Summer Missions by Levone


									Summer Missions
Summer Missionary Application Packet

                   This packet includes the following:

                           Introduction Letter & Checklist
                                Background History Form
                                       Statement of Faith
                                  NAMB Insurance Form
                                                  I-9 form
Dear Summer Missions Applicant,

We are so excited about the opportunities to serve across our state sharing the Good News of the
Gospel! Thank you for your interest in applying to be a Summer Missionary. The work you are
applying for is not a summer “job.” It is becoming the hands and feet of Jesus - working for the
advancement of the Kingdom in the state of Missouri. Those who are accepted and placed as
summer missionaries usually discover how much more the Lord wanted to teach and refine them –
even more than He wanted to use them to complete a task.

Summer Missionaries are placed in a ministry location under a Mentor who will spend the summer
challenging them as well as providing direction and encouragement. This summer will be an
incredible chance for you to grow spiritually and to learn about missions and serving others. We look
forward to watching what the Lord does in our Summer Missionaries this summer as well as watching
how He uses them to impact our state with the Gospel.

Summer Missionaries are not only ambassadors for Christ but they are also representatives of the
Missouri Baptist Convention. Many times Summer Missionaries are the biggest connection between
churches and the state office. Summer Missionaries also play a critical role in helping associations
and churches minister to their respective communities. There is a lot of responsibility with serving as
a Summer Missionary – however, we assure you that every bit of it is well worth it! Student after
student has commented on how amazing Summer Missions was in their life and how much they grew
as a result.

Before you apply we want you to know that we do have high expectations of our Summer
Missionaries. They are as follows:

   -   It is critical that you spend regular time with the Lord both in His Word and in prayer. You
       cannot do this work on your own strength – you must be filled with Him.
   -   Serving as a Summer Missionary is a stretching experience so it is imperative that you enter
       the summer with an attitude of humility.
   -   You must be teachable – willing to listen to and learn from the leadership the Lord will place
       above you.
   -   This summer is not about you. It is about making Christ famous in Missouri. Sometimes you
       will be asked to do tasks you may not want to. Remember, you are serving others and a
       servant does not put himself first (see Mark 10:45).
   -   You must be responsible to complete and submit all forms and reports in a timely manner.
Terms of Service
This summer we are offering three time frame choices for missionary service. All missionaries,
regardless of term, will be required to attend Summer Missions Orientation (June 1-3, 2010). The
term choices are as follows:

        Session A – Serve for ten weeks beginning June 1, 2010 and ending August 6, 2010.
                        This includes the following:
                                 - Orientation
                                 - One or two weeks of Super Summer
                                 - Seven or eight weeks of ministry at a location in MO

        Session B – Serve for five weeks beginning July 2, 2010 and ending August 6, 2010.
                        This includes the following:
                                 - Orientation (June 1-3, 2010)
                                 - Five weeks of ministry at a location in MO

        Session C – Serve for ten weeks on Camp Team beginning June 1, 2010 and ending
                        August 6, 2010.
                        This includes the following:
                                 - Orientation
                                 - One or two weeks of Super Summer
                                 - Seven or eight weeks serving at various camps across the state

Application Checklist
In order to apply, we will need all of the following items from you by March 15, 2010. We are
including this checklist for your use in the application process.

_____ Completed Application – Fill out the enclosed application on your computer (click in the gray areas
       to type your answers) and email it as an attachment to Abby Shaw at
       Please double-check to make sure EVERYTHING is filled out!

_____ Recent photo of yourself

_____ Statement of Faith form** - A copy of the 2000 Baptist Faith & Message can be found at

_____ Background Check form**

_____ I-9 form** with copies of acceptable forms of ID, see List of Acceptable Documents, last page of
this packet. Note: You need either one form of ID from List A, or one form of ID from List B AND one
form from List C.

_____ NAMB Missionary Insurance form**

_____ Three completed reference forms
       Give these to your three references and include an envelope for them to seal and sign before they
       return it to you. They can also mail or email their reference form directly to our office.
       PLEASE NOTE: It is your responsibility to make sure your references submit their forms to our office by
       the March 15 deadline. If your references return their form to you it must be in a sealed envelope when
       they give it to you. DO NOT OPEN SEALED ENVELOPES.

** These documents require signatures. Please mail them to our office:
        Missouri Baptist Convention
        Student Ministry Team C/O Abby Shaw
        400 East High Street
        Jefferson City, MO 65101
Please note that your application is not complete and will not be processed until all of the
above items have been completed and delivered to the student ministry office.

