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					                        Scottish Carriage Driving Association
                              Newsletter - January 2010
                                                            placed SCDA member receiving 9 points,
A Happy New Year To everyone and may we                     and so on.
have a long, warm summer, where we can all                 The maximum number of events that will
enjoy the events without living permanently in              count towards a member's Scottish Club
wellies, waterproofs and thick jackets.                     Points League placing in 2010 will be 2 less
Please remember to get your entries in as                   than the number of events taking place. A
early as possible as all events close their entries         competitor's best placings will be counted if
three weeks before their event.                             more than the maximum number of eligible
At some events, late entries will be accepted by            events have been completed.
the organiser, but the entry fees will be doubled.         A member's points will count irrespective
 Club Points, GrassRoots and SCDA Indoor                    of which horse or pony they are driving in a
               Event Dates 2010                             particular class.
March 7         Fountain         Indoor                    If a member competes in a different class,
March 21        Fountain         Indoor                     then separate points will be awarded for
April 11        Lunan Bay        Grassroots                 each class.
April 24 - 25 Eglinton           SPL                       In the event of a tie for first place in the
May 1 - 2       Dalmeny          SPL                        Scottish Club Points competition, the
                (Provisional)                               marathon scores of all mutually contested
May 15 - 16     St Fort          SPL                        events will be taken into account, and the
May 28 - 30     Hopetoun         National HDT               competitor with the lowest score will be
June 5          Cothal           Grassroots                 placed first.
June 12 - 13    Falkland         SPL                       There will be no ‘flat rate’ points at West
June 19 - 20    Blair            SPL                        Newton in 2010 – Regional and Club
July 10         Thornton         Grassroots                 entries will compete together in the same
July 17 --18    Barskimming SPL                             class, with points available as above to
Aug 22          Lourin Fair      Grassroots                 SCDA members.
Aug 28 - 30     West Newton SPL / Regional
                                                           The Braxfield Jack Trophy will this year be
Sept 10 -12     Windsor          Nat. Champs.
                                                            awarded to the driver in the Pairs Class with
October 10      Fountain         Indoor
                                                            the best three Dressage Scores.
October 24      Fountain         Indoor
All contacts and schedules are in the Omnibus.             The Graham Murray Trophy will this year
                                                            be awarded to the highest placed Open
      Scottish Club Points Scoring 2010
  (With contributions by the SCDA Secretary)                Pony who competed at the Combined
   Only SCDA members will be eligible to                   Scottish National events (Hopetoun and
      gain points in the Scottish Club Points               West Newton Regional.)
      League.                                               Thank you to Ian Bertram who is again
   For points to count, the member's SCDA                   kindly sponsoring the I B Horseboxes
      subscription must have been paid prior to              Scottish Points League this year.
      the event.                                         Lorry Training Course – 3.5 ton upwards.
   Points will be awarded from 10 points for                (Contributed by Louise McCutcheon)
      1st place to 1 point for 10th place,            The Road Haulage Association in conjunction
      irrespective of the number of SCDA              with the BHS and Horse & Hound are running a
      members in the class.                           Horse Transport training course covering "the
   The placings of competitors who are not           various legal requirements affecting the
      SCDA members will be disregarded. Thus          transportation of equines in larger vehicles. The
      for the purpose of the Scottish Club Points     Scottish course is being run in Edinburgh on 8
      League, the highest placed SCDA member          March 2010. The course lasts for three hours and
      in the class will be considered as coming        costs £75 + Vat.
      first and will receive 10 points, the next      Contact the RHA for more details and to book
                                                      places: or 01733 261456
Scottish Carriage Driving Association Newsletter                                                    Page 2

              BHDTA Clinics
National Training Clinic                                               Hopetoun 2010
27 and 28 Feb - Unicorn Trust. To facilitate an                     Hopetoun needs YOU:-
exchange of information between the various                to help to paint the obstacles. Meet 10 a.m.
different officials needed to successfully run              on 10th April at the Blue Gate.
horse driving trials, the Training Committee has
                                                           As Class Sponsors
organised a 2-day joint clinic.
