Dare to Care Dare ChartAgreement by chriswallace


									      Dare to Care Dare Chart/Agreement
___________________ has been dared by the officers and members of
_________________ Assembly to prove that s/he cares about Rainbow.

This „dare‟ was signed into agreement on __________, and the terms of
the dare (listed below) must all be fulfilled by one year from the above date,
or s/he has agreed to pay a „forfeit‟ donation to the Assembly's service
project funds in the amount chosen by „the dared‟ - $_________.

                            Terms of the Dare are:

This person must attend six regular Rainbow meetings during the year
(Official Visits, Installations, & other such „important‟ events will not count.)
One of these six meetings should, if possible, be with another Assembly.
For each meeting, this Dare Chart will be signed off & dat ed by the WA or
MA, with a note stating what kind of meeting it was (initiation, balloting,
business, etc.)

S/he must attend three fundrais ers, fun events, or other Rainbow function
(Grand Assembly does NOT count, unless s/he is a driver or other kind of
help). These events also require that this Dare Chart be signed off & dated
by the WA or MA. The „freebie fundraiser‟ events do NOT count.

S/he must dare at least one other Mas on, Star, Amaranth or Majority
member (who has not been „dared‟ before) to care about their loc al
Assembly, and get them signed up. Dare Chart must be filled out &
initialed by the WA or MA.

S/he must invite one prospective member (relative OK) to attend an
Assembly function that is open to prospective members (see WA or MA for
details). S/he must introduce their guest to the Assembly members.

              In return, the members of the Assembly agree to:

Always be friendly and cheerful to this person, making him/her feel
welcome, at all Rainbow & other Masonic functions, or if they cross paths

Keep him/her informed as to what's going on in each term (either by
providing a term calendar, telephoning, or both, preferably.)

Letting him/her have one „freebie fundraiser‟ of the WA's choice, for each
term (of which there are _____ per year), and advising him/her well in
advance of the event/sale.

                                 ______________________, Worthy Advisor

                                     ______________________, „The Dared‟
       Dare to Care Dare Chart/Agreement
If the following items are all filled in successfully, your name will be added
            to the „Winners List‟ displayed in our Assembly Room.


        Date    Assembly    Meeting type (ex: regular, balloting). Initials
   1   ______   _________   __________________________ _________
   2   ______   _________   __________________________ _________
   3   ______   _________   __________________________ _________
   4   ______   _________   __________________________ _________
   5   ______   _________   __________________________ _________
   6   ______   _________   __________________________ _________

                  Fundraiser/Fun Trip/Other function:

     Date    Assembly Type of event                 Initials
   1 ______ _________ __________________________ _________
   2 ______ _________ __________________________ _________
   3 ______ _________ __________________________ _________

        Other Mason/Star/Amaranth/Majority Member ‘dared’:
        (must have signed up with same Assembly, or have proof
         of signup if with another Assembly using “Dare to Care”)

             Name: ________________________________

                    Affiliation (can be more than one):
                Mason OES Amaranth Majority Member

                      WA or MA initals: __________

        Prospective Member: _____________________________

         E vent: ______________________ Date: ________<p>

                    WA or MA initals: __________<p>

            ‘Fundraiser Freebies’ are signed off on back of
                        your membership card.

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