Important Dates
Application Deadline        March 15, 2010. We need all the items listed above in our office by this

Phone Interviews            We will conduct phone interviews with applicants throughout the end of March
                            and the first few weeks in April.

Placement of Missionaries   We will contact all applicants to notify them of their acceptance and
                            placement by April 23, 2010.

Supervisor Contact          If accepted, your supervisor will be in contact with you by the end of

Orientation                 June 1-3, 2010. This is REQUIRED for all Summer Missionaries to

Summer Missions Debrief     July 31, 2010. This is REQUIRED for all Summer Missionaries to attend!

                              Questions? Please Contact
                                           Abby Shaw
                                    Student Ministry Associate
                                      800.736.6227 ext 445
                                                                                                For MBC office use only:
                                                                                                _______Application            ________W-4
                                                                                                _______Photo                  ________Ref 1
                                                                                                _______Backgrnd Check         ________Ref 2
                                                                                                _______Statement of Faith ________Ref 3
                                                                                                _______NAMB Ins. Form
                                                                                                _______I-9 with 2 valid forms of ID

                                                               2010 Summer Missions Application
Section 1: Personal & Parent/Guardian Information

    Current Legal Name (as it appears on your driver’s license)
    Last                                  First                           Middle
    Name you go by                                           T-Shirt Size

    Permanent Mailing Address
    City                                         State                       ZIP
    Home Phone (       )      -                            Cell Phone (      )       -

    Current/School Address (if different than above)
    City                                         State                       ZIP
    Current/School Phone (if different than above) (       )        -

    Email Address                                 Alternate Email

    Gender                 Date of Birth (mm/dd/yyyy)                        Age
    Social Security #      -       -                  Marital Status            Wedding Date (if engaged)

    Will you have a car this summer (if needed & approved)?
    Driver‟s License State                               Driver‟s License Number

    Please indicate which Session/s you are applying for. (click on box to select)
            * You can only serve in one Session, but you may apply for more than one Session.
       Session A (10 weeks) – June 1-August 6, 2010
       Session B (5 weeks) – July 2-August 1, 2010
       Session C (Camp Team) – June 1-August 6, 2010

             * If you selected multiple sessions please rank them in order of preference:

    Please list your top 3 choices for ministry location: (see Ministry Opportunities document on the web, available in early 2010)
                    ,       ,

    Father/Guardian Name
            Home Phone (          )      -        Cell Phone (          )    -           Work Phone (       )      -
            Email Address

    Mother/Guardian Name
            Home Phone (          )      -        Cell Phone (          )    -           Work Phone (       )      -
            Email Address

    What is their attitude concerning your potential service as a collegiate summer missionary?
Section 2: Church Information
    Church where you are a member
    City                                         State
    Denomination affiliation of Church
    How long have you been a member?

    Church where you currently attend (if different)
    City                                          State
    Denomination affiliation of Church
    How long have you been attending?

Section 3: School Information
    School Attending                    Hours completed by summer 2010
    Major                      Minor                    GPA
    Date school ends in Spring                  Date school begins in fall
    Tentative Vocational Choice

Section 4: Medical/Health Information

    My Health Is:      Excellent    Good      Fair      Poor (Click on box to select)
    I understand that the MBC does not pay expenses of life, medical, dental, or accident insurance.

    Do you have (or have you had in the past) any medical conditions of which the MBC should be made aware?
    (such as asthma, heart trouble, tuberculosis, migraine headaches, nervous disorder, stomach trouble, mono, diabetes, cancer, or other
    serious illnesses) Please list and explain.

    Serving as a collegiate summer missionary may be physically demanding and entail a great deal of walking.
    Are you confident that you will be physically able to meet these demands? Yes        No

    Are you currently under a physician‟s care or taking any prescribed medicines?    Yes      No
    If ‘Yes’, please explain and list any medications.
Section 5: Activities & Work Experience

  List college (or high school, if you graduate in May 2010) and community activities, organizations you belong to, offices held, and honors

  List activities in your home and college church:

  List campus ministry activities, involvement, and leadership – including mission trips and experiences:

  Foreign Languages (Please list language(s) and indicate proficiency – click on boxes to select all that apply)
  1.                               Read               Write                 Speak Some                      Fluent
  2.                               Read               Write                 Speak Some                      Fluent

  Instruments (click on boxes to select – pick from drop-down menu for skill level)
    Piano:                                      Guitar:                                         :

