
                                           Pathology Department
 Contact Porters for access to             4 May        Emergency                 Time Out
 Medical Equipment Library                 Service                                4 May              8:00-20:00
                                              th                                     th
                                           25 May       Emergency                 28 May             8:00-20:00
Estates                                                                           Tissue Viability
 th                                                                                th
4 May              On Call Service         Patient Affairs                        4 May           Closed
   th                                       th                                       th
25 May             On Call Service         4 May           Closed                 25 May          Closed
                                           25 May          Closed
Eye Clinic                                                                        Wards
 th                                                                                th
4 May              Closed                  Patient Library Services               4 May Normal BH arrangements
   th                                       th                                       th
25 May             Closed                  4 May           Closed                 25 May Normal BH arrangements
 On call Ophthalmic Consultants &          25 May          Closed
 SHO via switchboard
                                           Pharmacy                               Welcome Home Service
                                            th                                     th
                                           4 May                 10:00-13:00      4 May       Closed
                                              th                                     th
Fracture Clinic                            25 May                10:00-13:00      25 May      Closed
4 May           9:00-13:00
25 May          9:00-13:00                      Times for these days for new or   X-Ray
                                                emergency items only. Then on     4 May Emergency Service
Friends Shop                                    call Pharmacist for emergency     25 May Emergency Service
 th                                             and out of hours only.
4 May        13:00-16:30
25 May       13:00-16:30
Genito Urinary Medicine                    4 May         On call service
 th                                           th
4 May          Closed                      25 May        On call service
25 May         Closed

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