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									                        The Diabetic

         Issue No: 11                                                  Date: December 2005

               The best and most informative diabetic newsletter on the Isle of Man
                                      Leading from the Front
                        A Charity registered in the Isle of Man. Charity number 894.
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          Death toll in Pakistan is now more than the total population of the Isle of Man
Please return all loaned blood pressure machines to the Centre as other patients require them
               If you are on the net keep an eye on your e-mail for your newsletter
                         What has happened to the disabled legislation?

    In this issue                                     Dr Khan and Pakistan
   * Dr Khan and Pakistan                                With the devastating events unfolding
   * RETURN ALL LOANED BLOOD                          in Pakistan The Diabetic decided to
   * E-mail
                                                      interview Dr Emran Khan the Consultant
   * The Disabled parking debate                      Physician,      Diabetologist        and
   * What is happening to our Disability Law          Endocrinologist at the Manx Diabetes
   * The Christmas Message                            Centre, who has family and friends back
   * Wanted                                           home.
   * Effective Diabetes Management
   * The Goose offering
   * Christmas Traditions and where they came
   * DisabledGo
   * The Pneumo Jab
   * You think you have Petrol problems?
   * The Obesity Update
   * Diabetes Nursing Service
   * The Budding Journalist
   * The Chairman's Report
   * The last Laugh
                Feegans Lounge
                  8 Victoria Street
       Opening shortly at Feegan’s Lounge                    The Presentation in the UK.
            The Hot Spot Deli Café                      Dr Emran Khan & Mrs Zarmina Khan
          Eat in and Takeaway Meals                          with the Manx Flag and the
         Or buy from the Deli Counter                    representative of Edhi International
          Broadband internet Access                                Foundation UK.
            Tel: - 44(0) 1624 679280
            Happy Christmas to all                       Just imagine, the death toll in Pakistan
                                                      is now over 85,000 people.
   This is more than the total population      Thank you very much for your
of the Isle of Man. With one blow they      generous donation of £32,768 (thirty two
have lost more than everyone living on      thousand seven hundred and sixty eight
the Island.                                 pounds only) in form of approximately
   Dr Khan, alive to the needs of his       300 cheques which will be utilised for
countrymen, and knowing the existing        the victims of the earthquake disaster in
problems on the ground, from family         Pakistan and Kashmir.
friends and hospital reports, decided to       Receipts to the individuals will be sent
raise monies and instituted a relief        within the next few days.
appeal that started on Manx Radio and          The people of the Isle of Man and its
snowballed out of all expectations, with    Government has shown generosity to
the backing, the generosity and pure        Edhi International Foundation UK for
humanity of the Isle of Man population.     supporting our cause towards building a
   Dr Khan‟s appeal reached all those       new orphanage in Muzzafarabad.
who during his five years on the Island        God bless you all for raising such a
benefited from his expertise, care and      substantial amount, and we hope the
concern for the Manx Diabetic.              people of the Isle of Man will continue to
   They in turn, responded to the           support our cause. Dr Khan played a
necessity of his countrymen, and his        very important role, in raising this
Island friends rallied to his cause.        amount for which our foundation is very
   Dr Khan explained that his mail bag      thankful.
has been extraordinary, and the             Yours sincerely
comments expressed in the thousands of      Signed
letters he has received have shown him      On Behalf of
that he was not alone, and that his many    Edhi International Foundation UK.
patients and friends did not take him for
granted, but were grateful for him being    (If anyone would like a copy of this
on the Island.                              letter we would be delighted to send
   Like he was there for them in their      them one on request. Please enclose a
time of need, they had stood up to be       stamped addressed envelope).
counted in his hour of distress.
   At the time of the hand over, in            Dr Khan pointed out that he had
London, to the charity of his choice,       chosen this charity because he had first
Edhi International Foundation UK he         hand knowledge of what they did in
and his wife Zarmina were able to           Pakistan, they had very little overheads
present them with £32,768.00 on behalf      and the fact that the charity works at
of the Manx people.                         ground level.
   The following is the contents of a          Since his return from the presentation
letter (which The Diabetic has had sight    in London the £32,768 has risen to a
of)     handed to Dr Khan by Edhi           total of over £35,000.
International Foundation UK thanking           Dr Khan emphasised that the problem
the Isle of Man people for their            is still on going, and the catastrophic
generosity, and reads:                      conditions that now exist in Pakistan will
                                            be aggravated with the advent of winter.
Dear Dr Khan                                   Many more people are at risk of dying
Donation of £32,768                         from the very harsh conditions winter
will bring. without the appropriate          Centre and have not bothered to return
shelter and food being readily available.    it?
