Progress Chart - DOC by chriswallace


									Progress Chart                               Name_______________________________

This chart will help you see your writing
progress. You’ll see which areas are
improving and which areas need more study.
Record the totals from the Error Chart for
each writing assignment.

Error Type                   Writing:            1   2    3   4   5   6   7   8
Fragment (frag)
Run-on sentence (r/o)
Comma splice (c/s)
Verb tense (vt)
Verb form (vf)
Singular-plural (s/p)
Subject-verb agreement (s-v)
Word choice (wc)
Word form (wf)
Word order (wo)
Preposition (prep)
Article (art)
Punctuation (punc)
Capitalization (cap)
Spelling (sp)
Unclear (?)
Total Number of Errors:

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