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                                                           Instead, nurse them through these illnesses with
AMONGST THE FABRICATIONS                                   plenty of fluids, avoidance of dairy products, rest
The meningococcus bacterium - Neisseria
                                                           and supportive therapies such as homoeopathy.
meningitidis lives in the nose/throat area of human
                                                           They will then come through the episode stronger
beings and is spread by coughs, sneezes and splutters.
                                                           and fitter rather than weaker and damaged....
It is endemic within society, affecting up to one in six   WOULD I USE THIS                VACCINE        ON    MY
of us, without causing any symptoms unless the             CHILDREN? NO " (1)
carrier is immuno-compromised by vaccines,                    There is no evidence that any vaccine is safe or
antibiotics, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, steroids     effective : the only large-scale trial - on the BCG -
etc or, indirectly, by consuming substances - meat,        resulted in more TB in the vaccinated group than in
dairy produce, eggs etc, - which have residues of          the controls. Artificially raising levels of antibodies
vaccines, antibiotics etc.                                 ("immunogenicity") to the meningitis C - or whatever
    Meningococcal bacterial groups range from A-Z :        - does not create immunity. Recently, in Switzerland,
the ones considered malign are A,B,C,W135 and Y.           three mumps vaccines which raised antibody levels
    When the bacteria leave the nose/throat and invade     failed to show any suggestion of "immunisation". (2)
the blood stream the result is septicaemia : if the          Echoing the 1994 measles/rubella vaccine dumping
brain/spinal cord is affected the result is meningitis.    scam, in September 1999 the government began an
  "Once you have 'carried' any of the                      "urgent" campaign to jab university students with a
meningococci, you develop protective antibodies            meningitis vaccine.
to ALL of the groups."(1) This does NOT include              What the students were not told was that the
people who suffered an invasive process i.e. disease       whole stunt was dreamed up to off-load stocks
such as meningitis or septicaemia. These develop           of old vaccine, first developed 20 years ago,
immunity to the specific agent ONLY. Nor does it           which was known to be of no use. This left the
include those who have been vaccinated against any         shelves clear to stock up on the equally useless,
particular strain.                                         but highly profitable, new meningitis shot.
   "Earlier this century a lot of disease was caused       "There are limited supplies of the new vaccines so
by group A. From the 1960s most disease was                they are not being offered to students but to 2, 3
caused by group B. What has changed                        and 4-month old babies who really needed them."
dramatically in the last ten years is the percentage       DoH spokesman (3)
of disease caused by group C. It is up from 30% to           This was after the medical/pharmaceutical/political
40%. It is causing more disease in older age               mafia and their media lackeys had hysterically
groups, especially 15-24 year-olds in whom the             declared that it was the students who "really needed
death-rate is higher (15%...compared to 5% in              them".
infants...)..and there are more cases of septicaemia        (1) Dr Jayne M L Donegan MB BS DRCOG DCH
(up to 70% in one series of deaths)....What has            MRCGP        General Medical Practitioner         South
been happening to these people's immune systems            London (2) BMJ 1999 319 352-3                 (3) Tony
over the last ten years or so? (1)                         Edwards WDDTY Nov 1999
    In 1988 the MMR vaccine was introduced : three            "At least 11 children have died shortly after being
live viral vaccines all by-passing the body's immune       vaccinated against meningitis...doctors have reported
system and going straight into the blood stream.           ...16,000 adverse reactions...a tendency to under report
  "On top of this we had the Measles Rubella               could mean that the true figure is up to ten times
Campaign in 1994 when about seven million five to          higher... 'Babies are suffering fits and fevers...children
sixteen year olds were vaccinated - some for the second    are hit by blackouts and splitting headaches which last
and third time against measles. These are some of the      for weeks...They are giving this to babies at the same
people who are going through university now. They          time as vaccinations for diphtheria, whooping cough,
will have also had another dose of Tetanus and Polio       tetanus, polio, and HIB meningitis. Their immune
vaccine just before starting. When I heard about the 14    systems are not properly developed but they are being
year old boy who died of group C meningitis I              forced to cope with six diseases at once.' " D. Mail 28 8
remember wondering how soon beforehand he had had          00
his BCG vaccination (another vaccine with a 'live'         Saxon Squires, 3, of Ashington, Northumberland, was
organism)....                                              vaccinated with the menn. C potion and died on Jan 1
 How can we make it less likely that a meningococcus       2001 of meningococcal septicaemia. D Express Jan 5
that our child is "carrying" will invade the blood or      01
brain? By making sure that our child has a good diet,      Two 3-month olds died in Dec 01, of meningitis,
lots of fresh air and love.
                                                           after being jabbed with the men. C shot. D Mail
                                                           Jan 5 02
  When our child gets coughs and snuffles, don't           BLOOD POISON - vaccine assault on the species 32
let them have unnecessary antibiotics, don't               -page booklet £1.75 post paid Pat Rattigan
suppress their symptoms with paracetomol or                NEMESIS PO Box 73 CHESTERFIELD S41 0YZ

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