  Indicate Experience in the Following (click on boxes to select all that apply)
                        Some     Much    Leader                            Some       Much   Leader                          Some     Much   Leader
Witnessing                                        Work with youth                                      Share Testimony
Bible study                                       Work with children                                   Singing (Solo)
Mission projects                                  Puppetry                                             Singing (Choir)
Backyard Bible clubs                              Lifeguard                                            Lead Singing
Recreation                                        First Aid                                            Sign Language
Devotions                                         Camp Staff                                           Survey Work
Computer skills                                   Preaching                                            Crafts
Drama                                             Speaking                                             Other


  Employment Experience
       Name of Company/Employer                    City/State                          Position Held                     Dates (from – to)



  Are you willing to work/serve with persons of other races and nationalities? In what ways have you worked with them in the past?
Section 6: Christian Life Questions
 Please answer the following questions in detail. Remember, there are no ‘RIGHT’ or ‘WRONG’ answers that we ‘want to hear’.

1. Describe your initial encounter with Jesus Christ and relate how His continuing lordship has changed your life.

2. What is your vocational call, and how do you anticipate sharing your faith through that call?

3. As a student, how have you shared – and are currently sharing – your faith with others?

4. Describe the meaning the church has for you.

5. Briefly state your concept of missions and your reason(s) for wanting to be a summer missionary.

6. Discuss any matters with which you are occupied (family, financial, dating relationship, etc.) that could claim your attention this summer.
 7. Share something with us from your life experience that would help us place you in a position of service for Summer Missions.

 8. Have you served previously as a Summer Missionary?           Yes        No



Section 7: Lifestyle & Personal Issues
  As an applicant, we want you to understand that a past problem with illegal drug use and/or immoral relationships will not prevent you from
  being approved as a summer missionary provided:

       1. It can be determined that your current convictions are strong and consistent with scripture.
       2. A significant track record of obedient Christian living has been established.

  If you answer „Yes” to any of the following questions, please explain how you dealt with this area and what your current convictions are.

       NOTE: We believe that Jesus Christ can and does change lives. Honestly answering these questions will not necessarily disqualify you
       from serving as a summer missionary with the Missouri Baptist Convention.


 1. Do you currently use or have you used alcohol in the last 12 months? If ‘Yes’, please explain.           Yes      No

 2. Do you currently use or have you used tobacco products in the last 12 months? If ‘Yes’, please explain.            Yes       No

 3. Have you ever used narcotics, hallucinogens, or illegal drugs not prescribed by a physician? If ‘Yes’, please explain.      Yes      No
 4. Have you ever been charged with a crime? If ‘Yes’, please explain.             Yes        No

 5. Have you had a voluntary sexual relationship outside of marriage? If ‘Yes’, please explain.              Yes     No
     (It is not necessary to share the details. Please let us know if it has occurred in the last 12 months and how you have dealt/are dealing
     with it.)

 6. Have you ever engaged in pornography, including internet pornography?           Yes      No
     If „Yes‟, please give us the date of your most recent involvement/visit to a pornographic site.
     Please explain in detail the steps you are taking to overcome this, including who you are accountable to.

Personal Issues

 1. Have you ever struggled with an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia? If ‘Yes’, please explain.            Yes       No

 2. Have you had professional counseling? If ‘Yes’, please explain.            Yes       No

 3. Is there anything in your life that, if made known, would hinder your witness or be an embarrassment to your ministry or church?
    If ‘Yes’, please explain.      Yes       No
  Personal Sketch


  Please type a brief introduction of yourself for your field mentor. Be sure to include all information that will help your field mentor get to
  know you.

List the name and contact information of the three references requested below. . Note: You must contact these references and have them fill
out and return the reference form.

                                               Name                               Address                     Phone                    Email
 1. Campus/College Minister
 2. Pastor
 3. Peer/Friend
                                   -- For MBC Internal Use Only --

            Authorization for Access to Background History

The undersigned hereby authorizes the Missouri Baptist Convention to review and obtain any and all
records concerning my criminal history. A Photo static (faxed) copy of this authorization shall be
considered as effective and valid as the original.

Name (Last)                              First                                    Middle

Address                    City                  State                  Zip

Date of Birth                                            Social Security Number

Signature                                                        Date
                                   Statement of Faith

“I affirm the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message which is consistent with the generally held doctrines that
distinguish us as Southern Baptists. I understand that the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message is not
intended to be a creedal statement but rather a confession of faith that distinguishes us as Southern

Signature                                                        Date

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