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  Melody            Prunella
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  FILES               GIRL

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   SISTA            Yasmina

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   Zooey              Taylah
   STAR              LIGHTS,
   STYLE            CAMERA,

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 A manda ls
For my girls: Amelia, Brooke, Alicia,
 Loz, Catherine, Sophie, Katrina,
 Nikki, Al and, of course, Yasmina�
  Thanks for changing my life! xx
                                        A picture-perfect day

                                              ay cheese!’ Yasmina cried.
                                          It was the last day of the mid-year
                                        holidays, and Yasmina Perera and her best
                                        friends were hanging out at the beach.
                                        Tomorrow, Yasmina would head back to
                                        Breakwater High with Prunella, while
                                        Melody, Zooey and Abby would go off

to their different schools. The girls were   the photo, she assured her besties that this
making the most of their last whole day      was the best one yet.
together, enjoying the winter sunshine         By now the girls’ teeth were chattering.
and taking loads of great snaps.             It was definitely time to head for hot
  ‘Yaz,’ called Melody, ‘we need one with    chocolate, but just to be sure ... ‘Come
you in it too – you’re always on the other   on, guys, one more photo for the road,’
side of the camera.’                         Yasmina said, handing the camera back to
  ‘I don’t mind, I love taking photos,’      the dog-walking woman.
Yasmina protested, but they had already        As Yasmina started the countdown,
pried the camera from her hands and          Prunella suggested they shout out
were asking a woman walking her dog if       something different.
she wouldn’t mind taking a group shot of       ‘Friends forever!’
all the friends.
  The girls huddled together at the                                          
edge of the water. Just as the dog-walker
clicked the button, a wave crashed up,       The next morning after assembly, Yasmina
making them all squeal and jump. They        and Prunella met at their lockers for the
were soaked, but when Yasmina previewed      first day back at school. Yasmina pulled the

                       8                                                9
photos they’d taken at the beach out of her    probably why she’d won The Face of
schoolbag.                                     Tomorrow national modelling competition
  ‘Oh, I love this photo,’ Prunella            and was now the talk of the town!
exclaimed. ‘You were right – it did turn out     Yasmina herself had Sri Lankan
great, even though we all got drenched!’       heritage, and with her golden-brown eyes
  ‘I’m so sticking this one up right now,’     and thick dark hair that reached her waist,
Yasmina said, pulling down a poster of         her friends were always telling her she
Zac Efron from the inside of her locker        should be in front of the camera instead of
door and replacing it with the smiling         behind it – not that she agreed with them.
faces of her friends.                             The bell rang, and the two girls quickly
  They all looked so different from one        grabbed their books and headed to their
another. The twins had gorgeous, flame-        first class: Art.
coloured hair, while Melody was blonde            As they entered the classroom, Yasmina
with eyes as blue as the sea – just looking    looked around at all the bright paintings
at her reminded Yasmina of a sunny day         and drawings and smiled happily. ‘Best
at the beach. Prunella couldn’t have been      way to start the new term,’ she sighed.
more photogenic, with her dark curly             ‘You’re really in your element here, Yaz,’
hair and striking green eyes – that was        Prunella said, ribbing her friend playfully.

                        10                                          11
  ‘Well, you could say that Art class is my   one. I’d like you to submit a piece of art in
home away from home,’ Yasmina agreed.         any form you wish. You can make a movie,
  As well as taking photos of her besties,    a drawing, a painting, a sculpture, or
Yasmina was a really keen photographer.       use photography to express yourself. It’s
She carried her high-tech, long-lensed        entirely up to you. But it must relate to
camera with her everywhere and took           something you did or saw over the break.’
every opportunity to devote her time in         The class began to chatter about what
class to developing her skills.               they did in their holidays, but Mrs Dale
  The Art teacher, Mrs Dale, perched on       cut them off.
the paint-splattered desk at the front of       ‘I also have some very exciting news to
the room and called the class to attention.   share with my favourite budding artists.
  ‘I’m certainly looking forward to           For the first time, Breakwater High is
learning all about your school holidays,      taking part in the very prestigious Art of
but instead of telling me, I want you to      Control Camp, along with Breakwater’s
show me,’ she said. ‘I’m setting a little     other high schools. We’ve been offered
assignment for you.’                          three positions only, for the best artists
  The class groaned.                          in the school. I’ll be judging your
  ‘Oh now, shush – this will be an easy       assignments, and I hope I can recommend

                     12                                            13
one of you for a spot at the camp.’
  ‘Nells, do you know what this means?’
Yasmina’s eyes lit up and her cheeks
flushed with excitement.
  ‘I hope you like camp food,’ laughed
Prunella, ‘because you totally have to win
one of those positions! Mrs Dale would
be crazy not to send you.’
  When the period came to an end, Mrs
Dale reminded the students that she
had pamphlets for anyone interested
in learning more about Art of Control.
Yasmina jumped up instantly.
  ‘See you at the cafeteria?’ Prunella
  ‘Coolio – save me a seat!’ Yasmina
replied as she made a beeline for Mrs
Dale and her pamphlets.

