6th Grade Summer Assignment by Levone


									                                Johnson Middle School
                            6th Grade Summer Assignment

       Welcome to the Louise R. Johnson Middle School of International Studies student body!

You have been selected to be part of a prestigious group of students who value a strong world-

encompassing education. As such, the following two assignments will get you started on the

correct path and, more importantly, start the school year with two high grades!

Assignment One:

This assignment has two parts. Choose a book from the attached list to read. *It must be at the

middle or high mark of your reading level.*

Part One:

You will be creating a project about this book that you will present to the class during the first

week of school. You must have the following information included in your project:

   1. A summary of the book

   2. Explain the setting of the book (place, time period,

   3. Explain the plot of the book (main conflict, climax, resolution)

   4. A detailed list of the main characters

   5. The most important event in the book (with picture)

   6. A critique of the book (what you thought of it)

Part Two:

Information on the author

              250 words                                        Place they were born

              Name
                              Johnson Middle School
                          6th Grade Summer Assignment

             When and where did they                        Have you read any other

              live?                                           books by them?

             How many other books

              have they written?

You may choose one of the following projects:

             Display Board                                      Song

             Brochure                                           Word collage

             Slideshow                                          Narrative Poem

             Infomercial                                        Narrated essay with pictures

             Painting                                           Dance

Assignment Two:

Choose a second book from the attached list to read. *It must be at the middle or high mark

of your reading level.* Once you get to school you will need to take an Accelerated Reader test

in your Language A classroom.
                               Johnson Middle School
                           6th Grade Summer Book List

Al Capone Does My Shirts by Choldenko, G. 3.5 Reading level, 7 A.R. Points. A 12-year-old
by names Moose moves to Alcatraz Island in 1935 when guards’ families were housed there, and
has to contend with his extraordinary new environment in addition to life with his autistic sister.

Canyons by Paulsen, Gary. 5.5 Reading level, 5 A.R. Points. Two boys, separated by the
canyons of time and two vastly different cultures, face the challenges by which they become

Catalyst by Anderson, L. 4 Reading level, 7 A.R. Points. Eighteen-year-old Kate, who
sometimes chafes at being a preacher’s daughter finds herself losing control in her senior year as
she faces difficult neighbors and the possibility that she may not be accepted by the college of
her choice.

A Corner of the Universe by Martin, Ann M. 4 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. Hattie learns
about friendship and family when she befriends her mentally disabled uncle.

Crossing Jordan by Fogelin, A. 4.5 Reading level, 7 A.R. Points. Two girls of different races
become friends through their love of running. Events throughout the story help their prejudiced
parents become friends, too.

Francie by English, K. 5.2 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. This story is about a 12-year-old
African American girl who lives in Alabama during a time of severe racial prejudice. She and
her mother help a teenage boy accused of murder.

Heat by Lupica, M. 5.3 Reading level, 9 A.R. Points. Baseball is young Michael Arroyo’s only
salvation, but his dream of playing in the Little League World Series is soon threatened.

A Single Shard by Park, Linda S. 6.6 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. Tree-ear, a 13-year-old
orphan in medieval Korea, lives under a bridge in a potter’s village, and longs to learn how to
throw the delicate celadon ceramics himself.

Circle of Gold by Dawson Boyd, Candy. 4.0 Reading level, 3 A.R. Points. Fearing that her
family is falling apart after the death of her father, Mattie vows to do whatever she can to renew
her mother’s spirit and hopes that the purchase of a beautiful, but expensive, gold pin will help.

Schooled by Korman, Gordon. 4.9 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. Home-schooled on an isolated
"alternate farm commune" that has dwindled since the 1960s to 2 members, 13-year-old Cap has
always lived with his grandmother, Rain. When she is hospitalized, Cap is taken in by a social
worker and sent—like a lamb to slaughter—to middle school. Smart and capable, innocent and
inexperienced (he learned to drive on the farm, but he has never watched television), longhaired
Cap soon becomes the butt of pranks.
                               Johnson Middle School
                           6th Grade Summer Book List
Money Hungry by Flake, Sharon. 4.2 Reading level, 4 A.R. Points. All 13-year-old Raspberry
Hill can think of is making money so that she and her mother never have to worry about living
on the streets again.

The Road to Paris by Grimes, Nikki. 4.3 Reading level, 4 A.R. Points. Inconsolable about
being separated from her older brother, eight-year-old Paris is apprehensive about her new foster
family, but just as she learns to trust them, she faces a life-changing decision.

Miracle’s Boys by Woodson, J. 4.3 Reading level, 3 A.R. Points. Twelve-year-old Lafayette’s
close relationship with his older brother Charlie changes after Charlie is released from a
detention home and blames Lafayette for the death of their mother.

Gossamer by Lowry, Lois. 4.4 Reading level, 4 A.R. Points. While learning to bestow dreams,
a young dream giver tries to save and eight-year-old boy from the effects of both his abusive past
and the nightmares inflicted on him by the frightening Sinisteeds.

