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6th August, 2008

Blue Dragon Day

On Friday, August 22nd, we will be holding our annual fundraiser for the Blue Dragon
Children’s Foundation. This year, the format will be different with each class providing
an activity for a mini-fair. Please get behind the day to help make it a success. We
currently sponsor 11 children in the Foundation’s ‘Stay in School’ program and it would
be very pleasing if we could increase this number. If you would like more information
about the Foundation and the fantastic programs that it runs, check their website:

You may be aware that the founder of the BDCF, Michael Brosowski, took part in a
Leadership Forum which we hosted earlier this year. I have included elsewhere in this
newsletter an article about the event from the Department of Education’s newspaper,
‘Side by Side’.

‘Learning for Life’ Scholarships

Last year, with the assistance of The Smith Family, we were able to offer a number of
scholarships through their ‘Learning for Life’ Program. Fortunately, we are in a position
to, once again, offer a small number of scholarships. The scholarships provide $250 per
year to assist with the costs of sending a primary student to school and increase as
children progress to high school.

To be eligible, families must hold a Health Care Card or Pension Concession card.
Regular school attendance on the part of the child is also a prerequisite for acceptance
in the program. If you think that you may qualify and would like an application form,
please make an appointment to meet with me by the end of next week.
Keep Your Receipts!

From July 1, the Federal Government has introduced an Education Tax Refund which will
provide help with education expenses by giving refunds of up to $375 per primary
student and $750 per secondary student. Eligible expenses for this refund include
home computers, internet connection, stationary and text books. It is almost a
certainty that our text book charges will need to increase next year (for the first time
in many years) so, when the time comes, keep those receipts claim some of the costs

If you would like more information, go to www.treasurer.gov.au and click on more media
releases, then click on number 077 for the Treasurer’s press release on the subject.

Evan Campbell

Thursday 7th August                     Basic Skills Testing – Years 3 & 5
                                        Book club payment due
Monday 11th August                      School Council Meeting – 6.30pm
                                        School P & C Meeting – 7.30pm
Thursday 14th August                    Public Speaking Competition–Mannering Park PS
Friday 15th August                      K-2 Mini Olympics
                                        3-6 Spelling Bee
Wednesday 20th August                   Parent night – Band
Friday 22nd August                      Blue Dragon Day
K-2 Mini Olympic Morning

Children in Kindergarten to Year 2 will be participating in a fun
mini-Olympic morning next Friday (15th of August). This means
that normal Friday sport will change for this day only. Children
are still required to wear their sports uniform.
Thank you
Kelly Fletcher

Congratulations to the following students.

Kindy Yellow Bailey             Kindy Red    Ben
Kindy Blue   Kiri               1B           Alissandra
1MF          Cheyenne           1S           Thomas
2M           Alex               2W           Hayden
2E           Shaun              3H           Michael & Gabrielle
3Mc          Shruti & Elijah    4J           Chantell & Jake
4W           Sam                4/5B         Isabella
5A           Hannah             6H           Nil
6M          Joshua & Teagan

Next week’s assembly will be run by 1MF.


 It’s a busy week/month in the canteen with The Fruit and Vege Promotion which
started Monday and goes for the next 4 weeks.

This means whenever a purchase of a fruit or vegetable is made, sticker tokens and a
card are given out. Once the card is complete, with 4 tokens, fill in your details and
hand back into the canteen for a glow in the dark wristband – there are many colours to
collect! The cards are then sent on to Sydney Markets for the chance to win some
fantastic prizes such as a trip to Disneyland, WII etc. You can enter as many times as
you wish and collect all the colours. It is unbelievable to see how much fruit and veges
are being eaten by the children already! There will be different fruit and vege treats
each day such as Fruit Kebabs, Dip with vege sticks, Celery boats etc.
With the Olympics starting this Friday I have created an Olympics Special Menu which
is in the newsletter this week it will be available every day of the Olympics in
conjunction with the normal school menu. I hope all the children will enjoy it!!

Go Aussies Go!!

ROSTER for Thursday 7th August – Wednesday 13th August
   Thursday        Friday          Monday        Tuesday                  Wednesday
     7/08          08/08            11/08         12/08                      13/08
Mel Laver     Mel Laver           Mel Laver   Mel Laver                 Mel Laver
Meagan Pocock     Carole Sullivan    Bonnie Cooper    Sam Cooper        Lisa Vandermeel
Ngormeng Cox      Cassey Parker         Adrienne      Meagan Pocock     Cassey Parker
Peter Menzies Angela Townrow                                            Help Needed!!
Thanks Mel Laver, Canteen Co-ordinator


In Week 5 all parents and others who are interested are welcome to come to the
Library for a small concert. The band would like to perform for you. Many children will
also be playing solos and duets etc so a good night is assured.

Band Tee Shirt will be provided but all musicians will need plain black pants and shoes.

Please join us for the night.


In Week 6 Mr Wilson is holding a band recruitment night. Year 6 will be in Canberra
but others may be interested in a demonstration of instruments along with information
about joining the BAND program.

