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Bowen Residents Action Group


									        Bowen Residents Action Group
Issue 2, No3           November / December 2009

IN THIS ISSUE                                                           Just a Note
1       Important Contact Numbers                         Welcome to the Third newsletter for 2009
1       Just a Note                                       from the Bowen Residents Action Group.
                                                          These newsletters will be produced every
1       Bowen Residents Action Group Meeting’s
                                                          few months so you will be informed
1       Update of activities in the area
2       BBQ Facts
                                                               Bowen Residents Action
2       Total Fire Bans in NSW
                                                                   Meeting Information.
        Internet address that are useful

                                                                   Spring Street Carriage Cottage
                                                                     Time And Date
                                                           Contact the Community Technology
Important Contact Numbers                                     Centre for more information
       Orange police (02) 63 63 63 99                      All members of the community are invited to
                                                                   attend any of the meetings.
       Police Assistance Line 131444
       Crimestoppers 1800 333 000
       Emergency 000                                               Bowen Residents
    Housing NSW                                                            UPDATE
    Housing Contact Centre                                    The road bridge between Spring Street
    1300468746 – Maintenance                                  and Jilba has been work on and
                                                              completion is near.
    Hearing Impaired (TTY)- 1800628310
    If an Interpreter is required (TIS) 131450
                                                                      Watch for further news.

                                           Newsletter 3 for 2009
                 BBQ Facts                                             Total Fire Bans in NSW
   The following is a guide
                                                                                   What is a 'Total Fire Ban'?
                                                                    During a Total Fire Ban, no fire may be lit in the open.
                                                                    Fire permits are suspended during a Total Fire Ban. The
                                                                    ban also applies to incinerators and barbecues which burn
       Information taken in part from the NSW
                                                                    solid fuel, such as wood and charcoal.
        Fire Brigades website
                                                                   You may use an electric barbecue, but only if:
       Be aware of, and ensure that you comply
        with, any fire restrictions that may be in                          it is under the direct control of an adult,
        place such as total fire bans                                       the ground within 2m of the barbecue is cleared
                                                                            of all materials which could burn.
       Always site a barbeque on a firm, level
                                                                    You may use a gas barbecue, but only if:
        base sheltered from wind gusts and well
        away from anything flammable like
                                                                            it is under the direct control of an adult,
        garden sheds, vegetation, fences etc                                the ground within 2m of the barbecue is cleared
                                                                            of all materials which could burn,
       Have a garden hose or similar continuous                            you have an immediate and continuous supply of
        supply of water available at all times                               water available,
                                                                           it is on a residential property within 20m of the
       Ensure that the lit barbeque is in the care                          house or dwelling, or the site has been approved
                                                                             for the purpose of a barbeque by:
        of a responsible adult at all times                                        o the local council or
       Never put any flammable liquid on a                                        o National Parks and Wildlife Service if
        barbeque                                                                        in a reserve
       Keep children away from any barbeque                                       o State Forests of NSW if in a state
        and remember to remove and secure any                                           forest.
        lighters and matches
       Only use a barbeque in a well ventilated                    How to Find out where and When a
        area as fumes and gases emitted may be                         Total Fire Ban is Declared?
       If a gas leak does occur shut off the
        cylinder immediately and allow any gas                      Fines and Penalties
        to dissipate
                                                                    Lighting a fire on a day of Total Fire Ban attracts a
                                                                    fine of up to $5,500 and/or 12 months gaol.
                                                                    Penalties for a fire that escapes and damages or
                                                                    destroys life, property or the environment can attract
Internet Address’s these are important                              much greater fines and gaol terms with maximums
                                                                    at $100,000 and/or 14 years. Civil law suits can also
Bowen Community Technology Centre                                   be brought against the person responsible for a fire                                       by those seeking compensation for losses sustained.
Bureau of meterology
                                                                            Community Technology
Emergency services in orange area                               Centre(CTC)
NSW Fire Brigades                                                           Spring Street Carriage Cottage
                                                                     63 62 85 84     
                                                    Newsletter 3 for 2009
Newsletter 3 for 2009

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