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      Dining, Living Room & Occasional
     Furniture Market Report UK 2010-2013
MTW Research have published a brand new Research & Analysis market report on the UK Dining,
Living Room & Occasional Furniture Market, providing a comprehensive & detailed review of this
market in 2010. Written specifically for furniture manufacturers and distributors, the report is
available immediately.
This 180+ Page Report Includes:-
                     Market Size by Value 2004-2009; Forecasts to 2013
                     SWOT & PEST Review, In-Depth Trend Analysis
                     Product Mix & Key Sectors Market Size 2004-2013
                     Manufacturers Profiles & 4 Year Financials
                     Distribution Channel Share 2004, 2010 & Forecasts to 2013
                     Furniture Retailer Profiles, Rankings & Sales Leads
Quantitative market data based on industry sales, supported by qualitative discussion of key market
trends, product mix, channel share, profiles of key suppliers, influences and future prospects are
provided. Researched & written by experienced marketing professionals in early 2010, this informative
report offers a comprehensive market review and also represents excellent value for money.
Market Size & Trends 2004-2013 Provided For:-
                  Dining Room Tables                                                           4 Year Retailers &
                  Dining Room Chairs                                                          Manufacturers Sales
                  Display Units / Dressers / Sideboards                                    Spreadsheet also available
                                                                                             as part of the ‘Ultimate
                  Shelf Units / Bookcases / Shelving
                  Console, Lamp & Coffee Tables
                  TV, Hi-Fi & Entertainment Units
                  Bar Tables & Stools

Distribution Channel Share 2004, 2010 & 2013 for:-
                     Independent & Multiple Furniture Retailers
                     Independent DIY Retailers & DIY Multiples
                     Department Stores & High Street Retailers
                     Internet Retailers, Supermarkets, Catalogue Stores & Mail Order

This unique report represents a comprehensive yet cost effective review of the historical, current
and future performance of the UK Dining, Living & Occasional Furniture Market. Based on industry
sales & primary research & written specifically for furniture manufacturers & distributors, this easy to
use, independent market report represents an invaluable tool to increase sales in the Dining, Living
                               Room & Occasional Furniture Market.
                                          Professional Market Research…Superior Market Reports
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Key Features Of This 180+ Page Report Include:-
                  Dining, Living & Occasional Furniture Market Size by Value 2004-2013, including
                     • Market Size 2004 – 2009, Forecasts to 2013, Constant & Current Prices
                     • Qualitative Comment on Key Market Size Trends & Future Prospects
                  Quantitative & Qualitative Key Market Trends 2004-2013, including
                    • PEST Analysis –Politico-legal, Economic, Environmental, Social & Technological
                    • SWOT Analysis – Key Market Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats
                    • Imports & Exports - Value 2004–2013 & Share by Export Country
                  Product Mix & Key Trends in Each Sector 2004-2013, including
                     • Product Mix – Dining Tables; Chairs; Display Units / Dressers / Sideboards; Shelving / Shelf Units / CD & DVD
                           Racks / Bookcases; TV/Hi-Fi Units; Bar Tables & Stools, Console, Lamp & Coffee Tables.
                      • Market Size 2004-2013 & Key Trend Discussion for Each Product Sector
                      • Qualitative Comment & Discussion on Key Segment Trends
                      • Manufacturers Review – 4 yr financials, ‘at a glance’ chart, turnover, profit etc.
