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The BoilerPlate Fall Boilerplate fall dd ease flu symptoms

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									                                                                                                                           FALL 2009
H1N1: Are you and your staff ready?
By Dr. Douglas Nelson
                                                                                               in this issue
         y now, everyone is very much aware that a new flu strain is

B        making the rounds. On June 11, 2009, Dr. Margaret Chan,
         director-general of the World Health Organization, announced
the world was in the earliest days of an influenza pandemic. However,

                                                                                                            Calendar of Events

                                                                                                            Current Events
while the spread is considered inevitable, hospitality operations can help
protect guests and employees.
                                                                                                6           Alumni Profiles
                                                          Understanding the virus
                                                          The virus originally was re-
                                                          ferred to as the swine flu, but       8           Department Update
                                                          was changed to Novel Influenza
                                                          A H1N1 after studies revealed
                                                          it was not only associated with       11          International
                                                          viruses common to European
                                                          and Asian pigs but also birds and
                                                          humans. The virus is primar-          13          Awards/Honors/Gifts
                                                          ily spread by human to human
                                                          contact, or by handling an object
                                                                                                15          Alumni Update
                                                          such as money or a doorknob,
                                                          then touching your eyes, nose, or
                                                          mouth. Symptoms are similar to        16          Strategic Alliance Council
Hospitality managers can take steps to protect guests and what would be considered nor-
employees from H1N1.                                      mal flu symptoms (fever, cough,
                                                          sore throat, runny or stuffy nose,
body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue) with a higher percentage re-
porting vomiting (29%) and diarrhea (24%). The persons most likely to
contact the flu appear to be those under the age of 25 years. Individuals
with the disease can infect others one day before showing any symptoms
and up to seven days after symptoms first appear.

Hospitality precautions
The most susceptible group of individuals makes up a large portion of
hospitality industry staff. The fact they can be contagious before any                          From Asia to South America, HTM students are
symptoms surface makes it challenging for hospitality operators to con-                         exploring the far corners of the world. Read more
                                                                                                about their adventures on pages 11-12.
                                                       continued on page 4
Letter from Rich
                                                                                                                             FALL 2009

        ome of you may think the way academics do — in

S       terms of semesters. Believe it or not, another one
        is in the home stretch; finals and semester holidays
are looming! It’s hard to believe the sea of tranquility I
                                                                                        HTM mission & vision
                                                                                         Vision Statement
pulled into last July is a beehive of activity. I love it!                               The Department of Hospitality and Tourism

As many of you know, this is my third time around the                                    Management is the global provider of
block at Purdue. Not so long ago I was a graduate student
and one of the first to matriculate into the new RHIT                                    experiential education, research, and
                                                             Rich Ghiselli
doctoral program. Upon completion, I left for awhile —
                                                                                         development for future leaders in the
only to come back as a faculty member. I strayed a few
years ago, but had the good fortune of returning this summer as head of the              hospitality and tourism industry.

Over the years I have had the chance to work with many students in the quantity
foods courses, and/or one of the accounting/finance courses. I know it has been          Mission Statement
challenging for me; as for the students, they might describe it as challenging, but
I suspect there are other words they would also use. To say the least, the Purdue        The Department of Hospitality and Tourism
environment is invigorating. I have the opportunity to work in a first-rate institu-
                                                                                         Management develops future leaders for
tion with world-class faculty, tremendous staff, and top-notch students. And I get
to do this every day!                                                                    hospitality and tourism through rigorous

Even so, there are a number of issues that Purdue — and higher education as an           learning programs, innovative and diverse
institution— is wrestling with, including:
     affordability                                                                       engagement activities, and cutting edge
     state fiscal forecasts
     college preparation

Moreover, technological and societal changes are impacting what we teach, and
how we teach it. For example, students currently thrive on instant messaging and
24/7 connectivity. They use their phones as MP3 players, calendars, cameras,            calendar of events
and the like. Since they can be used in so many ways, should students be allowed
                                                                                         March 27       Black Tie Dinner, Purdue
to use them as calculators on tests? A few years ago, this whole scenario seemed
                                                                                                        Memorial Union
improbable. But now there is more; just look at the new pedagogical vocabulary:
Wikis, clickers, social media, crowd source, Web 2.0, creepy treehouse.
                                                                                         May 22–25      National Restaurant
                                                                                                        Association Show,
Taking this a little further, it is not too hard to imagine everything you say and
do will be recorded. Also, that it will be possible to scan the brain and take a pic-                   McCormick Place, Chicago
ture of each child’s cognitive ability. Further, that each child will be given a card
at birth with his or her DNA printout — and that the information on aptitude             May 23         HTM Alumni and Industry
will be used when deciding the best learning method for the individual.                                 Reception, The Signature
                                                                                                        Room at the 95th, John
I digress. Undeniably these are exciting times. Certainly careers, and the college                      Hancock Building,
majors preparing for them, are becoming more specialized. It seems that most                            Chicago, Time TBD
professions will require continuous instruction and retraining. Hopefully, we
can stoke the flames in our students while they are here. I am very fortunate to
have the opportunity to be involved in the process. Like Lou Gehrig, “I consider
myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth.”

2         The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Current Events
                                                                                                                                                 FALL 2009

HTM internships create win-win situation
By Howard Adler

         n important element in

A        hospitality education
         involves the internship
requirement. Internships are
required in many fields, and vary in
structure, hours, and other factors.
HTM 302 (Hospitality Internship)
is the name of the practicum
required in the Department
of Hospitality and Tourism
Management at Purdue.

