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					                              The Stoke Poges School
                                       “Building on High Expectations”

                                         News Bulletin - April 2010

 Welcome back to the Summer Term. I hope you didn’t get stuck
 abroad due to the volcano. I’m pleased to report that all our
 staff have now returned from their adventures abroad. This
 term promises to be busy and we have some very exciting
 activities planned for the children. Year 4 and 5 pupils will be
 visiting Barton Hall in Devon for an outdoor and adventurous
 activity week. Year 6 are off to Normandy. The Late Late Panto
 is always looked forward to with relish and the cricket squad are
 off to Lords to watch the England v Bangladesh Test Match.

   Congratulations must go to our sports acrobatic squad,
   who performed tremendously in the South of England
   Schools Championships on Sunday. The team of Niamh
   McCaugherty, Lotte Webster, Sophie Biggs, Natasha
   Nowers, Caitlin McCaugherty and Kaliska Nowers finished
   third and were the top scoring state school.

   Natasha won a silver medal in the tumbling event
   and I am delighted to report she has qualified for
   the National Finals later in the term. Lauren Roach
   and Aryan Bains won a bronze in the mixed pairs
   competition behind the reigning national

Niamh and Lotte, Natasha and
Kaliska performed brilliantly in the
girls pair competition and, although
they didn’t medal, they were a
credit to the school. Thanks must
go to Mr Bridges daughter,
Rebecca, who choreographed all
the routines. The squad have been
invited to take part in the National
Schools gym festival in June.

                          M. BRIDGES
                            Here ye, here ye
                            Latest Panto news…..
                                               The set went up
                                       this weekend for the
                                       Pantomime Aladdin. It
                                       was wonderful to have
                                       so many talented
                                       helpers this year and it
                                       looks really amazing. A
                                       big thank you to all who
                                       came along to help
                                       during the bank holiday
                                       Thank you also to all
                                       the     children     who
                                       entered     the    poster
                                       competition. The quality
                                       of entries, as always
                                       was       very      high.
                                       Congratulations go to
        Jeevan Virk from 6T who designed the winning entry and
        Rachel Wain 4T, and Simran Jagdev 5SH who were highly commended. There will be so many
                                     staff on stage this year along with a talented cast of parents,
                                     ex-parents and Year 6 pupils. With a princess, a magical
                                     genie, a cuddly panda and an amazing flying carpet, it is a
                                     show not to be missed. Tickets are selling fast and are
                                     available from the school office. The show is on Thursday 6th,
                                     Friday 7th and Saturday 8th May at 7pm with a matinee show
                                     on Saturday afternoon at 2pm. Don’t miss it!!

                                      Garden News

                                      As you have probably noticed, the construction of our
                                      wonderful new fruit and vegetable garden is well under way
                                      and we should be ready to get planting in the next few weeks.
                                      The garden was designed by Robert Hillier, one of our parents
                                      and has been planned to give each year group their own
                                      growing area. Garden Club will be holding a Plant Sale on
                                      Friday 14th May after school to sell fruit, vegetable, house and
                                      garden plants to raise money for new tools for the garden.
                                      Please bring in your spare plants for us to sell on the Thursday
                                      and Friday.
                                                                                         MRS BARTON


The football season is over, and what a season it has been for the Year 6 team. They won the league
with a 100% record and lost out in the U11 Cup Final to Gateway, not to mention loosing out to the
same team in two tournament semi-finals. They have been absolutely fantastic all year and I am
immensely proud of them. Well done boys and good luck in your future footballing careers!!

                                                                                          MR. LAOUIRA

Our netball teams have enjoyed a highly successful year too. They won a tournament held in High
Wycombe on the 20th March and also competed in the County Netball Finals on March 25th, playing
extremely well—unfortunately play was stopped due to rain and thunder!

The Trish Ell Tournament was held here at school on the 21st April with 8 teams in all. Stoke Poges
were winners and everyone attending enjoyed a thoroughly fabulous evening of netball.
                                                                                       MRS. SPOONER

Summer time….
Your child should bring home a summer term timetable and welcome
to the term letter this week, copies can be obtained from Reception or
our website, along with the summer extra-curricular timetable which
is now fully underway. Please collect your child promptly from their
extra curricular clubs. After school activities will always run, even on
rainy days as the children practice skills in one of the school halls.

Hopefully, we will see some sunshine this term, so please provide
your child with plenty of drinking water, sun cream and hats (school
caps available £4.00 and summer dresses £10.00 on sale from the

We have accumulated a mountain of lost property and we don’t have
the space to store it. We return clearly labelled items regularly to their
owners but as the warmer weather creeps in, the children tend to
discard their jumpers at play and break time and leave them lying
around the playground or around the school. Please check your
child’s uniform regularly, that it has not got muddled with someone

Medicines in school…
If your child suffers from seasonal hay fever and requires medication,
please remember to complete and sign a medication consent form               6th May—Panto 7pm
available from the office.

