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					                   BALOO'S BUGLE
Volume 4 Issue 11                                                                                   June 1998

O          ne of the greatest honors I get to do as a scouter
           is Friends of Scouting presentations. Yes, I love
           doing them. I welcome the opportunity to give
scouting families the chance to enroll in Friends of
                                                                on the right pocket flap of the uniform. This is an
                                                                individual recognition for boys, not adults.
                                                                The above information was taken from the current
                                                                publication of the "Cub Scout Leader Book". This book
                                                                and other BSA publications are available from your scout
Scouting. I enjoy doing FOS because after doing a               office.
presentation I sit through the pack or troop meeting and
get to see scouting in action. Every pack and troop has                             TIGER CUBS
it's own character. Seeing our youth doing openings and                           A scouter sent this to me.
closings and all else that is involved, always realizing how                Tiger Cub Graduation Preparation
the adult leadership makes it possible overwhelms me.           Props - Three candles on left - two orange, one black
Although I go to these meetings as a FOS presenter to           Three candles on right - two blue, one gold
raise funds for this campaign that isn't where I find           One white candle in the middle (This candle should be lit
satisfaction. My satisfaction comes from seeing scouting        before the ceremony starts.)
in action. I want to thank all the Leaders who work so          Pieces of orange, black, blue and gold construction paper
hard to make scouting possible.                                 cut out to be "paws". The paws should be placed in order
Most months, I include a training tip with an excerpt           and fairly close together and getting further apart and
taken directly from the Cub Scout Leader Book. There            harder to follow as the continue. The paws should be
are other BSA publications that I FORGET to tell                taped to the floor so that the scouts will not slide on them.
everyone about. A great book is the Cub Scout Leader            Each piece should have a word printed on it (in order) -
How-to Book. Recently, I have gotten a Pow-wow book             Search, Discover,
that includes how to use BSA publications along with            Share, Sign,
their Pow-wow book. Thanks KH! For this theme there             Handshake, Salute, Motto, Promise, Law, Bobcat, Wolf,
are suggestions on how to do a Raingutter Regatta, Pirate       Bear, Webelos, Arrow of Light.
Picnic, Water Carnival, and a Fishing Derby in the How-         Tigers and Parents -
To Book. The Cub Scout Leader How-to Book is                    Each Tiger should wear his Blue Cub Scout shirt under
available at your Scout Shop as is The Cub Scout Leader         his Tiger Cub shirt. The parent with each Tiger Cub
Book.                                                           should have a Wolf neckerchief and slide. Pack -
Also as I go along each month doing the Bugle I realize         The pack should have the Tiger Graduation patch and
there are things I miss. I don't think I have ever included     certificate for each Tiger Cub.
an Arrow of Light Ceremony. This month I have. Sorry            Scout Volunteers needed:
it is so late.                                                     Cubmaster
Since Scouting is a year-round program I will be doing a           Tiger Cub Leader
July issue of Baloo's Bugle. Thank you for the many                Wolf Scout
many emails y'all have sent with the nice thoughts                 Bear Scout
throughout this past scouting year. Your kind words                First Year Webelos Scout
mean a lot to me. :)                                               Second Year Webelos Scout
                                                                SPECIAL NOTE:
                   TRAINING TIP                                 Adult Partner, Parent and Family are referred to in the
           National Summertime Pack Award                       ceremony. In using this ceremony please use the
Your pack can qualify for the National Summertime Pack          designation that is appropriate to ALL the Tiger Cubs in
Award certificate and streamer by planning and                  your pack. IE - use of the word parent may/may not be
conducting three pack activities--one each in June, July,       appropriate, etc.
and August.                                                     Tiger Cub Graduation Ceremony
Dens with an average attendance of at least half their          Cubmaster - Tonight we honor our Tiger Cubs. Will the
members at the three summer pack events will be eligible        Tiger Cubs and their
for a colorful den participation ribbon. Boys who               Adult Partners please come forward.
participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive    Tiger Leader - For the past few months you and your
the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which is worn           family have explored all sorts of new and exciting things
                                                                and places as Tiger Cubs. You have taken part in
2                                                                                          BALOO'S BUGLE
the Tiger Cub Motto and used it in your home, school and         Cubmaster - (Scouts First Name), I would like to welcome
neighborhood This white candle represents the spirit of          you to the Pack. I am proud that you have completed
scouting, the ideals that you have begun to live this year.      your Tiger Cub and present you with this certificate and
                                                                 this patch that you can wear on your Cub Scout uniform to
(Light first Orange Candle) - You and your adult partner         show this accomplishment. I welcome you to the Pack
have searched out in your community new activities               with the neckerchief of the Wolf Cub. Wear it as you
which have shown you how people work together and                continue on your scouting trail. (Adult partner will help
have fun together.                                               the Cubmaster place the neckerchief around the scouts
(Light Black Candle) - You and your adult partner have           neck)
discovered that by doing things together with friends and
family you feel a sense of being part of a great family,         PRE-OPENING ACTIVITY
community and country.                                                                    Ahoy, Dinghy
(Light Second Orange Candle) - The things you have                               Greater St. Louis Area Council
searched out and discovered have been shared with your           When it comes to boating, how much do you know? Are
family, friends and fellow Tiger Cubs, which let them            you lost at sea, or are you so smart you've got nothing but
learn about you and the things you saw and did. You will         smooth sailing ahead? Take our quiz and find out. Circle
see the meaning of Cub Scouting with the Arrow of Light.         the answer for each question.