All students are required to com-
plete at least one internship. Some
work over the summer or during
                                        While some students intern in the Lafayette area, others take a semester off and work in such far-off venues as Shanghai.
a semester in the Lafayette area,
while others take a semester off
and work in a resort area or large      selves professionally, but also the                           nesses of their experiences.
city. This is the case with the Jin-    HTM department at Purdue, while
ling Internship program and a new       performing in a professional and                              In general, most students find
program that Liping Cai has set up      ethical manner.                                               internships a positive learning
with Shangri-La Hotels in China.                                                                      experience. Often an internship can
                                        The HTM department conducts                                   help students identify whether they
Students can find an internship in      an internship orientation to brief                            want to pursue employment oppor-
two different ways — through their      students on the requirements and                              tunities with a particular company;
own personal contacts, or through       what it takes to successfully com-                            in turn, companies can determine
the HTM Career Center. Janet            plete an internship. Experiences                              whether they want to recruit the
Glotzbach, coordinator of the HTM       during the internship vary greatly.                           student for a permanent position
Career Center and her staff, work       As Ms. Glotzbach says, “Each                                  upon graduation.
with companies to secure positions.     company structures its internship
                                        program in a different way; some                              Each summer, between 120 to 150
According to Howard Adler, fac-         have a very structured program,                               students are involved in the intern-
ulty coordinator for the program,       while others offer some flexibility                           ship program. As Ms. Glotzbach
it takes mutual understanding in        according to the students’ needs.”                            says, “We have some of the big-
order for an internship to be a win-                                                                  gest hospitality companies in the
win situation. All employers sign an    When students complete the in-                                country recruit our students for
agreement acknowledging that stu-       ternship, they are required to turn                           the summer, and they are placed
dents will work at least 400 hours,     in a final report. They also attend                           in internships literally all over the
that he or she will be paid, and that   a group facilitation session led by                           world. I believe we have tremen-
progress reports will be completed.     an HTM faculty member; gener-                                 dous industry support because our
Students, on the other hand,            ally these involve 12–18 students                             students are some of the best in the
should represent not only them-         discussing the strengths and weak-                            country.”

                           The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management                                                                   3
Current Events
                                                                                                            FALL 2009

H1N1 article continued                   H1N1 (http://www.accessdata.fda.        explore the flavors and traditions of
                                         gov/scripts/h1n1flu/).                  Belgium and Luxembourg.
trol the spread. However, chemicals
we normally use to clean and sani-       Persons also should avoid touching      In May 2010, Drs. Jonathon Day
tize — such as quaternary ammo-          their eyes, nose, or mouth, as these    and Behnke will lead a group to
nium and chlorine — are                  are the primary entry points for the    Australia, visiting Sydney, the
effective at killing the virus.          virus. They also should cover their     Hunter Valley wine region, Bris-
                                         mouth and noses when coughing or        bane and the Sunshine Coast, and
Although the U.S. Food and Drug          sneezing and use disposable facial      the Great Barrier Reef.
Administration (FDA) does not            tissues or similar products. Face
recommend altering cooking               masks provide some protection;          Later in the summer, Professors
processes, it does state that the        however, it might not be a good         John Rousselle and Adler will jour-
virus is killed by a temperature of      business tactic to have staff wearing   ney to Paris, the northern Norman-
at least 167o F (75o C). While this      masks. An alternative would be to       dy coast, Munich, Vienna, Austria,
is much higher than the typical          avoid close contact with others. The    Prague, Budapest, and Venice.
cooking end point for most foods,        NPS recommends its employees
they should be virus-free. The most      maintain a respectful six-foot dis-     For more details, visit www.cfs.pur-
likely location for viruses on food is   tance when conversing with guests.
the surface. By cooking the inter-                                               Or contact CFS Alumni Relations
nal temperature to at least 140o F       By the very nature of the hospital-     at (800) 535-7303; (765) 494-7890;
(60o C), the surface of the food will    ity business, we are on the front       or
exceed 167o F (75o C), killing the       lines of the flu. By employing the
virus.                                   procedures above and those on the
                                         FDA’s and CDC’s Web sites, we can
The FDA also recommends exclud-          minimize the impact on operations.      HTM Career Day has
ing individuals with flu symptoms                                                25th anniversary
from working with food or items
                                                                                           TM celebrated the silver
that can be a vehicle for the spread
of the disease, such as utensils and
napkins. Considering how con-
tagious the disease is, it is recom-
                                         Alumni: Join us on a
                                         study-abroad journey                    H         anniversary of Career Day
                                                                                           this fall with the theme
                                                                                 “Bringing the Best to the Table for
                                                  TM will offer four study-

mended that anyone with the                                                      25 Years.” Around 400 students
illness remain home for seven days                abroad programs during         attended the events, which included
after the onset of the symptoms                   the 2009–10 academic           a keynote speech by Kristi Nyhof
or 24 hours after the fever is gone,     year. Alumni and industry friends       from Longhorn Steakhouse and
whichever is longer.                     are welcome to come along.              a career fair with 31 companies.
                                                                                 Board members this year were
Protection against the flu               During winter break, Howard             Betsy Robison, Carter Duggan,
Individuals can protect themselves       Adler and Bobbe Molter, Consumer        Laura Kunzie, Courtney Glotzbach,
using commonsense rules. First and       Sciences and Retailing academic         Kathelyn Theiler, Rachel Stackman,
foremost, wash hands often and use       advisor, will lead a two-week trip to   Josh Seidell, Caroline Wright, Lisa
an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.         Dubai and Oman.                         Moore, Julie McDowell, Hannah
The FDA is maintaining a Web site                                                Fronczak, Sarah Meils, Alicia
listing products making fraudu-          During the 2010 spring break,           Anderson, and Jiayue (Selena) Xu.
lent claims of effectiveness against     March 13–21, Carl Behnke will

4        The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Current Events
                                                                                                                          FALL 2009

Purdue community                        sions was a visit to the Introduction
                                        to Hospitality and Tourism Man-
celebrates Green Week                   agement class by Darden executives
        eptember 21–25, 2009 was        Mollie Moore and Tracy Gault.

