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					                                                   Sassy Stampin’                                             Assiniboia 55 Club
                                                      Kimberly Eklund                                  Available for rent: Bookings for Birth-
                                            Independent Stampin Up! Demonstrator                      days; Anniversaries; Family Gatherings;
                                     I am now booking workshops for April, May & June                          Private Parties; etc…
                                                                                                       Newly Renovated. Reasonable Rates.
                                           Shake off the winter blues with a                                     Call 642-5336
                                     Spring Stamping Workshop with your friends!
       24 Hour Towing                         If you like to do a spring workshop                  Frank wants to get his beautiful wife,
          642 -3643                    and earn free stamping product feel free to call me         Betty, something nice for their first wed-
       S.G.I. Inspections                                                                          ding anniversary. So he decides to buy
                                            266-4511 or e-mail                                     her a mobile telephone. Betty is excited,
   Full Automotive Service
                                                              she loves her phone. Frank shows her
                                                        and explains to her all the different and
A Touch of Wood                                                                                    varied features on the phone.

ACACIA, ALDER, ASH,                                                                  On Monday Betty goes shopping in the local super-
ASPEN, BALSA, BAMBOO,                                                                market. Her phone rings and it's her husband, "Hi ya,
BEECH, BIRCH, BONSAI,                                                                Betty, "he says, "how do you like your new phone?"
BOXWOOD, CEDAR,                                                                      Betty replies, "I just love it, it's so small and light and
CHERRY, CHESTNUT,                                                                    your voice is clear as a bell, but there's one feature
CYPRESS, DOGWOOD,                                                                    that I really don't understand though."
GUM, HAWTHORN, HAZEL,                                                                "What's that, Betty?" asks the husband.
JUNIPER, KAURI, LARCH,                                                               "How did you know that I was at
LILAC, LOCUST,                                                                       Assiniboia Foods?”
OXANDRA, PAWPAW,                                                                     Do what you can,                Enjoy when you can,
PEAR, PERSIMMON, PINE,                                                               with what you have,          and endure when you must.
POPLAR, REDWOOD,                                                                     where you are.
        ADVERTISE                                                                                   look
     YOUR BUSINESS in the                                                                         where             221 Centre St. 642-5491
       Prairie Trade N’ Post                                                                         you                   Tanning Lotions
                                                                                                     fall,                    15% OFF
We can create your Ad for you.                                                                       but                   Graduating?
    1350 copies     Printed weekly                                                                where         Check out our GRAD SPECIALS!!
    PLUS READ IT ONLINE AT                                                                           you              NEW PRODUCT-                                                                           slipped.            Ganoderma Coffee
                                                                                                                      Tastes fantastic &
 Distributed to 17 communities
                                                                                                 ~African            is good for you too!
       Reasonable rates                                                                                          Buy one piece of jewelry and
      Phone: 642-3671                                                                                             get the second 50% OFF
           HELP WANTED                                  PMP Powerline Constuction Ltd
    The Prince of Wales Recreation                            Help Wanted Ad
         and Cultural Centre                     We are currently seeking an Equipment Operator.
                                                 This individual will be responsible for the care and
       Requires a Projectionist                  maintenance of a Digger Derrick, Backhoe, and/or
    and /or Concession Supervisor                Trencher. Applicants with a Class 1A license as                                             Floors &
      for the Olympia Theatre.                   well as experience operating equipment will be             HOMESTYLE                        Interiors
                                                 given first preference. Applicants must be in good
                                                 physical condition, as manual labour is part of this
    Please send applications to the:                                                                              CUSTOM BLIND SALE
                                                 position. Applicants must also be able to work
                P.O.W.                           away from home. First Aid/CPR, Ground Distur-                                Blinds by Vertican
   Box 277, Assiniboia Sk S0H 0B0                bance, H2S etc. tickets are also required. Please                                 40% OFF
      Or email:                  provide at least 3 references with resume.                                    Sale ends May 25th
                                                  Fax to 642-5299 .                                                          200-2nd Ave. W. Assiniboia
Fred rushes in and announces loudly, 'I tell                                                                                          642-3339
you, women drivers are a hazard to traf-
fic. Driving to work this morning on the
freeway, I looked over to my left and there                                                              Once upon a time, there was a man. A genie appeared
was this woman in a Jaguar doing at least                                                                to the man, and offered him one wish.
70 mph with her face up next to her rear                                                                 "Well," said the man, "I've always wanted to go to Fiji,
view mirror putting on her mascara.                                                                      but plane tickets are so expensive, and boats are so
                                                                                                         slow. Can you build a bridge from Los Angeles to Fiji?"
I looked away for a couple seconds and                                                                   "I'm sorry, man," the genie said. "You're pretty much
then the next thing I knew was she was                                                                   asking for the impossible. That's six thousand miles of
careering all over my lane.                                                                              bridge. Plus, you'll need fuel stations and motels on the
                                                                                                         way. I'm sorry, but you're going to have to ask for
It scared me so badly that I dropped my                                                                  something else."
electric shaver into my coffee, and it spilled                                                           "Oh," said the disappointed man. "Well, can you grant
all over my mobile phone.'                                                                               me the ability to understand women?"

 I thought growing up was something that                                                                 The genie cleared his throat. "How many lanes did you
 happened automatically as you got older.                                                                want on that bridge?"
 But it turns out it's something you have to                                                                                                                                          The day will happen whether
              choose to do.                                                                                                                                                                or not you get up.
                                                                                                                      TESSA’S TRENDZ                                     Giving up
                                                                                                         (Formerly ET 2 Boutique) Open Thurs. Fri.
                                                                                                                                                 & Sat. 12-5:30           doesn't
                                                                                                                                                                                             ~John Ciardi
                                                                                                         336 Centre Street (Across from Conexus)                       always mean
              Help Wanted:                                                                                     “WATCH FOR THE BLUE FLAG”                              you are weak.
    The Assiniboia & District Museum is            Don't judge                                                                                                           Sometimes         Support Your
                                                 each day by the
                                                                         420 PIZZA ETC.                        DRESSES ~ DRESSES ~ DRESSES
                                                                                                                                                                      it means that         Community,
      seeking students to work during                                    420 Centre Street, Assiniboia    Come in and check out our huge selection of Special
              July and August.                     harvest you                                                        Occasion Dresses of all sizes!!                     you are           Shop Local!
                                                 reap but by the         (Formerly Prairie Produce)
         Please send application to                                                                            20% OFF Ladies Jackets & Blazers                           strong       Without your local stores,
                                                 seeds that you          Mon.-Thurs.    11 am-8 pm
       Assiniboia & District Museum,                                                                             Purses, Jewelry, Belts & Shoes.                          enough       there would be no FREE
                                                      plant.             Fri. & Sat.     11 am-11 pm
                                                                                                                          Sale ends May 29.                              to let go.    Prairie Trade N Post.
   Box 1211, Assiniboia, Sask., S0H 0B0,         ~Robert Louis           Sunday            2 pm-7 pm
                                                                                                             **Final Week** Ladies & Junior Jean & Pant $29.99 Sale       ~Author            Tell’em you saw it
         or drop off at the museum               Stevenson                       TAKE ONLY                         20% OFF Summer Dresses, Capri & Shorts              Unknown          in the Prairie Trade N Post
           during working hours.                                                  642-4211                      GIFT CERTIFICATES MAKE GREAT GIFTS!!!

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