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Newsletter No 77 July1998


                   PRIMARY SCHOOL

Newsletter 148                                                                      March 2007

Dear Parents,                                       School Improvement
This is the first newsletter since the half term    In the last Newsletter I wrote about how our drive
holiday. I welcome you all back to school and       to improve standards in writing was going and
hope that you had an enjoyable half term break.     gave you the results of our monitoring report. I
                                                    also talked about the progress of our Healthy
Thank you for your support for World Book Day.      Schools Award bid and specifically wrote about
The children looked great and we had a              our Healthy Eating Policy.
wonderful day.
                                                    We have also been looking at raising standards in
                                                    mathematics and are continuing with reorganising
In This Newsletter                                  the curriculum to create better links between
Staffing News                                       subjects.
School Improvement
Term Dates                                          In mathematics we have been looking at how we
Administrative Matters                              teach calculations using a number line. Following
Forthcoming Events                                  last years very successful parents meeting
Red Nose Day                                        looking at calculation strategies, we are now
Easster Egg Decorating                              producing a booklet for parents that clearly
World Book Day                                      explains the main strategies that we use to teach
Book Fair                                           addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
Rotary Quiz                                         throughout the school. We hope that parents will
Beaford Visit                                       find this helpful.

                                                    We are currently monitoring how well we are
                                                    using our interactive whiteboards to support
                                                    teaching and learning in the classroom. The
                                                    report will be finished by the beginning of the
Staffing News
                                                    summer term and we will let you know the main
Congratulations to Mrs Kerswell and her
                                                    findings in our next newsletter.
husband on the safe arrival of their son who was
born on 14th February . Mother and baby are both
                                                    The school improvement plan for 2007 to 2008 is
well. We look forward to seeing Mrs Kerswell
                                                    currently being finalised. In the next year we will
back in school at the end of the summer term.
                                                    be introducing French in Year 4 and beyond,
                                                    continuing with the major task of replanning the
I am also pleased to be able to tell you that Mrs
                                                    curriculum, looking further at our provision for
Johnston and Mrs Baker are both expecting
                                                    gifted and talented children, reviewing what we
babies. They will be commencing maternity
                                                    do in mathematics and literacy and introducing a
leave from September.
                                                    new Personal Social and Health Education.
                                                    programme focussing on social and emotional
                                                    aspects of learning. We will also be introducing a
new musical instrument tuition initiative in               school. Summer dresses are not sold at school,
years 5/6.                                                 but they are available from several local stores.

Term Dates 2007                                            Summer
                                                           White school polo shirt
                                                           Grey trousers long or short
                                                           Navy blue school sweatshirt
                                                           Dark socks
                                                           Dark leather shoes or sandals
                                                           Navy blue sun cap
Spring Term 2007                                           Indoor PE
                         Thur 4 Jan 07-                    Navy shorts
                         Thurs 5 April 07                  White school logo T-shirt
Summer Term 2007                                           Plimsolls or bare feet
                         Tues 24 April 07-                 Outdoor PE
                         Wed 25 July 07                    Navy shorts
Non Pupil Days           Mon 23 April 07                   White school logo T-shirt
                         Fri 15 June 07                    Plimsolls or trainers,
Bank Holiday             Mon 7 May 07                      White socks,
Half Term                Mon 28 May 07-                    Track suits may be worn in cold weather
                         Fri   1 June 07                   Trunks and towel for swimming,
Autumn Term 2007                                           Drawstring bag for PE kit
                         Tue 4 Sept 07-                    Girls:
                         Wed 19 Dec 07                     Summer
Non Pupil Days           Mon 03 Sept 07                    Blue and white cotton dress
                         Mon 29 Oct 07                     Navy blue school sweatshirt
Half Term                Mon 22 Oct 07-                    White socks
                         Fri 26 Oct 07                     Low heeled sandals
                                                           Navy blue school sun cap.
SATs Weeks 2007                                            Indoor PE
Monday 14 May to Friday 25 May
                                                           Black leotard or navy shorts and white school T-
Parents please note that no permission for leave will be
given for any Year 5 or 6 pupils for the week beginning    shirt,
Mon 14 May and for any Year 3 or 4 pupils for the          Black plimsolls or bare feet
week beginning Mon 21 May.                                 Outdoor PE
                                                           Navy shorts
Administrative Matters                                     White T- shirt
                                                           Plimsolls or trainers
                                                           White socks
                                                           Track suits may be worn in cold weather
                                                           Swimsuit and towel for swimming
                                                           Drawstring bag for PE kit.
Road Safety
I would again like to remind parents not to park           Please do not send your child to school
or stop on the zig zag markings directly outside           wearing jeans or denim, tracksuit tops or
school when dropping off and picking up children           bottoms , ski pants or leggings, patterned T-
from school. This creates an extra unnecessary             shirts, trainers, boots or sling-back or high
hazard for children when they are arriving and             heeled shoes. Sensible haircuts are also
leaving school at extremely busy times of the              expected. Please make sure that all items of
day.                                                       uniform are named.

