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									      12 November 2008                                                                                      Volume No 16 : Issue 35

                                                      Vision Statement
                              Mater Dei College believes in the dignity and the nurturing of the individual
                                     and seeks to follow, with courage, Mary's example of faith.

A Liturgy “Our Lady of the Southern Cross” will open the Awards Night on Monday, 17 November, at the Perth Concert Hall. The Choir and
solo musicians and Dancers will lead the College Community in this reflection. As the title suggests the liturgy is linked to Mary, the patron of
the College.
Performances will include various Dance items, “DJ & his music;” Sax Ensemble, Concert Band, Year Eight Dance, a Monologue as scripted
and presented by a Year 12 student, Stephanie-Kate Crothers, Flute Ensemble, a Dance movement, “Finally”, an excerpt from the senior
drama students’ highly praised interpretation of Brecht’s Caucasian Chalk Circle, Swing Band and a power point collage of some of the many
events that crowd the College calendar.
Many parents as well as other students have not been able to attend the various performances given by the College musicians, dancers and
actors during the year. It is exciting for these students to have the opportunity to perform before the wider College community.
Moving from World Youth Day to a World Youth Era, a camp with a difference is being offered at New Norcia in early December. It is
particularly directed to ex students and is in the TAFE-Tertiary examination period. In the past other people have taken some holiday leave to
be able to attend Embrace the Grace and have found the experience to be really enjoyable and worthwhile.
Keynote Speakers
Clare Pike Clare, a qualified lawyer, worked in the Respect Life Office for 4 years. She has also done postgraduate studies in counselling and
bioethics. In 2007 she entered a new community called the Missionaries of the Gospel (www.mg.org.au). On 16 October 2008, Clare made her
final vows and became Sr Bernadette. She is passionate about helping people discover their dignity and Christ who reveals it to them.
Paul Kelly is Director of Senior School Religious Formation at Aquinas College. He is an experienced public speaker on many aspects of
Catholic belief and practice. His animated and emotive style, along with his great humour and courageous love for his faith has made Paul a
highlight at all previous Embrace the Grace Conferences.
Steve Lawrence is married with 6 children and a former AFL Premiership Player with Hawthorn and now works as Director of the
Evangelisation & Catechesis for World Youth Day, Sydney 2008. Having been responsible for the pastoral content and preparation of the
event, he is now involved in the post leadership, missionary formation and university chaplaincy.
Grant Gorddard Having recently completed his Master of Theology degree at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family, Grant
currently works at the Respect Life Office in Melbourne. Grant is an animated speaker with a gift for communicating the Catholic wisdom on
sexuality, marriage and family, particularly on how they relate to our culture today.
Natalie Thomas is a Masters Graduate from the John Paul II Institute for Marriage & Family (Melbourne), and has a special interest in the
thought of Pope John Paul II on the dignity and vocation of every human person.
Anthony Coyte is currently studying towards a Master of Theology (Marriage and Family) at the John Paul II Institute in Melbourne. Prior to
that he grew up and lived in Perth where he worked in financial services and marketing. He was also involved in the Catholic youth scene as a
leader of True Love Waits Catholic WA and presented at Embrace the Grace in 2004 and 2005.
Who: Youth from 16+ / When: 10-14 December 2008 / Where: New Norcia / Cost: $250 (Sponsorship available) Transport: Please
contact us closer to the event if you need transport. / What to bring: Sleeping bag, pillow, towel, toiletries, summer clothes, and semi-formal
wear for dinner dance. For further details please contact the Respect Life Office on 9375 2029 or respectlife@perthcatholic.org.au
The Awards Night and Embrace the Grace each provide opportunities to build community and share experiences with people who have values in
The College thanks and congratulates our students and families whose positive support has helped to develop a sense of community but ongoing
effort, involvement and renewal is essential.
                                                     CANTEEN VOLUNTEERS 2008 - TERM FOUR

      Mandy Carlson                     Kaylyn Re                   Jackie Morwiec                  Bertha Ferriera                  Jenny Hoad

        Julie Imms                 Jacqui Mosscardini              Laura Stambulich                 Susan Patroni                   Nola Johnson