Invited speakers are:-                                     As Obstacle Sponsors
Barry Marshall – Judging,                                  As Other Sponsors
Johan Jacobs, Netherlands - Course Design
Philip Bateman and Ian Douglas – T.D.’s                    As Programme advertisers
Club Clinic (North) - Dressage / Club Judges               As Stewards
3rd April – Croft Top Equestrian Centre,               For further enquiries please contact:
Accrington, just north of Manchester. BB5 2DP          Jane Isaac (Organiser) 01631 720655
(Trainer - Sarah Garnett) The workshop is for
club judges and drivers who wish to have a better      Jock McFarlane (Treasurer) 07703 330 724
understanding of the judges’ point of view and
who may be prepared to judge at club events in         John Hulse (Steward’s Convenor) 01768 352570
the future or gain a deeper understanding of what
is required in the test. The clinic will start at 10
a.m. and finish at approx. 4 p.m. Cost - £20
including light lunch. Car sharing to this clinic                          SCDA AGM
and the following one is possible.                     The AGM and Lunch will take place on Saturday
                                                       February 20th at the Blair Drummond Community
Club Clinic (North) - Course Builders                  Hall, near Doune, Stirling. FK9 4UX. The hall is
3rd April – Croft Top Equestrian Centre,               situated at the junction of the A84 and the A837
Accrington, BB5 2DP, just north of Manchester.         and is the same venue as last year.
Trainer Mark Ingham is an International                10.30 a.m. Tea and coffee
Candidate Course Designer and has a wealth of          11.30 a.m. George Bowman and Tommy Fawcett,
experience at National Events. The clinic is for       are the guest speakers. A treat lies in store for
existing club course designers as well as              those attending – this double act have so many
interested newcomers. It will start at 10 a.m. and     stories from their respective driving involvements,
finish at approx. 4 p.m. Cost - £20 including          that you will be fascinated, entertained and
light lunch.                                           amazed by their escapades!
For information and booking places on the above        Lunch. This is a thank you to helpers, stewards
please contact:-                                       and drivers, courtesy of the SCDA. Please let
Mary Kusin, BHDTA Executive Officer.                   Simon know that you are attending to help with
E-Mail:                 the catering arrangements. (Event Organisers –
Telephone: 0845 643 2116                               please invite your stewards – if they are not
Website:                  members they will not know that we wish to thank
           More Trainee Scorers Needed                 2 - 3 p.m. SCDA AGM
SCDA are still needing more volunteer trainee
scorers. There are plans for a training clinic
shortly, so if you are computer literate, and                       A Review of the Website
numerate, please give your name to Eileen                 (With contributions by the SCDA Secretary)
Cornish. We would also appreciate if you know          The webmaster is Philip Brown, who gave a
of someone outwith driving who may be willing          presentation at the Conference. For the site to be
to learn to score and officiate at a couple of         more lively and dynamic, Philip requested that
events.                                                members draw his attention to snippets of news
                                                       and photos that others would also find interesting.
                                                       Philip has added further headings in the forum
                                                       area at the request of members at the Conference.
Scottish Carriage Driving Association Newsletter                                                  Page 3

The web-site also operates a            Drivers and Driving Clinics pages where you will
free advertising service where you can post            find details of training clinics, a Summer Camp
“wanted” or “for sale” items and reach a wide          and the Junior Championships for young drivers.
audience quickly.                                       Details of the TASS scheme (Talented Athlete
Philip also made the following points in his           Scholarship Scheme) in England are outlined –
demonstration:-                                        Scottish young drivers would possibly be eligible
        Access to the forum – over 70 members         if applying through SCDA and SEA.
         have registered; there does need to be a
         registration process, simple as it is, to       The I B Horseboxes Scottish Points League
         prevent intruders entering.                                      2009
        Philip will make it easier to switch
         between the For Sale and Wanted               Single Horse    1     Ian Bertram          30
         advertisement sections, though they will                      2     Joan Martin          29
         remain separate.                                              3=    Jane Isaac           27
                                                                       3=    Jock McFarlane       27
        Placing the archive material, results etc,
         from the former site on to the new one is                     5=    Lyndsey Brown        24
                                                                       5=    Helen Hunter         24
         work in progress.
                                                                       5=    Ann Rushton-         24
        Philip demonstrated that the website                                Green
         appears high on the Google page with a        Single Pony     1     Audrey Barron        30
         variety of search word combinations.                          2     Janet Pilling        29
        Philip welcomed any contributions to the                      3     Susan Don            28
         site in the form of stories or photos – any                   4     Anna Grace           24
         member’s contributions would enrich the                       5=    Andrew Mylius        21
         site which does, after all, exist primarily                   5=    Mike Walsh           21
         to entertain/inform the membership.