   He had heard that in just one hospital        We have been asked by the staff at the
there were 150 paraplegics as a direct       Manx Diabetes Centre to bring to the
consequence of the Earthquake, which is      notice, of all those patients who have
an intolerable burden on a Hospital with     blood pressure machines to please return
limited facilities.                          them to the Centre as they are urgently
   Because of the number of children         needed for other patients.
that have been orphaned he is hoping to          This now presents a very real shortage
have an orphanage opened in the name         of expensive equipment loaned in good
of the Isle of Man if enough funds           faith. It must be realised that these
become available.                            machines are expensive, and if you do
   Dr Khan intends to continue his fund      not return them they will have to be
raising efforts and is devising      ways    replaced.
and means to go about it and continue to         These machines are lent to patients on
raise funds.                                 a two or four week basis, but then it is
  He is extremely grateful to the Manx       expected that they must be returned as
people for coming forward and donating       they DO NOT BELONG TO YOU.
so generously to aid the Pakistan                This is an urgent matter. We have
disaster.                                    suggested to the Centre that they send a
  Dr Khan is also grateful to the Isle of    letter asking for their return within 7
Man Government for its donation of           days and failing this the offending
£100,000 to Oxfam for the Pakistan           patient should be sent a bill for the
Appeal.                                      FULL amount of the Blood Pressure
   Dr Khan has always helped us and it       Monitor replacement.
is only proper that in turn we support his       You know who you are, so get your
endeavours.                                  skates on and take them down to the
  The Diabetic wishes him well in his        Centre as quickly as possible. like
relief fund appeal and we shall keep you     yesterday.
posted as to how things develop.                 It is a disgrace to take advantage of
   Remember that the story may be out        the facilities of the Manx Diabetes
of our television screens, but the very      Centre and your fellow diabetic patients,
real problems still exist.                   who need to make use of what you,
   Our best wishes go to him, his family     without logic or reason are holding on
and friends, and this year when we sit       to, and depriving your fellow patients of
around a table with our own family and       the same facility that was graciously
our friends, let us spare a little thought   extended to you.
for those who are disadvantaged, and             Remember the staff know who you
those who through no fault of their own      are. Please pay strict attention to their
cannot enjoy, what we, on the Isle of        requests.
Man take for granted.
                                             Notice on the loo’s in a Restaurant in
RETURN ALL BLOOD                                      Tobago called the
                                                         Mango Trees.
PRESSURE MACHINES                                    Men’s Loo: Man Go
 Do you still have a Blood Pressure             In the ladies loo: Wo Man Go
Monitor on loan from the Manx Diabetes
E-mail                                        The Disabled Parking
   Due to the popularity of The Diabetic      Debate.
Newsletter and the numbers that are              On the Night of Monday 7th
being printed, we have been asked by          November Mr Phil Braidwood, the
members to send it to them by e-mail in       Minister for Transport rang the
an endeavour to save the high postage         Chairman to inform him that the Pole at
and printing costs.                           Regent Street had been taken away.
   This we are trying to do with                 The following day, Tuesday, in the
members that we know have e-mail.             House of Keys, a question from Mr
   If you have internet access all you        Houghton MHK had been set down for
have to do is: -                              answer asking the Minister for
   a) Log on to           Transport, “Why has your department
   b) When it comes up click at the           not removed the pole which is
heading that says NEWSLETTER.                 obstructing a disabled parking space in
   c) When all the Newsletters come up        Regent Street Douglas?” This was a
please go to the last Newsletter.             question that was do wn for written
   This will be No. 11 which is the           answer, so we thought we would print it
December 2005 issue.                          just in case our readers were not aware
   d) Then just use your normal               of its contents.
procedure to PRINT.                               Mr Braidwood in his written answer
   Those of you who receive it printed        explained that: “I can advise that the
and have net facilities please send us        pole referred to has been removed. I can
your e-mail address so that we can, as        also advise that my Department has
from the March issue send it to you this      recently reviewed the provision of
way.                                          disabled parking facilities in Regent
   Remember you can contact us via            Street and now proposes to remove and or telephone           relocate the 3 spaces to the former bus
(01624) 613702. It is just that the           stop outside Admiral House on Loch
number of Newsletters now being               Promenade.       This     will,   in    my
printed and sent out is overwhelming our      Department‟s opinion, make access to
physical resources.                           these spaces easier and they will still be
   As we have pointed out before, we          within walking distance of the Regent
have been approached by many                  Street Post Office.”
members in an endeavour to save the              The Diabetic would like to thank Mr
high cost of postage, paper, envelopes        Braidwood for his prompt action, and
and above all the cost of printing.           sincerely trust that when these three
   Naturally you are at liberty to print as   disabled parking spaces come into line,
many copies as you like and send them         that his department puts the poles at the
to, or just give them to friends.             beginning or at the end of a bay, and not
   The Editor of The Diabetic looks           in the middle, which was the original
forward to hearing from you.                  object of the problem, as otherwise we
                                              shall be back to square one, no one being
       Do Arachnophobes                       able to get out of their cars once again.