                                  AWARDS NIGHT 2008                                         SPECIAL UNIFORM SHOP OPENING HOURS
                                                                                                       NOV / DEC / JAN
                                MONDAY 17 NOVEMBER                                             YEAR 8 UNIFORM PURCHASE TIMES

                                        TICKET SALES
                                                                                Thursday 20 November Girls only (By Appt only) 4.00 - 8.00pm
All parents are reminded that the College Awards Night is a compulsory          Saturday 22 November Girls only (By Appt only) 9.00 - 1.00pm
event for all students in Years 8 - 11 and we look forward to all families
                                                                                Thursday 27 November Boys only (By Appt only) 4.00 - 8.00pm
committing to this prestigious and special College Presentation.
                                                                                Saturday 29 November Boys only (By Appt only) 9.00 - 1.00pm
Students are required to wear their formal College (winter) uniform and              PLEASE CONTACT Linda Caporn on 9405 0539 for details.
will be seated with parents unless they are receiving an Award or are
performing. You will have already been notified if your child is receiving      BOOK WEEK OPENING TIMES
an Award. If you have misplaced your letter, please call at the office and      Thursday   18 December 2008                 1.00 - 6.00pm
pick up the appropriate forms.
                                                                                Friday     19 December 2008                 1.00 - 6.00pm
Mrs Erika Hancock - Deputy Principal                                            Saturday    20 December 2008                9.00 - 1.00pm
SCHOOL FEES REMINDER                                                            PRE-TERM OPENING DAYS
All parents are reminded that school fees                                       Thursday    29 January 2009                 9.00 - 4.30pm
accounts are to be settled by the end of                                        Friday      30 January 2009                 9.00 - 1.00pm
November. Please ensure that you have finalized
                                                                                VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED.
the payment of fees as a matter of urgency.                                            Please contact Linda Caporn if you are able to help.
Mrs Susan Kinsella - Business Manager
                                                                                               SECOND HAND BOOK SALES
    WHEN - You are the parent or caregiver of a teenager                                         (held in the central quadrangle)
   A seminar for parents and caregivers who want to improve                                “Bring and Buy, Second Hand Books”
   their communication and relationship with their teenagers.                   Please note “time” change
           MONDAY - 17 NOVEMBER 2008 - 9.30AM - 2.30PM                          Thursday 13 December             10.00am - 12.00noon
     FREE OF CHARGE - Centrecare, 85 Boas Avenue, Joondalup                     Please check Book Lists carefully, as new editions are required for some
                                                                                books and others have changed for 2008. Please note also that teachers
 Adolescence is a time of great transition and challenge for young people       will not be available on this day to answer any questions with regard to
 and their families alike. Conflict, communication difficulties and a lack of   subjects etc.
 understanding may often occur. At such an important time, it can be
 easy to lose confidence in the ability to parent successfully.                 NEW BOOK SALES
 This group is designed to assist you to:                                       The College Book Shop is run by Education World and will be held at the
                                                                                College in ROMERO 5 & 6. The 2007/2008 Book Sale dates are as
     Increase your understanding of adolescence                                 follows:
     Improve your relationship with your teenager
     Learn new ways of communicating                                            Please note “time” change
                                                                                Friday                 14 December         1.00pm - 6.00pm
 Some of the topics to be presented and discussed are:                          Saturday               15 December       10.00am - 3.00pm
     Understand your teenager                                                   Monday                 17 December       10.00am - 3.00pm
     Communication barriers                                                     Booklists will be on line from 1 December 2007, with delivery to students’
     Skills of communication                                                    home address after 14 December 2007.
     Self-care during stressful times                                             See the MDC website at www.mdc.wa.edu.au for further information.
      Please contact Centrecare’s Client Liaison Officer - 9300 7300