       Friends, family
         and photos

        hat did you have to do? What did
        you have to wear? Who did you
meet? Was it fabulous?’
  Zooey fired off a million questions as
the girls lay sprawled around Prunella’s
bedroom. They were all equally anxious
to hear about Prunella’s latest modelling

job, but giggled at Zooey’s enthusiasm.          The girls gathered close. Zooey
  Yasmina had been filled in on all the        squealed with delight and pulled the bag
juicy details at lunchtime, but she couldn’t   from Prunella’s hands. ‘Are these what I
pass up Prunella’s invitation to hang out      think they are?’
with the girls for a good gossip session         Zooey was obsessed with fashion. Her
after school.                                  besties teased her about the amount of
  ‘Chill, Zooey! It was really fun. I got      time she spent sorting out her wardrobe,
to fly to a small island just off the coast    especially the way she colour-coded
of Queensland and I mostly got to wear         everything.
summer dresses and cute sandals. Luckily         ‘Well, if you think this is a sneak peek
it was warmer up there than it is here,’       at Arabella Holmby’s new Bonmark
Prunella explained.                            range … you would be right!’ Prunella
  ‘Wow, you have the best gig, Nells,’         announced. ‘I’ve got something for each
Abby commented dreamily.                       of you.’
  ‘Hey, it’s not all fun – it is work, you       The girls were delighted as they tried
know. But I must admit this shoot was          on the clothes and decided who should
great … and I brought home a surprise          keep what item. Zooey found a denim
for you all.’ Prunella reached for a bag.      skirt with lots of beading and bling sewn

                      18                                            19
into little patches, and a gorgeous black   out a more perfect outfit for Yasmina’s
body suit with a silver-sequinned bow at    vintage style.
each wrist. Abby pulled out the matching      ‘Oh, it’s gorgeous, Nells! I love it,’
jacket to Zooey’s skirt: denim covered in   Yasmina exclaimed, holding the delicate
fabulous embellishments. Together, they     blouse up against herself and admiring it
looked like the mismatching but totally     in the mirror.
fashionable twins that they were.             Yasmina adored vintage clothes. Some
  Melody was trying on a thin but           of her clothes had belonged to her mother
luxuriously soft V-neck white sweater       when she was in high school, others she
and some cute navy blue three-quarter       had found op-shopping, and each had an
leggings with little side zips. The twins   individual story of its own, which is why
suggested she wear the zips open in         she treasured them all. She was just about
summer and team the leggings with warm      to try on her new blouse when Prunella’s
knee-length boots for winter.               mum broke up the party to say dinner
  ‘This one just screams Yasmina,’          would be ready soon.
Prunella said, handing over a dusty-pink      ‘I guess we should head home for
blouse with pearl buttons all the way       dinner too, Nells,’ Melody said. ‘Thanks
down the back. She couldn’t have picked     again for the new outfit!’

                    20                                            21
  ‘Okay guys. I’ll see you tomorrow, Yaz!’      Yasmina thought for a moment before
Prunella said, as the besties headed out      coming up with a brilliant idea.
the front door.                                 ‘Sure, Dad – on one condition,’ she said

                                                Her parents exchanged a concerned
Back at home, Yasmina joined her family at    glance and waited for her to continue.
the dinner table. It wasn’t long before her     ‘There’s a really super-duper important
dad threw an unexpected idea her way.         art camp coming up for only the most
  ‘Yasmina, now that you are in high          gifted art students. How about I do the
school, your mother and I think it would      volunteer work if you agree that I can go
be good for you to do some volunteer          to Art of Control if I get selected?’
work,’ Dr Perera suggested. ‘An internship      By now Yasmina’s brothers, Roshan
at Breakwater General Hospital in the         and Sanjeev, were chuckling at Yasmina’s
Children’s Ward has just opened up, for       expense. Roshan was two years older than
one afternoon a week. We think it’s a great   her, and Sanjeev was exactly two years
opportunity for you to do something for       younger. When they joined forces, they
your community and learn new things           knew all the ways to make Yasmina’s blood
while you’re at it.’                          boil. It was pester-power to the max!

                           22                                      23
   She shot her brothers a look to say         I’ll just have to work on my project so
‘grow up’, before turning hopefully back     that I get offered a position on the camp,
to her parents.                              Yasmina thought to herself, trying to
  ‘Yasmina, your mother and I will need      ignore the faces Sanjeev was making as he
to think about the camp – and we will        cleared the dishes from the table.
need more information about it, too,’ her
father said.
  ‘Okay, Dad. I have a pamphlet in my
locker at school that Mrs Dale gave me
about Art of Control, I’ll bring it home
for you to have a look at. It’s really
important to me – it would be such a great
experience,’ Yasmina said, hoping to drive
home just how desperately she wanted to
attend the camp.
  ‘We’ll see, Yasmina. Now who wants
dessert?’ Mrs Perera said, changing the

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