Hoops by Myers, Walter Dean. 4.6 Reading level, 7 A.R. Points. All eyes are on 17-year-old
Lonnie while he practices with his team for a citywide basketball Tournament of Champions. As
the game nears, Lonnie learns that some heavy bettors want Cal, his coach, to keep him on the
bench so they’ll lose. Are they willing to blow the chance of a lifetime?

Heaven by Johnson, Angela. 4.7 Reading level, 3 A.R. Points. Fourteen-year-old Marley’s
seemingly perfect life in the small town of Heaven is disrupted when she discovers that her
father and mother are not her real parents.

Chasing the Falconers by Korman, Gordon. 4.9 Reading level, 4 A.R. Points. Aiden and Meg
Falconer are their parents’ only hope. The Falconers are facing life in prison unless Aiden and
Meg can follow a trail of clues to prove their innocence.

Tuck Everlasting by Babbitt, Natalie. 5 Reading level, 4 A.R. Points. Is eternal life a blessing
or a curse? That is what young Winnie Foster must decide when she discovers a spring on her
family’s property whose waters grant immortality.

So B. It by Weeks, Sarah. 5 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. After spending her life with her
mentally handicapped mother and agoraphobic neighbor, 12-year-old Heidi sets out from Reno,
Nevada to New York to find out who she is.

The House of the Scorpion by Farmer, Nancy. 5.1 Reading level, 15 A.R. Points. In a future
where humans despise clones, Matt enjoys special status as the young clone of El Patron, the
140-year-old leader of a corrupt drug empire nestled between Mexico and the United States.

Hope Was Here by Bauer, Joan. 5.1 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. When 16-year-old Hope and
the aunt who has raised her move from Brooklyn to Mulhoney, Wisconsin, to work as waitress
                              Johnson Middle School
                          6th Grade Summer Book List
and cook in the Welcome Stairways diner, they become involved with the diner owner’s political
campaign to oust the town’s corrupt mayor.

The Wanderer by Creech, Sharon. 5.2 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. Thirteen-year-old Sophie
and her cousin Cody record their transatlantic crossing aboard the Wanderer, a forty-five foot
sailboat, which along with uncles and another cousin, is en route to visit their grandfather in

Far North by Hobbs, Will. 5.3 Reading level, 9 A.R. Points. After the destruction of their
floatplane, 16-year-old Gabe and his Dene friend, Raymond, struggle to survive a winter in the
wilderness of the Northwest Territories.

One-Eyed Cat by Fox, Paula. 5.4 Reading level, 7 A.R. Points. An 11-year-old shoots a stray
cat with his new air rifle; subsequently he suffers from guilt, and eventually assumes
responsibility for it.

Dovey Coe: A Novel by Paterson, Katherine. 5.4 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. Feeling deprived
all her life of schooling, friends, mother, and even her name by her twin sister, Louise finally
begins to find her identity.

Eva by Dickinson, Peter. 6.3 Reading level, 10 A.R. Points. Thirteen-year-old Eva wakes up in
the hospital unable to remember anything since the picnic on the beach. Her mother leans over
the bed and begins to explain. A traffic accident, a long coma… What have they done, with
their amazing medical techniques, to save her?

Not Without Laughter by Hughes, Langston. 6.6 Reading level, 13 A.R. Points. A poignant
story of a young black boy’s awakening to the sad and the beautiful realities of black life in a
small Kansas Town.

Dragonsong by McCaffrey Anne. 6.8 Reading level, 9 A.R. Points. For centuries, the world of
Pern has faced a destructive force known as Thread. But the magnificent dragons who’ve
protected this world and the men and women who ride them are dwindling. Can 15-year-old
Menolly help save her world?

The Incredible Journey by Burnford, Sheila. 7.6 Reading level, 5 A.R. Points. Three house
pets, a cat and two dogs, face starvation, exposure and wild forest animals to make their way
home to the family they love.

Little Women by Alcott, Louisa May. 7.9 Reading level, 33 A.R. Points. Set in 19th century
New England, the four March sisters make the transition from girlhood to womanhood while
nurtured by wise and beloved Marmee and bound by their love for one another.

Day of Tears by Lester, Julius. 4.8 Reading level, 4 A.R. Points. The fictionalized story of the
biggest slave auction in American history which took place in Savannah, Georgia, in 1859.
                               Johnson Middle School
                           6th Grade Summer Book List

Stormbreaker by Horowitz, Anthony. 5.1 Reading level, 7 A.R. Points. Alex Rider's world is
turned upside down when he discovers that his uncle and guardian has been murdered. The 14-
year-old makes one discovery after another until he is sucked into his uncle's undercover world.
The Special Operations Division of M16, his uncle's real employer, blackmails the teen into
serving England.

Hatchet by Paulsen, Gary. 5.7 Reading level, 7 A.R. Points. Brian Robeson, 13, is the only
passenger on a small plane flying him to visit his father in the Canadian wilderness when the
pilot has a heart attack and dies. The plane drifts off course and finally crashes into a small lake.
Miraculously Brian is able to swim free of the plane, arriving on a sandy tree-lined shore with
only his clothing, a tattered windbreaker, and the hatchet his mother had given him as a present.

