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              ENDEAV OUR LOG - Term 1 Week 9 - March 26, 2009
NATIONAL TESTING PROGRAM – NAPLAN                            For further information please go to the Premie r’s
The Nationa l Assessm ent Prog ram will b e condu cted in    Reading Challenge website.
May this year. This testing program replaces th e Basic
Skills program that ran until 2007. The National             It would be won derful to h ave eve ry child in volved in
Assessment Program will oper ate through out Au stralia      this excellent initiative.
at exactly the same times for students in Y ears 3,5,7
and 9. All Year 3 and Year 5 parents should have             In 2008 we had over 30 0 studen ts participate . This year
received a letter about the program with the LOG.            we would like to see over 400 students involved in the
The timetable is as follows:
                                                             KEEP ON READING!
•         Tuesday 12th May - Spelling, Punctuation and
          Grammar test plus a separate Writing test          GOOD LUCK -We wish the following groups of
•         Wednesday 13th May - Reading                       students the best of luck over the next week.
•         Thursday 14th May - Numeracy
•         Friday 15th May - Catch up day for students        T       Junior and Senior Dance grou p auditions for
          who were absent earlier in the week and                    the Syd ney W est Danc e Festival.
          missed a test                                      T       Sydney West Swimming Champ ionships at
Results from these tests w ill be sent ho me to parents in   T       Regional Indoor Soccer Championships
late Septemb er.                                             T       Paul Kelly Cup – AFL Regional
PREMIER’S READING CHALLENGE                                  T       Peter Wynn Shield – 7 a side Rugby League
I encourage all students K-6 to participate in the                   Competition
Premier’s Reading Challenge this year. It is a
wonderful way to encourage your children to develop          Represent your school with pride and give 100%.
a love of reading. Students who successfu lly com plete      Go KLPS!
the challenge will receive a certificate and have the ir
name p rinted in th e Sun H erald Ho nour R oll.             Phil W alker,
To make it easier for the students to choose Premier’s
Reading Challenge books, appropriate books have been
identifie d in the Library by the use of coloured

PINK – K-2       GR EEN - 3-4         ORA NGE - 5-6

                           TERM 2, 2009
                WEDNESDAY A PRIL 29 - FRIDAY JULY 10
                                               STUDENT WELFARE
                                               CODE OF CONDUCT

                                                 Our lessons wil be:
                                            “Be truthful, caring and kind”

                                             PLAYGROUND AWARDS
                  Congratulations to all the students who re ceived a ‘Caught you Being Good ’ ticket
                                for their good behaviour in the playground last week.
                                       The winners of the draw this week were:

                              Luke Martin 1P             Matthew Hamilton 1M
                              Lachlan Fletcher 3M        Mitchell Williamson KD
                              Monique Bracks 2S
                                      Congratulations to the following students:
                                              Uniform award - 5 Topaz
                                         Citizenship award - Adam Goff 4D
                                           Assembly award - 4/5 Orange

                                                     R. Maiden
                                                   Deputy Principal

FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHS - Today the family photo envelopes have been sent home to all those families who
requested one. Please return the envelop e and the $12 to the red letter box in the office by next Friday April 3, 2009.
The family photo s will be tak en along with the Y ear 6 grou p, Capta ins and P refects, Ho use Cap tains, SRC and 6
Magenta class photo on Monday April 6.

R. Maiden (Depu ty Princip al)

E A S T E R                                                                                             RAFFLE

‚       We w ill be hold ing a mo nster Eas ter raffle on A pril 9, 200 9.
‚       W e hope every student at KLPS can bring in an Easter egg for our raffle as soon as possible. We would also
        like bask ets for the eg gs. Let’s m ake this the best and b iggest raffle ever.
‚       All proc eeds go to our ch arity - Stew art Hou se.
‚       Raffle tickets are on sale each morning at the front of the school for 3 weeks from Monday March 23. They
        are 20¢ each or 6 for $1.
‚       If you are available on Tuesday April 7 from 9.15am to pack the Easter eggs, please come and help in the
         6M / 6 R wet a rea. Please comple te the form below if y ou are av ailable to as sist.



I am able to help make up the Easter Basket packs on Tuesday April 7, 2009.

Name: _________________________________________                       Phone: _______________________________

                    (PLEASE RETU RN TO M RS O’SHEA BY MOND AY APRIL 6, 2009 )
NOTICE TO PARENTS RE WHOOPING COUGH -A major outbreak of whooping cough continues to affect the
Sydney area. In ord er to prev ent furthe r cases of w hoopin g coug h, Sydney West Public Health Unit advises the
<       If your child has any of the symptom s of whooping cou gh, such as a dry o r persiste nt coug h, which may be
        especially bad at night, please see your doctor and take this notice with you. If the cough has been present
        less than 4 weeks a swab test can be performed. If longer than 4 weeks a blood test can be performed.
<       If your child has whooping cough, your doctor will arrange a course of antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics given
        early in the illness are effective in stopping the cough and in preven ting sprea d to other people. If your doctor
        diagnoses whooping cough please advise the school and keep your child at home until they have taken at least
        5 days of antibiotics.
<       Whooping cough is very dangerous for small infants - please ensure th at you and your fam ily do no t visit
        babies if you have a cough.
<       Vaccination is the best protection against whooping cough. The vaccine is given at 2,4 and 6 months and 4
        years. A free booster vaccine will be offered to all Year 10 students at school this year - please take advantage
        of this opportunity.