The trail is not an easy one. It will be easy to stumble. It     1. "All hands on deck!" means:
will get more difficult as you go further on the trail. Do            a. Let's build a new patio.
not expect to be able to be perfect on the trail tonight - it         B. The crew has to play cards
will take four years for you to gain the ability to follow            c. It's time for everyone to do handstands.
the trail easily. As you follow this trail in Cub Scouting            D. Report to the captain.
you will experience new things much as you did as a              2. If the captain tells you to "drop anchor," you should:
Tiger Cub.                                                            a. Drop what you're doing
(Light first Blue Candle) - You will learn that about the             b. Throw Peter Jennings overboard
purity in living by following the scout oath and law                  c. Lower the ships anchor
(Light Gold Candle) - You will learn about the unknown,               d. Go on a diet
the fear and the doubts, and how the Scout Motto will            3. You are told to walk the plank. This means:
take these away.                                                      a. It's your turn to take the ship's plankton for a walk
(Light second Blue Candle) - You will learn knowledge,                b. You have to jump off the ship
joy and confidence and how being a Cub Scout helps you                c. You must do a yo-yo- trick
to grow as a person. You are now ready to continue on                 d. You should do a silly walk
the trail of Cub Scouting. It is not a trail that you can or     4. If someone yells "Ship Ahoy!" It means:
will follow alone. Your family will be at your side at all            a. There are free cookies in the area.
times throughout your scouting experience. Support will               B. The ship needs immediate hoying.
also come from all members of this Pack. You will notice              C. Another ship is sighted.
that there are members of the Pack along the trail you will           d. The boat needs to be turned around.
follow tonight. There are Wolf Cubs, Bear Cubs,                  5. A "dingy" is:
Webelos Scouts, the Cubmaster and other adult leaders.                a. A sailor making his or her first voyage
These people are there to help you at every step of the               b. A small rowboat
way on the trail. They are there to welcome you to the                c. A boat's bathroom.
Pack. As you progress on the trail your family will help              D. The bell the cook rings to call people to eat.
you grow into the uniform of Cub Scouting, which you             6. What is the last line of this traditional sailor's saying?
will wear along the rest of the trail. Continue on along the          "Red sky at night, Sailor's delight, Red sky at
trail, and ask those other Cub Scouts along the trail for             morn…"
help as you may need it- they will help you.                          a. For lunch, we have corn.
I ask that as your name is called that you and your family            B. Our sail, it is torn!
start on the trail. Please stop when the trail gets difficult.        c Every rose has it's thorn.
(This should be about the paw of salute or motto - Let the            D. Sailor take warn.
adult partners who will walk with the scouts know this           7. A "galley" is:
ahead of time so they can stop their scout at this point and          a. The kitchen of a ship
take their Tiger shirt off so they can continue on the trail          b. What a male sailor calls his girlfriend
in their blue Cub Scout shirt)                                        c. Where the female sailors sleep
You will be given help to prepare you to continue along               d. Where the captain hangs his paintings
the trail. Each scout called by name                             8. Which of the following is a kind of small sailboat:
As each Scout completes the trail -                                   a. Jiblet
                                                                      b. Sunfish
3                                                                                     BALOO'S BUGLE
    c. Tagsail                                               When I am with a group around water I will encourage
    d. Sandcrab                                              others to do the same. Please join us in the Pledge of
9. A "sea shanty" is:                                        Allegiance.
    a. An old lighthouse
    b. A facial-wart caused by too much wind exposure             The way I see it, if you want the
    c. A refreshing beverage enjoyed by the sailors
    d. A rousing nautical song                                               rainbow,
10. A "barnacle" is:                                              You gotta put up with the rain.
    a. A tall tale told by a sailor                                                                        Dolly Parton
    b. Where the animals are kept on a ship
    c. A crustacean that clings to rocks and floating                          Seas Adventures
    objects in the sea.
                                                                                  Gulf Coat Council
    d. A nose-hair remover for sailors
                                                                             (can be used as closing also)
Answers: Last page
                                                             S - is for SCOUTING, a well rounded activity.
                                                             E - is for EACH Cub Scout doing his best all the time.
OPENING CEREMONY                                             A - is for AWARENESS of our duty to God and Country.
                                                             A - is for ALL people working together.
                  Seaside Opening                            D - is for DEPENDABLE, which we always are.
                    Trapper Trails Council                   V - is for VIGOROUS, what we are at work or play.
Personnel: Cub Scouts                                        E -is for the EXCITEMENT of our activities.
Equipment: A beach bucket and shovel with empty squirt       N - is for our NATION, of which we are all proud.
guns for each Cub and Den Leader                             T - is for THOUGHTFUL, which a Cub Scout strives to
Set Up: The Cubs come in and line up carrying their          be.
buckets and shovels. The squirt guns are inside the          U - is for UNITED, as we all work and play.
buckets out of view of the audience. It would also add to    R - is for RECOGNITION, for jobs well done.
the effect if the Cubs rolled up their pants legs (or wear   E - is for the ENTHUSIASM we have for our daily good
shorts) and have bare feet. They could also pantomime        turns.
actions.                                                     S - is for SERVICE to our community.
