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					                                       Town Hall News                                   Official Publication of
                                           Keeping It Country                           The Town of Fairview
                                   Celebrating Fifty Years, 1958-2008                       October 2009
                                    500 S. State Highway 5, Fairview, TX 75069   Official Website:
                                                Phone: 972 562-0522                        Fax: 972 548-0268

          Message from the Mayor
                   Sim Israeloff                                SH 5 @ FM 1378. As many of you have noticed
                                                                TXDOT has placed new traffic signals at this
                I’m happy to report that at a                   busy intersection. Once the lights are powered,
            meeting that Town Engineer James                    they will be placed on flash for several days
            Chancellor and I attended on Septem-                before full activation.
            ber 10, TxDOT agreed to build Stacy
            Road with only four lanes between
            Hwy 5 and 1378/Country Club, thereby                             2009-10 Town Budget
            eliminating the proposed six-lane sec-
            tion between Highway 5 and Mean-                         On Wednesday night, September 16, the
dering Way. Thank you to TxDOT for                              town council adopted the new 2009-10 budget.
acknowledging the issue and making the                          This budget includes three new part-time
necessary corrections.                                          firefighters, but no other new positions.
     McKinney is again touting its airport                           The council also approved a 2009-10 of
expansion plans and hopes for future air service                $0.365 per $100 of valuation, which is the same
in the press. How much of this is real and how                  tax rate as in 2008 and 2009. Again this year,
much is hype is uncertain given the current                     water and sewer rates were not changed. For
aviation environment and the nearly completed                   more details on the budget, please check the
121/Sam Rayburn toll road, which will dramat-                   town’s website.
ically reduce the time to get to DFW. The town
is continuing to monitor the airport’s growth and
will continue with our efforts to convince                                 Support Our Firefighters
McKinney and the FAA to deal with the
legitimate problems of noise and safety to our                      The “Friends of Fairview Fire & Rescue”
residents.                                                      Board of Directors’ mission is to provide a tax-
     It is no news to anyone that the area is in the            deductable avenue for individuals and
midst of a flu epidemic. Most of the public                     corporations to offer financial and non-financial
health issues are controlled through the state and              support to the Fairview Fire & Rescue
county, but the town is putting finishing touches               Department. The Board will guide the allocation
on an emergency management plan for the                         of donations collected to the creation or
town in the event that this or any later epidemic               enhancement of programs supporting the
gets worse.                                                     following three categories:
                                                                     Recruitment & Retention
                                                                     Health & Fitness
                 Road Projects                                       Safety
                                                                    For more information, or to donate, go to the
East Stacy Road. We recently received word                      board’s webpage:
that AT&T has hired a utilities company to
relocate its wiring so that we can begin actual
road construction in the next few months. The                          Council Meeting Date Changed
project will widen East Stacy between Thompson
Springs and FM 1378 by about ten feet, drainage                     Due to the annual National Night Out,
will be improved and placed underground, and a                  celebrated this year on the first Tuesday night of
sidewalk will be added on the north side of the                 October, the next regular town council meeting
will be Tuesday night, October 13. As usual,         storm water contamination, and maintenance of
the public portion of the meeting will begin at      good housekeeping in their operations.
approximately 7:30 p.m.                              Municipalities like the Town of Fairview follow
                                                     Storm Water Management Plans and their
                                                     progress is monitored by the Environmental
            Water Pollution:                         Protection Agency (EPA) or its delegate. For
    You Can Make a Difference In Our                 instance, the EPA delegated regulatory authority
             Community                               to The Texas Commission on Environmental
                                                     Quality (TCEQ) in 1998.
    The Clean Water Act (CWA) has its roots in           Residents, merchants, and government must
the Federal Water Pollution Control Act first        collectively realize that pollutants dropped or
enacted in 1948. The purpose of the CWA is to        tossed away along the streets and roadways may
reduce water pollution with prevention, control,     eventually find their way to our lakes, ponds,
and abatement. The body of the law may be too        streams, and rivers. Simply speaking, storm
complicated, but there are simple ways               water acts as a carrier of pollutants along street
homeowners can make a difference in taking           gutters and into curb inlets, lakes, ponds,
stock at reducing water pollution. For example:      streams, and rivers.