        Philip and Simon explained the policy         Pairs           1     Mary Kusin           29
         about links to and from other sites,                          2     Ian Gilbert          29
         designed to keep out commercial links,                        3     Owen Pilling         28
         and the judgements they make about the                        4     Ewan MacInnes        23
         content and origin of any advertisements                      5     Diana Lindsay        16
         which are submitted – essentially to                          6=    John Farmer          15
                                                                       6=    Diana Ferguson       15
         allow non-members to advertise if the
         content is thought to be relevant to
         carriage driving and of interest to           Multiples       1     Carol Boswell        10
         members, and to keep out anything
         commercial.                                   Small Pony      1     Elinor Bosanquet     30
                                                                       2     Shirley Macgregor    27
      Young Drivers Championship 2009                                  3     Pat White            18
Congratulations to the following Young Drivers                         4     Barbara Foti         7
who competed at Escrick Park in September
2009.                                                  Club Novice     1     Michael Brown        30
13 – 14 years    Megan Noble            7th                            2     Jackie Lammie        28
National         Ollie Dernie           5th                            3     Ruth Martin          25
National         Andrew Moodycliffe     7th                            4     John McNaughton      23
National         Becky Pflanz           9th                            5=    Margaret Lupton      9
Would any young drivers interested in training                         5=    Margo Smith          9
with a view to competing as part of a Scottish
team in 2012 for the Junior World Trophy,              Young Drivers   1     Megan Noble          30
please       contact        Eileen     Cornish.                        2     Jodie Noble          19
For training opportunities this year see – go to Young
Scottish Carriage Driving Association Newsletter                                                  Page 4

                                                     have more, so that the Club will have a greater
         Lowther 2009 by Chris Atkins                pool of judges.
(Editor’s Note – this article was written prior to   Please contact the SCDA Secretary if you wish to
it being announced that the Lowther Driving          volunteer yourself, or you know someone to
Trials were not taking place again.)                 suggest who might be suitable and willing.
What? you may ask – we thought it had been                       Holker 2010 - 6 to 8 August
cancelled. Well, this wasn’t the usual Country
Fair and three day Event but a drive out on the      By kind permission of Lord and Lady Cavendish,
Estate.                                              Holker Hall is returning to the National calendar
The weekend didn’t have a terribly good start        after a break of 13 years. It will run on the
with severe winds forecast and the trip was quite    Lowther weekend of 6 - 8 August and all classes
exciting on the motorway. Parking was on the         will be Qualifiers for the National Championships.
Lowther concrete so there was no fear of sinking     This follows months of work by the Competitions
or need for tractors.                                Committee, and in particular its Chairman Ian
Saturday afternoon’s drive was around the Estate     Gilbert.
roads and part of section E. The weather was dry     The venue is about 30 minutes from Junction 36
even if it wasn’t too warm. It was good to see       of the M6, with dual carriageway and 'A' class
how well the Estate has recovered since August       roads to get you within 5 miles of the Estate.
last year.                                           Holker Hall boasts beautiful scenery where the
That evening saw a mad group gather for a BBQ        picturesque marathon course will take competitors
which didn’t go on late as the squalls became too    along the edge of Morecambe Bay, and across the
much. This resulted in some crowded caravans         Parkland, with the Lakeland Hills as its backdrop.
whilst others retreated for an early night.          The schedule will be available in the year book,
Sunday morning dawned bright and clear,              and is now on-line.
although you needed your jackets. More turnouts      Offers of help gratefully accepted, particularly
arrived and 10.45 saw us depart. Another drive       with course building and stewarding. Please
round the Estate roads and tracks, this time part    contact the Organiser:-
of sections A, D and the road past the water         Eileen Cornish 01555 870288/07833 712133 and
obstacle, this then bought us to Askham Green
and the Queens Head for quick refreshments and
then on up onto the Fells. The day was clear so          BHDTA National Championships 2009
the views were superb. 11 miles or thereabouts       Novice Pony         Ollie Dernie           3rd
in all were covered. It was an enjoyable way to
see Lowther without the pressure of the              Novice Pony         Margaret Lupton        9th
competition.                                         Int. Pony           Andrew Moodycliffe     3rd
Hopefully the Event will take place next year and
                                                     Open Pony           Janet Pilling          2nd
improvements are already being planned. Sadly
the brisk weather kept quite a few participants      Open Horse          Helen Hunter           7th
away but maybe next year folk will keep it in        Open Horse          Jock McFarlane         6th
mind for a gentle end of season wind down.