                  Share, Trends & Structure of Distribution Channels, including
                      • Channel Share 2004, 2010 & 2013 – Furniture retailers, DIY Multiples &
                        independents, high street retailers & department stores, supermarkets etc
                     • Furniture Retail Market Mix by Growth, Credit, Age, Turnover & Employees
                     • Furniture Retailers Market Share by UK Region & Office Type (e.g branch)
                     • Furniture Retailers Rankings –Turnover, Profit, Assets, Debt, Worth & Employees
                     • Furniture Retailers Profiles – 1 Page Profile with ‘At a Glance’ Financial Chart
                     • Furniture Retailers Key Financial Data – Turnover, Employees, Debt & Worth
                     • Sales Leads – Address, Telephone & Contact Name for Each Furniture Retailer
                  All Formats of the Report, Spreadsheet & Mailing List, including
                      • Hard Copy - Lasered on 90gsm paper bound in ‘lay flat’ format
                      • CD-ROM - MS Word & PDF Copies – Cut & Paste to Documents / Presentations
                      • PDF Report – Emailed to Your Desktop the Same Day
                      • Spreadsheet & Mailing List - Also on CD-ROM in MS Excel which includes:-

                      Mailing List                                                                Data Spreadsheet
                                                                        • Company Name, Address, Tel & Fax, Director Name
• Leading Manufacturers & Retailers Mailing List
                                         (see company listing)          • 4 Years Latest Accounts & Balance Sheet
                                                                                   – Turnover, profit, assets
• Full Company Name & Postal Address                                               – Debts, net worth,
                                                                                   – Sales per employee, profit per employee,
• Telephone Numbers                                                                              working capital
• Senior Decision Maker / Purchasing Contact                            •   Parent Company, Ultimate Holding Company
                                                                        •   Turnover Estimates for every Company in Report
• Multi-Use – No limitations on how the data can be used                •   Incorporation Date, Number of Employees
• Full Data Compliance – Supplied in MS Excel format                    •   Data for all Companies Included in the Report

Key Benefits Of This Brand New Report Include:-
            Current, Historical & Future Market Performance & Trends 2004-2013
            Product & Distribution Channel Mix – Identify Best Performing, Focus Your Marketing
            Identify and Target New / More Lucrative Clients & Develop Sales Leads & Strategies
            Develop Market Shares for the Key Players
            Develop SWOT & PEST Analysis Faster & With More Detail
            Identify Market Opportunities & Threats to Your Business
                                                            Professional Market Research…Superior Market Reports
                                                                            …Take a Fresh Look

Report Table of Contents:-                                                                Retailers Profiled in the Report:-
                                                                                          Alan Ward; And So To Bed; Ardis Living; Anderson House
                                                                                          Furnishers; Bannons; Barker & Stonehouse; Bart 221 Limited
                                                                                          (The Cotswold Collection); Beaumont Beds; Better Choice;
                                                                                          Browns York; C D S; C S Lounge Suites Limited; Camp Hopson
        2.2.1 Market Size 2004-2013 – Current Prices                                      Furniture Centre; Castlewarehouse; Clement Joscelyne; Cloham
        2.2.2 Market Size 2004-2013 – Constant Prices                                     Limited; Cookes Furniture; Cousins Furniture Stores; Creations
        2.2.3 Future Prospects                                                            Interiors; Cw Barsley & Son; Delcor Furniture; Derryvale
2.3 KEY MARKET TRENDS IN DINING, LIVING & OCCASIONAL FURNITURE                            Furniture; Dunelm Group Plc; Feather & Black; Fenwick Limited
        2.3.1 PEST Analysis – Illustration of Key Market Forces                           (Bentalls); Fishpools; Forrest Furnishing; Full Circle Future
        2.3.2 Political & Legal Influences & Trends
        2.3.3 Economic Influences & Trends                                                Limited (DFS); Fultons; Furniture Village; Furniture 123; Futon
2.4 SWOT ANALYSIS – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats                         Limited; Gatenby; George Smith; Glasswells World Of Furniture;