     have their own website?                     The Minister and the Chairman did
                                              discuss other venues with a similar
                                              problem but the Minister explained that
he was under the impression that Regent    are we having similar legislation
Street was the only problem pole. The      implemented on the Isle of Man to
Chairman respectfully agreed to disagree   safeguard the Manx Disabled?”
with the Minister.                            We seem to have asked this question
  So the Editor thought he might just      before but have as yet not had a reply.
show Mr Braidwood another parking             June 2004 was the first time that the
bay, of the many, with a Pole in the       Minister was approached by “The
middle, which makes it impossible to get   Diabetic”, for an overview of what the
out, if you are properly parked.           Isle of Man Government intended to do
                                           in response to the UK Acts that were
                                           coming into effect on the 1st October,
                                              So whilst we wait for a reply, we
                                           might as well have a very quick run
                                           through of the main points of what the
                                           Law says across the water.
                                              There are two Acts of Parliament -
                                           The Disability Discrimination Act 1995
                                           and The Disability Rights Commission
                                           (DRC) Act 1999. that introduce and
        This is Prospect Terrace           provide a means of enforcing rights
                                           preventing      discrimination     against
   The Regent Street pole was mooted in    disabled people.
the House in May last when the then           The UK Disability Discrimination Act
Minister for Transport promised to         aims to end the discrimination which
resolve it.                                many disabled people face.
   It has taken till November, 6 Months       The Act gives disabled people rights
and another question in the House for      in the areas of employment, access to
the situation to be resolved. Let us see   goods, facilities and services, and with
how long it takes the Department to sort   landlords having to provide disabled
this one out.                              facilities in their properties whether
   The Diabetic has started counting.      buying or renting land or property.
                                              It also allows the British Government
                                           to set minimum standards so that
          Only in America                  disabled people can use public transport.
Do they have drive-up ATM machines            The act defines a disabled person as
                with                       someone with “a physical or mental
          Braille lettering.               impairment which has a substantial and
                                           long-term adverse effect on his or her
                                           ability to carry out normal day-to-day
What is happening to our                   activities”.
disability Law                                From 1st October 2004 new duties
  Now that we have the Disability          under the DDA will affect all employers
Rights Commission (DRC) act in full        with fewer that 15 employees and
operation in the United Kingdom, we        anyone who provides a service to the
ask the Question once again: - “When       public.
   The provisions include those that        discriminate against disabled pupils,
require employers to consider making        students and adult learners.
changes to the physical features of the        It also provides for schools to plan to
premises that they occupy in order to       increase accessibility to premises for
enable free access for disabled persons.    disabled pupils.
   There are two ways that an employer         The Diabetic believes that our
might discriminate against a disabled       Government has a lot of catching up to
employee or job applicant.                  do.
   a) by treating them less favourably         This is a very important and necessary
than an able person because of their        provision of facilities for disabled
disability, or b) by not making             people, and we sincerely trust that in the
reasonable adjustments.                     not too distant future the disabled on the
   Discrimination     against    disabled   Island, will, without delay, be rewarded
people by trade organisations is also       with similar strong and decisive
covered as is Access to Goods and           legislation as their counterparts now
Services.                                   enjoy across the water.
     Though some adjustments have              The     Isle    of    Man     Disabled
gradually been in force since 1996, the     Discrimination Law or by whatever Title
final stage, which means service            it shall come into force, has been a long
providers may have to consider making       time coming, and we hope that our
permanent physical adjustments to their     Legislators will give it the priority and
premises, came into force on 1st October    the urgency it deserves for its
2004.                                       introduction, before the next election.
   The new duties will apply to service
providers where physical features make
access to their services impossible or      The three wise men brought gifts from
unreasonably difficult for disabled         the orient, so even their presents were
people. It will be up to the service             made in China and Taiwan
provider to ensure that if they cannot
provide their service at their premises,    Christmas Message by the
then they have to provide it elsewhere to
make certain that the disabled person is    Rev. John Guilford.
attended to.                                   The Rev John Guildford is a Trustee
   The Act is so comprehensive that it      of the Friends of the Manx Diabetes
also applies to those who are self          Centre.
employed and do not have premises.             Once again he rises to the occasion to
   Please remember that disabled does       bring us his annual Christmas message
not mean that a person must be in a            “It seems incredible that another year
wheelchair, this Law covers all kinds of    has passed and it is time, once again, for
disability, including people with autism    our Christmas message! 2005, though,
and poor sight.                             has been quite a year in the Guilford
   The UK act also provides for an          household, a special year, one not to be
improvement in the standard of              forgotten. Why? Well in January we
Education for Children with Special         were given the gift of a child; our first
Educational Needs and makes it              grandchild, Joshua Jacob. Trish and I
unlawful for education providers to         were told that we would enjoy being
                                            grandparents, but nothing could have
prepared us for the joy Josh has brought       same way, by giving us the gift of the
into our lives; he has turned our world        Christmas baby, God invites us to have a
upside down!                                   personal relationship with Him and in so
                                               doing to discover His will for our lives
                                               and our world.