S       the second annual Green
        Week at Purdue. Across
campus, a variety of activities
                                        They shared details of Darden’s
                                        groundbreaking work in sustain-
                                        able management.
highlighted the contributions
Purdue is making to support             During Green Week, HTM Café
sustainability efforts in all corners   administrators installed a new          From the roof down, HTM faculty and staff are incorporat-
of the United States and the world.     monitor to reduce energy and wa-        ing U.S. Green Building Council LEED standards in the
                                                                                design and construction of the new Marriott Hall.
                                        ter consumption while decreasing
Faculty, staff, and students saw the    the amount of detergent used in the
                                                                                ship in Energy and Environment
new Boiler Green Initiative’s Green     cleaning process. Even before the
                                                                                Design (LEED) guidelines, the
Roof, attended research-sharing         celebration, the café had replaced
                                                                                team will ensure the new building
sessions on “Water Resources in         Styrofoam cups with recyclable
                                                                                supports the commitment to best
a Changing Global Climate,” and         paper cups and began encourag-
visited the Alternative Transporta-     ing student café workers to bring
tion Expo.                              their own cups and water bottles to
                                                                                Construction is expected to begin
                                        reduce waste.
                                                                                next spring for the building, which
For more information on Green                                                   will feature a restaurant, state-
week at Purdue, visit                   By putting knowledge of sustain-
                                                                                of-the-art food service facilities,          able hospitality into action, the
                                                                                demonstration classroom,
                                        department will help ensure its own
                                                                                career center, and student services
                                        operations prepare students for
                                        green practices in hospitality and
HTM faculty, staff                      tourism management.
                                                                                The new building will be green
focus on sustainability                                                         from bottom to top, with a state-of-
                                                                                the-art Green Roof to reduce
        s Purdue faculty and staff

                                                                                energy consumption. Faculty and
        focused on green campus         HTM ‘LEEDs’ the way                     staff also plan to recycle every-
        initiatives during the          to Marriott Hall                        thing that enters the new build-
second annual Green Week, HTM                                                   ing — from glass and cardboard to
                                                rogress is well underway
took time to highlight its efforts
toward sustainable hospitality and
tourism.                                P       for Marriott Hall, the new
                                                home for the Department
                                        of Hospitality and Tourism
                                                                                consumer food waste and cooking

                                                                                Mick La Lopa is spearheading a
While sustainability issues are         Management. A departmental              special fund raising drive to sup-
already an important component of       team is working to ensure the new       port the LEED program. For more
the curriculum, during that week        building reflects a commitment to       information on how you can sup-
many classes placed extra emphasis      best practices in sustainability.       port this project, contact Dr. La
on these topics.                                                                Lopa at
                                        Using the highly regarded U.S.
The highlight of the classroom ses-     Green Building Council’s Leader-

                            The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management                                          5
Alumni Profile
                                                                                                                            FALL 2009

Alumnus expands spa research
           hat does it take for a       methods into the local culture and

W          former Burger Chef
           trainer to become an
Eastern European spa consultant
                                        business practices of other coun-
                                        tries. His first stint was in Africa,
                                        helping develop a diploma program
for the United States Agency            for hotel workers. Then, he began
for International Development           traveling regularly to eastern Eu-
(USAID)? For Carl Boger, it was         rope, assisting Bulgarian bakeries
being in the right place at the right   in retail sales.
                                        Seven years ago, Dr. Boger’s
A restaurant industry veteran and       impressive international portfolio
three-time graduate of Purdue           caught the attention of USAID,
University, Dr. Boger was teaching      which asked him to return to Bul-
front office management, finance,       garia. This time, he assisted officials
and research methods at the Uni-        in the former communist country
versity of Wisconsin-Stout when         in converting medical spa facilities
a USAID representative gave a           into destination spas.
presentation. “He said, ‘If you’re
                                                                                  Carl Boger has successfully adapted western business
interested, send me a vita,’” Dr. Bo-“The biggest challenge was the dif-          strategies to such locales as Bulgaria, where he helped
ger says. “About two years later, my ferent business model, going from a          launched a commercial spa industry.
name came up in a database. And      sterile environment with people in
one project led to another.”         lab coats to an atmosphere of well-          Despite his hectic teaching and
                                     ness and beauty,” Dr. Boger says.            research schedule, Dr. Boger serves
Like many accomplished hospitality “They’re totally different cultures.           as associate dean of academic pro-
faculty today, Dr. Boger had spent   In the communist system, the                 grams at the Hilton College, where
10 years in industry before teach-   government supported spas. When              he’s helped the program enhance its
ing. When Burger Chef was sold,      the economy fell, every business             educational standing. That’s exactly
Dr. Boger decided to pursue higher had to survive on its own.”                    why he was named last spring as
education. While working on his                                                   Hilton’s first recipient of the Clin-
master’s degree, he began teach-     The professor’s experiences over-            ton L. Rappole Endowed Chair.
ing for both Purdue and Ivy Tech,    seas prompted him to conduct
eventually becoming a department studies on the spa industry, a hospi-            “His incredible work ethic has
head at the community college. In    tality area that is short on quantifi-       allowed him to execute all of his ad-
1992, Dr. Boger began serving as     able research. Dr. Boger launched            ministrative duties while becoming
program director in the Hospitality a focus area of spa management                one of the leading academic experts
and Tourism Department, Univer-      at the Conrad N. Hilton College              in spa management,” says John T.
sity of Wisconsin-Stout in Meno-     of Hotel and Restaurant Manage-              Bowen, dean of the college.
monie, Wisconsin.                    ment at the University of Houston,
                                     where he began working in 2005.              “At the Conrad N. Hilton College,
While Dr. Boger enjoyed teaching     Currently he is leading graduate             one is appointed to a chair by one’s
on campus, he soon saw an oppor-     student research projects on green           peers, which makes this recogni-
tunity to adapt appropriate success- standards, culture-based massage             tion that much more special.”
ful western business strategies and  modalities, and benchmarking.