2.5 IMPORTS & EXPORTS OF FURNITURE 2004-2013                                              Graham & Green; Habitat; Hafren Furnishers; Harding & Sons
3. PRODUCT TRENDS & SHARES                                                                Limited (Fairway Furniture); Hatfields Furnishers; Heals & Sons;
3.1 SHARE BY KEY PRODUCT SECTOR – 2010, 2004 & 2013                                       High Seat Liimited; Highly Sprung; Hilco Uk; Hills Office
3.2 DINING TABLES MARKET 2004-2013                                                        Furniture; Homeform Group ; Hopewells Furnishers; House Of
3.3 DINING CHAIRS MARKET 2004 – 2013                                                      Holland; Housing Units; IKEA; JH Haskins And Son; Joysleep;
3.4 DISPLAY UNITS, DRESSERS & SIDEBOARDS MARKET 2004-2013                                 Kingcome Sofas; Kirkdale Mail Order; Lenleys Furnishers;
3.5 SHELF UNITS, CD RACKS, BOOKCASES / SHELVING MARKET 2004-13                            Levines; Lombok; Maskreys; Montgomery Tomlinson Limited
3.6 TV, HI-FI & ENTERTAINMENT UNITS MARKET 2004 – 2013                                    (Montgomery Interior Fabrics); Multiyork Furniture; Natuzzi
3.7 BAR TABLES & STOOLS MARKET 2004 - 2013                                                Services; Oka Direct; Oldrid & Co. Limited (Downtown
3.8 CONSOLE, LAMP & COFFEE TABLES MARKET 2004-2013                                        Superstore); R & M Deluxe Holdings Limited (In Style From
4.FURNITURE MANUFACTURER PROFILES                                                         Saveway); Reid Furniture; Reid Furniture (Ireland); Rolfe
4.1 Furniture Manufacturers Profiles & KPIs – 1 page profile for 30+ mfrs                 Carpets (Junction 12); Shackletons; Sharps Bedrooms; Skan-
5.DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS SHARE & TRENDS                                                    Dansk Design Limited; Smallbone Plc (Mark Wilkinson Furniture);
5.1 Share by Key Distribution Channel 2010, 2004 & 2013                                   Sofa Workshop; Space Solutions; Steinhoff UK Retail (Harveys,
5.2 Furniture Retailers Market – Industry Structure                                       Cargo, Homestyle etc); Sterling Furniture Group; Stone Dam
          5.2.1 Market Mix by Growth/Decline Over Last 12 Months                          Mills; Stollers Furniture World; Sturtons & Tappers Furniture;
          5.2.2 Industry Share by Credit Rating in 2010
          5.2.3 Industry Mix by Age of Companies in 2010                                  Take; Textiles Direct (Holdings); The Cotswold Co; The Furniture
          5.2.4 Industry Share by Number of Employees in 2010                             Factory Shop; The House Shop; The Sofa Workshop; The Suite
          5.2.5 Industry Mix by Turnover Band in 2009                                     Superstore; Vale Upholstery; Vasey W & Sons (Carlisle);
          5.2.6 Industry Share by Location Type in 2010                                   Walmsley Furnishing; Wesley Barrell; Whitfield & Lindsay; WJ
          5.2.7 Industry Mix by Geographical Region in 2010
5.4 Key Market Trends in the Furniture Retailers Industry 2004-2013
          5.4.1 Furniture Retail Market Profitability 2004-2013
          5.4.2 Furniture Retail Industry Assets 2004-2013                                Suppliers Profiled in the Report:-
          5.4.3 Furniture Retail Industry Debt 2004-2013
          5.4.4 Furniture Retail Market Net Worth 2004-2013
                                                                                          Akanthos; Alstons (Cabinets); Andrena Furniture; Arthur Brett;
          5.4.5 Sales Per Employee in Furniture Retail Market 2004-2013                   Bradley Furniture; Bristows Furniture; Candour Interiors;
5.5 Furniture Retailers Industry Ranking & Turnover Estimates                             Charles Barr Furniture; Chris Sharp Cabinets; Corndell
          5.5.1 Furniture Retailers Listing                                               Furniture; Cotteswood; David Salmon; Drew Forsyth & Co;
          5.5.2 Furniture Retailers Ranking By Turnover                                   Ercol Furniture; Frank Hudson & Son; Furnished Homes;
          5.5.3 Furniture Retailer Turnover Estimates 2009
          5.5.4 Furniture Retailers Ranking by Profitability                              Futureglass; Gascoigne Designs; Gillmorespace; H J Berry;
          5.5.5 Furniture Retailers Ranking by Assets                                     JSC; Lloyd Loom Furniture; Mark Wilkinson; Meadowmead;
          5.5.6 Furniture Retailers Ranking by Debt                                       Morris Furniture Group; Ness Furniture; Oceans Apart
          5.5.7 Furniture Retailers Ranking by Net Worth                                  (Wholesale); OMK Design; R E H Kennedy; Relax Seating
5.6 Furniture Retailers Profiles, KPIs & ‘At a Glance (1 Page Profile for Each)           Solutions; Restall Brown + Clennell; Solk Furniture; Stephen
Full Address, Director Name, ‘At a Glance’ Financial Indicator Chart, Parent,             Hunter; JH Sutcliffe and Son; Teddy Francis; Touchwood UK;
Incorporation Date, Key Financial Performance Indicators including turnover &             Tudor Oak (Kent); Vale Upholstery; W P Eglin; Wesley-Barrell