                                                  I am reminded of the famous painting
                                               by Holman Hunt; I believe Hunt painted
                                               three versions of the painting, one of
                                               which hangs in St Paul‟s Cathedral.
                                               Hunt portrays Jesus as the light of the
                                               world standing outside a door that is
                                               covered in thorns and brambles and has
                                               clearly not been opened for some
                                               considerable time. Jesus is knocking on
    The Rev John Guilford and Josh             the door; he can‟t enter because there is
                                               no handle on the outside. We have to
There is quite a correlation between our       open the door and invite him in. As we
experiences this year and the event we         celebrate Christmas this year, perhaps
hold the Christmas season to celebrate.        we can give some thought as to whether
In a very personal way Josh has brought        we need to open that door and invite
light into our lives, but the arrival of the   Jesus into our lives?
child that we remember on the 25th                I wish you and your loved ones a
December, brings light to the whole            healthy, happy and peaceful Christmas
world. Josh, as I have already said, has       and an exciting New Year”.
turned our personal world upside down,
Jesus, if we will listen to him, will turn
                                               Carol singers have changed since we
everybody‟s world upside down.
                                               were children, now they charge £1 for
   None of us can be happy with what is
going on in the world. I catalogued a few           miming and £2 to sing live.
things last year and in 2005 things have
certainly not improved too much. The
terrible happenings in London in July,
the continual bombings in Iraq and the            The Manx Diabetes Centre are
Middle East, the sabre rattling from           wanting to set up a display of past and
countries such as Iran, the increase of        present equipment to show how the care
violent crime in our cities, and if that       of diabetes has improved over the years.
isn‟t enough the world has to put up with         In looking for old equipment the staff
the natural disasters like those               at the Centre invite all diabetics on the
experienced by Pakistan, Mexico and            Isle of Man to donate or to lend to the
The US.                                        Centre their old testing equipment.
   It may be that we believe ourselves            If you have any equipment that you
incapable of making a difference, but          think might be of use for this display
this isn‟t true. However to change our         please hand it in at the Manx Diabetes
world a good place to start is with            Centre reception, marked for ALLAN
ourselves. Trish and I can of course have      not forgetting your name address and
a personal relationship with Josh. In the      telephone number.
                                                  Please also indicate whether you want
to donate it, or just loan it to the        barriers to achieving recommended
proposed display. Many thanks.              treatment      goals      for     diabetes
                                               Despite increasingly stringent clinical
The Goose Offering                          practice guidelines, more than 60 percent
                                            of those with type 2 diabetes currently
                                            have glucose levels above the
                                            recommended targets, putting them at
                                            increased risk for serious complications
                                            such as cardiovascular disease, the
                                            leading cause of diabetes related death.
                                               Because of the progressive nature of
                                            type 2 diabetes, the longer patients
                                            remain uncontrolled, the more extensive
                                            the diabetes related damage such as
                                            Blindness and Kidney failure, and the
                                            harder it is to keep glucose levels in
       The Goose in our Garden              check.
                                               Needles to say that with the vast
This Goose in our garden did land.          majority of people with type 2 diabetes
Where it came from, no one can              not at recommended treatment goals the
understand.                                 stakes are high.
It may be it was telling us                    Because of this they claim that a sense
that Christmas was on hand.                 of urgency and proactive management
We fed it and let it go                     strategies are now required to get more
We explained it was a stupid thing to do    patients to recommended goals.
In some other place she would not have         The Global Partnership for Effective
been so lucky.                              Diabetes Management has issued what
For in our house we did prefer the turkey   they term “10 Practical Steps to Better
When she had rested,                        Glucose Control”.
But not before, she had been told to be        These 10 Practical steps to better
more careful where she alighted.            Glucose Control can be accessed at their
With blessings and good wishes off she      website.
flew                                           At the end of August, the total number
So that she could celebrate Christmas       of British Citizens diagnosed with Type
and live anew.                              2 Diabetes for the first time exceeded
                                            two million.
Effective Diabetes
Management.                                 Christmas Traditions and
  In the face of an emerging worldwide      where they came from
epidemic of type 2 diabetes the Global      Who is Father Christmas?