                                                                                 AUSTRALIAN AUTISM EDUCATION & TRAINING
                            SCIENCE OPPORTUNITY FOR                             CONSORTIUM (AAETC) - POSITIVE PARTNERSHIPS
                       ANY YEAR 9 STUDENTS - ALL WELCOME                              WORKSHOPS FOR PARENTS & TEACHERS OF
                    The Siemens Science Experience, a three-day hands-                  STUDENTS ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM
                    on science, engineering and technology program, will
                    be conducted again in Australian universities in            The Catholic Education Office of WA is committed to supporting the
                    2008/2009 for students who will be entering Year 10         Australian Government’s Helping Children with Autism package.
                    in 2009. Each program includes a wide variety of            This involves free of charge workshops for interested parents and
                    practical activities, together with interesting             school staff in each State and Territory.
presentations by leading scientists and engineers. It is a Rotary Youth
Services Project and fully supported by the Australian Science Teachers         The first one day parent workshop of the Positive Partnerships:
Association. The cost of the three-day program is $105 (includes GST).          Supporting parents of children with Autism program will be held
Local Rotary clubs are often willing to pay this fee. Further information       in the Perth central region on 2 December 2008.
and application forms are available from the school’s Science
Department, Rotary clubs and from www.scienceexperience.com.au.                              Should you have any queries please contact:
Early application is advised.
                                                                                                Val McKelvey on 6380 5294 or
   An electronic copy of the above may be obtained by email from
LEARNING MATTERS                                                                     APPRENTICE CABINET
END OF YEAR EXAMINATIONS – Years 10 and 11                                                MAKER
Year 11 students end their formal classes on Monday and begin their                   Fairwood Cabinets
end of year examinations next Wednesday. The Awards Night is on                 51 Inovation Circuit, Wangara
Monday and all Year 11 students are expected to support this                     Mr. Lee Wright will be offering
recognition of community and achievement.                                       an apprenticeship to commence
Students are reminded that the examinations are conducted under the                         in 2009.
same conditions as apply to Tertiary Entrance Examinations. All                        Interested persons can
students have received a copy of the exam schedule and rules.                          contact Mr L Wright on
Students are to comply with College grooming and uniform regulations
                                                                                              9302 5111
whether on campus to sit for an exam, or to hand in or work on
assessments. Failure to comply will result in exam candidates being
withdrawn from the examination. Following the Year 11 exams, Year 10                  WANTED - JUNIOR OFFICE RECEPTIONIST
students will be sitting for their final exams. All the rules and regulations       (full time position) - Suitable for a Year 12 graduate
apply to these students as well.                                                          Friendly, outgoing person
                                                                                          Well groomed
2009 ELECTIVE SELECTIONS FOR YEAR 8 & 9                                                   Willing to learn General Office procedures.
Students in Years 8 and 9 are reminded that their elective selection                      Training will be provided.
forms are due by Friday. There are a number of particularly popular                       Cert II in Business Administration an advantage
courses that have limited places. These will be filled on a first-come          Ring Karen Morgan on 9409 8252 to register interest. Then
first-served basis. Be aware that the majority of students have already         send resume and cover letter to Karen Morgan at the Post
handed in their forms!                                                          Office address below before closing date 17 November 2008.
SPECIALIST CHEER SQUAD                                                                 Karen Morgan                        Whitford City Glass
A dedicated cheer squad is being planned for next year to replace the                  PO Box 1401                         27 Buckingham Drive
ad hoc spectator attendance of recent times. The aim is to ensure that                 WANGARA WA 6947                     WANGARA WA 6065
support for our competitors is maximised by having motivated and well-
prepared students attending in the stands. Look out for a poster and                             MANAGING YOUR CAREER
notices announcing details of the formation and training of this team.
                                                                                The Career Corner for the next few issues will be featuring some tips on