Cub1: Here at the beach there is so much to see! Look
on the ocean is a sailboat!
Cub2: Yeah! They're great. But the waves are really fun.
                                                             LEADER IDEAS
I love to run into the water and let the waves push over     The following is an email I got from CSManyhats letting
me.                                                          me know how the Bugle goes out at her RT. Neat idea.
Cub #3: Do you know what I like? I think the seagulls are
                                                             Baloo's Bugle is a great resource, but it is so big my
cool! They attack when you sit down to have lunch.
                                                             council office won't let me make enough copies for
Cub #4: Yeah! But have you ever been able to find a
                                                             everyone at roundtable. So, I give it away as a door prize.
starfish at the edge of the water. That's really cool!
                                                             Now, it has become one of the most popular door prizes.
Cub #5: Do you know what else is fun! Hunting for
                                                             Keep up the good work!
clams. They bury themselves in the sand and when you
get close to getting them--they squirt!! (Cubs reach in
their buckets and use their squirt guns to *squirt* the
audience.                                                    I would like to thank Steve for sending me this ceremony
                                                             he wrote for his pack. He used it for the World
                                                             Conservation Award and it was written around the Native
                         Opening                             American Theme.
                  Daniel Webster Council                     Persons involved: Akela (Cubmaster), Baloo (Assistant
This opening is for use if you are having your pack event    CM), Cub Scouts receiving World Conservation Award.
at a swimming facility.
Have all the boys stand around the edge of the shallow       (Akela and Baloo stand up front.)
end of the pool or the side of the beach. On signal, they    Akela: As we all know, the land is very important to us.
are to jump or wade into the water and make a circle in      This desire to cherish the land goes back long before our
the pool.                                                    time, to a time when the deer, wolf, and bear ran freely
Now that we are all together, please repeat the following    through our forests. To a time when the salmon and shad
pledge after me:"                                            swam up our rivers to hatch their young in the clear
"As a Cub Scout:                                             waters. To a time when the eagle and other creatures of
I promise to be careful in the water                         the air could fly in clear blue skies. We have been given
I will observe water safety rules at all times,
4                                                                                     BALOO'S BUGLE
dominion over the land by our Great Spirit. It is our                             Shipwrecked
responsibility to take care of what we have been given. In                  (Gilligan's Island Theme)
order to learn what we can do to preserve the land for our                Greater St. Louis Area Council
future generations, every Cub Scout has the opportunity to
                                                             Our jpack set sail on the sea one day
participate in completing the requirements for the World
                                                             In search of coins of gold
Conservation Award.
                                                             A hearty group of brave Cub Scouts
                                                             With leaders true and bold.
We have several Cubs here tonight who have done just
that. As I call out your names, please come forward and      The weather started getting rough
stand with Akela and Baloo and receive your award.           The tiny ship was tossed
                                                             If not for the courage of our Cubmaster
(Cubs come forward and receive their award from Baloo)       The whole pack would be lost
                                                             Our boat touched ground on a rocky isle
Steve Harter, Cubmaster
                                                             And, up walked an old, old man
Pack 101, Martic Twp., PA
                                                             He tossed a towel to dry us off
Pennsylvania Dutch Council
                                                             He raised high his right hand
Conestoga River District                       He said, "You're s sharp pack of Cub Scouts
/pack101.htm                                                 Your courage's brave and sure
                                                             To sail out to sea like this
SONGS                                                        For a scouting adventure."
                 Supercalifornisurfer                        He gave us directions to get home
        (Tune: Supercalifragilisticexpialicocious)           We set sail with good cheer
                            ;;                               We reached home with the setting sun
               Santa Clara County Council                    And tied up to the pier.

Supercalifornaisurfer, expert of the ocean.                  We looked in the bottom of the boat
Even though the most of them                                 To see the old man's towel
Do not use suntan lotion                                     His name was stitched along the hem
When they hit the waves too hard,                            His name was Baden-Powell.
They always cause a motion,                                                      Scout Wetspers
Supercaliforniasurfer, expert of the ocean.                                    (Oh, Tannenbaum)
Um diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay!                                     Greater St. Louis Area Council
Un diddle diddle diddle um diddle ay!                        Softly fall the rains today
Because I was afraid to surf                                 As our campsite floats away
When I was just a lad,                                       Silently, each Scout should ask
My father took my board away,                                "Did I bring my SCUBA mask?
And told me I was bad.                                       Have I tied my tent flaps down?
But then one day I learned a word                            Learned to swim so I won't drown?
That every surfer knows,                                     Have I done, and will I try
The biggest word you ever heard,                             Everything to keep me dry?
And this is how it goes:                                     SLIDES
(Repeat first verse and chorus)                                                SEASHELL SLIDE
                                                                            Santa Clara County Council
                 (Tune: London Bridge)                       You will need Attractive shell, glue and PVC pipe piece
                   Gulf Coast Council                        (1/2")
Sea creatures swimming 'round                                After choosing an attractive shell the boy should choose
Swimming 'round, swimming 'round                             the front and which way he wants it to display. Glue the
Sea creatures swimming 'round                                pipe piece to the back and let it dry.
In the ocean blue.
                                                                                   Octopus Slide
Star fish, whales and crabs, too.