If your child is interested in taking up a lifetime hobby or just trying out, please come
with them to the staffroom at 7.00pm on Wednesday 27th August.

The band, along with the school choir and dance group, will also be performing at the
Wyong Performing Art Showcase. This will be at Wyong High School on 10th
September. More details later.

Thanks, Margaret O’Neill


Our school has been invited to join the annual CHESS COMPETITION at Wyong High
School Multi-Purpose Centre. The competition will be on Friday 19th September from
8.35am – 3.15pm. Cost is $10.00 per player to be paid before the end of August.

If your child is a keen and reasonably competent player and he or she would like to
enter, please see Mrs O’Neill this week. I will arrange a mini tournament in the library
here to find the best team.

Margaret O’Neill


Many thanks to the people who helped us earn funds for the school band last year. We
are STILL COLLECTING mobile phones – working or not.

Please help by sending yours to the bin in the office foyer.

Thanks, Margaret O’Neill
TUGGERAH PUBLIC SCHOOL                                           ABSENCE NOTE

Surname of Student: _________________________ First Name: ______________

Class: _____________________Date/s of Absence: ________________________

Reason for Absence: _________________________________________________


Signed: _______________________________ Date: _______________________

   SPECIAL Olympic
There will be a special Olympic menu starting from this Friday 8
August until Thursday 28 August. It will be available every day of
the Olympics as well as our normal school canteen menu. Please
write on your order bag your name and class and attach your
selected pack circling your choice of drink flavour &/or sauce etc.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----

Chinese Fried Rice with 2 mini spring rolls (Sweet & Sour Sauce)
Sports Playwater          (Raspberry/Blackcurrant/Fruit Tingle)
Green & Gold Jelly & Fruit

Hotdog tomato/BBQ/ Sauce)
Sports Playwater         (Raspberry/Blackcurrant/Fruit Tingle)
Green & Gold Jelly & Fruit

Chicken Tender Wrap              (Lettuce/Cheese/Tomato)
                                       (Mayo/Salsa/Sour Cream/BBQ Sauce/Tomato Sauce/No Sauce)
Sports Playwater         (Raspberry/Blackcurrant/Fruit Tingle)
Green & Gold Jelly & Fruit

Mexican Nachos           (Sour Cream/Salsa/Kidney Beans)
Sports Playwater         (Raspberry/Blackcurrant/Fruit Tingle)
Green & Gold Jelly & Fruit

Meat Pie or Sausage Roll
Sauce                    (BBQ Sauce /Tomato Sauce)
Sports Playwater         (Raspberry/Blackurt/Fruit Tingle)
Green & Gold Jelly & Fruit

Garden Salad with Chicken Tenderloin
Sports Playwater           (Raspberry/Blackcurrant/Fruit Tingle)
Green & Gold Jelly & Fruit

Lasagne or Spaghetti Bolognese
Garlic Bread
Sports Playwater         (Raspberry/Blackcurrant/Fruit Tingle)
Green & Gold Jelly & Fruit

Chicken Burger with Lettuce & Mayonnaise
Sports Playwater         (Raspberry/Blackcurrant/Fruit Tingle)
Green & Gold Jelly & Fruit

Go Aussies Go!

Dear Parents,

The Student Representative Council (SRC) is once again organising a fundraiser for the
Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. This year we will be holding a mini-fete on Friday
the 22nd August 2008.

More information will follow in future newsletters but at this stage we are seeking
volunteers to help the children run the stalls.

If you can help us out anytime from 12.20 – 2.45pm on this day please fill in the slip at
the bottom of this page and return it to Miss Williams as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Brielle Williams (Intern 1MF) and Megan Hannema (Intern Kindy Red).

I can help out at the mini-fete on Friday the 22nd August 2008.

Name: _____________________________________________________

Child’s Name: _______________________________________________

Contact Phone Number: ________________________________________
 I am available to assist from 12.20 – 2.45pm

 I am available to help out at these times: _________________________

Many thanks for your assistance. Please return this form to the office marked –
ATTENTION Miss Williams.

                           2008 Blue Dragon Day
                                  Friday 22nd August

K-2 Intensive Swimming Program
Learning to swim is an essential life skill. Children in K-2 will be
given an opportunity to visit Mingara One for an intensive 2 week
swim program. The school will go in Term 3 (Weeks 7 and 8) Monday 1st of September
through to Friday 12th of September to give our students a swimming and water safety
booster before the summer season. Children will be divided into appropriate levels
depending on their ability and confidence. Each group will have a ratio of 1:5-1:10 qualified
Austswim teachers. Classes will focus on water confidence and safety and the development
of correct swimming techniques across all strokes. The cost of the 10 1hr lessons is $40 +
$15 for bus transport. Total cost $55. The P&C Association is paying a portion of the
transport component to keep the cost minimal. Thank you P&C!
If you were doing this program outside the school the cost would be $200 for the 10
Children will require the following:
    Swimmers – under their school uniform
    Towel
    Change of underwear
    Labelled Plastic Bag / Carry bag
                 Money must be handed in before Wednesday 27th of August.
Kelly Fletcher
Assistant Principal

                      Permission note– K-2 Swimming 2008
I give permission for my child ____________________________ of class ______________
to attend Mingara One for a 10 day Intensive Swim School Program on Monday 1 st of
September through to Friday 12 September 2008.
I understand that the children will be travelling by bus to and from the centre.
I have enclosed $55 for the cost of the program and transport.
Please tick a box. My child is a:
      Non swimmer
      Poor swimmer (up to 25 metres)
      Fair swimmer (up to 50 metres)
      Strong swimmer (50 metres plus)

__________________________________                 ________________
                  Signed                            Date
FIRSTLY, we have a large volume of tracksuit pants, and some jumpers in the clothing
pool. Very useful for winter, beyond the school gates - at only $2.00 per item.

