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					                                                                       C ITY N EWS
                                                                                                                     F ALL 2009


Construction for the new library, senior center and city hall has begun after many years of planning and anticipation. The
building will be located east of Allina Clinic along Town Center Drive. The building will more than triple the size of the current
library, which is a joint planning effort by the Great River Regional Library System (GRRL) and the cities of St. Michael,
Albertville and Hanover. The building will also provide increased space for community meetings and the Crow River Senior
Center. Finally, the new city hall space has modest space for future growth while allowing the currently cramped public works
department to expand into the current city hall space. Moving forward with all three uses in the same building significantly
reduced overall costs by allowing shared parking, lobby, bathroom, and meeting spaces.
The decision to move forward with this project was supported by a number of factors:
     • Albertville and Hanover have committed to funding a portion of the library.
     • The City has set aside funds over the past ten years to pay for the city hall portion of the project.
     • The City received a $400,000 library grant from the State Department of Education.
     • A portion of the project received Recovery Zone Bond designation through Wright County, saving approximately
         $250,000 in interest costs.
     • The annual estimated increased bonding and maintenance costs are less than the amount the City has been setting aside
         for this project, thus tax increases are not expected to be necessary as a result of the project.
     • There is currently a great bidding environment, resulting in a bid approximately 14% below the Architect’s estimate.
     • Interest rates are their lowest since 1967.
     • The low bidder was a local contractor who would be more likely to hire local subcontractors.
We encourage residents to check the City’s website for construction updates and pictures.

                                    C OMMISSION O PENINGS FOR 2010
If you are interested in becoming involved with local city government, the St. Michael City Council is seeking applicants for several
committees, including two four-year terms on the Planning and Zoning Commission, three two-year terms on the Park Board, and
one six-year term on the Economic Development Authority.
The Planning Commission’s role is to advise, recommend, and assist the Council in matters relating to planning and growth of the
City. The Commission has seven members and meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. The Park Board has five
members and meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. The Board considers issues relating to the parks and trails
within the City. The Economic Development Authority (EDA) advises the Council on matters relating to economic development.
The EDA meets the third Wednesday of each month at 1:00 pm. Residents or St. Michael business owners are invited to apply for the
In order to apply for any of these opportunities, please submit a resume and/or letter outlining your qualifications,
including which position you are applying for. The letter should be submitted to the St. Michael City Clerk by
December 22nd. The Council will appoint the positions in January and the new terms will begin in February 2010.

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         ✓         I-94 Coalition                    ✓        Project Update                      ✓        Minnesota FluLine
 P AGE 2                                                                                             F ALL 2009

        2010      PROPOSED BUDGET AND                        P ROPERTY T AX                 UPDATE
Residents can expect a 1% City tax cut
On September 8th the City Council approved the proposed 2010 budget and tax levy.
Due to the slow economy the Council voted to cut taxes by 1%. The City has been able
to cut back mainly by reducing staff, resulting in annual savings of approximately
$350,000. Additionally, the City has scaled back or postponed equipment and/or other
purchases. The City has not increased general fund expenses since 2006. Please note
that City taxes represent approximately 25% of your total property tax bill, with the
County (27%) and School district (48%) making up the balance.

                        Truth in Taxation Meeting
                        In November residents will receive a Truth in Taxation tax statement from Wright
                        County. This statement includes proposed 2010 property taxes as well as dates and
                        times for Truth in Taxation public meetings. St. Michael’s Truth-in-Taxation
                        meeting is scheduled for December 8, 2009, from 6:00 to 7:00 pm. At the meeting
                        the City will go over the proposed 2010 budget and tax levy. Residents will be given
                        an opportunity to comment on the budget and levy. Written comments may also be
                        submitted. For more information contact Bob Derus, City Administrator (763) 497-
                        2041 (extension 112) or email:

Will the new civic building impact my taxes?
                                                                      2010 BUDGET HIGHLIGHTS:
The new library/senior center/city hall currently under
construction at Town Center (see story on front page) is      Budget Hearing is set for December 8, 2009, from
not expected to increase taxes. The City has planned for         6:00 to 7:00 pm at City Hall.
this project for approximately ten years, by setting aside    City Taxes will be cut by 1%.
more than $300,000/year. In total, the City set aside over    City Wages are frozen for 2010.
$4,000,000 for the project. Since the annual debt payment
                                                              The final budget will be adopted December 22nd.
and increased operational expenses are expected to be
under $250,000/year for the City (which is less than the      City Taxes are approximately 25% of your total tax
                                                                 bill; the County (27%) and School district (48%)
$300,000 annual set-aside in previous budgets) the project
                                                                 make up the balance.
should not require any tax increase.