6        The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Alumni Profile
                                                                                                                            FALL 2009

2002 grad returns to barbeque roots
           alk into a Jack Stack         due made it worth my while with

W          Barbeque restaurant and
           you’ll smell the familiar
aromas of molasses and hickory.
                                         scholarships and other incentives,”
                                         Mr. Carpenter says.

But look around and the décor is         “I felt comfortable there, I felt great
far from ordinary, with upholstered      about the administrators and the
banquette seating, French rustic         campus; it seemed like a good fit.”
chandeliers, and linen tablecloths.
That’s why alongside the traditional     After a stellar four years in HTM
baby back ribs and beans are menu        — he was twice awarded the Statler
items commonly not seen in a             Foundation’s $20,000 scholarship,
casual barbeque eatery.                  among other honors — Mr. Car-
                                         penter took a management posi-
“We have an item called crown            tion with Houston’s Restaurants in
prime beef rib, and it is an amazing     Phoenix, Arizona.
thing to see,” says Travis Carpenter
‘02, vice president at the four-         By early 2003, however, Mr. Car-
restaurant chain.                        penter decided he wanted to make
                                                                                   Travis Carpenter takes a hands-on approach to his role as
                                         a bigger impact with a smaller            vice president of Jack Stack Barbeque.
“It’s a beef short plate rib, three      company. He wondered if he could
bones that just have this big pillow     do that with his former employer.         a $30 million-plus company over
of meat on top that weighs four                                                    the last 60 years. “We believe that
and half pounds before we cook it,       “I called up the owner of Jack Stack      if we take care of our people, we’ll
and two and a half to three pounds       and said, ‘Do you have a spot for         take care of our guests.”
when it’s done. You can literally eat    me’ They said yes, and that was it.’”
it with a spoon, it’s so tender. It’s                                              To help nurture his staff, Mr.
just amazing. We sell it online, too.”   Returning to Missouri to serve as         Carpenter travels to each of the
                                         director of research and develop-         four locations at least once a week
A native of the Kansas City area,        ment, Mr. Carpenter helped create         — and not just on weekdays.
Mr. Carpenter began working at           new menu items for in-store, retail,
Jack Stack at the age of 16, cooking     and online sales. This February, he       “I work every holiday, Labor Day,
and doing food preparation to save       was promoted to vice president.           Christmas Eve,” he says. “I could
for college. Soon, he had decided                                                  be doing everything from hold-
on his future occupation. “I just fell   “I’ve got my hands on about every-        ing a meeting with an employee
in love with the restaurant business     thing from marketing to human             to rolling out a new food item to
and everything about it and never        resources to operations,” Mr. Car-        literally just running things in the
saw myself doing something else,”        penter says. “I do whatever I can to      restaurant. We’re a very hands-on
he says.                                 help the company move forward.”           company. If a table needs bussed, I
                                                                                   bus it. We just do it together.”
Mr. Carpenter investigated a num-        He adds, “We take our core values
ber of different top hospitality         very seriously; we’re a family-
schools, and settled on HTM. “Pur-       oriented business that has grown to

                            The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management                                             7
Department Update
                                                                                                           FALL 2009

Tourism research center                The faculty and students in the          payments in on
                                       center currently are undertaking or      time. She left
discusses strategic plan               are developing a variety of proj-        when the firm
         he faculty and staff of       ects including strategic planning,       was purchased

         the Purdue Tourism and
         Hospitality Research Center
                                       sustainable tourism, branding and
                                       marketing, rural tourism, consum-
                                       ers in emerging markets, tourism
                                       and economic development, and
                                                                                by a company
                                                                                in Texas.

