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									Nut Swamp
Principal’s Message (June 2010)                                                                         Nut Swamp
                                                                                                        Elementary School
Thomas Olausen
                                                                                                        June 2010
Perhaps nothing signals that the end of the year     experiences for our children. Many thanks to
is upon us than the 5th grade event, which took      the PTA, and to all parent volunteers for your     Volume 9
place on June 4th. As in years past, the All Pur-    tireless efforts!
pose Room underwent an amazing transforma-
                                                     While on the subject of parent volunteers, there   Principal’s        1
tion in a short period of time – I left Nut
                                                     is one group that is especially near and dear to
Swamp at 3:30 p.m. and when I returned at
                                                     my heart, and there is one tiny slice of New        Message
6:30, it was literally New York. The event is
                                                     York that was not in the APR that night, but is
certainly a highlight and a culmination of the                                                          PTA President’s 2
                                                     certainly fitting. The famous inscription on the
year’s activities at Nut Swamp. It also offers
                                                     General Post Office at 8th Avenue and 33rd          Message
an opportunity for our 5th grade students and
                                                     Street reads, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat
parents, and for the staff, to not only reflect on                                                      Nurse’s Corner     3-4
                                                     nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the
the year, but all of their years at the Swamp.
                                                     swift completion of their appointed rounds.” I
All of this was captured in an amazing video
                                                     am thinking of our volunteer valets, who are
that will be available soon.
                                                     out there with me every morning braving the
Our 5th graders will be leaving us soon. With        elements, always with a smile. I can never
that said, I wish to thank and commend the 5 th
grade event committee, and all of the parent
                                                     thank them enough!                                 Your
                                                     Finally, as I said in the above-mentioned video,
volunteers, for an incredible evening.
                                                     Nut Swamp is a true school community be-           PTA
What they provided is something our soon-to-         cause it has an outstanding teaching staff cou-    Funds
be 6th graders should always appreciate and          pled with very supportive parents committed to
never forget.                                        our children. Thanks to all of the above for a     At Work
                                                     very successful year at Nut Swamp, full of
As I strolled through the “city streets,” past the
                                                     wonderful experiences for all of our students!!
Central Park Zoo, I thought of all of the work
that not only went into this event, but every        I would like to wish you all a happy and            Fifth Grade Event
event for the entire year. I thought how lucky       healthy summer break!! Please keep your chil-       Kindergarten Fun Day
Nut Swamp is to have such a committed group          dren reading – information about summer read-
of parents, all for the sake of providing great      ing lists will be forthcoming.                      I’m Thumbody for first
                                                                                                         Conflict Resolution for
                                                                                                          fourth graders
                                                                                                         Free to Dance
                                                                                                          Enrichment Program