                                         I-94 C OALITION
St. Michael supports the newly formed I-94 West
Corridor Coalition. It is a group of local governments,
private businesses, local Chambers of Commerce and
other stakeholders affected by the transportation
challenges of Interstate 94 between Maple Grove and
Monticello. The Coalition seeks to work with residents,
business leaders, and local, state, and federal policy
makers. Please visit the Coalition website for more
information at To the right is a
picture of a billboard on eastbound I-94, just west of
Albertville Outlet Mall.
P AGE 3                                                                          F ALL 2009

The city council is pleased to announce a second recycling option for our residents
starting in January 2010. The city received a lot of inquiries about a large cart recycling
plan. The council reviewed surrounding cities and found this was a desirable option. If
chosen, there will be a nominal fee for the Large Cart Recycling Plan option added to
your utility bill. On the reverse side is the signup sheet to turn into the city, or you may
go to the website at and download the form. The first cart
delivery will be scheduled for January 2010.
The city is continuing to offer the bins under the Base City Recycling Plan for those
who want to continue with their existing small bin service. Below is the information on
both recycling options the city will offer.

                         BASE CITY RECYCLING PLAN
Cost: First bin is free. Additional bins are $6.50.
Description: All recyclable materials can be combined in the 18 gallon bin(s) as long as
paper is contained from wind. No form is needed to sign up for this option. You can
pick up a recycle bin at city hall during office hours.

                            LARGE CART RECYCLING PLAN
Cost: $2.00 monthly fee on city utility bill.
Description: All recyclable materials can be combined in a 65 gallon covered cart. The
cart option allows for a larger volume of recycling, containment of recycling materials
from the elements and ease of a wheeled cart for curb side recycling.
A form must be completed and submitted to city hall by the property owner. When the
form is turned in, a cart will be delivered to your residence at the next monthly
delivery date. After delivery of the cart you will see the charge on your next month’s
utility bill.
Note: Once you choose this option you cannot “opt-out” and go back to the base plan.
F ALL 2009                                                                                                  P AGE 4

                                        CART RECYCLING SIGN UP FORM
3150 Lander Avenue NE, St. Michael, MN 55376
Phone: 763-497-2041 Fax: 763-497-5306

 Note:This form must be completed by the property owner. If you are not the property owner and want the cart
 option, please have the owner fill this out and return it to us. If you have additional questions, please contact
                                           city hall at 763-497-2041.

PROPERTY ADDRESS:                          _____         ___________


OWNER(S) NAME: _____                                                      _______

    • I acknowledge I am the property owner of the address listed above.
    • As the property owner, I agree to have a $2.00 monthly fee added to my city utility bill for
      the Cart Recycling Option.
    • I understand once this property has selected the cart recycling plan, I cannot ask to be
      returned to the small bin plan.
    • I agree the recycling cart must stay with this property for future owners. If the cart needs to
      be replaced due to loss or damage (other than normal wear) a penalty fee of $75.00 may be

I understand that by signing below I am agreeing to the above items.

Signature of Property Owner                                                               Date

Office Use Only
Date Received: __________________ Date Entered: _________________            Delivery Date: __________________
Additional Notes:
F ALL 2009                                                                                                     P AGE 5

                                     C ITY P ROJECTS U PDATE
                      Rain and wet conditions over the past month have delayed efforts to complete the Downtown
                      One Way Pair Project and the Jamison Avenue Project by the new STMA High School. Despite
                      receiving rainfall for 15 of the first 25 days in October, some progress has been made and the
                      project contractors hope to be substantially completed in early November. The City continues
                      to add signage and striping to help clarify and avoid any traffic pattern confusions that may occur
                      with the One Way Pair Project. Motorists are asked to please pay attention to project signage,
                      striping, and obey all traffic laws when driving.
Mn/Dot has also been working on a traffic signal timing and coordination project for the downtown area signals which
should be completed and put into effect over the next couple of months. The intention of this project is to improve
traffic flow throughout downtown St. Michael.
The City thanks both motorists and area residents and businesses for their patience during the past construction
months. St. Michael also encourages everyone to please patronize our downtown area businesses especially during the
road construction.

                                      W INTER I NFORMATION

                 Compost Site
                 Winter Hours                                            Lower Recreation Skating
   Starting Tuesday, December 1st, the compost                            Warming House Hours
   site will be closed weekends throughout the                              No School Days Noon - 9pm
   winter season. The site will still be open for                           School Days    4:00 - 9pm
   use during regular city hall hours.