The Underneath by Appelt, Dathi. 5.2 Reading level, 9 A.R. Points. There is nothing lonelier
than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road.
This story follows the lives of a calico cat and a chained-up hound who are about to become an
unlikely family.

Treasure Island by Stevenson, Robert L. 8.3 Reading level, 12 A.R. Points. The exciting
adventure of Jim Hawkins and his crew as they and a group of pirates search for a buried

Anne of Green Gables by Montgomery, L. M. 7.7 Reading level, 18 A.R. Points. Anne Shirley,
an eleven-year-old orphan, gets adopted by a couple that needs help with their family farm.

The Hobbit by Tolkien, J. R. R. 6.6 Reading level, 16 A.R. Points. Bilbo Baggins, a shy hobbit,
is drawn into a quest, facing evil orcs, savage wolves, giant spiders, and other unknown dangers.

Inkspell by Funke, Cornelia. 5.6 Reading level, 29 A.R. Points. Fourteen-year-old Meggie is
back at home after the intrigue and adventure she encountered in Inkheart, the first volume in
this trilogy. In this second episode, the calm of her life is shattered when Farid, protégé of the
fire-eater, Dustfinger, begs her to use her magical ability and read him into Dustfingers' story.
Meggie longs to see the enchanted world she has only encountered through the pages of a book
and travels with Farid into the story.

Beyond the Mango Tree by Zemser, Amy Bronwen. 4.8 Reading level, 4 A.R. Points. Twelve-
year-old Sarina, an American Girl who has moved to Liberia, is trapped in an unhappy home-
both emotionally and physically. She befriends a boy names Boima and discovers a new world.

The View From Saturday by Koingsburg, E. L. 5.9 Reading level, 7 A.R. Points. Four
students, with their own individual stories, develop a special bond and attract the attention of
their teacher, a paraplegic, who chooses them to represent their sixth-grade class in the Academic
Bowl competition.
                               Johnson Middle School
                           6th Grade Summer Book List
Every Soul A Star by Mass, Wendy. 4.7 Reading level, 11 A.R. Points. The lives of three
young people intersect and transform against the backdrop of a total solar eclipse. Home-
schooled Ally has grown up at the remote Moon Shadow Campground, which her family runs.
An eclipse, which can be viewed only from this site, is approaching, and ahead of it come Bree,
an aspiring model obsessed with popularity, and Jack, a reclusive artist and avid sci-fi reader.

The Fairy Tale Detectives by Buckley, Michael. 5.2 Reading level, 9 A.R. Points. After their
parents disappear, sisters Daphne and Sabrina Grimm are placed with a grandmother they have
never heard about. Sabrina, the eldest, is highly suspicious; why didn't their parents mention
Granny Relda? She grows more concerned once they arrive at Relda's home in the New England
town of Ferryport Landing, where Relda serves emerald-green meatballs in rooms lined with
books about magic. Then Relda reveals the truth: the Grimms are descended from the famous
storytelling brothers, and Ferryport Landing is a magical town, populated with "Everafters,"
characters straight from fairy tales.

Stargirl by Spinelli, Jerry. 4.2 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. "She was home-schooling gone
amok." "She was an alien." "Her parents were circus acrobats." These are only a few of the
theories concocted to explain Stargirl Caraway, a new 10th grader at Arizona's Mica Area High
School who wears pioneer dresses and kimonos to school, strums a ukulele in the cafeteria,
laughs when there are no jokes, and dances when there is no music.

Chasing Vermeer by Balliett, Blue. 5.4 Reading level, 6 A.R. Points. Eleven year old Petra and
Calder may be in the same sixth grade class, but they barely know each other. It’s only after a
near collision during a museum field trip that they discover their shared worship of art, their
teacher Ms. Hussey, and the blue candy that doesn’t melt in your hands. Their burgeoning
friendship is strengthened when a creative thief steals a valuable Vermeer painting en route to
Chicago, their hometown.

Hunger Games by Collins, Suzanne. 5.3 Reading level, 15 A.R. Points. Set in a post-
apocalyptic world where a replacement for the United States demands a tribute from each of its
territories: two children to be used as gladiators in a televised fight to the death. Katniss, from
what was once Appalachia, offers to take the place of her sister in the Hunger Games, but after
this ultimate sacrifice, she is entirely focused on survival at any cost. It is her teammate, Peeta,
who recognizes the importance of holding on to one's humanity in such inhuman circumstances.

Bridge to Terebithia by Paterson, Katherine. 4.6 Reading level, 5 A.R. Points. Jess Aarons
wants to be the fastest boy in the fifth grade--he wants it so bad he can taste it. He's been
practicing all summer, running in the fields around his farmhouse until he collapses in a sweat.
Then a tomboy named Leslie Burke moves into the farmhouse next door and changes his life
forever. Not only does Leslie not look or act like any girls Jess knows, but she also turns out to
be the fastest runner in the fifth grade. After getting over the shock and humiliation of being
beaten by a girl, Jess begins to think Leslie might be

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