Volume 9                                                                                                                   Page 1
PTA President's Message
Judy Benedict
Boy was it a Fun Day!! Fantastic              Lastly, some sappy stuff…                      I have learned an incredible amount
weather, relay races, a dunk tank, inflat-                                                   about the way the school and the District
                                              It is hard for me to believe that my 2
ables and a ton of parent volunteers,                                                        function and the many challenges that
                                              year term as your PTA President is up. I
what more do you need for a successful                                                       our schools face. But the most important
                                              think we accomplished a lot. Our gym
event! Much thanks to Karen Prancl,                                                          thing I have learned is about all of the
                                              received many upgrades including cafe-
MaryAnn Lamb and Denise Pfister for                                                          incredibly talented and generous parents
                                              teria tables, window film, a horizontal
coordinating the kid’s favorite day of the                                                   in our Nut Swamp community that lend
                                              climbing wall, and portable collapsible
year. All your hard work and planning                                                        their creativity and time to this school.
                                              basketball hoops. Our classrooms re-
really paid off. I would also like to                                                        My proudest accomplishment will al-
                                              ceived needed storage via custom-
thank Lana Clark and Debbie Ridgway                                                          ways be having been your representa-
                                              crafted wood bookshelves and technol-
for coordinating the upcoming Kinder-                                                        tive.
                                              ogy upgrades including 6 SmartBoards,
garten Fun Day.
                                              28 mini-laptops and Smart Response             I’d like to thank Mr. Olausen, Mrs.
At the end of last month, two more grade      voting technology. And by the time this        Brennan, Mrs. Citarella, Nurse
-specific programs were completed. The        school year ends, every classroom at Nut       Lucille, Mr. Rocky, Mr. Carlos and
4th graders were offered 2 afterschool        Swamp will be equipped with an ampli-          Matt and Christine, our nighttime cus-
workshops on effective ways to deal           fication system to ensure every child has      todians, for all of their assistance these
with conflict and anger management            the opportunity to learn in the best envi-     past 2 years. To all of the Exec Board
thanks to Nichole Ruggeri, and Michele        ronment possible. All of this, of course,      members that I have been lucky enough
Foreback. Also, Elaine Stemmer and            was accomplished through the fundrais-         to serve with I thank you for your in-
Kris Alexander coordinated the “I’m           ing efforts of our volunteers and your         credible support and most of all, for all
Thumbody” program for 1st graders to          generosity in realizing that our children’s    the laughter. My sincere thanks to
teach them about self esteem. Thanks          school is a priority.                          Michele Walla and Sue Bonardi who
for all your efforts.                                                                        are both retiring from the Executive
                                              I am also very proud of our new fund-
                                                                                             Board. They have been an incredible
Throughout the entire year, 5th grade         raising approach. By abandoning sale-
                                                                                             asset to our PTA and I thank them for all
parents are working to raise money to         based fundraisers and focusing on get-
                                                                                             they have done for our school.
create a spectacular send-off for our         ting money from community partners,
graduating kids. An entire year of fund-      via our grocery card program, we have          I would like to send my best wishes to
raising, planning and hard work just to       set a great precedent moving forward for       all those families who will be graduating
pull off one incredible night. Our thanks     alternative ways to raise funds that cost      from Nut Swamp. Thanks to all of you
go out to Christine Klimek and Kelly          parents nothing and still raise money for      for your years of dedication to our chil-
D’Emilia, our fifth grade event chairs,       our school. You have to love free              dren. We wish you all luck as your chil-
for manning the helm of this massive          money! Lastly, while initially a little        dren move on.
endeavor. Thanks also to MaryAnn              painful as all change can be, our new
                                                                                             I’d also like to take this opportunity to
Fleming and Kathy Froelich for coordi-        website and digital backpack have
                                                                                             welcome our new PTA Executive Board
nating the Fourth Grade Serving volun-        proved to be an amazing resource to
                                                                                             members: Tracey Keogh, our new PTA
teers.                                        parents. Just about everything you could
                                                                                             President, Karen Koedding, our 2nd
                                              ever want can be found on our site. Our
I’d like to also thank our teachers for the                                                  Vice President Barbara Esposito, our
                                              “going green” initiative has proved to be
incredible spread of treats they provided                                                    Treasurer and Dawn Turanski, our Re-
                                              more efficient and provides information
at our final PTA meeting honoring all                                                        cording Secretary. They join returning
                                              on a more timely basis to parents. It has
our volunteers. And a special congratu-                                                      members, Nichole Ruggeri and Karin
                                              also saved countless hours of administra-
lations to Mrs. Dupree, our teacher of                                                       Green. Best of luck to all of you for a
                                              tive and volunteer time and a substantial
the year, and Mrs. Seeley, who will be                                                       successful upcoming school year.
                                              amount of money. Thank you for your
retiring from our school after many years
                                              patience in this regard, it only gets easier   Finally, to the entire Nut Swamp com-
of dedicated service to our children.
                                              from here…                                     munity, thanks for everything. It’s been
                                                                                             a crazy, fun ride… I wish you all a won-
                                                                                             derful, fun-filled, relaxing and sunny

