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storage guide - Self-Storage


									                                     Self-Storage Size Guide
Detailed below is a range of household items along with their approximate size in cubic metres. You can use
this guide to estimate what size unit you will require, just note what items you have to store, work out the total
cubic metres required and add some more space for assorted items not on the list. Compare your figures with
those on our price list.

Item                                     Size (m3)               Quantity                    Cubic Metres
Fridge                                      0.8
Freezer (Chest)                             1.2
Dishwasher                                  0.6
Microwave                                   0.1
Washing Machine                             0.7
Clothes Dryer                               0.7
Television                                  0.5
Video Player                                0.05
Stereo Cabinet                              0.5
Vacuum Cleaner                              0.05
Single Lounge Chair                         0.6
Two Seater Sofa                             1.0
Three Seater Sofa                           1.4
Four Seater Sofa                            1.7
Dining Chair                                0.22
Dining Table                                1.0
Coffee Table                                0.35
Bookcase                                    0.5
Single Bed                                  0.7
Double Bed                                  1.2
Queensize Bed                               1.4
Kingsize Bed                                1.6
Dressing Table                              0.5
Lawn Mower                                  0.3
Banana Box                                  0.1
                                                           Total Cubic Metres

To get exact unit sizes for your needs come down and see us and our friendly staff will show you around.

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