STUDY SKILLS                                                                    Managing Your Career. Most people do not realise that the person’s
Continuing my discussion of how to develop memory skills, here are              career begins at birth. A career is defined as relationships, paid and
some tips relating to allowing time to “solidify pathways”. There are two       unpaid work in fact all life events one experiences. Teenagers need to
main considerations :                                                           acquire skills in goal setting, planning, and job search. Parents and the
                                                                                school are important supports for their endeavours to learn the necessary
1.   Consolidation                                                              procedures to achieve success in career management. At Mater Dei
     Here are a few ways to consolidate or allow information time to            College our main aim is to help the students make the transition from
     soak in:                                                                   school into the work force. The recent Work Experience of the Year 10
     • Take notes and ask questions in class                                    students is an integral part of that transition and the beginnings of personal
     •     Review notes, visualise, recite                                      career management. This week’s tip is to SAVE EVIDENCE of Work or
                                                                                Volunteer Experiences.
     •     Stop after each paragraph and write a question which
           identifies what the paragraph is about                               Students are submitting their log books and badges. The Career
                                                                                Development Officer checks the evidence in the book especially to see
     •     Make flash cards                                                     that attendance, activities, and learning was properly registered by the
     •     Design practice tests                                                student and signed appropriately by the supervisors. These pieces of
                                                                                evidence will be photocopied and filed in the student’s file. However, when
2.   Distributed Practice                                                       these booklets are returned, please file them in their CV folders for future
     We tend to remember things at the beginning and the end of a list          use in documenting resume statements or for application to TAFE or
     or study session. Distributed practice allows time for things to           University. Students who are doing casual work might also consider saving
     consolidate.                                                               pay slips and using their managers as future referees.
     Here are a few tips:
                                                                                Sr Jean Wojcik - Career Development Officer
     •     Take 10 minute breaks after each hour of study and review
           what you just learned before you begin again.                                             UNIFORM SHOP ROSTER
     •     Have a scheduled time to study each subject.
                                                                                  SPECIAL UNIFORM SHOP OPENINGS - 20 & 22 NOVEMBER
     •     Make use of daylight hours and time that you normally
           waste.                                                               MONDAY         17 NOVEMBER
                                                                                  8:00 - 10.00am     Lee Barrow
     •     Study immediately before and after classes.
                                                                                10:00 - 12:00pm      Fiona Antonio, Tamara Davies
Jef. Middleton                                                                  THURSDAY             20 NOVEMBER
Deputy Principal
                                                                                10:15 - 1:20pm       Joanne Brookes, Lisa Hutchins, Erica Zaccaria
                     PRE LOVED SUMMER DRESSES URGENTLY                           3:00 - 4:00pm       Maree Borona
                                  REQUIRED                                       4:00 - 6.00pm       Fiona Antonio, Cate Belcher, Stephanie Camkin,
                The Uniform Shop urgently needs Pre-Loved Summer                                     Lorraine Clark
                   Dresses to be sent into the College ‘TO SELL’.                4:00 - 8:00pm        Hilary McLoughlin
                 Please SUPPORT us, so we can help other families               SATURDAY              22 NOVEMBER
                                                                                  9:00 - 1:00pm      Maree Borona, Julie Halliday, Trudie Smith
                       Linda Caporn - Uniform Shop Manager                      [   Linda Caporn, Shop Manager
                For all enquires regarding Health & Physical Education notices,
            please see Mr M Golding, Head of Faculty - Health & Physical Education.
                           For enquiries regarding Co-curricular Sport,
                  please contact Mr G Byrne - Co-Curricular Sports Coordinator