                                                                             7th May—Panto 7pm
Trips, trips and more trips!!
We are extremely proud that this aspect of our school is rated
                                                                             8th May—Panto 2pm & 7pm
We believe that every young person should experience the world
beyond the classroom as an essential part of learning and personal
development, whatever their age or ability. The hands-on activities
during the trips help to make subjects more vivid and interesting for        17th May—Year 6 Globe Theatre
the children and also help enhance their understanding. Learning
outside the classroom is also stimulating for the children and can
motivate them to participate and learn in a fun environment.
                                                                             24th May - Meeting for parents
This term, we have lots of new and exciting trips and visits in store for    of pupils going to France 7pm
the children. Aside from our regular destinations, we have a new and
exciting trip coming up for Year 6 pupils on Monday 17th May to the
Globe Theatre in London, where the children will have the opportunity
to experience some of their own acting talents during the workshops          26th May—Year 5 Windsor Castle
running throughout the day. Please see dates in diary overleaf for
other forthcoming trips, including our two upcoming residential trips,
PGL and Year 6 pupils to Normandy.                                           27th May—Trip to Lords Cricket
                                                                             Grounds Eng v. Bangladesh

Website       -                               28th May—Break for half term at
                                                                             3.15pm—School Council Mufti-
For our regular internet surfers, our website continues to expand,           Day for £1 coin
bursting with lots of useful information. From next week, you can
download your child’s Welcome to Term letter and timetable, the
extra-curricular timetable, parental consent to administer medicine          Children return Tues 8th June
form, school policies and much, much more! Please check it out!
 (Some dates may be subject to change so please keep checking
  for updated diary issues)

            Academic Year 2009/2010                                     Academic Year 2010/2011
                                                                2 Further INSET days are to be set at the school’s
                          2010                                  discretion (INSET = NO SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN)

                                                                Wednesday 1st Sep 2010           INSET Day

                                                                Thursday 2nd Sep 2010            Children return

                                                                Friday 22nd Oct 2010             Break for half term

                                                                Monday 1st Nov 2010              Children return

                                                                Friday 17th Dec 2010             Break for Christmas

                                                                Tuesday 4th Jan 2011             INSET Day

                                                                Wed 5th Jan 2011                 Children Return

Thursday 6th May 2010     7.00pm — Panto Performance            Friday 18th Feb 2011             Break for half term

Friday 7th May 2010       7.00pm — Panto Performance            Monday 28th Feb 2011             Children return

                          2.00pm - Panto Performance
Saturday 8th May 2010                                           Friday 8th April 2011            Break for Easter
                          7.00pm - Panto Performance
                          7.00pm - French trip meeting with
Monday 24th May 2010                                            Wed 27th April 2011              Children return
                          parents in school hall
                          3.15pm Break for half term (School
Friday 28th May 2010                                            Monday 2nd May 2011              Early May Bank Holiday
                          Council Mufti for £1)

Monday 7th June 2010      INSET Day                             Monday 30th May 2011             Spring Bank Holiday

                          Children return
Tuesday 8th June 2010                                           Friday 27th May 2011             Break for half term
                          Year 6 Police Week
                          1.00pm till late - The Stoke Poges
Saturday 12th June 2010                                         Monday 6th June 2011             Children return
                          Village Fete held in school grounds
                          6.00pm - Meeting for parents of                                        Break for summer
                                                                Friday 22nd July 2011
Wednesday 23rd June       Year 5 pupils regarding Secondary                                      holidays
                          School transition
                          Secondary School Induction Day for
Tuesday 6th July 2010     Year 6 pupils going onto Secondary
                          School in Sep                             FORTHCOMING TRIPS FOR 2009/2010
Monday 12th July 2010     Year 6 dress rehearsal (TBC)                Date            Yr            Trip/Visit

Tuesday 13th July 2010    Matinee—Year Performance (TBC)        Mon 17th May ‘10      6     The Globe Theatre, London

Wednesday 14th July                                             Wed 26th May ‘10      5     Windsor Castle
                          Year 6 Performance - evening (TBC)
                                                                                            Hendon Police College & RAF
Thursday 15th July 2010   Sports Day (time TBC)                 Wed 9th June ‘10      6
                                                                                            Museum, North London
                                                                Mon 21st Jun - Fri
Friday 16th July 2010     Reserve Sports Day (time TBC)         25th Jun 2010
                                                                                      6     Normandy, France

Saturday 17th July 2010   Friends Summer Ball at Stoke Place    Mon 28th June - Fri
                                                                2nd July 2010
                                                                                      4/5   PGL, Torbay, Devon
                          Break for summer holidays at
Wed 21st July 2010                                              Thurs 8th July ‘10    5     Hazzard Alley, Milton Keynes

TBC = To be confirmed

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