th November vaccine jab by benbenzhou


th November vaccine jab

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									Scoil Eoin Baiste                                                       St. John the Baptist School
Buachaillí Sóisearacha,                                                               Junior Boys,
Bóthar Ghort na Mara,                                                               Seafield Road,
Cluain Tarbh,                                                                              Clontarf,
Átha Cliath 3.                                                                            Dublin 3.
                                                                         Telephone: 01 8336539
                                                                                    Fax: 8533045
                                                                                   21st January 2010.
Dear Parents,

        A happy new year to you all and may 2010 be a better year for all of us. It cannot be as gloomy
as 2009, or am I tempting fate to say this?
Well done to all those boys who fought their way into school on 7th and 8th January. You were great to
brave the snow and ice. We had an attendance of 80% of normal on both days.
Now to what‟s happening soon around here:-

         Reptile Zoo! This is a mobile unit from the Reptile Village in Gowran, Co. Kilkenny, and it will
be visiting us on Monday and Tuesday next 25th and 26th January. Every class will have a 50 minute
session with the educational team. Between 12 and 15 animals will be in the hall “ranging from Leopard
Tortoise to Boa Constrictors, Giant African Millipedes to Madagascar Day Geckos”. The boys will be
able to hold some animals, touch others and view others in their special containers. The children will be
taught a little about each animal and where it comes from; they will get the opportunity to get closer to
animals they would normally see on T.V. or in books and they will learn a little about conservation and
the importance of animals in the wild. I‟m looking forward to this! Safety and hygiene are a priority and
I have reprinted the organisation‟s safety statement in this newsletter. If you consider this experience
unsuitable for your child, just let me or his teacher know in advance.
       Swine ‘Flu Vaccinations: Hot on the trail of the reptiles comes the needle jab to protect us from
the Swine „flu. The H.S.E. will be setting up its vaccination centre in the Girls‟ School Hall on Tuesday
26th, and we will be vaccinated on 27th or 28th. A swine „flu information leaflet and consent form
accompanies this newsletter. Every parent/guardian is asked to complete the consent/treatment form and
indicate whether you are giving or refusing consent. Please return this form to us as soon as possible, but
no later than 27th January, particularly if you wish your child to be vaccinated. The information section
has been updated since this was first printed. I received a letter on January 18th (dated December 10th)
and I was asked to pass on the updated information: “At the end of last week, based on new clinical data
from here and from the rest of Europe, the Dept. of Health, the HSE and the Irish Medicines Board were
able to take a decision that one dose of the Pandemrix vaccine will now be enough to protect all people
over 6 months from Swine Flu, the only exception being people who are immunocompromised.
Feedback from parents has been that moving to one dose is more convenient, and the reassurance that one
dose offers sufficient protection has been welcomed by our clinical staff.
There is a second vaccine provided through some HSE clinics for any children with severe egg allergy,
called Celvapan, and for this vaccine 2 doses are still required.”

       Quiz ‘10: Our annual fundraiser and fun night out will take place on Friday March 12th. I hope
that as many of you as possible will assist in making this as big. Your support is sought in raising
Sponsorship money. Perhaps you are in a position to give sponsorship yourself or to get it from your
company or employer. Quiz rounds may be sponsored for €100 and your business or company will have
its name/logo displayed on the screen and printed on the quiz answer sheets.
Tables cost €60 should be booked now and teams may have up to six members each. Experience tells us
that tables get snapped up quickly so don‟t leave it too late if you intend to have a go at becoming the
swots champions of Clontarf. Tables must be paid for in advance. Those able to help with sponsorship
should contact Marguerite our Secretary or phone Seán O Neill at 086-8035739. Donations of gifts for
the raffle are also very welcome.
       Frásaí na míosa: These phrases have a Winter theme and I shall be using them as passwords to
get into the hall!
Tá an Geimhreadh linn.        Winter is here.
Tá sé fuar.                   It is cold.
Cuir ort do chóta.            Put on your coat.
Bain díot do chóta.           Take off your coat.
Tá cóta orm.                  I‟m wearing a coat.
Tá geansaí orm.               I‟m wearing a jumper
Tá hata agus scairf orm.      I‟m wearing a hat and scarf.
Tá bríste orm.                I‟m wearing trousers.
Tá bróga orm.                 I‟m wearing shoes.

      Coats and Jackets and Laces: Now that the weather is colder the necessity for zipping
up/buttoning up coats and jackets is all the more obvious. Many children particularly those in
Junior/Senior Infants are not able to zip up their coats and while teachers do take time out to help, they
cannot zip up all the boys every time they go outdoors. Zipped coats are not designed for small hands
and little fingers, so I am asking that parents consider having some velcro sewn on so that children can
keep the coat closed. You could try teaching junior how to manage the zip i.e. getting the zip into the
correct position before zipping up! If your child cannot tie his laces, then he should not be wearing laced
footwear at all. Please supply him with Velcro fastening shoes until such time as he can tie his own laces.
Another thing which needs your attention:- many coats do not have that little semi-circle of cloth at the
neck, the loop, which enables the child to hang it up. Without that loop coats often fall to the floor where
they can be walked on, or the children simply throw them up on top of the coat rack, which makes it very
difficult for the next child to find the hook. So please, check your child‟s coat and see to it that a
hanging-up loop is attached.

