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					                   Department of Epidemiology & Community Health
                          Master of Public Health Program
                               Public Health Internship
                                    Plan of Action

Internship Site:
Site Supervisor:
Faculty Advisor:
Semester of Internship:
Proposed Work Schedule:

State at least three goals for the internship. In formulating your goals, consider what you plan to
achieve through the experience. Think of what you hope to have completed in terms of concrete
tasks and the experience you hope to have gained by the end of the internship. Include both
general goals (e.g., learning more about the public health policy development process) and
specific goals that may be linked to your internship assignment (e.g., analyze infant mortality
data, prepare flier on disaster preparedness measures).




List the tasks and activities you anticipate taking part in during your internship and link these to
a specific time period. Use this timeline as a syllabus for your internship. Each internship is
unique, so each student intern’s timeline will be unique. Some activities may last the entire
duration of the internship, while others may have concrete start and end dates. For activities
that are ongoing, break the activity into smaller tasks, if possible, that could be linked to more
concrete periods of time.

Date               Activity                                         Notes
                  Department of Epidemiology & Community Health
                         Master of Public Health Program
                              Public Health Internship
                              SAMPLE Plan of Action

Name: Joan G. Student
Internship Site: American Cancer Society
Site Supervisor: Karen Atkinson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Resa Jones
Semester of Internship: Fall 2006
Proposed Work Schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri, 9 AM-3 PM (with some evening hours to attend
meetings of grassroots groups)


1. Work with the Grassroots Coordinator to learn more about cancer-related policy
   development at the local (grassroots) level.

   a. Assist in researching background information on upcoming General Assembly bills
   b. Attend meetings of grassroots groups

2. Gain first-hand knowledge about public health education/promotion by assisting in planning
   and preparation for the Fall HealthFest (to be held in early November)

   a. Draft and finalize a health education flier on cancer screening.
   b. Help coordinate efforts to notify interested citizens and community groups by contacting
      the groups directly and providing promotional information to physicians’ offices,
      community clinics, and civic/church organizations.
   c. Help draft an anonymous “Attendee Satisfaction Survey” designed to collect information
      on how helpful attendees found the fair and if they plan to obtain cancer screening in the
      next year

3. Gain a fuller understanding of the operations of a non-profit health organization by
   observing daily events, attending meetings of the Strategy Committee, and shadowing the
   Regional Mission Delivery Director.

Date          Activity                                               Notes
8/28-9/1      Orientation, background reading
                                      Planning for Fall HealthFest
9/4-9/8        Create initial draft of cancer screening flier
               Review list of community contacts for health
                    fair notifications and update using internet and
                    by calling contacts for confirmation
9/11-/9/22     Route cancer screening flier for review and
               Review community contact list at weekly
                    health fair planning meeting
9/25-9/29      Finalize cancer screening flier
               Finalize community contact list and provide to
                    office staff for use in health fair mailings
10/2-10/6      Final consensus on cancer screening flier            Flier needs to go to printer by
               Begin drafting attendee satisfaction survey,         week of 10/9
                    working with M. Smith
10/9-10/13     Cancer screening flier sent to printer
               Circulate draft satisfaction survey for
10/16-10/20   Finalize satisfaction survey and give to office staff
              for in-house printing
10/23-11/4    Assist in preparing promotional materials and
              booths for HealthFest, coordinate other needs as
11/5          Attend HealthFest, manning booth to answer
              questions and distribute fliers and satisfaction
                               Policy Development at Grassroots Level
9/4-11/17     Research information for proposed bill on              Primary contact person—E.
(ongoing)     palliative care, using ACS intranet, internet          Jackson
              (literature search, Virginia General Assembly
              Prepare summary report of findings for November
              Grassroots meeting
9/13          Attend Grassroots meeting, 7:30 PM
10/11         Attend Grassroots meeting, 7:30 PM
11/8          Attend Grassroots meeting, 7:30 PM; present
              summary report of background information on
              palliative care
                       Learning about Non-Profit Organization Operations
9/4-12/8      Shadow/work with Regional Mission Delivery             Primary contact person--Site
              Director                                               Supervisor, K. Atkinson
               Attend weekly Strategy Committee Meetings
               Complete special projects as assigned
10/6-10/7     Attend regional clergy-parish health conference,       With K. Atkinson

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