Crabs, too. Crabs, too.                                      On plywood circle, draw eyes and mouth. Also drill holes
Eels and sharks and seahorses, too.                          for legs. Tie colored pipe cleaners (2 colors) or strings
In the ocean blue.                                           for legs. Glue PVC pipe to the back and let dry.
5                                                                                               BALOO'S BUGLE
A great site with lots of slides idea                                 a coat out of      . I decided to wrap my feet in         .                       Suddenly, I heard a           and rushed out and climbed
                                                                      into     . I looked through             just in case I might
Here is another variation from Lorie's site
                                                                      see       . I didn't but there on the beach I saw
                          Octopus                                     dancing in wild glee around            . Running up the trail
                                                                      toward my hideout was        crying out and looking very
Materials needed: green yarn, matching color thread,
                                                                      frightened. I hid the poor thing behind          . I then
wobble eyes, hot glue, plastic curtain ring for the slide.
                                                                      found my gun, loaded it with            and stood guard over
Instructions: Cut twelve 6" long strands of yarn for each                      . When it seemed safe, I got busy and built all
slide. Fold in half and tie at the neck area, leaving about           around . Then I finally lay down in my comfortable bed,
two inches for the tentacles. Next divide the strands into            mad of             , and slept soundly.
sections of three. There will be eight sections) Braid each
section, and tie off with thread. Hot glue on the wobble                                 The Unseen Temple
eyes. Put octopus down over the curtain ring with a few                                   Daniel Webster Council
tentacles inside the ring and rest over the front to cover it.
Hot glue in place.                                                                     A builder built a temple
                                                                                   He wrought with grace and skill
                                                                                    Pillars and groins and arches
                                                                                    All fashioned to work his will
                                                                                     "It shall never know decay
                   Trapper Trails Council
                                                                                     Great is thy skill, O builder
Attach awards to oars. Might write on awards You                                   Thy fame shall endure for aye."
"OAR" fantastic
Attach awards to small boats. Float in a small swimming                               A scouter built a temple
pool. Boy can retrieve his boat. The boat - make out of                             With loving and infinite care
cork with toothpick sail. Glue penny on bottom for                                Planning each arch with patience,
weight - "You sailed away with first place" or                                     Laying each stone with prayer
"Congratulations on sailing away with your Bear badge!"                           None praised his unceasing efforts
Dress up as a pirate and take awards from a treasure chest.                        None know his wondrous plan
                                                                                   For the temple the scouter built
AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION                                                             Was unseen by the eyes of Man.
                   Robinson Crusoe's Diary
                 Greater St. Louis Area Council                                     Gone is the Builder's Temple
 This is a nonsense game that never fails to crack them up -                           Crumbled into the dust;
 the sillier, the better! Names of objects are written on                            Gone is the builder's temple
 slips of paper and dropped into a container. As "Mr.                                  Low for consuming rust
 Crusoe" reads his diary, each "sailor" takes turns drawing                        But the temple the scouter built
 from the container to fill in the blanks.                                           Will last while the ages roll
 Copy these phrases on slips of paper:                                             For that beautiful unseen temple
A ship                      A dove                A bonfire                           Is a child's immortal soul.
A big tree                  Dandelions            A wild goat
30 cannibals                A loud noise          Some gunpowder
My tent                     A strong fence        A chest of gold
A goatskin                  A pile of straw       A piece of canvas   GAMES
My fieldglasses             All my belongings     A table and chair                           Feed the Seals
A cup of goat's milk        The top of the hill                                           Daniel Webster Council
                                                                      Divide the den into two teams. One group, the seals, gets
"This morning I woke up early and ate my breakfast,                   down on their knees. The keepers stand above them. The
which consisted of            and     . Afterward, I took             keepers hold a leaf or slip (small) of paper cut like a fish,
my saw and hammer and built           . Since I was                   which represents the fish. On signal, the keepers drop
shipwrecked and alone, I had to go hunting in the woods               their 'fish' and the seals try to catch them by slapping them
to see what I might have for lunch. I forgot my gun, so I             between their palm. Seals are not allowed to grab fish
had to capture     with my bare hands. I also tried to                with their fingers. Also, seals may not move their knees,
catch    to but could not run fast enough. I went home                although they can bend their bodies. Seals continue
to my cave, sat down in       and ate my lunch. Since my              catching fish until the miss one, or the one who catches
clothes were all lost as sea, I decided to make myself                the most fish wins.
something to wear. I made a pretty neat hat from         and
6                                                                                        BALOO'S BUGLE
                         Bubble Fun                            The last few days here in Alabama have been in the 90's.
                     Santa Clara Council                       Ice cream is sounding pretty good right now, so I thought
Blow a soap bubble and watch it float in the air. Blow         I would include this recipe I found.
gently to keep it aloft without popping it. Have a contest     Take 160 boys, 80 feet of rainguttering, 17 gallons of ice
to see who can keep a bubble in the air longest, or how far    cream, 30 bananas, 5 cans of whipped topping, and 5
you can blow your bubble before it bursts.                     large jars of marachino cherries and what do you have?
