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					                     Cleanup and Redevelopment Appropriations
                       Net through Fiscal Year 06 $830,679,082

                   Protection     Refined Petroleum
                Fund, $31,186,365 Fund, $57,000,000             Environmental
 Clean Michigan                                                Protection Bond
  Initiative Bond                                             Fund, $340,471,005
Fund, $230,404,843

                           General          Cleanup and
                       Purpose/General    Redevelopment
                       Fund, $69,897,484 Fund, $101,719,385
Appropriations for Environmental Cleanup and Redevelopment Program

                Environmental Protection Bond Fund                   $340,471,005
                 Cleanup and Redevelopment Fund                      $101,719,385
                   General Purpose/General Fund                       $69,897,484
                Clean Michigan Initiative Bond Fund                  $230,404,843
                  Environmental Protection Fund                       $31,186,365
                      Refined Petroleum Fund                          $57,000,000