                                                                                After stints
convened last                                                                                        Janet Bray
spring for                             tourism and wellbeing.                   in two other
a strategic                                                                     departments,
planning                                                                        Ms. Bray took a temporary position
meeting at the                                                                  with HTM in 1982. Beginning in
Lafayette and                          Janet Bray reflects on                   the graduate program and moving
                                                                                to the front office, she eventually
West Lafayette                         her Purdue retirement                    returned to the graduate program,
Convention and
                    Liping Cai
                                                 fter 27 years in the           where she used her organizational
Visitors Bureau.
Guided by the
missions of Purdue University, the
College of Consumer and Family
                                       A         Department of Hospitality
                                                 and Tourism Management,
                                       Janet Bray cherishes the friends
                                                                                skills to help students file necessary
                                                                                paperwork. “Basically I handled the
                                                                                graduate student records from the
Sciences, and HTM, they reiterated     she made in Stone Hall. “I met           time they applied until graduation,”
the following ACE charges:             a lot of people that I considered        she says.
    Active Engagement: The center      family after awhile,” says Ms. Bray,
serves communities, tourism            who retired in July. “I actually saw     Over the three decades she worked
organizations, and businesses with     them more than I saw my family           in Stone Hall, Ms. Bray witnessed
practical and up-to-date expertise     on a daily basis.” But while she likes   a few changes, from the disappear-
and skills.                            catching up on office news, the          ance of the parking lot behind the
    Creative Discovery: The            former graduate secretary relishes       building to the subsequent loss of
center advances the science of         her new sense of freedom.                dinner service in the HTM Cafete-
tourism and hospitality through                                                 ria (“Older people used to come,
multidisciplinary scholarship.         “Getting up and watching the clock       but when there was no longer a
    Experiential Learning: The         to make sure I was ready on time,        parking lot, that clientele dropped
center develops students’ lifelong     I don’t miss that at all,” she says.     off a lot,” she says), to the trans-
learning skills through hands-on       “Now I can wake up at 7 and read         formation of menu items from
research and prepares them for real    the newspaper; I love it.”               what she calls “Hoosier cooking”
world challenges.                                                               to healthier, more internationally
                                       Ms. Bray joined Purdue Univer-           oriented options.
The center has recently started the    sity in 1979 after 10 years with the
research component of the rede-        National Homes Acceptance Cor-           Still, she says, the department has
velopment and expansion of the         poration. The Southwestern High          remained surprisingly much the
34-acre fairgrounds property in        School graduate had been a super-        same as it was when she began. “We
Lafayette. Led by Donald An-           visor in the collections department,     didn’t see a lot of change; there are
derson, the research includes an       filing FHA and VA loan paperwork         still people in our department who
expansion feasibility analysis and     with the federal government and          came the same year as I did,” she
marketing plan.                        working with field representatives       explains. “I think that’s what’s made
                                       to help mortgage holders get their       us so successful.”

8        The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Department Update
                                                                                                             FALL 2009

New chef serves elegant                 Petkov journeyed north to                 practice, undergraduate and
                                        Dubrulle Culinary French Institu-         graduate teaching, and market
meals at Westwood                       tion in Vancouver, British                research. Now the successful
                                        Columbia, where he studied French         businesswoman and educator is
     van Petkov

I    has stirred
     up mouth-
watering dishes
                                        Culinary and Pastries. Then he
                                        worked in Vancouver, Pacific Pali-
                                        sades, and Chicago before becom-
                                        ing an executive chef with Sodexo
                                                                                  thrilled to bring her expertise to

                                                                                  “I’ve joined an exemplary HTM
in Chile and
                                        Education Market.                         faculty here — a world-class body
                                                                                  of educators that are very intention-
grilled lamb
                                        From 2005 to 2009, he worked in           al about giving students the abso-
chops in
                                        Sodexo’s Education Market,                lute best we have to offer,” says Dr.
Barcelona, and Ivan Petkov
                                        developing new concepts in food           Sydnor-Bousso, who joined HTM
whipped up
                                        trends in college campus and K-12         in August as an assistant professor.
soufflés in Vancouver. Now he’s
                                        settings throughout the Midwest.          “I couldn’t have landed in a better
bringing his global experiences
                                        Now, after four years of adhering to      place.”
to Purdue University, where he
                                        the USDA’s stringent school-lunch
supervises students in creating
                                        guidelines, Chef Petkov is up for         Dr. Sydnor-Bousso comes from
elegant meals.
                                        the challenge of mixing taste and         The Ohio State University, where
                                        elegance with wellness for Purdue’s       she completed a PhD in hospital-
“Westwood is primarily my focus,
                                        health-conscious president.               ity management. She also holds an
being chef to the president and
                                                                                  MBA from the University of Miami,
working with students on really
                                        “How do you fix a tuna salad, for         Florida, and a bachelor’s
high-end events,” says the new
                                        instance?” he says. “Sauté vegeta-        degree in packaging engineering
HTM chef instructor and special
                                        bles in olive oil, add it to the tuna,    from Michigan State University.
events chef. It’s a far cry from his
                                        and mix well. The olive oil gives it
backpacking days, when he em-
                                        the binding effect. Healthy, it’s com-    The founder of Strategy on Pur-
ployed his culinary skills to fuel
                                        mon sense.”                               pose, a Columbus, Ohio-based
his cross-continental photography
                                                                                  consulting company, Dr. Sydnor-
                                                                                  Bousso focuses her academic
                                                                                  research on firm survival, growth,
A native of Chicago, Chef Petkov
took his first restaurant job at the
                                        Assistant professor                       and decline. She also has investi-
                                                                                  gated consumer branding evalua-
age of 14, flipping pancakes at         brings three decades of                   tions, categorizations, and prefer-
IHOP. After earning a bachelor’s
degree in photography and the arts      experience to HTM                         ences of QSR. She looks forward to
                                                                                  working alongside researchers who
at Columbia College, he headed out              andra Sydnor-Bousso has
on a multi-year expedition across
South America and Europe.

“I cooked and washed dishes to pay
                                        S       almost
                                        years combined
                                                                                  are pursuing practical and long-
                                                                                  term results for both academia and

                                        experience with                           “The University’s focus on techno-
my way,” Chef Petkov says. “But         quick service                             logical leadership and inspired in-
eventually, I discovered that cuisine   restaurant                                novation speaks volumes to better
was my true calling.”                   (QSR) and                                 futures being created here, for the
                                        entrepreneurial                           state and the country,” she says.
                                                           Sandra Sydnor-Bousso

                            The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management                          9
Department Update
                                                                                                          FALL 2009

Newly promoted                         spare time working on advanced         property opened for the season, I
                                       degrees. Since completing his PhD      would train the college students,
faculty member boasts                  in August, he has been promoted to     run the restaurant for five to six
international resume                   assistant professor in HTM.            months, then close and pack it up,”
                                                                              he says.
            hen Carl Behnke was a