                                                     Adv. Single Horse   Ian Bertram            2nd
Many thanks to Paul Gregory for organising the
weekend.                                             Open Horse Pairs    Diana Lindsay          1st
           More Trainee Judges Needed                Adv. Horse Pairs    Owen Pilling           8th
There is a shortage of BHDTA qualified judges
                                                     Pony Teams          Faith Szczuka          5th
in Scotland, which leads to those we have being
very overworked. It is suggested that a Day          10 competitors travelled to Windsor for the
Clinic would be run shortly for interested people    National Championships with Diana Lindsay
who have the skills and experience to learn what     rounding off a very good season by becoming
is required to judge at Grassroots and Club          Open Horse Pair Champion.
Events. An ideal candidate would be a person
who is an experienced driver who is perhaps not
competing much this season. We have a couple
of volunteers already, but it would be good to
Scottish Carriage Driving Association Newsletter                                                          Page 5

     BHDTA National Points League 2009                                         SCDA Contacts
Congratulations to the 25 Scottish competitors                Secretary           Simon Sanders
who competed at National BHDTA competitions                   0845 226 9498
all over England, Scotland and Wales, clocking                Chairman            Audrey Barron
up many hundreds of miles between them. Well                  01241 872579
done to Janet Pilling and Faith Szczuka who
each won their respective classes; to Lyndsey                 Vice Chairman       Ian Thornton-Kemsley
Brown, Hamish Reid, and Margaret Lupton, who                  01561 377301
were second in theirs; and to Anna Grace and                  Treasurer           Jock McFarlane
Diana Lindsay who came fourth in their classes.               07703 330 724
Novice Horse              Becky Pflanz             9th=       Directors
Novice Pony               Andrew Moodycliffe       15 =  th   Ian Bertram               01506 811626
                                                              Campbell Bosanquet        07768 755996
Novice Pony               Margaret Lupton          2nd        Mike Brown                01337 857275
Novice Pony               Ollie Dernie             9th=       Eileen Cornish            01555 870288
Novice Pony               Anna Grace               4th=       Ian Gilbert               01294 832461
                                                              Mary Kusin                01560 482375
Novice Pony               Michael Brown            15th=      Ewan MacInnes             01224 732310
Int. Horse                Lyndsey Brown            2nd        John Nisbet               01576 610248
Int. Horse                Hamish Reid              2nd        Hew Blair-Imrie           01241 830374
                                                              Website                   0845 226 9498
Int. Horse                Jock McFarlane           8th                        
Int. Pony                 Andrew Moodycliffe       11th=
Int. Pony                 Mike Walsh               7th=
                                                                              SCDA information
Int. Pony                 Patsy Muir Simpson       9th=
Open Horse                Helen Hunter             7th
Open Horse                Jock McFarlane           12th
                                                              Newsletters: - Material and adverts for the
Open Horse                Jane Isaac               13th       newsletter should be sent to Eileen Cornish,
Open Pony                 Janet Pilling            1st        Burnside Nursery, Cleghorn, Lanark. ML11 8NZ
Open Pony                 Susan Don                6th        or preferably by e-mail
Open Pony                 Mary Kusin               9th=
Advanced Horse            Ian Bertram              10th
Advanced Pony             Audrey Barron            8th
Open Horse Pairs          Owen Pilling             7th        Advertisements: - Private adverts in the
Open Horse Pairs          Diana Lindsay             th
                                                   4 =        newsletter cost £5 and business adverts cost £10.
                                                              Please make cheques payable to the Scottish
Adv. Horse Pairs          Louise McCutcheon        13th=
                                                              Carriage Driving Association.
Adv. Horse Pairs          Owen Pilling             6th
Open Pony Pairs           Mary Kusin               12th
Open Pony Pairs           Ian Gilbert              7th
Horse Tandems             Carol Boswell            6th         This newsletter was compiled by Eileen Cornish
Pony Teams                Faith Szczuka            1st                      from various sources

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