Partnership for Effective Diabetes             He‟s based on a real person, St
Management has launched the first           Nicholas a bishop who once lived in
Global recommendations designed to          what is now Turkey. He became well
help physicians overcome common             established as Santa in the 1920‟s.
Why does Santa come down Chimneys               He later developed the Christmas
and why do you hang stockings.               Cracker from this humble beginning.
   The legend is that St Nicholas            Traditionally why do we eat turkey?
dropped a purse of money down a                 In the old days people eat peacock,
chimney and it landed in a stocking that     swan or boar‟s head. In the 18th century
was hanging out to dry.                      it was Henry the VIII who began eating
The Christmas Card how did it                turkey, but it didn‟t catch on until
originate?                                   Victorian times when turkey or goose
   The custom of sending Christmas           became popular. Today over 90% of us
Cards was started in the UK in 1843 by       eat turkey on Christmas day.
Sir Henry Cole a civil Servant.              Why are there twelve days of
   The first postal deliveries with the      Christmas?
penny post had started three years before       There are twelve days of Christmas
and Sir Henry was keen for people to use     because this is how long it took the three
the service. He commissioned a friend        wise men to visit Jesus in the manger,
John Horsley to design the first card and       It was not until 500 years later that the
sold them for one shilling each. They        names of Casper, Melchior and
depicted Nativity scenes.                    Balthasar became linked with Christmas.
   As the years went by, Christmas cards        The Twelve days of Christmas are
become more popular. They started to be      from Christmas Day to the 6th January,
massed produced in about 1860. In            the Epiphany.
Victorian times snow scenes and robins       Why do we celebrate Christmas on the
became more popular as the postmen at        25th December?
the time wore red uniforms and were             No one really knows It could be that
nicknamed “Robin Postmen”.                   the Roman mid-winter festival called
Why does Rudolf have a Red Nose?             Saturnalia and the winter solstice took
   This was created by the US                place at about this time of year
department store Montgomery Ward in             It was not until 200 years after the
1939 for its Christmas Promotion.            birth of Christ that his birthday was
Why do we give presents?                     celebrated, and not until 440AD that the
   We give presents because we are           25th December was given as his official
imitating the Three Kings that brought       birth date.
presents to Jesus in the stable. Gold        Why are mince pies not made from
represents a gift for a king, Frankincense   mince?
is a gift of worship and Myrrh is a sign        In the middle ages they were really
of mortality.                                mince pies. They were made from mince
What about the Christmas cracker?            pheasant, rabbit, poultry. Apples, raisins,
   This was really adapted from the          and candid peel. Eventually the meat
French custom of wrapping sugared            was left out altogether. Aren‟t you
almonds and other sweets and twisting        lucky? Incidentally its supposed to be
them in coloured tissue paper.               good luck to eat one mince pie on each
   Pastry Chef Tom Smith on a visit to       of the Twelve days of Christmas.
Paris noticed them and when back in          Do you know what classifies a white
London sold the idea of bonbons in           Christmas?
paper containing a romantic note called a       We are told that there have only been
“Kiss Moto”.                                 seven white Christmases in the United
Kingdom during the 20th Century.             go out, you will have at your fingertips
   This is how a white Christmas is          the disabled facilities that the venue you
classified to be a White Christmas. If a     propose visiting has to offer.
snowflake falls in a dish on the roof of        DisabledGo has been expanding with
the London Weather Centre during the         tremendous success across the UK and is
24 hours of the 25th December, it is         currently working in partnership with 40
officially a white Christmas.                pioneering local authorities to produce
   No wonder there have been only            access guides to different towns and
seven in the past one hundred years,         cities.
someone must have missed them. By the           The guides are very detailed and will
time they got onto the roof the              be available free of charge on the
snowflake had melted.                        DisabledGo             website           at
   Talk about catching a falling star?
Would Santa be able to give all the             Thanks to the support and vision of
children presents by himself?                the Isle of Man Government in looking
   By the way, it has been calculated that   after and trying to minimise the
poor old Santa would need 200,000            problems of its disabled citizens,
reindeer flying at 200,000 times the         DisabledGo is now coming to the Isle of
speed of sound to deliver a present to       Man.
every child on earth.                           Trained researchers have been
   He would have to visit 1,000 homes        surveying 1,200 venues across the
per second, carry 500,000 tons of gifts at   Island, covering everything from
a speed of 3.6 million miles per hour.       libraries to nightclubs, restaurants to
   Scientists have worked this out. Some     places of interest.
people will go to any lengths to draw           The idea of the access guide is to „tell
attention to themselves at Christmas.        it as it is‟ so that people can decide for
Interested? For a full breakdown visit.      themselves what is suitable for their,htm        specific needs.