                                       While Dr. Behnke is not hanging up
            young man, becoming        his toque for good, he is focusing     “It’s a lot like having semesters, get-
            a professor was the        more on education now. Along with      ting college students, training them,
farthest thing from his mind.          teaching and pursuing research, he     then by the time they become really
Pursuing                               will continue offering culture-        polished at their jobs, they leave
higher                                 and-cuisine tours of Europe.           and we start all over.”
beyond an                              “My passion is still study-abroad,”    As the instructor for the capstone
associate’s                            he says. “I want more students to      food service course, HTM 492,
degree, in fact,                       see the world.”                        Chef Roberson supervises students
was something                                                                 on weeknights as they serve house
he never                                                                      specialties like crawfish and grits,
considered         Carl Behnke                                                tomato bisque, and Indiana duck
until his 30s,                         From national parks to                 in the John Purdue Room in Stone
when he had                                                                   Hall.
a wife, two kids, and a desire to do
                                       the JPR: a former HTM
something new and different.           instructor returns                     “This is a management lab —
                                                                              students have to run the restaurant,
                                                unning restaurants at
Surprisingly, the chef discovered
that higher education was not only
beneficial, but also fun. “I had a
really positive experience and
                                       R        national parks in Montana
                                                and Wyoming and resorts
                                       in Arizona may
                                                                              plan menus and specials, prepare
                                                                              food, do the scheduling, and man-
                                                                              age the restaurant,” he says. “This
                                                                              night class is more advanced than
learned that I actually enjoyed        not seem to                            the day class. I generally have them
learning,” says Dr. Behnke, who        have much in                           right before they graduate.”
completed his bachelor’s degree at     common with
the Culinary Institute of America in   supervising                            A graduate of HTM’s master’s
1996, just before becoming special     a student-                             degree program and a current PhD
events chef and HTM chef instruc-      run bistro                             candidate, Chef Roberson also
tor at Purdue.                         in Indiana.                            completed a three-year apprentice-
                                       But Robby          Robby Roberson      ship at the Cloister off the coast of
“I took one semester off, then         Roberson                               Georgia. He returned this fall to
started on a master’s and never re-    says there’s a                         Purdue after two years as an assis-
ally stopped.”                         surprising similarity.                 tant professor at Eastern Michigan
                                                                              University. “I taught this class from
Before joining the staff of Purdue,    “I would go into the property and      2001 to 2007, either as a graduate
Dr. Behnke worked in such ven-         have two weeks to familiarize my-      assistant or as an instructor,” Chef
ues as New Orleans, Las Vegas,         self,” says Chef Roberson, currently   Roberson says. “I am very happy to
and Switzerland. Once in West          a visiting instructor in HTM.          be back.”
Lafayette, he spent much of his        “Then about three days before the

10        The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
                                                                                                                                                                 FALL 2009

Sushi classes, kimonos highlight Asia trip
        olk villages, sushi, and

F       the DMZ were highlights
        of the first study-abroad
trip to East Asia (including Korea
and Japan). Eleven students
accompanied Shawn Jang on the
two-week trip, which took place in

“The program was designed to
help students learn about the food,
culture, and tourism of both coun-
tries,” says Dr. Jang.

“Combining hospitality with a
focus on culture and tourism cre-
ates an interdisciplinary program                          Shawn Jang and his study-abroad group pose with their Asian hosts.
that would encourage personal and
professional development on the                            As part of a food-making program,                            college students when we visited
part of students.”                                         students visited the city of Jeonju                          Rikkyo University in Japan.”
                                                           and attended a Bibimbab (rice with
Students experienced various                               mixed vegetables) class. They also                           Christopher Sheeren, a junior
historic and cultural sites including                      attended a sushi-making class and                            studying consumer sciences and
Yongin Folk Village in Korea, the                          made their own sushi for lunch.                              retailing, adds, “I still remember
Edo-Tokyo Museum, and temples                                                                                           the beauty of a Japanese kimono I
in Japan. They also visited the DMZ                        During the two-week program, stu-                            put on. This study-abroad program
(Demilitarized Zone) of Korea,                             dents attended seminars to discuss                           helped me appreciate the culture
experiencing the tension between                           the histories and cultures of both                           and history of Eastern Asia.”
North and South Korea.                                     countries. They also visited univer-
                                                           sities in Korea and Japan.

                                                           Eunice Hwang, HTM sophomore,
                                                           says the trip was an eye-opening
                                                           experience for her.

                                                           “I love meeting new people and
                                                           connecting with them to under-
                                                           stand how they live and what
                                                           unique differences they possess,”                           The group learned about traditional as well as modern
Students crafted their own lunches during a sushi-making                                                               culture on their East Asia journey.
                                                           she explains. “To me, it was a great
                                                           opportunity to talk with Japanese

                                         The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management                                                                     11
                                                                                                                                                  FALL 2009

Students explore Argentina and Chile
          n the morning of May 8,

O         14 Purdue students set out
          from O’Hare International
Airport for Buenos Aires for a one-
month study-abroad program in
Argentina and Chile. Howard Adler
led the group, assisted by Matt
Mosley, PhD student in HTM.

“The first 10 days were spent in the
capital city of Buenos Aires,” says
Grace O’Rourke, an HTM student
on the trip.