Basic Bubble Solution                                          An 80 foot banana split! Here's how you do it. Fasten
1 cup Joy or Dawn                                              together 80 feet of raingutter with duct tape. Line the
3-4 Tablespoons glycerin (optional, available at               inside of the raingutter with one length of aluminum foil.
drugstore)                                                     Fill with sliced bananas, dozens of scoops of ice cream,
10 cups clean cold water (up to 50% more on dry days)          whipped topping and cherries. (Be sure to save some of
In a clean pail, mix the ingredients wel. Do not stir too      the ice cream and topping for the leaders to enjoy later.)
much, you don't want froth on the top. Leave it overnight      Furnish each boy with a plastic spoon, and caution them
if you have time. You don't have to have glycerin but it       to turn their billed caps backwards. Line the boys up on
makes the bubbles last longer and you get larger without       either side of the ice cream filled raingutter with
breaking.                                                      instructions that spoons are to be held high in the air until
Giant Bubble Wand                                              the signal "GO". When you're ready give the signal and
Thread the string through both of the straws and knot the      stand back! The ice cream will disappear in minutes.
ends. Lay the straws and string down in the BUBBLE             This is an exiting after lunch treat. Don't forget to have
SOLUTION. Gently lift up the straws, one in each hand.         some type of water supply handy so the ice cream covered
Spread the straws apart as you lift, and a giant bubble will   boys can wash up.
form. Wave your arms across in the air, and it will be set
free, to float up, up, and away!
Assorted Wands
Twist thin wire into fun shapes. Use beads for handles for     Now that you have found the raingutter for the sundae,
smaller wands.                                                 you can go to the Cub How-To Book to set up a regatta.

                       Sea Foam Gelatin                        SKITS
                    Trapper Trails Council                                            Freddy Fish
2 large packages of Berry Blue Gelatin                                       Greater St. Louis Area Council
Gummi Fish
Mix gelatin up according to the package, in a clear "gold      Freddy Fish and Sam Clam were the best of friends, and
fish" bowl. Chill in the fridge until the gelatin is           did everything together. One day, though, both perished
thickened, but not solid. Stir in gummi fish.                  in a freak mishap. Freddy Fish went to heaven, and
                     Tropical Island Slush                     immediately looked around for his best friend. Not
5 Cups water                                                   finding him, he asked St. Peter where Sam was.
4 Cups sugar                                                   "Sorry, he didn't make it in."
One 12 ounce can frozen orange juice concentrate               "You mean he's down there?" asked Freddy.
One 46 ounce can pineapple juice                               "Yes."
5 mashed bananas                                               "Well, I want to go see him."
Two 2-liter bottles of lemon-lime soda                         "This is highly unorthodox," said St. Peter. "I'll ask the
Bring the water and sugar to a boil. Remove from heat          big guy."
and cool. Add joices and bananas. Freeze. Take out of          Moments later St. Peter returned and said:
the freezer two hours before serving. Serve with two 2-        "You can go, but you can only stay for one hour."
liter bottles of chilled lemon-lime soda.                      "Great!" said Freddy, and grabbed his harp before anyone
                   Submarine sandwiches                        changed his or her minds. He went to the elevator, and
Loaf of French bread, sliced meats, sliced cheeses, sliced     went down. When the elevator doors opened, Freddy saw
fresh vegetables, Italian dressing                             a huge sign:
Cut French bread in half. Layer on meat, cheeses, and                          SAM'S DISCOTHEQUE
vegetables. Sprinkle with Italian dressing. Cut into
individual portions.                                           He went in, and discovered that it was run by his old
                                                               friend. They sat down and reminisced about old times,
                  80 Foot Banana Split                         and had a few drinks. Time flew by, and when Freddy
                  Miami Valley Council                         noticed his watch, he saw that he had fifteen seconds left
                                                               to return. He jumped out of his chair, yelled a goodbye to
                                                               Sam Clam, and raced to the elevator. The elevator doors
7                                                                                       BALOO'S BUGLE
opened in heaven with only one second to spare. St. Peter     "I understand," my friend replied, "but there must be
was standing there with a stopwatch.                          thousands of starfish on this beach. You can't possibly get
"You just barely made it," said St. Peter.                    to all of them. There are simply too many. And don't you
"I know," panted Freddy, out of breath. "But I have to go     realize this is probably happening on hundreds of beaches
back there!"                                                  all up and down this coast? Can't you see that you can't
"What do you mean!?!" asked an incredulous St. Peter.         possibly make a difference? "The local native smiled,
So Freddy Fish say (*Groan*): "I left my harp in Sam          bent down and picked up yet another starfish, and as he
Clam's Disco!"                                                threw it back into the sea, he replied, "Made a difference
                                                              to that one!"

CLOSING CEREMONY                                                                   WEBELOS
               (A Closing Thought)                                                 AQUANAUT
                Gulf Coast Council                                                  Viking Council
To the sailor, three things were essential - a compass, a
sextant, and a flag to tell which way the wind blew. To
Cub Scouts, these three things are important - (show          Swimming and water sports provide the finest exercise a
items) a badge, a handbook, and a candle. The badge tells     boy can get. The skills involved last a lifetime.
who you are and where you are going' the handbook tells       The boy who is a swimmer has self-confidence. Learning
how to get where you are going, and the candle is a           to swim well is an opportunity for personal adventure as
symbol of the light of Scouting. It is a light that must be   he proudly learns to be an achiever-to never stop trying.