   Choose vegetation that requires less
    maintenance, fertilizers, and pesticides. Ask                    Halloween
    for fertilizers that don’t cause as much
    impact to downstream bodies of water and               Remember that Halloween is coming up
    apply as directed avoiding waste.                soon – Saturday, October 31. Show a
                                                     little extra caution around those little
   Keep grass clippings in your yard. Grass         trick-or-treaters, please. And for the
    clippings are good for your grass and the        older kids who lean more toward the
    organic contents won’t pollute storm water.      tricks than the treats, please know the
                                                     Fairview Police Department will be
   Perform regular preventive maintenance of        working that night.
    vehicles and equipment such as lawn
    mowers, tractors, and all-terrain vehicles
    (ATVs). Oil spills can contaminate storm                       Watershed Survey
    water, which in turn pollute lakes and rivers.
                                                          Please visit the town’s website and click on
   Keep trash and debris from entering the          the “Environmental Page” to take part in a
    storm drainage system. Trash and debris of       survey to provide feedback to town officials and
    any sort can clog storm sewers and reduce        staff regarding storm water runoff and watershed
    their ability to adequately convey storm         knowledge and practices.
    waters.    These situations can result in
    localized flooding around and near curb
    inlets.                                                      Heard Fall Plant Sale

    Contractors and developers also play a role.         Make your yard beautiful this fall. Pick from
Structural controls such as silt fence, hydroseed,   natives, other well-adapted plants, and a few
sod, ditch blocks, and erosion blankets are          popular oddities. Find new agaves and varieties
commonly used around construction areas to           of colorful grasses, the usual and unusual
prevent contamination of storm water.           In   perennials, as well as hard-to-find plants like
addition, they are required to prepare storm water   Eve’s Necklace and Sawtooth Sunflower.
pollution prevention plans and abide by strict           The Fall Native Plant Sale will be open to
Federal and State regulations.                       the public on Saturday, October 10 from 9-5 and
    Government officials seek public education       Sunday, October 11 from 1-5. A special pre-sale
and outreach, public participation and awareness,    will be open to museum members only on
monitoring of illegal activities that result in      Friday, October 9 from 4-7. Members must
show their membership cards. Memberships will          free! Friendship Baptist Church is located at 270
be available to purchase at the time of the sale, or   Country Club Road. For more information, go
you can join the museum today at                       to:, or e-mail                         
    Plants are subject to change.

                                                            U.S Government Aids Clean-Ups
     Please Protect Our Wild Animals                               and So Can You!