“It is a huge city similar to New
York City with massive buildings,
people buzzing around everywhere,      Students enjoyed tango lessons, world-famous waterfalls, and wineries on their visit to Argentina and Chile.
fast taxi-cab drivers, and enormous
billboards with flashy lights and
crazy slogans.”                        of Phantom of the Opera. Instruc-                               students. The last stop in Argentina
                                       tors also brought in guest speakers                             was spent in the city of Mendoza,
The group was the first to stay        who shared their knowledge about                                where the group visited the sur-
downtown at the new Eurobuild-         culture, music, and dance.                                      rounding wine country. While
ing Hotel, which is partially owned                                                                    there, they toured three wineries.
by Marco Zarikian, Purdue alum-        The next part of the trip was a
nus. Students celebrated the grand     highlight for many of the students.                             For the last leg of the trip, the group
opening alongside 300 dignitaries.     They traveled to Iguazu, one of                                 flew to Santiago, Chile, toured the
                                       Argentina’s most important eco-                                 city, and traveled to Valparaiso,
In Buenos Aires, students enjoyed a    tourism spots.                                                  which is built in the hillsides. Stu-
city tour, tango shows and lessons,                                                                    dents enjoyed the fresh seafood and
a tour of the Recoleta Cemetery,       Students spent three days explor-                               explored the beautiful country.
art museums, and an all-day trip to    ing Iguazu Falls and a lush green
an estancia (a working horse ranch     park that was full of butterflies,                              As a whole, the group loved expe-
with real gauchos).                    monkeys, toucans, and other native                              riencing the different cultures in
                                       animals. The group took a boat                                  Argentina and Chile and learn-
A majority of the Spanish classes      ride around the river and under the                             ing about the Italian and German
were held in the city at a private     falls, seeing where Brazil, Argen-                              heritage. Many students believed
school. Students learned basic         tina, and Paraguay meet.                                        the study-abroad trip was a once-
conversation skills and the language                                                                   in-a-lifetime opportunity and said
as it relates to restaurant, hotel, and The next stop was the old colonial                             they will never forget the unique
tourism. While there, the students      city of Córdoba, home of the largest                           experience.
went to a Spanish-language version university, with more than 100,000

12        The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
                                                                                                                                          FALL 2009

New professor honored Faculty member, PhD                                                                       tures of the hotel industry: maturity
                                                                                                                mismatching between property,
with Cohen Award                    graduate share best                                                         plant, and equipment (PPE) and
                                                                                                                short-term liabilities; adjusting the
     i Miao, assistant professor in research paper award

L      HTM, is this year’s recipient
       of the Arnold I. Cohen
Faculty Development Award. She
                                                                 ooCheong (Shawn) Jang,
                                                                 associate professor, and
                                                                 Hugo Tang, Purdue PhD
                                                                                                                funding sources of inventories
                                                                                                                according to the internal and
                                                                                                                external environments; and high
                                                                                                                dependency of operating assets on
was honored in September at the
                                                         graduate and assistant professor                       stockholder’s equity.
Career Day luncheon.
                                                         at Oklahoma State University,
                                                         received the W. Bradford Wiley                         The paper was co-authored with
                                                         Memorial Best Research Paper of                        Ming-Hsiang Chen at National
                                                         the Year Award at the International                    Chung Cheng University in Taiwan.
                                                         CHRIE Annual Conference held in
                                                         San Francisco, California.

                                                         The paper, “Financing behaviors of                     Honoree reflects on
                                                         hotel companies,” published in the
                                                         International Journal of Hospitality
                                                                                                                teaching philosophy
                                                         Management (2008, Volume 27, pp.                               ooCheong (Shawn) Jang
Li Miao accepts a teaching award from the Cohen family
while HTM Head Rich Ghiselli looks on.
                                                         478–487), was selected by I-CHRIE
                                                         from among those published at
                                                         hospitality and tourism journals
                                                         during 2008.
                                                                                                                S       was recognized by the
                                                                                                                        College of Consumer and
                                                                                                                Family Sciences as the recipient of
The Cohen Award was established                                                                                 the 2008–2009 Mary L. Matthews
in 2003 to support HTM professors                                                                               Outstanding Teaching Award.
                                                         The paper examined the financing                       Dr. Jang teaches undergraduate
in advancing their industry knowl-
                                                         characteristics of hotel companies                     courses in accounting and financial
edge and expertise.
                                                         during 1990–2004, using canoni-                        management.
                                                         cal correlation analyses. The study,
It’s named in memory of Arni I.
                                                         investigating the interrelationships                   To explain his view on teaching, Dr.
Cohen, the beloved local com-
                                                         between cross-balance sheet                            Jang stated, “Teaching is an impor-
munity leader who founded Arni’s
                                                         accounts of hotel companies,                           tant part of my academic life. As
                                                         discovered unique financing fea-                       a teacher, I consider it my duty to
The Cohen family presents the                                                                                   encourage students to think criti-
award each fall, based on proposals                                                                             cally and analytically about issues
submitted by HTM faculty.                                                                                       around us. The critical and analyti-
                                                                                                                cal way of thinking will further
Dr. Miao will use the funds to                                                                                  develop their lives.”
study consumers’ pro-environmen-
tal behaviors in hospitality settings.                                                                          He added, “This prestigious teach-
Results of the project will provide                                                                             ing award encourages and moti-
better understanding on sustain-                                                                                vates me to continuously make
ability in the hospitality industry                                                                             efforts to become a better teacher.”
from a consumer’s perspective.                           Shawn Jang and Hugo Tang received a best paper award
                                                         in San Francisco.