kept burning in the heart of every Scout.                     Webelos have an additional opportunity through the
                                                              Aquanaut Activity badge: to take part in a character-
                                                              building process, as well as to learn skills which could
                                                              conceivably one day save his live or that of another
            A Closing Ceremony for Fathers
                Daniel Webster Council                                            Careers/Speakers
Personnel: 7 Cubs, 3 Fathers                                  Scuba diver, seaman, marine photographer, fish hatchery
Equipment: Game, Jackknife, book or pet, fishing pole         worker, oceanographer, boat repairman, community pool
 ST                                                           operator, lifeguard, employee for the Department of
1 Cub: "What shall you give to one small boy? A               Natural Resources, Coast Guard, Marines, or Navy.
glamorous game (holds up game), a tinseled toy,"
2 Cub: "A barlow knife (holds up jackknife), a puzzle
pack, a train that runs on curving tracks?"
  rd                                                                                ACTIVITIES
3 Cub: "A picture book (holds up book), a real live
pet… No, there's plenty of time for such things yet."                                    Scuba
4 Cub: "Give him a day of his very own - Just one small
                                                              Invite a member of a scuba diving team to come to your
boy and his dad alone (looks up at his father)."
  th                                                          meeting and bring equipment to demonstrate.
5 Cub: "A walk in the woods, a romp in the park, a
fishing trip (holds up fishing pole) from dawn to dark."                             Competition
6 Cub: "Give the gift that only you can - The
                                                              Go to see a swim meet or diving competition at the high
companionship of his Old Man" (looks up at father and
                                                              school or college. Talk to the coach.
takes hand).
7 Cub: "Games are outgrown, and toys decoy - But he'll                                Boy Scouts
never forget if you give him a day." (Takes his father's
                                                              Invite several Boy Scouts to come to your meeting and
hand and walks off with all boys).
                                                              talk about earning water merit badges. Ask them to tell
                Cubmaster's Minute                            about the summer camp waterfront activities they have
Thanks Janie K. for sending this to me
                                                                                 Search and Rescue
"I'm throwing these starfish back into the ocean. You see,
it's low tide right now and all of these starfish have been   Visit your local police station and talk to the water search
washed up onto the shore. If I don't throw them back into     and rescue team. How often are they called out? What
the sea, they'll die up here from lack of oxygen."
8                                                                                           BALOO'S BUGLE
are some of the circumstances? What equipment do they        purity, jeweler, oil driller, miner, rock collection sales,
take along?                                                  travel guide, assayer.
                          Games                                                        Activities
                                                                                   Building Materials
                        Dog Race
                                                             Invite a housing contractor to come to your den meeting.
Divide den into two teams and line up at poolside. First
                                                             Ask them to bring building materials such as slate, brick,
racer barks like a dog three times, then jumps in and
                                                             limestone, marble, cement, etc. Where do they purchase
swims to the other side doing the doggy paddle. When he
                                                             these supplies? Where do they come from originally?
touches the other side, he barks again like a dog. The
next racer answers (barking three times) and jumps in.                                      Clubs
Repeat until all the "dogs" on one team are on the other
                                                             Visit a rock collectors club meeting. View the rocks on
                                                             display. How did the people get interested in this hobby?
                      Nuts and Bolts
                                                             Other sources of assistance for this activity badge could
A good way to get used to being underwater is to toss a      be the college science department, museum, large industry
large bolt with a nut on it into waist-deep water. Scouts    concerned with mining or oil production, high school
bend down to find the bolt and unscrew the nut while         science teacher, or local rock shops.
                                                                                     Rock Creature
If he can't finish the job, he must drop the bolt and come
up for air. Then he goes down again. Hold up the two         Gather smooth flat stones. Wash them in detergent and
pieces when finished.                                        dry completely. Plan the creature you will make and paint
                                                             the rocks before assembling. Use acrylic paints.
                      Pack Meeting
                                                             Use contact cement to glue the rocks together. Saturate a
                                                             small piece of cotton with glue and place it between the
           Masks, fins, snorkels, and wet suits.             edges of the rocks' or use hot glue. Decorate with yarn,
                Boat equipment and PFDs.                     etc.
            CPR dummy and instruction sheets.
                                                                            Genealogy of your Rock Creature
               Sea shells or pictures of fish.
Lifeline throw: Tie a beanbag onto a 25-foot rope. Mark      Choose from the following classifications and print onto a
  a circle on the floor with chalk. Throw for accuracy.      fancy looking certificate to keep with your rock creature.
                    Award Ceremony                              Genetic           Texture       Shape   Color
"Fish swim in water to survive, for that is what they
breathe. Man must also be able to swim in water to              Igneous         Crystalline     Round   Dark
survive, for he cannot breathe in it. The knowledge           Sedimentary       Porphyritic      Flat   Light
gained as an Aquanaut is a preliminary and vital part of
this life-long learning.                                     Metamorphic           Fine-        Roly-   Gaudy
"These young men have accomplished this. At this time,                            grained       poly
would X come forward to be honored with this activity         Out of this         Crummy        Obese   Green
badge?"                                                         world
                       Geologist                                 None             Holey         Weird   Gunky
                     Viking Council

At first thought, geology may seem too specialized a
science for Webelos to study. But since Scouting is          Origin and History         Occurrence              Hardness
essentially an outdoor program, knowledge of basic            Beach sand into               Common               Hard
geology is valuable to the Scout.                               sandstone
Just about everything on earth, including living things,
have a relationship to geology in one way or another. The      Sandstone into                 Rare                Soft
Geologist activity badge is designed to increase the boys'
awareness in the outdoors.                                     Metorite from           Medium Rare           In between
