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									Sample Table of Organization and Job Summary Chart
Instructions: Create a table of organization that reflects the agency’s organizational structure. Put a star next to each position for which the program is
requesting CSB funding and provide a brief summary of each staff position for which funding is being requested.

                                                                                         Board of

                                                                                          Jane Benini*

                Director of              Development             Maintenance                             Men's Shelter
                  Finance                 Director                Director                                 Director
                Henry Goldblum*            Gene Brualdi               Ed Pitt                              Sara Smith*
                                                                                                                                                                Harriet Beals

                                                                                         Front Desk
                                     Grants                                                                                                    Front Desk
                                                                 Maintenance              Frank Booth                       Housing                                               Case
   Staff                                                                                                                                         Staff*
                                  Administrato                    Technician             Fred Johnson                      Resource                                             Manager*
Accountant                                                                                                                                      Susan Reed
                                    r Frank                        Chuck Eames           Mary Scorsesi                     Specialist                                           Barb Jones
 Maria Frank*                                                                                                                                   Karen Benet
                                   Bacharach                        Tom Young            Harold Green                     Cheryl George*                                        John Tucker
                                                                                                                                                Sara Pierce
                                                                                         Francis Bowie
                                                                                          Louise Synk

                                                                                            Case                             Intake                                               Intake
                                                                                          Manager*                         Specialist                                           Specialist
                                                                                                                                                 Nina Smith
                                                                                          Jerry Alwood                     Susan Booth                                          Dave King
                                                                                          Amy Roberts                     Karen Meadows                                         Matt Sigrest
Job Summaries

*Executive Director – Spends 5% of time supervising Shelter Director, oversees quality assurance process and serves as link to Board of Director.

*Finance Director – Spends 5% of time supervising financial staff, ensures quality submission of invoices and financial reports, oversees contract compliance
                       and provides fiscal oversight to programs.

*Staff Accountant – Spends 15% of time preparing invoices, financial reports and provides day-to-day fund account management for grant funds.

*Program Director – Spends 100% of time overseeing shelter operations and programming, including supervising operations staff, Housing Resource Specialist
                       and other service staff.

*Front Desk Staff – Spends 100% of time staffing front desk, including monitoring client access to the building, doing shelter intakes and orienting clients to shelter
                        rules. Also responsible for providing basic operational support such as managing bed list and ensuring that clients basic food and hygiene
                        needs are met.
*Housing Resource Specialist – Spends 50% of time working with men’s shelter residents and 50% of time working with women’s shelter residents. Meets with
                                  clients within 24 hours of entry into shelter to assess employment and housing needs. Provides referrals and linkages to
                                  employment and housing opportunities. Leverages resources for direct client assistance, including making application to CSB’s
                                  Transition Program on behalf of eligible clients.

*Case Manager – Spends 100% of time working with re-entry clients and chronically homeless clients. Conducts assessments and makes referrals and linkages
                     to service providers of AOD treatment, mental health treatment, medical treatment, vocational assistance and other community based
                     services. Works with supportive housing providers to obtain housing for Rebuilding Lives eligible clients. Works closely with Housing
                     Resource Specialist to ensure that all clients receive appropriate housing first assistance.

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