                                        The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management                                         13
                                                                                                                                        FALL 2009

Prof, student win two                                  Asia Pacific Forum on Graduate
                                                       Research and Education in Seoul,
best-paper awards                                      Korea. They received the Best
          wangmin Park, HTM                            Paper Award for their paper, “Firm

K         doctoral student, and
          SooCheong (Shawn)
Jang, associate professor, received
                                                       Size-Growth Puzzles: Examining
                                                       the U.S. Restaurant Industry.”

the Best Paper Award at the 15th
Asia Pacific Tourism Association
(APTA) Annual Conference held in                       Aspiring event planner                   Lauren Burkitt accepts a check for $15,000 from NACE.
July in Incheon, Korea. Their paper,                   wins NACE scholarship
“The Effect of Insider Ownership                                                                president of the Foundation of
                                                               auren Burkitt, a junior in the

on Firm Performance,” was selected                                                              NACE, at the annual convention in
from among more than 200.                                      Department of Hospitality        Charlotte, North Carolina.
                                                               and Tourism, is the 2009
Using cross-sectional and panel                        recipient of a $15,000 scholarship
two-stage least square (2SLS) GMM                      from the Foundation of the
estimation methods for linear and                      National Association of Catering         Darden continues
non-linear models, the researchers                     Executives (NACE). NACE is the
found that restaurant firm per-                        oldest and largest association in the    support of executive in
formance increased until insider                       world and encompasses all aspects        classroom series
ownership was between 38% and                          of the catering industry.
                                                                                                         nce again this fall, the
40%; it decreased after that point.
In addition, while convergence-
of-interests are effective, an exces-
sive granting of stock options or
                                                       “Lauren is one of the top students
                                                       in the HTM department, and we
                                                       are very proud that she has received
                                                                                                O        Darden Restaurants
                                                                                                         Foundation provided
                                                                                                funding for several industry
awards to managers could weaken                        this great honor,” said Richard          executives to visit HTM.
firm performance due to entrench-                      Ghiselli, HTM department head.
ment effects.                                          “Lauren has a perfect 4.0 grade          The 2009 schedule for the Darden
                                                       point average and is active in many      Series: Executives in the Classroom
Before the APTA conference, Mr.                        HTM and Purdue organizations,            included Three Carpenter, general
Park and Dr. Jang attended the                         such as Career Day board, the Black      manager of Dallas Country Club in
                                                       Tie Dinner, and others.”                 Texas; Kristi Nyhof, vice president
                                                                                                of operations, Longhorn Steak-
                                                       Dr. Ghiselli added, “Lauren is a         house Regional, Darden Restau-
                                                       leader and she has great things          rants Inc.; Richard (Dick) Eisen-
                                                       ahead of her. We are very proud of       barth, vice president of Theodore
                                                       her accomplishments.”                    Barber & Company; Steve Bauman,
                                                                                                vice president of talent acquisition,
                                                       Ms. Burkitt aspires to become a          Marriott International Inc.; Judy
                                                       wedding and event planner at a           Thomas, director of convention
                                                       large luxury hotel. She was awarded      events of Indianapolis Convention
                                                       the scholarship by Eric Ostrow,          & Visitors Association; and Bill
Shawn Jang and Kwangmin Park accept their award from   president of the Foundation of           Whiting, director of wine education
the chairman of APTA.
                                                       NACE, and Troy Conklin, vice             for Banfi Vinters.

14             The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Alumni Update
                                                                                                                              FALL 2009

‘88                                           ‘01                                             ‘06
Sean Leddy worked for Gallo Wine in Cal-      Michael Alagna is a project consultant          Kat Herfurth is the assistant general

ifornia before joining the pharmaceutical     for ADCO Manufacturing. He left the             manager for Scotty’s Brewhouse in

industry in 1990, where he spent 17 years     restaurant business to pursue a career in       Indianapolis, Indiana. E-mail: kherfurth@

with Schering-Plough. Mr. Leddy obtained      the packaging industry. He now resides

his MBA at the University of Minnesota        in Fresno, California. E-mail: malagna@

in 1997. He is currently a national account

manager with Sanofi-Aventis. E-mail:                                                           ‘07                                                                            James Matthew Dinkel holds the new

                                              ‘02                                             position of director of banquets for Star-

                                              Tom Wardrip is the branch manager for           wood Hotels & Resorts in Ft. Lauderdale,

‘89                                           Morgan Services Inc. in Arlington Heights,      Florida. E-mail:

Kimberly J. Schwarzkopf is a business         Illinois. He is working on his MBA at

analyst for John Deere Construction and       DePaul University in Chicago. E-mail:

Forestry Company in Moline, Illinois. She                     ‘08
is married to Chris (CSR-Purdue ’92) and                                                      Stacey Smith is the director and assistant

they have a 13-year-old daughter, Chelsea.                                                    professor of the tourism and hospitality

Mrs. Schwarzkopf is a certified Six Sigma     ‘05                                             management program at Fort Hays State

Black Belt with ASQ and won the 2008–         Jacqueline B. (Bowers) Segafredo is a           University in Hays, Kansas. She and her

2009 General Federation of Women’s Clubs      national admissions advisor for Colorado        husband, Shane, have a three-year-old son,

Junior Service Award. E-mail: schwarzkop-     Technical University Online in Hoffman          Jalen, and are expecting another baby in                      Estates, Illinois. She has been with the uni-   January.

                                              versity since January 2007. She still plans

                                              on opening a bed and breakfast one day.

                                              She was married in October 2008 in Las

                                              Vegas. E-mail:

                              The Boilerplate: Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management                                       15
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                                    and Tourism Management                                                                  PAID
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                                    West Lafayette, IN 47907-2059

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Marriott International Inc.    Vice President-Design/Build
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                               Las Vegas, NV                    Regional Director of Operations   due University, Stone Hall, 700 W. State St.,
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                                 (Retired)                      College of Consumer and
Jack Quinn                     Sodexo School Services             Family Sciences
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