                                                                outer space
                                                              Ocean ooze into                 Raw                 Icky
Geologist, Soil and Water Conservation worker, water               slate
treatment plant operator, inspector for air and water
9                                                                                                BALOO'S BUGLE
                                                                       1.   Silver in mined in about how many countries?
     Appraisal Conducted by:              Appraisal comments           A. 24               B. 56                B is correct
         State Geologist                David slew Goliath with        1.   The leading producer of copper in the world is:
                                          something like this
                                                                       A. Canada           B. Chili             B is correct
            Assayer                    Most remarkable rock I've
                                       seen in the last 10 minutes     1.   The United States is the world's largest producer and
                                                                            consumer of what metal?
            Secretary                 Your rocks have a great future
                                              in concrete.             A. Nickel           B. Lead              B is correct
         Office Manger                 You and your rocks are well
                                                                                            Weather Rocks
          Night Janitor                To avoid fading, turn daily.
                                                                       Collect a quantity of "weather" rocks to pass out to every
             Visitor                    Dispose of immediately.        family at the pack meeting. Photocopy the following
                                                                       directions and sandwich between layers of clear contact
            Salesman                     Your rocks need a bath.
                                                                       paper. Give one with each rock. Make a big deal out of
               Me                       Are you sure this is a girl.   this wonderful present your den is giving away.
                                              You got took!            For best results, place your weather rock outside:
                    Make Your Own Fossils                              If you rock is wet…it's raining.
                                                                       If your rock is white…it's snowing.
The paleontologist uses this technique in reconstructing               If your rock is moving…it's really windy.
the shells of long-dead animals. Casts are especially                  If your rock is stiff…it's freezing.
useful in working with fossil footprints                               If your rock is gone…sorry, you've been ripped off!
Materials needed: small cardboard box, clay, plaster and
water, small snail or clam shell.
1.    Cover the bottom of the box with modeling clay to a                                  Award Ceremony
      depth of several inches. This represents the soft mud            Webelos leader has several large rocks on the table, and
      found on the ancient sea floor.                                  pretends to hammer and chisel each one to remove the
2.    Press the shell firmly into the clay. Lift out carefully         award.
      so a clear imprint remains, making a mold.                       Call each Webelos forward to receive it. Continue
                                                                       chiseling until all awards are presented.
3.    Mix a small amount of plaster with water in paper
      cup. Stir with a spoon until thick, and then pour over                          Arrow of Light Ceremony
      the mold.                                                                      Greater St. Louis Area Council

4.    After the plaster has dried, carefully remove it from            CM: The final and highest rank of Cub Scouting is the
      the mold. This is now a cast of the original shell.              Arrow of Light. To earn it a boy must be a member of his
                                                                       den for at least six months since turning 10 years old and
5.    Compare the original shell with the plaster cast.                have earned the Webelos Rank. He must have earned the
      Notice that even some of the more delicate markings              Fitness, Readyman, and Citizen Acitivity Pins and five
      have been preserved. Compare your cast to some                   more for a total of eight. He must know the Boy Scout
      real fossilized stones.                                          Oath and Scout Law from memory as well as the Boy
                           Pack Meeting                                Scout slogan, motto, sign and salute. He must have
                           Audience Vote                               participated in a Webelos overnight campout or a
                                                                       Webelos day hike. He must have visited a Boy Scout
Play this following quiz game, allowing the audience to                troop with his parents and den and taken part in a Boy
vote on the correct answer. Emphasize that learning new                Scout outdoor activity.
information can be fun.
                                                                       CA: There are Webelos Scouts among us tonight who
1.    The most abundant metal element in the earth's crust             have earned Cub Scouting's highest award. Would (insert
      is:                                                              names) and their parents please come forward and stand
A.. aluminum              B. copper              A is correct          here facing the audience. (Assistant Cubmaster escorts
                                                                       the Scouts and their parents to the stand next to the
1.    Zinc is mined in the United States in:                           ceremony table, facing the audience, with the parents
A. Tennessee              B. Alaska              (both are correct)    standing behind their Scout.)
CM: The Arrow of Light is much more difficult to obtain       forward to good things you believe will happen. You
than a belt loop, an Activity Pin or even one of the other    hope for better things tomorrow, but at the same time you
rank patches. To obtain this award, these scouts have met     work hard today to make them happen.
a number of requirements, including completion of eight
                                                              (Cubmaster lights the seventh candle)
activity pins, participation in camps, hikes and Boy Scout
                                                              The last candle and the last ray of the sun of the Arrow of
activities, the memorization of the Scout Oath and the
                                                              Light symbol stands for Love. There are many kinds of
Scout Law, and the commitment to live by the principles.
                                                              love. Love of family, home, fellow men, God, and
Webelos Scouts will you please stand at attention, salute
                                                              Country. Every kind of love is important for a full and
your audience and recite the Scout Oath and Scout Law in
                                                              happy life.
unison, (Cubmaster steps to the front to face the Scouts,
                                                              CM: You will find that living by these seven virtues can
salutes and leads)
                                                              lead to a happy life. The Arrow of Light is a significant
On my honor,                                                  achievement. The Boy Scouts of America recognize it as
I will do my best;                                            such. When you become a Boy Scout, you continue to
To do my duty to God and my Country and to obey the           wear the Arrow of Light on your uniform. When you
Scout Law;                                                    become an adult leader, you wear a square knot, which
To help other people at all times;                            represents the Arrow of Light on your uniform.