Information on whooping cough is available at or
from the Public Health Unit on 9840 3603 (Parramatta) or 4734 2022 (Penrith)

FAM ILY PO RTR AIT D AY - 4 th , 5 th and 6 th April, 2009.
This is your last chance to have some beautiful photos taken in time for Mother’s Day. We have a few places left (due
to some ca ncellation s). The support for this fundraiser has been wonderful and the P&C will advise you of the amount
that has b een raised in the nex t Log. O nce aga in, these ph otos will b e taken in the KL PS Ha ll.
                 To make a booking please contact Julia Calvert on 9624 2772
Each family p articipating will receive a studio quality 10"x13" (243 x 330mm) colour or black an d white p ortrait, in
a frame with a glass covering as well as a key ring with family portrait inside for $20.00.

ENTERTAINMENT BOOKS - Worth their weight in gold!
Purchase y our new 2 009/201 0 Entertainm ent Book now ... It is the best book ever.

Kings Langley Public School is raising funds by selling the 2009/2010 Entertainment Book. Selling for $55, a portion
of the proceeds from the sale of the Entertainment Books will help fund p rojects w ithin the school.

Entertainment Books contain hundreds of 25% - 50% off and two-for-one offers from popular restaurants, cinemas,
hotel accom moda tion, the arts a nd spo rting even ts. There tru ly is something fo r everyone w ith high value o ffers from
Avis, War ner Br os. Mo vie W orld, C rown Tow ers, Hamilton Island, Hungry Jacks. Hogs Breath Café,
McDo nalds, the Coffee Club, Hoyts Theatre, AMF Bowling and many more retail, travel, leisure and
accomm odation vouch ers.
Order your new entertainment B ook now as they are sure to sell out quickly. To reserve your copy of the Entertainment
Book, email your order or phone Susan Roseby at Kings Langley Public S chool on or phone
9620 4176 or 0409 981 551.

                                   MOTHER’S DAY STALL FOR 2009!
                                    NEW DONATIONS WELCOME
              This year we will be running a raffle in addition to the Mother’s Day Stall.
                          If you have a suitable donation that could be raffled,
                                     please call Anne on 9621 6274.
             Thank you to Anita, Cathy, Carolyn, Jana, Jenny, Kate, Liz, Sharon and Shona
                       for helping at the Mother’s Day preparation on Tuesday.
            The next preparation day will be Wednesday April 1 from 9.30am
                       at 64 Hawkesworth Parade, Kings Langley.

                                 Would be great to see you there!
GARAGE SALE - THIS SUNDA Y ONLY - March 29 from 9am at 64 Hawkesworth Pde, Kings Langley
Kids toys an d games, old records and m uch , much more

WANTED size 7 bon e coloure d dance jazz shoe s. Call Janine on 0414 532 945

FOR SALE size 2 socc er boots (w hite) $15 ;     Size 4 adid as soccer b oots (blu e) $20;   Siz e small sh in pads $ 10.
Call Janine on 0414 532 945.

2 x size 6 girls summer dresses $5 each; 1 x size 8 track pants $5; 1 x size 8 zip jacket (as new) $10; 1 x size 8 V-neck
sloppy joe (as new) $10; 1 size 10 v-neck sloppy joe $5; 1 x size 8 boys school shorts $3; 1 x size 10 spray jacket (as
new) $ 15. Call Sharon on 0413 604 419

AFTER SCHOOL CARE HELP NEEDED - My son is in Kindergarten and I desperately require after schoo l care
services that are not available. If anyone has a child th is age wh o could mind h im till 6pm at the latest, M onday to
Thursd ay, it wou ld be grea tly appre ciated. Please contact Debbie on 0408 373 315

                 Mrs Tam is in need of 5 ‘used’ computer chair wheels. If you are throwing
                       such a thing away, could you please throw them her way?
                                                Many thanks

                                                  SUMMER PSSA
                      Tomorrow is the last round of Summer PSSA for this term.
                   The competitions will continue in Term 4 with the same teams.

WINTER PSSA sports are Oztag, N etball, Ba sketball an d Footb all (soccer). Some trials for the winter sports will be
held next week.

T   Ashley Wells who has been selected in the Seven Hills / Wentworthville 11yrs Rugby League Team.
T   Isobel Church and Matthew Roseby who comp eted in the Sydney W est Basketb all Cham pionsh ips at Pen rith
    last week. The Eastern Division Girls team came 2 nd and the boys came 5 th.