                                                                                      MERIT CERTIFICATES/CARDS 7/11/08
                                                                            McCormack House
                                                                            Lauren Russo-Battagliolo               (Yr 8) x 4 merit certificates
                                                                            Jessica Connaughton                    (Yr 8) x 2 merit certificates
                                                                            Mercy House
                                                                            Ivana Giovannini                       (Yr 8) x 5 merit certificates
                                                                               Ivana has also been awarded her Bronze Level card. Congratulations
                                                                            Georgia Dawson                         (Yr 8) x 7 merit certificates
                                                                            Cheryl Loo                             (Yr 8) x 6 merit certificates
                                                                            Paige Edwards                          (Yr 8) x 3 merit certificates
                                                                            Liana Keen                             (Yr 9) x 2 merit certificates
                                                                            Romero House
                                                                            Jaryd Brazier                           (Yr 8) x 9 merit certificates
             Perth Wildcats Champion Schools                                Elina Fuller                            (Yr 8) x 8 merit certificates
            Basketball Tournament - Perry Lakes                             Madison Power                           (Yr 8) x 7 merit certificates
The Mater Dei College Junior Boys Basketball Team (22 points) finished      Katelyn Thatcher                        (Yr 8) x 5 merit certificates
runner up to Woodvale SHS (36 points) in the Grand Final of the Perth       Tegan Mullins                           (Yr 10) x 4 merit certificates
Wildcats Champion Schools Basketball held at Perry Lakes. The best          Rachel Sparrow & Ashley Sule            (Yr 10) x 3 merit certificates
players were Daniel Dragicevich and Kevin Macaraig.
                                                                            Elissa Donegan (Yr 10); Jarrad Imms (Yr 9); Kale Atkinson, Melanie
The MDC Junior Boys Basketball Team is:                                     Cullen, Julian Lemarchand, Christian Manning, Hayley Smythe & Kate
Daniel Dragicevich, Reece Hili, Alex Long, Kevin Macaraig, Ben Miro,
Anthony Neivandt, Jon O’Connor, Jake Ritchie, Nathan Saunders & Jay         Tottman (Yr 8)                          x 2 merit certificates each
Thwaites.                                                                   Paul Berlingeri, James Hastings, Ashlyn La Cava, Andrew Manera &
MVP honours went to Daniel Dragicevich and runner-up to Kevin               Rachel Martial (Yr 10); Aaron Wainwright (Yr 9); Monique Dodgson,
Macaraig. Coach was Blake Wilhelm and referee was Sam Dragicevich.          Ebony Holman, Katarina Pejic, Joshua Pimentel, Matthew Russell, Cecile
Team Manager was Mr Adam Camuglia.                                          Vuaillat & Elaine Wigston (Yr 8)        x 1 merit certificate each
The Mater Dei College Junior Girls Basketball Team finished sixth place     Salvado House
overall to Ellenbrook Secondary College. The final score was 35 - 25. The   Marc Lenzo                              (Yr 10) x 6 merit certificates
best players were Alise Gavranich and Anne McMahon.
                                                                            Lachlan Rossi                           (Yr 9) x 4 merit certificates
The MDC Junior Girls Basketball Team is:                                    Kayla Luk (Yr 10) and Mayson Bruce(Yr 8) x 3 merit certificates each
Danika Allday, Monique Dodgson, Ciara Douglas, Alise Gavranich, Anne
McMahon, Rachael Palmer, Renae Shier, Natasha Tassone, Lucy                 Beth Cooper, Simon Ripepi (Yr 10)
Tillotson & Kayla Vagnoni.                                                  Sian Lucas & Mary Woodworth (Yr 8) 2 merit certificates each
MVP honours went to Alise Gavranich and runner-up to Anne                   Tymon Gales, Ashlin McCamish, Kohbi Nixon & Tam Tuhakaraina (Yr
McMahon. Coaches were Ashlyn Dodgson & Tanay Flanagan. Team                 10); Joshua Brown, Nathan Cooper, Taylor Corbett, Kaiden Ivulich, Isaak
officials were Nadine Rechichi & Gabrielle Flugge. Team Manager was Ms      Karagoglou & Marc Rocchiccioli (Yr 9); and Jessica Zuiderwijk (Yr 8)
Yasmin Morgan.
                                                                                                                      x 1 merit certificate each
Mr Adam Camuglia & Ms Yasmin Morgan - Team Managers
                                                                            Mr Gary Byrne - House Coordinator

Congratulations to LAURA VERMEULEN, YEAR 9 MERG, who has won                Congratulations to LEWIS LONGTHORNE, YEAR 12, MCCC, who
the Keith Glover Encouragement Award for Performance for 2009, at the       has been selected to represent Western Australia in the 2008 Pacific
National Youth Dance Theatre. Particular mention was made of her ‘fine      School Games Team. This team will be participating at this prestigious,
artistic skill and theatrical presence’.                                    international event in Canberra, ACT, between 29 November and 7
                                                                            December 2008.
This scholarship is in recognition of the enthusiasm, dedication and
commitment Laura has shown.                                          State representation is an honour and is often a significant stepping
                                                                     stone towards the ultimate achievement of senior and national selection.
Christine Grey
General Manager                                                      Peter Smith, Director of Sport, School Sport WA

                   24 HOUR ABSENTEE/LATE LINE: 9405 0599

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