                                                Every venue included in the access
                                             guide is visited in person by a trained
       Promise your eyes a                   researcher and the research template
          White Christmas                    used has been developed in consultation
    Don’t drink too much alcohol.            with hundreds of groups of, and for
                                             disabled people. This makes DisabledGo
                                                To have a skeet at what the website
DisabledGo                                   looks like in the United Kingdom, please
   We did mention DisabledGo in our          log       on      to     their     website
last Newsletter so we are just giving you
an update of what is what, and notice of        Alternately, if you want more
the now changed date that the website        information or would like to nominate
will be up and running.                      any venue to be looked at, please
   As you already know, DisabledGo is        contact,      Anna      Borthwick,      the
an award winning information service         Partnership Manager on her e-mail at
designed to empower disabled people to or on
get out and do what they want to do.         Telephone 01438 842710.
   By accessing DisabledGo before you
   DisabledGo – Isle of Man will now be       price of petrol once more.
launched in February 2006.                       We had to put the price up, because
   From that date all systems for the Isle    our fuel reserves have run low.
of Man disabled will be DisabledGo.              Admittedly we have not been able to
                                              check the levels of our oil reserves
The Pneumo Jab                                recently.
   If you are 65 or over, you will by now        This is because our oil is situated in
know that all surgeries on the Isle of        Texas, The Gulf of Mexico, Saudi
Man have issued their elderly patients        Arabia and Iraq, whilst our Dipstick is in
with leaflets asking them to make sure        Washington.”
that they get their pneumo jab.                  Many thanks, keep them coming.
   If you have not heard of it, then please
get in touch with your surgery so that        The Obesity Update
they can advise you of what it is all            A report by the Department of Works
about. Everyone aged 65 and over              and Pensions on the 17th October last,
should now be immunised to help               admits that the war on child obesity is
protect them against pneumococcal             being lost in the United Kingdom.
infection which can cause diseases such          These failures in the battle against
as pneumonia, septicaemia (blood              child obesity and poverty are attributed
poisoning) and meningitis.                    to the fact that the quality of health and
   The leaflet describes these diseases       education between Britain‟s richest and
and explains how you can protect              poorest groups is widening.
yourself by having the pneumo vaccine.           At a conference organised by Oxfam
   It also has a question and answer          and the Trade Union Congress on the
section that will cover all your queries.     same date Labour MP Mr Ed Ball said,
   So if you haven‟t had one yet, get in      “We cannot call for an end to world
touch with you surgery.                       poverty if we cannot take the necessary
                                              actions to end child poverty in our own
              Be Alert                        backyard”.
   The Island needs lots of lerts.               Meanwhile       the   World      Health
However if you think we already have          Organisation claims that deaths from
   too many lerts, then be a loof             diabetes will soar by a quarter over the
                                              next decade as the number of overweight
                                              Britons continues to rise.
You think you have Petrol                        The report points out that 76% of men
Problems.                                     and 69% of women are now overweight.
  Once again Matt in Edinburgh has               The report urges governments, the
come up with the goods, and knows why         food industry and even city planners to
we are having to pay more for our petrol.     make changes to combat obesity.
  He has heard on the grapevine that the         The Diabetic sincerely hopes that the
US Government, after the Katrina and          powers that be on the Isle of Man, take
Rita debacle apologised to all US             urgent action on this all important issue.
Citizens for having to put up the price of    Not only to save our citizens from
petrol once again.                            unnecessary long term complications,
  This time their excuse was:                 but to save the Isle of Man Health
  “We are sorry for having to put up the      Services massive amounts of monies in
future budgets.                              come from another source, hence the
                                             necessity to have regular injections of
                                             insulin in order to control the sugar
You know that it’s time to go when the
    cannibals are picking parsley
                                                The Blood sugar rises after every
                                             meal, and without insulin to restrain it
                                             there would be no control. That is why
Diabetes Nursing Service                     diabetics who do not produce insulin
   We would like to remind you that the      must have an injection prior to having a
Manx Diabetes Centre has a Diabetes          meal, or just after, so that they can bring
Nursing Service telephone advice line.       the sugar level down to normal, by
   This service, at the Centre can be        giving themselves an extra insulin boost
contacted on Telephone 650860.               to convert sugar to energy and thus make
   Please understand that for obvious        it available for use by the body cells.
reasons this service is only available on       We are now going to briefly look at
Mondays to Fridays from 8.30 to 9.30         the causes of non insulin diabetes, Type
am and from 1.30 to 2.30pm if you want       2 diabetes or maturity onset diabetes.
to speak to a Nurse.                            This usually appears in people over
   Outside these hours please just leave a   the age of 40, But this has been
message.                                     aggravated with the obesity explosion
   Also please remember that the above       we are now experiencing. How common
number is not an emergency number, so        this condition is and how it relates to
if your call is urgent please contact your   obesity is considered a major cause of
GP.                                          the present increase in type 2 diabetes.