    Two Fairview residents recently submitted              Recent news posted by the EPA tells of two
the following story:                                   Texas cities receiving funding to assist in major
                                                       cleanups. In September, the EPA awarded
    A pair of vultures nested on our property,         $200,000 to Waco to help clean up a five-acre
    where they laid two eggs and hatched them          site formerly occupied by the Southwest
    out. They were devoted parents and the             Spraying & Chemical Company. From 1950 to
    chicks thrived. We watched the chicks grow         1968, this site was used to mix, store, and deliver
    from fluff to feathers and the parents             agricultural pesticides and herbicides, making
    teaching their babies to fly.                      the area a major environmental concern.
                                                           Closer to home is Terrell, which has been
    We were horrified to find one morning that         “proposed to the National Priorities List of
    both the youngsters had been shot. One had a       Superfund sites.” The cause of alarm is a site
    broken wing and the other a damaged wing.          used by Van der Horst USA, a chromium and
    We caught the one with the broken wing and         iron plating facility. From the 1950s though
    took him to a rehab center; the damaged            2006, this company produced natural gas
    wing bird has recovered.                           pipeline cylinders. The site is feared to contain
                                                       kerosene, wastewater sludge, and chromium
    We would like to point out that these birds        contaminated wastewater and soil.
    are federally protected and the penalties are          We usually rely on our federal, state, and
    severe for killing or injuring them.               local governments to keep large chemical
                                                       contaminations under control, but there are
    Wild animals are not always convenient, but        several things we can do as citizens in our own
they are a part of Fairview. Please take care not      homes to contribute to the health of the
to damage or destroy birds, coyotes, or the many       environment. Many chemicals we use every day
other animals that help make Fairview what it is.      to clean our home can be hazardous to clean
                                                       water, people and pets. Please visit
       Creekwood Methodist Festival                    leaners.php for information on safer cleaning
                                                       solutions and other tips about what you can do to
    Creekwood United Methodist Church is               prevent pollution!
having its first Fall Festival, Saturday, Oct 31
from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. Watch the church website
for details.                                 Influenza Information

                                                           With flu season back in full swing, it is
             Fall Friendship Fest                      important not to overlook the basic tasks that can
                                                       help families stay healthy. The H1N1 virus
    Friendship Baptist Church is hosting Fall          known to many as “swine flu” is posted on most
FriendshipFest which is open to the entire             newspapers and heard on news stations more and
community on October 25 from 3:00 – 6:00. The          more as the flu season has come upon us. It is
church will have bounce houses, live music and         important not to lose sight of the H1N1 flu, the
entertainment, a hayride, a chili cook-off, door       seasonal flu, or any strain of influenza, as they
prizes, food and much more! It is sure to be a         can produce similar results.
fun time for the entire family. The event is               Beyond vaccinations, good basic hygiene
practices are the most important factors in            medications. Please consult with your health care
preventing such illnesses, not just this year, but     provider for more information or visit
every year. Protect yourself from influenza   or for
strains by washing your hands frequently with          detailed information and frequently asked
soap and warm water, or use an alcohol-based           questions.
hand sanitizer if facilities are limited. Also avoid
touching your eyes, nose, or mouth. Stay away
from people who are sick (especially if they have       Pho Crystal – New Restaurant in Town
fever, cough and a sore throat). Get plenty of
sleep, exercise regularly, manage stress, drink            We welcome Fairview’s newest restaurant –
plenty of fluids, and eat nutritious foods.            Pho Crystal – to the Stacy Road Retail Center.
     It is highly encouraged by federal, state, and    Pho Crystal offers Vietnamese cuisine in its new
local officials to go get the seasonal flu shot now,   store at 431 Stacy Road. Hours are 10:00 a.m. to
and expect H1N1 vaccination shots to be                9:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, and 10:00
available in mid-October. Many people are not          a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Sundays.
aware of the pneumonia vaccine, also known as              The large menu features a number of dishes
pneumovax 23, or PPVS. When flu-like symp-             that only a fan of Vietnamese food would know,
toms are ignored, or when severe illnesses are         but it also features lots of familiar dishes,
caused by the flu, patients can develop                including sub sandwiches and Chinese
pneumonia or other respiratory illnesses that can      selections. Free delivery is available for all
be prevented by receiving a pneumonia vaccine.         orders of $15 or more.
The pneumovax can be found at the same
locations where flu shots are being administered.
Consider or discuss this with your health care                       Christmas Parade
provider, especially if you or a family member
has respiratory related illnesses.                         Make plans now to attend or participate in
     The Department of State Health Services           this year’s holiday parade, to be held Saturday,
recommends a common practice for one who has           December 12, beginning at 10:30 a.m. in
become ill with the H1N1 flu – stay home from          Heritage Ranch.
work or school until the fever has been gone for
24 hours without taking fever-reducing
Town of Fairview
500 S. State Highway 5
Fairview, Texas 75069

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