KLPS CROSS COUNTRY CARNIVAL - Kings Langley will hold its Cross County Carnival on Friday May 1, 2009
(first week of Term 2) from 1.00pm - 3.00pm . All parents are welcome to attend.

W e will need parents to assist with supervision and judging. If you are able to volunteer please fill in the slip below
and return to Mr. Cole. Your help would certainly be appreciated.

Children can w ear House colou rs/sports uniform for the Ca rnival and should b ring a hat and extra drinks.

House colours:           Adventure - Yellow;      Endeavour - Blue;        Resolution - Green;       Discovery - Red

E =================================================

I __________________________________________ will be able to assist at the KLPS Cross Country Carnival on
Friday May 1, 2009.

My child ____________________________________              is in class _____________________________

Signed: ______________________________________ Date: ________________________________
PSSA - Friday March 20, 2009
 Team                                    vs                                        Score
Jnr Cricket                                Seven Hills West                            Won on forfeit
Snr Cricket                                Seven Hills West                            Won 50 - 31

Jnr AFL                                    Girraween                                   Won 27 - 21
Snr AFL                                    Girraween                                   Lost 8 - 57

Girls KL PS Softba ll                      Kings Creek                                 Won 10 - 1
Boys K LPS So ftball                       Seven Hills West                            Won 9 - 1

Girls KL PS T-ball                         Seven Hills West                            Draw 11- 11
Girls KL PS/Lalor P ark T-Ba ll            Caddies Creek 2                             Lost 5 - 13
Boys K LPS T-B all                         Seven Hills West                            Won 13 - 9

Basketb all
Green                                      Black                                       Won 43 - 18
Black                                      Seven H ills                                Won 42 - 22
Gold                                       White                                       18 all
Green                                      Gold                                        Won 24 - 21
                           Softball                       Newc ombe B all                   Cricket

Week 8                     Hawks vs Wallabies             Kangaroos vs Eagles               Crocodiles vs Sharks

Results                    Hawks won 16 - 10              Kangaroos won 2 games to 1        Crocodiles won 35 runs to 33

“Good Sports” Awards       Irene Dossan                   William G ill                     Nicholas Joham
                           Jesse Grubesich                Lachlan McKay                     Morgan Petkovski
                           Bradley Hanna                  Kayley Truman                     Jason Park
                           Patrick O’R eilly              Ashley W ells                     Paul Heymel
                                                                                            Connor Pappas

The Western Metropolitan area hosts a weekly
cross country competition that caters for
athletes of all ages and ability.

It particularly suits Primary School and High School
students who enjoy practising for school, area or
regional carnivals, as well as adults who enjoy keeping
fit or perhaps practising for the City to Surf.

The three events each week cater for
short distance cross country (2km),
middle distance cross country (4-
5km) and longer distance cross
country (8-10km).

The events are primarily held in the
Western Sydney area and usually within a 30 minute
drive from Kings Langley.

                  The races commence at 2.00 p.m.
                  (short distance), 2.20 p.m. (middle)
                  and 3.00 p.m. (long).
                  If you or your child is interested,
                  please call:
                  Steve 0425 227 669 or
                  Garry 0405 586 691
                                                                         KINGS LANGLEY PS BEFORE AND
                                                                             AFTER SCHOOL CARE
                                                                      Provided by C ubbyhouse C hildcare
                                                                      ( before and after school care is:
                                                                      High qu ality;
                                                                      Safe and s ecure;
                                                                      Experien ced (opera ting for 21 ye ars);
                                                                      Available each school day on-site.
                                                                      Hours: 7.00am to 8.30am and 3.00pm to 6.00pm
                                                                            Permanent and Casual bookings welcome

                                                                       Activities for children include sport, art, craft, games
                                                                        and reading. Homework supervision and nutritious
                                                                                refreshments are provided each day.

                                                                      Com monw ealth Ch ildcare B enefits app ly providing
                                                                                 substantial red uction in co st.
                                                                      Enrolment Enq uiries: 1300 553 583 (Head Office)
                                                                          9674 3577 (Before and After School Care)

       Washing Machines, Refrigerators
           Freezers, Dryers, Stoves
           Spare Parts and Service
      Suppliers of Electric Stove Elements

56 Sunnyholt Road,              Phone:       (02) 9621 3022
Blacktown, 2148                 Fax:         (02) 9671 7423

             Established over 20 years     Lic. No. 2335

#      Quality Extensions, Alterations, Renovations
#      New Homes
#      Pergolas, Decks & Entertainment Areas, First Floor Additions
#      Drafting Designing
#      Bricklaying & Paving

                   FOR YOUR FREE QUOTE
                       Phone Gary Iredale on
                     9624 7528 or 0411 694 818
             15 Briscoe Crescent, Kings Langley, 2147

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