                                                    No Parking
Residents are reminded that from November 1 to April 1 there is no parking on city streets between 2:00 am and 6:00
am. These parking restrictions were instituted to allow snowplows to effectively clear snow from city streets. Please
keep in mind cars can be ticketed for violating this rule even if there is no snow falling or on the ground.
Also, after a two-inch or greater snow fall, “No Parking” is enforced on city streets, day or night, until snowplowing
has been completed. This does not apply to downtown (three blocks in all directions from the intersection of TH 241
and County Road 19).
Reminder: Commuter parking has moved from First Street NE to the City owned parking lot just
south of TJ’s Sportsbar and Grill where “No Parking” rules do not apply.

                         R AKE       TO SAVE A LAKE                  -   OR A RIVER
Tree leaves contain phosphorus, the nutrient that turns lakes and rivers green with algae. This fall,
protect our water by:
 Rake or sweep leaves from your street and storm drains.
 Compost leaves and grass clippings on location or at the city compost drop site.
 Never dispose leaves in wetlands or water.
 Keep the street clean of other materials that contain phosphorus, such as grass clippings and
    eroded soil.
Mayor: Jerry Zachman
City Council: Dean Eggert, Joe Hagerty,                            M INNESOTA F LU L INE
Kevin Kasel and Cindy Weston
                                           People with possible flu symptoms can call the Minnesota FluLine at
City Council Meetings:
2nd & 4th Tuesday, 7:00 pm                 1-866-259-4655 for information and treatment options. Professionals will
City Staff:                                be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Callers with flu symptoms
Administrator: Bob Derus                   will be connected with a participating nurse at MN FluLine, or a nurse at a
Assessor: Tom Zander
Building Official: Paul Heins
                                           triage line operated by their own provider network or health plan. The
City Clerk: Diana Berning                  nurses will evaluate the health concerns of callers and discuss treatment
City Engineer: Steve Bot                   options, using consistent criteria to determine which treatment option is
Community Develop. Dir: Marc Weigle
Finance: Sharry Berning and Sue Ferbuyt    most appropriate for each individual.
Fire Chief: Steve Hosch
Park Maintenance: Karl Kessler             FluLine is expected to help decrease the spread of the flu. By
Public Works: Ed Haller
Senior Coordinator: Joyce Flury            providing assistance over the phone, the new service is expected to
Economic Development Authority:            limit the number of potentially infectious people who gather in
Paul Ederer, President; Lenny Akkerman;    emergency rooms, urgent care centers and clinics.
Stewart Cariveau; David Dayon; Dean
Eggert; Chuck Van Heel; and Jerry
Zachman                                                   D AZE AND K NIGHTS T HANK Y OU
Planning Commission:                       Thanks again to all the community volunteers for helping make the third
David Dayon, Chair; Michael Auger;
Joe Eull; Steve Gapinski; Eric Hamilton;   annual Daze and Knights Festival a huge success. Without the dedication of
Thomas Hamilton; and Duane Scheurer        many volunteers, this event would not have happened.
Park Board:
Lorann Eull, Chair; Nathan Ekhoff;
                                                    If you are interested in volunteering for next year’s event, or just
Mahnsan Nyenatee; Mitchell Peterson;                want to see what is being planned, you can visit the festival website
and Dan Woitalla                                    at
City Hall Office Hours:
Mon., Tues., & Thurs. 8:00am - 5:00pm                    C HECK OUT THE C ITY ON T WITTER
Wednesday 8:00 am – 6:00pm
Friday 8:00 am – 2:00pm
Phone: 497-2041                            As a way to communicate more efficiently with residents, the
Fax:       497-5306                        city recently started a Twitter account. Important news
Web site:          announcements, upcoming meeting information, and
Other Services                             community events will be posted regularly. Sign up to
St. Michael Post Office: 497-2219          follow ‘cityofstmichael’ at
Library: 497-1998
Senior Center: 493-2711                              S AVE T HE D ATE - P ICTURES WITH S ANTA
STMA School District: 497-6500
STMA Community Education: 497-6550         The St. Michael Fire Department Explorers, in conjunction with the St.
FYCC: 497-7136
Elk River School District: 241-3400        Michael Lions, will again be hosting pictures with Santa Claus on Saturday,
Buffalo School District: 682-5200          December 5th, from 10 am to 1 pm at the main fire station. This event will
City Water/Sewer: 497-3611
City Water/Sewer Pager: 612-880-1162       benefit Caring for Kids. Please bring a toy donation for the Caring for Kids
Police (Non-Emergency): 682-1162           program.

                                                                                                      Presorted Standard
                                                                                                      U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                      Saint Michael, MN
3150 Lander Ave NE                                                                                    Permit No. 2
PO Box 337
St. Michael, MN 55376-0337
Address Service Requested                                   ****ECRWSS** R
                                                            To: Current Resident

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