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                               Ramsey Health Centre

   AS OF
                          Newsletter September 09
                    R A M S E Y   H E A L T H

  1 OCT 09

WE ARE OPEN      What’s New?
                 We are very pleased to         We are also very           particular interest in
                 welcome our GP Reg-            pleased to welcome Dr      ENT matters.
                 istrar – Dr Himanschu          Amine Boualem who
  Monday         Patel to our team. He          joined our team in Au-     We sadly say goodbye
                 will be working with us        gust.                      to Dr Banerjee who is
                 for the next 12 months.                                   leaving us early in Sep-
Wednesday        Dr Patel will be super-                                   tember to join a new
                 vised during his time                                     practice in Peterbor-
                 with us by Dr Lynda                                       ough. We wish him well
  Friday         Brown and Dr Simon                                        in his new post.
                 Brown and he will be
                 able to see patients for                                  Dr Nikul Patel has taken
   8 am          consultations.                                            over as Diabetic lead
                                                                           within the Practice and
                 A GP Registrar is a fully      Ramsey Health Centre       along with Sister Knight
     to          registered medical prac-                                  will oversee the man-
                                                 is an accredited GP
                 titioner being trained in                                 agement of our Diabetic
                                                   training Practice
                 general practice by GP                                    patients.
   6 pm          trainers within the ap-
                 proval of the Secretary        Dr Boualem previously
                 of State.                      worked as a GP in
                                                Cambridge and has a


 Thursday        Dispensary Opening Hours
   8am           We are currently recruit-      Dispensary opening
                 ing new staff to our           hours.                            Dispensary
                 Dispensary team.                                                 Temporary
                                                We apologise for any            Opening Hours
                 In the short term this         inconvenience caused
   8 pm          has meant that we have         and hope to be back to             Mon to Fri
                                                full opening hours soon.
                 had to restrict the                                              8am to 6pm
       P AGE     2

                                        2009 FLU VACCINATIONS
                          We begin our Seasonal             virus and cannot therefore       any component of the vac-
                          Flu vaccination pro-              cause flu. Some people           cine (including neomycin,
                                                            may experience mild flu-         kanamycin and gentamicin,
                          gramme this month.                                                 antibiotics which may be
                                                            like symptoms for up to 48
                          The vaccination is avail-                                          present in tiny amounts).
                                                            hours after immunisation
                          able to all Ramsey
                                                            as their immune system
                          Health Centre patients            responds to the vaccine,         The vaccines are prepared
                          wishing to have the vac-          but this is not flu.             in hens' eggs and should
                          cination.                                                          not be given to individuals
                                                            Is there anyone who              with known anaphylactic
                          Please contact Patient            should not be given a flu        hypersensitivity to egg
                          Services on 01487                 vaccine?There are very           products.
                                                            few people who cannot
                          812611 to arrange an              receive influenza vaccine.       If a person is ill with a fe-
                          appointment.                      The vaccines should not be       ver, the immunisation
                                                            given to those who have          should be delayed until
Coughs and                Can the vaccine cause             had a confirmed anaphy-          they have recovered.
                          Flu? No. The influenza            lactic reaction to a previ-
Sneezes spread            vaccine contains no live          ous dose of the vaccine or

      We are                            PNEUMOCOCCAL VACCINE
      waiting             Pneumococcal disease is an        fection of the middle ear        You won’t need it each year
                          infection caused by the type      (otitis media).                  — it is a one off vaccination.
                          of bacteria called Streptococ-
    instruction           cus pneumoniae. When these
                                                            If you are over the age of 65,
                                                            are an asthmatic or have an-     To have this vaccination or if
                          bacteria invade the lungs, they   other respiratory disease you
    from DoH              cause the most common kind        can now have the pneuomoc-
                                                                                             you would like more informa-
                          of bacterial pneumonia and                                         tion please arrange an
                                                            cal polysaccharide vaccine       appointment with the
  regarding the           can then invade the blood-        (PPV) - known as the             Practice Nurses.
                          stream (bacteremia) and/or        ‘pneumo jab’ - to protect you
                          other tissues and fluids sur-     against serious forms of pneu-
     Swine Flu            rounding the brain and spinal     mococcal infection.
                          cord (meningitis). Another
   vaccination            common complication is in-

                          Swine Flu
                          What are the symptoms?            If you think you might have      Please do not come into the
                                                            swine flu please STAY AT         Surgery or local A&E depart-
                          Some of the symptoms ae           HOME.                            ment unless you are advised
                          the sudden onset of fever,                                         to do so or you are seriously
                          cough or shortness of             If possible check your symp-     ill because you might spread
                          breath. Other symptoms            toms on the nhs website:         the illness to others. Please
                          include headache, sore                         ask a “flu friend” to go out
                          throat, tiredness, aching                       or                 for you
                          muscles, chills, sneezing,        call the National Swine Flu
                          runny nose or loss of apetite.    Information Line on
                                                                   0800 1 513513

  NEWSLET T ER       SEPT EMBER          09
                                                                                                                       P AGE       3

District Nursing
The Ramsey District Nurse           alongside Warboys District         Centre number 01487 812611
Team comprises of:                  Nurses to provide cover.           or you may leave them a mes-
                                                                       sage on their answer machine
District Nurse Manager:             The team provides a variety of     01487 710994
Darren Butler                       services to the housebound
                                    patient. These include wound
Community Nurses:                   care, leg ulcer management,
Cheryl Havard                       venepuncture, catheter care
Sophie Gear                         and support to palliative pa-
Marie Warner                        tients and their families. The
                                    members of the team have a
District Nurse Assistant:           variety of different skills and
Janet Knight                        experiences that help contrib-
                                    ute to a high quality of service
The team is based at Ramsey         for housebound patients in the
Health Centre and is on duty        Ramsey area.
from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to                                                                                Need to renew
Friday. At weekends and pub-        You can contact the District
lic holidays the team works         Nurse team via Ramsey Health                                            your sick note?

                                                                                                            Please contact

Insurances, Forms and Medicals                                                                             Patient Services


Please hand in any forms            rations as they are classed        Our Doctors will also see             01487 812611
that require a Doctor to            as Private requests as op-         patients for Medicals includ-                  or
complete or sign to Recep-          posed to NHS work.                 ing HGV, Taxi and Sports.
tion; you do not need an                                               Again there is a fee for this             e-mail us
appointment with the Doc-           We have a list of charges in       Service.
tor.                                the Reception area and you                                              via our website
                                    will be informed of the cost       Unfortunately Doctors are
There will usually be a fee         when handing your forms in         unable to sign passport
for completing paperwork                                               forms unless they have
for holiday cancellations,          We aim to have the paper-          known you for 2 years.
insurance reports and pri-          work returned to you within
vate letters or health decla-       5 working days.

 Waiting Room
We have been looking to im-         We would like to say a very        It would be very nice to have
prove the waiting area to           big thank you to our very gen-     some bright, cheerful pictures/
make it a little more comfort-      erous patients that have very      paintings displayed on our
able for our patients.              kindly donated to the Ramsey       walls and we would be de-
                                    Health Centre fund enabling us     lighted to receive contribu-
                                    to make these changes and          tions from local artists (of all
You will notice the introduc-
                                    improvements.                      ages).
tion of soft music and our Am-
screen display. In addition we
will shortly be installing a baby              Thank you
changing facility.
RA MSEY       HEA LT H       CENT RE
NEWSLET T ER            SEPT EMBER          09

   Unable to keep your appointment?
  You can text us or leave a message on the

      07907 794417

Please note that this is to cancel an appointment
only, please do not use if you have an emergency

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