   The wonderful staff at the Manx              However now it is appearing more
Diabetes Centre are there to help you, so    and more in obese children.
please ensure that you only use this            In type 2 diabetes the pancreas does
number when you need advice.                 not make enough insulin. The insulin is
                                             ineffective and the condition is made
The Budding Journalist                       worse by obesity and inactivity.
   Hi there, three months have elapsed          In simple terms if you are overweight
and its me again. Did I say three months,    this means there is more of you and
my gosh it‟s Christmas again. How time       consequently you need more insulin.
flies. Oh well, let us put more thoughts     Therefore your pancreas has to work
to paper.                                    harder. It stands to reason that if there is
   Let usstart from where we left off.       less of you, you are going to need less
   Let us have a look at Type 1 diabetes.    insulin and there is less work for your
   Under normal circumstances, the           pancreas to do.
sugar in the Blood comes from the food          If you are physically fit, this does not
that we eat. This is used by the             mean that you are ready to take part in
individual body cells and used in the        the Olympic Games, but if you are
production of energy. Any excess sugar       reasonably active, then that will tend to
in the blood is stored either in the liver   make your body more receptive to
for later use, or in the fat stores of the   insulin and again your pancreas has less
body.                                        work.
   Without the pancreas producing               If your pancreas is made to work very
insulin to police the sugar, insulin must
hard for these reasons, for a long period     much discouraged when they were, after
of time, it will naturally get tired and      they had set up and paid their rent
worn out and it eventually will not make      money, thrown out of the Onchan
enough insulin. So in effect tests have       Community Centre for being a Charity.
proved that many people with non                 During December the Group are about
insulin     dependant       diabetes    are   to made donations to the Centre of 4
overweight.                                   Digital cameras for the Podiatrist
   Obesity is an increasing health            Department for when they are on home
problem and of course the risk of             visits, and an Audio Doppler for the
diabetes increases with increasing            Antenatal diabetic clinic.
weight.                                          At our AGM in May a presentation
   In the next issue we shall talk about      was made to Dr Alison Blackman for her
the causes of Obesity.                        formidable work in the development of
   So until then have a good Christmas        Diabetes Care on the Isle of Man,
and a happy new year. Remember all the           The Diabetic, our Newsletter has
best people are diabetic so don‟t overdo      continued to lead from the front, and is
it during the festivities. Enjoy, and look    at the cutting edge of the fight for the
after yourselves. T.T.F.N.                    welfare of all diabetics on the Isle of
The Chairman’s Report                            It has grown from strength to strength,
  Once again this has been a year of          with well over 250 copies being printed
consolidation and the Group as usual has      every quarter, and is now found at all
been to the fore of Diabetes care and         medical outlets that matter.
diabetic problems on the Isle of Man             Naturally the costs of printing and
.                                             postage has soared.
                                                 In an effort to help, members have
                                              asked for the Newsletter to be sent them
                                              by e-mail in an effort to save some of the
                                              high cost of postage and printing.
                                                 As from this December quarter
                                              Newsletter       your    Committee       are
                                              instituting this option.
                                                 This is being done with a link to our
              The Chairman                    website       at
                                              another first for the Group.
   We have continued to build on 2004            Our website continues to be well
and all members must be congratulated         received, and we have reports from all
for their support and endeavour during        over the world that it is being visited and
the past year                                 read in particular the Newsletters posted
   Our ladies continue to raise monies        on the site.
for the Group with Car boot sales and            We thank Harry at Fagan‟s lounge for
fairs.                                        his had work in maintaining our website
   We would like to take this opportunity     to such a high standard.
to thank all those that have donated to          The Group has continued to be invited
the Group which makes donations in            by the Lions to the Blood Testing days
equipment to the Centre possible              all over the Island.
   Our ladies were very annoyed, but not
  As reported in our Newsletter we have         We would like to thank the Chief
been able to collate enough information      Minister Mr Donald Gelling for his
to provide statistics .                      prompt and decisive intervention on
   In our September quarter Newsletter       behalf of our elderly community.
we were able to give statistical forecasts      The Group fought and got the
on the diabetic population of the Isle of    Minister for Health and Social Security
Man.                                         to bring over IT personnel from the UK
   We sincerely hope that the DHSS will      to resolve the problems with the
have taken on board. these alarming          Diamond Register,
figures.                                        We are very pleased to inform you
   We have continued to fight on behalf      that The Register is now operational and
of amputees on the Isle of Man, for the      the Group would like to thank Mr Steve
facilities at the Prosthetic and Orthotic    Rodan for his prompt action.