We are however always desperate for more ZIP jackets, blouses, pinafores and even
the waterproof jackets. If your child has grown out of theirs please consider donating
to the clothing pool!

We still have some sports shirts from the previous supplier in stock and we have them
on special till sold, normally $28.00 they are now $18.00 ($10.00 off!!)

SUMMER DRESSES are now on order (they take about 6 weeks to make) so if you will
be needing more summer dresses for Term 4 may I suggest you get in quick smart and
place an order to make sure you don’t miss out!

Finally a mention about our RETURNS POLICY. Under normal circumstances we do not
refund in cash, a cheque will be issued from the treasurer in cases were a refund is
necessary. If you find an item is damaged or has a fault upon getting it home, please do
not wear the item and return it ASAP for a direct swap. There is also a reasonable
length of time that we can extend returns for manufacturer’s error, but please if you
have an issue let me know as soon as you notice the problem, and we will sort it out!

Triscia von Pralitz


Tuesday:              8.30 – 8.55 am         2.20pm 2.45 pm
Thursday:             8.30 – 8.55 am         2.20pm 2.45 pm
             TERM 3 2008 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
            Week        Monday         Tuesday         Wednesday          Thursday           Friday        Saturday/
 Month                                                                                                      Sunday
                   21                  22              23                24                25              26/27
  July       1
                   Development Day
                   28                  29              30                31                1               2/3
  July       2
                   Interviews,         Interviews,     Interviews,       Basketball Gala   Interviews,
                   classes 1B, 2E,     classes 1S,     classes KY, 2M    Day               class KR
                   4/5B                3H                                Interviews,
                                                                         class KB
                   4                   5               6                 7                 8               9/10
 August      3
                   Interviews,         Basic Skills    Basic Skills      Basic Skills      Year 6
                   classes 6H, 6M      Testing-        Testing-Years     Testing-Years     Debate –v-
                                       Years 3-5       3-5               3-5               Blue Haven
                                       Interviews,     Interviews,
                                       class 1M, 2W,   classes 4W
                   11                  12              13                14                15              16/17
 August      4
                   School Council      ICAS English                      Public Speaking   K-2 Mini
                   Meeting 6.30pm -    Assessment                        Competition       Olympics
                   School P & C                                          Mannering Park    3-6 Spelling
                   Meeting 7.30pm                                                          Bee
                   18                  19              20                21                22              23/24
 August      5
                                                       Parent night -                      BLUE
                                                       Band                                DRAGON
                   25                  26              27                28                29              30/31
 August      6
                   Year 6 Canberra                     Band              Year 6 Canberra
                   Excursion –                         Recruitment       Excursion -
                   Departs                             ICAS Computer     Returns
                   1                   2               3                 4                 5               6/7
September    7
                   Year 6 Strickland   Encourage-      Zone PSSA                           DAD’S
                   Forest Excursion    ment Awards     Athletics                           BREAKFAST
                   8                   9               10                11                12              13/14
September    8
                   School Council                      Wyong District
                   Meeting 6.30pm -                    Showcase
                   School P & C                        Evening at
                   Meeting 7.30pm                      WYONG High
                   15                  16              17                18                19              20/21
September    9
                                                       Year 4 Milson                       Year 4 Milson
                                                       Island                              Island –
                                                       Excursion -                         Excursion
                                                       Departs                             Returns
                   22                  23              24                25                26              27/28
September    10
                                                       Year 5 Bathurst                     Year 5          Term 4
                                                       Excursion -                         Bathurst        commences
                                                       Departs                             Excursion -     13th October
                                                                                           Last day of
                                                                                           Term 3
                                 Hi Everyone,

Just a Reminder – the $42 for the SHOPPING TRIP is due in by this
            Friday, 8th August (less deposit if paid already).

    (Please remember to include $6 lunch money, if you have chosen this option.)

   We still have quite a few seats to fill on the bus, so if you were
 thinking about coming along, *PLEASE * jump on board, we would
                     love to have you join us…..

It would be great to see some new faces – and remember – Everyone is
               Bring along family, friends, neighbours….

            THIS DAY A HUGE SUCCESS …..

   Please Note: We also have an Extra Pick-up stop in Sydney
      region for anyone wishing to invite people from Sydney.

                           Thanks Everyone,
                  Jenny…0403027477 or Sue 4351 0402

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