profit estimate where not reported – see the sample on website for more detail.           (Witney); Willbeck; Wood Bros; Woodberry Bros & Haines;

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                                                                                         Figure 53: Share by Distribution Channel for Market 2010
Tables & Charts Included in the Report:-                                                 Figure 54: Share by Distribution Channel for Market 2004
                                                                                         Figure 55: Share by Distribution Channel for Market 2013
Figure 1: Dining, Living & Occasional Furniture Market – UK 2004 – 2013 By Value
                                                                                         Figure 56: Share by Furniture Retailer Sales Growth / Decline 2009
Figure 2: Dining, Living & Occasional Furniture Market – UK 2004 – 2013 Constant
                                                                                         Figure 57: Market Share by Credit Rating in the Furniture Retail Industry 2009
Figure 3: PEST Analysis for UK Dining, Living & Occasional Furniture Market in 2009
                                                                                         Figure 58: Market Share by Company Age in the Furniture Retail Market 2009
Figure 4: UK Economic Annual Performance– GDP 2004-2013
                                                                                         Figure 59: Mix by Number of Employees in the Furniture Retail Market 2009
Figure 5: UK Economic Annual Performance– Inflation (CPI) 2004-2013
                                                                                         Figure 60: Share by Turnover Band in the Furniture Retail Market 2010
Figure 6: UK Economic Annual Performance– Interest Rates 2004-2013
                                                                                         Figure 61: Mix by Location Type in the Furniture Retail Market 2010
Figure 7: UK Unemployment Numbers 2004-2013
                                                                                         Figure 62: Mix by Location Type in the Furniture Retail Market 2010
Figure 8: Key Strengths & Weaknesses in the Market
                                                                                         Figure 63: Furniture Retail Market Profitability 2004 – 2013 £M
Figure 9: Key Opportunities & Threats in the Market
                                                                                         Figure 64: Furniture Retailers Assets 2004 – 2013 £M
Figure 10: Imports of Living & Dining Room Furniture By Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 65: Average Furniture Retailers Assets 2004 – 2013 £M
Figure 11: Exports of Living & Dining Room Furniture By Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 66: Furniture Retail Market Debt – UK 2004 – 2013 £M
Figure 12: Share by Key Export Country for Dining & Living Room Furniture 2009
                                                                                         Figure 67: Furniture Retail Market Average Debt 2004 – 2013 £M
Figure 13: Share by Product in Dining, Living & Occasional Furniture Market 2010
                                                                                         Figure 68: Furniture Retail Market Net Worth – UK 2004 – 2013 £M
Figure 14: Share by Product in Dining, Living & Occasional Furniture Market 2004
                                                                                         Figure 69: Furniture Retailers Average Net Worth – UK 2004 – 2013 £M
Figure 15: Forecast Share by Product in Dining, Living & Occasional Market 2013
                                                                                         Figure 70: Furnture Retailer Sales Per Employee 2004 – 2013 £M
Figure 16: Dining Tables Market by Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 71: Furniture Retailers Company Listing
Figure 17: Dining Chairs Market by Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 72: Furniture Retailers Ranked By Turnover 2009
Figure 18: Display Units, Dressers & Sideboards Market by Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 73: Furniture Retailer Sales Estimates 2009 £M
Figure 19: Shelf Units, Bookcases & Shelving Market by Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 74: Furniture Retailers Ranked By Profit 2009
Figure 20: TV. Hi-Fi & Entertainment Market by Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 75: Furniture Retailers Ranked By Assets 2009
Figure 21: Bar Tables and Stools Market by Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 76: Furniture Retailers Ranked By Debt 2009
Figure 22: Console, Lamp & Coffee Tables Market by Value 2004-2013 £M
                                                                                         Figure 77: Furniture Retailers Ranked By Net Worth 2009
Figure 22-52: Furniture Manufacturer Profiles & 4 Year KPIs
                                                                                         Figure 78-170 Furniture Retailers 4 Year Financial Profiles
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