Department personnel to attend clinics          The Friends of the Manx Diabetes
on the Island once every week instead of     Centre is not here just to push and argue
once every three weeks.                      for better facilities for the Diabetic it is
   In May the Group was invited to           also here to propose and help where
attend the public meeting of the             possible.
Chronically Sick and Disabled persons           It is not a question of only wanting,
Committee and representations were           but of giving in return.
made to this effect, and for the                In this connection the Group during
Committee to take the matter up with the     the course of the year proposed a system
DHSS.                                        to obviate waiting lists and also because
   We are grateful to them for pursuing      of the problems being experience with
the matter and at the present time this is   insurance and E111 whilst travelling in
still on going.                              EU countries, a proposal was also made
      The Friends of the Manx Diabetes       to the DHSS for them to run a local
Centre will continue to press and will       insurance facility for the Manx People.
not rest until such time as we have             The Minister took our proposal to the
properly resolved this contentious issue.    Treasury but we were informed that they
   We expect that the matter will have       did not have any mandate for such a
been favourably resolved by the time of      proposal.
our AGM                                         Nonetheless, hopefully it is still on the
   As some of you may have been aware        table, just in case at a future date the
the bus service through Westmoreland         Government at some stage were to put it
Road was arbitrarily withdrawn, and          to the House and thereby create the
those who had to attend the many clinics     mandate that they need.
at the Old Noble‟s Hospital, were being         Following the Committee meeting
dropped at the Terrance and had to walk      with members of the Social Services of
all the way to the Old Hospital.             the DHSS, we are pleased to inform our
   Strong representations were made in       members that they took on board many
the appropriate quarter with a copy to       of our suggestions and they have put
the Chief Minister.                          some into practice and continued to care
   The Chief Minister intervened and         for the elderly in our community.
within three days of our letter he had the      As pointed out at the beginning of the
Bus service reinstated.                      Newsletter the Pole at Regent Street at
long last has been move, and we would          To all, many thanks for your help,
like to thank the Minister Mr Phil           words of assurance and encouragement
Braidwood, for his intervention with his     during 2005 which makes the efforts of
new department, and we look forward to       your Group that much easier.
similar action to remove all the other         May your God be always with you.
ones that impinge ingress and egress by
disabled people from their cars.             The Last Laugh
   The Chairman of The Friends of the           A Vicar and a Taxi Driver died on the
Manx Diabetes Centre, was invited to         same day.
participate in a focus Group for the            Naturally they went up to heaven at
Discharge Project Team at Nobles             the same time.
Hospital. The object was to discuss the         When they arrived at the Pearly Gates
problems with the present discharge          an Angel was waiting for them.
process of patients, suggestions and            The Angel without hesitation said to
improvements and what needs to change.       the Taxi Driver “you go right in”.
   As you can appreciate we cannot              But the Angel told the Vicar that he
enumerate everything that has been done      had to wait.
by your Group during the Course of the          The Vicar was most indignant, he
Year as I would run out of space. For        remonstrated with the Angel:
that you shall have to come to our              “I have been preaching the virtues of
Annual General Meeting in May next           your religion all my life, I am an
year.                                        educated man, the Taxi Driver does not
   I would however not like to leave you     have as many degrees as I have, yet you
without thanking the Committee for their     let him just walk into Heaven, and you
wonderful and onerous work during            stop me, Why am I being treated like
2005.                                        this?”
   My special thanks however must go to         “Well” said the Angel. “When you
Mr John Houghton MHK, one of our             preached, everyone went to sleep, but
Trustees, for his invaluable help            when the Taxi Driver drove, everyone
guidance and intervention in the House       prayed”.
during the course of the year for the
diabetic patients on the Isle of Man.
   Without his help nothing could have       May all your troubles during the
been possible.                               coming year last as long as your
   We cannot close without saying a big          New Year Resolutions.
thank you to all the Staff at the Manx
Diabetes Centre who have worked like
Trojans during the course of the year.          This Newsletter is published by the
Sometimes looking after our diabetic         Friends of the Manx Diabetes Centre.
community,       under      very    trying   Carryn Laare Chingys Shugyr Vannin
circumstances. Let us hope that during       (01624) 613702 The Support Group of
2006 we do not deliberately miss any of      the Manx Diabetes Centre.
our appointments at the Centre.                 All monies collected from whatever
   From January to the end of October        source by the Group will be spent on the
they have had 180 new patients referred      Isle of Man for the benefit and well-
to the Centre from GP surgeries              being of the diabetic patient and their
                                             medical carers.

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