Summer Uniform                                             .
We have a smart school uniform which all
children are expected to wear during the                   Parent Helpers
school day. Sweatshirts and polo shirts with the           Please remember that we are always looking for
school logo are available for purchase through the         parent helpers, if you would like to come into
school to help in any way, please speak to your
child’s class teacher                                 Tea and biscuits will be on sale from the kitchen.
                                                      The kitchen manager Mrs Sam Mason will also
                                                      be available to talk to parents about school
Forthcoming Events.                                   lunches. There will also be an opportunity for
Wed 7th -13th Mar      School Book Fair               you to see the menu for next term. We hope that
Fri 16th March         Red Nose Day                   you will use this opportunity to chat with her and
Tue 3RD April          Easter Egg Competition         find out more about our school meals. We look
Wed 4th April          KS1 Easter Service             forward to seeing you there.
Thur 5th April         KS2 Easter Service 10.30       World Book Day
                       am Parish Church
Red Nose Day

                                                      Thank you to everyone who supported World
                                                      Book Day, the children enjoyed dressing up as
                                                      their favourite book characters. The winners on
                                                      the day were:
This year Comic Relief Day will be on Friday
                                                      Alice Lovell – Commotion in the Ocean
16th March. We would like all pupils to dress up
                                                      Year One
In the theme of BIG! So big clothes, big hats,
                                                      Joe Waldron – Robin Hood
big bling jewellery will be the order of the day!
                                                      Year Two
Each class will be holding a competition for their
                                                      Katie Hamer – Owl Baby
costumes and outfits, prizes will be given out in
                                                      Year Three
the final assembly. We would like each child to
                                                      Charlie Tucker – Dragon Rider
donate 50p towards the charity. The money
                                                      Year Four
should be brought to school on Friday morning
                                                      Elliott Skinner – Horrible Histories
and handed to their class teacher. We look
                                                      Year Five
forward to an exciting day.
                                                      Joshua Jacklin – Jack Sparrow
                                                      Year Six
                                                      Antonia Hamilton – The Lion The witch and the

                                                      Well done to everyone who dressed up and took
                   Easter Egg Decorating
We will be holding our traditional Easter Egg
decorating competition at the end of the term.
Children will be asked to decorate an egg in the
theme of “Village Life”. The eggs should be
brought to school on Tuesday 3rd April, and
children should take the eggs to their classroom.
The egg displays should incorporate a stand to
display the egg safely. There will be four
categories, Reception, Years 1/2, Years 3/4 and

                                                      Book Fair
Years 5/6. The eggs will be taken to the school
hall for judging in the afternoon. At 2.45pm
parents are invited to school to view the displays.
The Book Fair has again been a great success.       songs from Africa. It sounded like a real
Thank you to everyone who has supported the         celebration! That evening we listened to
event and also to all our volunteer helpers.
                                                    lots of spooky and funny stories by Dave
The winner of our Grand Draw was Joseph
Murray – congratulations Joseph!                    Oliver, who brought along lots of fantastic
Rotary Club of Dawlish Primary                      The next day after breakfast we packed
Schools Quiz                                        our bags, had an award ceremony and said
We hope that the children had fun and enjoyed       goodbye to the centre.
the recent quiz. Congratulations and well done to   We’d like to say a big thank you to Mr
everyone who took part. Our team were very          George, Mrs Bovey and Mr and Mrs Oram
successful. The first three positions were close,
twelve schools entered and Kingskerswell            who came with us and made it a memorable
finished a close second as you will see from the    trip.
scores below:
Shaldon 143, Kingskerswell, 141, Kenn 138           By Room 8 (Harriet Ellis, Molly Dixon,
                                                    Hannah Matson and Megan Marchlewski)
Many thanks to Mrs Strachan who arranged the
evening and to the other staff who helped on the

Year 4 Residential Visit to Beaford
Arts Centre 2007
On Wednesday 28th February the Year 4’s
went to the Beaford Art Centre for a two
night residential visit. The journey was
twisty, whilst our stomachs churned. When
we eventually arrived we got our bags and
were welcomed by the Manageress
Annette. We went to see our cosy rooms
and unpacked.
That afternoon we designed African masks
and Becky from Malawi, who taught
African dances and told stories. She told
us about the animals and spirits of Africa.
                                                    With best wishes

Soon it was time for tea! We had a                  Gareth Thomas
Beaford Quiz as it was pouring with rain,
then we wrote home before having hot
chocolate and going to bed.
The next morning we got up early, got
ready for room inspection, which was
intense then had breakfast. During the
day we made huge African masks from our
designs and worked with Malcolm and Ros
from The Junk Bank. We made lots of
different tunes, rhythms and beats to

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