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Nurse’s Corner: June 2010
Lucille Orchanian RN
It’s already the end of the year and an-
other wonderful and exciting year has
come to and end. Congratulations to
our fifth grade class and success in mid-
dle school. The seeds of learning and
growth were planned here at Nut Swamp
School. May you grow and blossom
through out your life and never stop
learning and reaching for your goals.
Many thanks to our wonderful PTA (a
dynamic team of devoted women), our
principal Mr. Olausen, our dedicated
teachers (always there for our children),
our wonderful secretaries, Anne Brennan
& Dorothy Citarella (they do it all), our               Myth                                          Fact
paraprofessionals and support staff,
                                                                      Rubbing the rashes won't spread poison ivy to other
(Rocky & Carlos) who work together for
                                                                      parts of your body (or to another person). You spread
our children and community.                   Poison Ivy rash is
                                                                      the rash only if urushiol oil -- the sticky, resin like sub-
The health focus for the summer is                                    stance that causes the rash -- has been left on your
Contact Dermatitis or known as                                        hands.
“poison ivy, oak or sumac”.
These are the facts…                                                  Direct contact is needed to release urusiol oil. Stay
                                            You can catch poison
                                                                      away from forest fires, direct burning, or anything else
                                             ivy simply by being
                                                                      that can cause the oil to become airborne such as a
Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac                     near the plants
                                                                      lawnmower, trimmer, etc.
  Most common allergy in the country
   claiming half the population
                                             Leaves of three, let     Poison sumac has 7 to 13 leaves on a branch, although
  Sensitivity to urushiol oil can de-            them be             poison ivy and oak have 3 leaves per cluster.
   velop at any time
  Solutions or cures are those that
                                             Do not worry about       Urushiol oil stays active on any surface, including dead
   annihilate urushiol
                                                dead plants           plants, for up to 5 years.
  Everyone appears to react slightly
   different to all the remedies.
  First published records of poison ivy    Breaking the blisters     Not true. But your wounds can become infected and you
   in North America date back to 1600s      releases urushiol oil     may make the scarring worse. In very extreme cases,
  Poison Ivy coined by Captain John           that can spread        excessive fluid may need to be withdrawn by a doctor.
   Smith in 1609
  Western Poison Oak discovered by
   David Douglas (1799-1834) on Van-                                  Not necessarily true. Upwards of 90% of people are al-
   couver Island. Douglas fir also          I've been in poison ivy   lergic to urushiol oil, it's a matter of time and exposure.
   named after him.                         many times and never      The more times you are exposed to urushiol, the more
                                                broken out. I'm       likely it is that you will break out with an allergic rash.
  People with serious deficiency in
                                                   immune.            For the first time sufferer, it generally takes longer for
   cellular (T-cell) immunity such as                                 the rash to show up - generally in 7 to 10 days.
   AIDS patients may not have prob-
   lems with dermatitis.

Volume 9                                                                                                                     Page 3
Nurse’s Corner: June 2010
Lucille Orchanian RN
Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac                   Signs of an Emergency                        Management
(continued)                                  About 15 percent of the 120 million            Wash skin thoroughly with soap
                                             Americans who are allergic to poison            and cool water if exposured and
                                             oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac are           launder contaminated clothing
                                             so highly sensitive that they break out in
                                             a rash and begin to swell in 4 to 12           Loose dressing may help discour-
                                             hours instead of the normal 24 to 48.           age scratching
                                             Their eyes may swell shut and blisters         Apply calamine lotion, ivarest, or
                                             may erupt on their skin. This is one of         caladrly to dry lesions
                                             the few true emergencies in dermatol-
                                             ogy. Get to a hospital/doctor as soon as       Topical 1% hydrocortisone cream
                                             possible. A shot of corticosteroids             after blistering
                                             (steroids) or a course of steroids over        Observe for infection and/or
                                             5-10 days may be needed will bring the          spreading
                                             swelling down.
                                                                                            Refer to doctor if not improving,
                                                                                             spreading or worsening.
Reminder for fifth graders                                                                  Always see doctor for poison ivy on
  Need one dose of the Tdap Vaccine & Meningitis vaccine is needed for                      the face and eye area.
   sixth grade
  Fax to Nut Swamp 732-671-3526
  Send in MD note with vaccine dates to the health office

Reminder for school attire during warmer weather
  Sneakers are best for school safety
  Pants should be up to the waist
  Tops should cover the waist
  Shorts can be worn to school, no short shorts
  Summer dresses that cover the shoulders are appropriate, no halter tops or
   spaghetti straps

Prevention is the Key to Wellness
Lucille Orchanian RN

Volume 9                                                                                                                    Page 4
   Nut Swamp                                        Quote Corner…
   Elementary School                                “SUMMER afternoon, summer
                                                    afternoon; to me those have always
   925 Nut Swamp Road                               been the two most beautiful words
                                                    in the English language.”.
   Middletown, NJ 07748
   Phone: 732-671-5795
                                 This is the last   ~Henry James 1843-1916

                                 Newsletter for
   Fax: 732-671-3529                                American Writer
                                                    “Deep SUMMER is when laziness
                                this school year.
                                                    finds respectability.”
                                                    ~Sam Keen, American Author,
   Principal:                   Have a safe, fun    Professor, Philosopher
   Thomas Olausen
   Newsletter Editor:
                                  and peaceful      “There shall be eternal SUMMER
                                                    in the grateful heart.”
   AnnMarie Rung
                                    summer!         ~Celia Thaxter, 1835-1894
                                                    American Writer

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