        Singing in the Hall: Our community singing has recommenced and we are learning and
practising songs to do with winter, as we will be holding a “Winter Assembly” at the end of the month.
Mr. McGuire and I will be expecting all the boys to be present by 8.45 a.m.

        Córfhéile na Scoileanna: Now in its 54th year, this non-competitive music festival for children
will be held in the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght from 8th – 12th March. We will be represented
by our First and Second Classes. The Firsts are preparing a recorder band while the Seconds will present
a Ceol Dráma entitled “An Piscín Caillte” (The Lost Kitten). More on this in due course.

                               BELGROVE JUNIOR BOYS
                            TABLE QUIZ - Friday 12th March
                                     Please book _____ table(s)
Name______________________________ Phone Number_______________________
Child's Name _______________________Room No.___________
Amount enclosed € _________ cheque/cash
        Board of Management (forward notice): The A.G.M. between the Board of Management and
the Parents will be held in the hall on Tuesday 23rd February. The A.G.M. of the Parents Association
will also be held on that evening and will be part of the overall meeting.
The members of the board are:
Patron:        Dr. Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin.
Chairman:      Mr. Kevin Hoy                         086 2050680
Treasurer:     Ms. Margaret McLoughlin               086 3674748
               Mr. Ciarán Doran                      087 2679155
               Mrs. Laura Broy                       087 4136559
               Mrs. Áine Duffy                       087 7709703
               Fr. Cormac McIlraith, P.P.            086 8217682
               Mr. Brian Curtis                      086 2585330
Secretary:     Mr. Vincent Conway                    8336539/
                                                     086 3579583

     Irish Dancing Lessons: Get out those dancing pumps for your boys! From Monday 1st February,
Rhona Lacey will be taking all the boys for Irish dancing lessons. Each class will have six lessons, one
each week for six weeks, and we hope that all the boys will have great fun getting to know the basic
steps: one, two three, four, five, six, seven, one two three, -, one, two three etc…. I‟m sure there must be
a budding Michael Flatley somewhere in the 329 children! This initiative, sponsored by the Board, and
organised by Mrs. Duffy and Ms. Lacey is being undertaken as part of our P.E. programme and was a
great success when introduced for the first time last year. Outdoor P.E. sessions will continue on the
astro pitch. Any reluctant dancer should remember that having quick nippy feet and a good sense of
rhythm adds considerably to one‟s skill in field games. My father-in-law used to tell me that some of the
best hurlers he knew were also great at the Irish dancing. (Maybe he was „pulling my leg‟…..)

         Information Technology (I.T.) news: Our sincere thanks again to the Knott Family for the
donation of six more powerful computers which will help us to upgrade our old stock and save us the cost
of purchasing such machines ourselves.
Repairs, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting: As you know, we have six interactive white boards in use in
the school. This will rise to twelve in due course. This expansion of I.T. in the school brings with it an
ever increasing maintenance burden both in terms of the need for rapid repairs and the costs involved.
Maintenance costs can be quite high, and while we will call in the experts when necessary, we are aware
that there is a great deal of expertise and experience among you the parents. Perhaps a number of you
would be willing to join a volunteer group which would carry out routine repairs etc. to our I.T. stock? If
sufficient numbers were to sign up for this „maintenance meitheal‟ then your turn to help out should not
come around too often. This would be a very practical way of helping your child‟s school. If interested,
please fill out and return the form below.


                            Repairs, Maintenance, Trouble Shooting

Name ____________________________                            Phone No: __________________

Child’s Class or Teacher ________________________________
        Enrolments for 2010: Applications for enrolment in Junior Infants for September 2010 should
be made now. The closing date is 31st January next. Application forms are available from the Secretary‟s
office or may be downloaded from the school website

           Temple Bar Trad Fest 27th-31st January ’10: This is organised by the traders in the area and
since its inception in 2006 the number of family events has grown. There will be pipe bands, parades,
concerts, céilís, street performances, photo exhibition, movies on the Square, Siamsa Cois Life (Irish
music and dance), Tradfest playground, puppetry, Young European Strings, Kilfenora Céilí Band, cultural
I have 4 programmes of events if anyone would like to call and collect! Otherwise you can get all
information at:                          email to
phone 677 2397.

      Dublin Parks Tennis League: Tennis coaching €20 for eight weeks for boys and girls from 6 to 17
years. Beginning Saturday 30th January 2010. Children can join in at any stage if they miss the first
registration day.
Venue: St. Anne‟s Park at tennis courts. Classes hourly from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Classes
organised by age and standard. If you do not have a racquet or ball, these will be loaned to you.
Enquiries 833 8711; email

    Dublin City Childcare Committee would like to remind all parents that there are places available in
the Government‟s Free Pre-School Year Scheme.
Phone 542 4100            Fax 542 4107             email
      Forward Notices:
      As part of „Do this in Memory‟ preparation programme for First Holy Communion 2010 – Family
       Mass on Sunday 24th January. St. Anthony‟s 10 a.m., St. Gabriel‟s 12 noon or St. John the Baptist
       10 a.m.
      Official opening of new prefabs. Tuesday 16th February. More details later.
      First Confession for 2nd class has been arranged for Saturday March 20th and will take place in
       St. Anthony’s Church at 11.30 a.m.
●      Some DVD‟s of Christmas Shows still available (€20).

                                            Yours sincerely,

                                           Vincent Conway,

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