To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and
                                                              You've completed all the requirements for your Arrow of
morally straight.
                                                              Light Badge and have completed the Cub Scout Trail. It
A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly,             is my pleasure to award you your Arrow of Light badge to
Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave,          your parents, who have been your Akela in completing
Clean and Reverent.                                           these requirements. Parents, please award this badge to
                                                              your son and congratulate him on a 'Job Well Done.'
Thank you. As you can see on the candle holder, the
Arrow of Light symbol is made up of an arrow which            (Assistant Cubmaster awards boys their certificates, and
points the way to a good life and a rising sun which          presents the parents with the Arrow of Light badge.
symbolized the constant new challenges provided by            Parents pin it on their sons. Then present the mother's pin
Scouting and by life itself. The seven candles in the         to the boy and have him pin his mother or father)
emblem represent the seven rays in the Arrow of Light
                                                              Receive now the mark of the Arrow of Light, a Yellow
symbol you see before you.
                                                              mark, symbolizing light from the blazing sun above us,
CA: (Cubmaster lights the first candle)                       lighting our way through life. (Assistant Cubmaster
This first ray represents Wisdom. Having wisdom doesn't       marks each boy with Yellow face paint).
mean that a person is smarter than others. It means that
he uses what he knows to live a better life.
(Cubmaster lights the second candle)
This ray represents Courage. Courage does not mean you        Thanks Lorie and Lydia for the joke
have no fear of danger. It means that you can face danger
                                                              Sherlock Holmes and Matthew Watson were on a
despite your fear.
                                                              camping and hiking trip.
(Cubmaster lights the third candle)                           They had gone to bed and were lying there looking up at
The third ray stands for self-control. Self-control means     the sky.
being able to stop when you have had enough of                 Holmes said, "Watson, look up. What do you see?"
something and being able to choose your own path instead      "Well, I see thousands of stars."
of merely following others.                                   "And what does that mean to you?"
                                                              "Well, I guess it means we will have another nice day
(Cubmaster lights the fourth candle)
                                                              tomorrow. What does it mean to you, Holmes?"
The fourth ray stands for Justice. Justice means being fair   "To me, it means someone has stolen our tent."
with others we play and work with, regardless of who they                             Web Sites
are.                                                          Scouting sites
(Cubmaster lights fifth candle)                               Home page for United States Scouting Service Project of
                                                              which I am a team member--great stuff
The fifth ray represents Faith. Faith includes belief in
God, and in things we cannot see, but feel are true.
                                                              Gary and Kyna's MacScouter site-great stuff
(Cubmaster lights the sixth candle)                 
This candle represents Hope. Hope means to look               Hints and Tips for New Leaders
My cyber-friend, Don sent me the following information on his
site also. It covers areas for Den Leaders, Pinewood Derbies. It     way/finding-your-way.html
is really comprehensive. It is really a mega-site for leaders. Don   Geology Activity Badge
has a cyber Cub Scouting Handbook. It really is worth your time.                              l/equipment2idshtml/ids/geologist_ids.html
In addition to Lorie's great slide show site, she has a great
scouting site she maintains at                                       ogist.html          
This is a site I found at Lorie's site-it is a uniform bank          Geological Survey of Canada
Lorie you are so good                                                           check out the link here that takes you to free stuff Get for
                                                                     your den or pack
See the text version online of Kipling's Jungle Book. Lots and
lots of other great links.                                           ml                   
Another great site with some really great resources                  Aquanaut                                     Learn about olympic swimmer Kurt Grote                                 
Deb, from my old council has been working hard on this site.         Swimming History
She has some fabulous resources--you go girl! Wish I could 
have met you while in St. Louis                                      Ocean Planet-Ocean in Peril           
Can Scouting make a difference?                                      an_planet_oceans_in_peril.html             Explore the California Coast
Scouting Jeopardy-designed for Boy Scouts but give it a try          ml
anyway                                                               Just for Fun     
Although very few Cub Links right now, he is working on it
there are some great Norman Rockwell graphics
                                                                     Let your cubs have a hand in making a very simple web page
Great graphic of Tiger Cub changing to Cub and then Boy
                                                                     at this site. This one is just for play and can't be saved.
A Lord Baden Powell award winning site
                                                                     U.S. Government Pages for Kids
An all around GREAT site for Cub and Boy Scout Leaders
and Commissioners                                          
A cyber-scouting friend that I have met maintains the                Resources
                                                                     The scouting graphics in this issue are available on line at
following site Good job, Len!
                                                                            It is also available for purchase as a CD Rom at the following
Another great site                                                   number 1-800-SCOUTER                              Answers:
Lots of great links at the following                                 Ahoy, Dinghy!                1 - D, 2 - C, 3 - B, 4 - C, 5 - B, 6 - D, 7 - A, 8 - B. 9 - D, 10 - C
If you are interested in CS Wood Badge check out this site my
cyber-friend Clara sent me. It gives a little insight into Wood

Map and compass