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 Issue 10
                                        By and for the students of Hobart and William Smith Colleges
                                                                              December 3, 2004                                                                 VOLUME CXXVIII

      HWS Writes The                                                              Good News For Grads
                                                                                  Melissa Sorrells                        just over 38 percent gave the job         tion, economics, computer sci-

     Book On Jumpstart                                                            Copy Editor                             market those ratings.”
                                                                                                                              There are reports of students who
                                                                                                                                                                    ence, computer engineering,
                                                                                                                                                                    marketing, chemical engineering,
                                                                                                                                                                    and information sciences and

Melissa Sorrells                                                                              ccording to a new re        are already juggling many job inter-
News Contributor                        eracy educators, and it describes the                 port released by the        views. The SouthBend Tribune, an          systems.
                                                                                              National Association        Indiana newspaper, recently profiled         Though NACE expects to see

          he Pearson Publishing         basics of working with young readers.
          Group recently released a     Intervening for Literacy explains how     of Colleges and Employers               Eric Golden, a Bentley College senior     a 13 percent increase in hiring
          book writ-                                   children acquire lit-      (NACE), the job market for college      who is flourishing in this healthy job    around May, H&WS students
ten by some of                                         eracy skills and how       graduates this year will be consid-     market. “I haven’t been to school in      will probably not be strongly rep-
H&WS’ very own.                                        tutors can program les-    erably healthier than last year be-     the last three weeks because of my        resented in that increase be-
Education professors                                   sons to make the most      cause there are more higher pay-        interview schedule,” Eric told the Tri-   cause the Colleges do not offer
Charles Temple and                                     of the way children        ing entry-level positions available.    bune.                                     many of the more industry-fo-
Jim MaKinster wrote                                    learn. The book’s aim      Most of these job openings are in           Experts assert that the many jobs     cused majors that are being
Intervening for Lit-                                   is twofold: it acts as a   the business, engineering, and          openings have only a few causes,          sought.
eracy with help from                                   guide for those work-      computer-related fields.                none of them having to do with eco-          But all hope is not lost for stu-
former student and                                     ing with preschool chil-       In a press release, Marilyn         nomic recovery. Many job openings         dents of the Colleges. Wayne
assistant director of                                  dren and for those who     Mackes, NACE’s executive direc-         in the financial sector are attributed    Wallace, director of the career re-
public service Jenna                                   might want to move on      tor, stated that, “We’re seeing a       to new post-Enron regulations. Also,      source center at the University
Logue, former student                                  to teaching or other       number of positive indications that     many companies are beginning to           of Florida, told the SouthBend
Lauren Buchmann,                                       professions        after   the job market for new college          anticipate an exodus of retiring baby     Tribune that “any major” is in
and Peace Corps                                        they’ve volunteered.       graduates is improving. For ex-         boomers.                                  high demand. “We have plenty
trainer     Gabriela                                       Part of the proceeds   ample, more than 80 percent of re-          The report indicates that employ-     of employers that say if you are
Mrvova. President Gearan wrote the      for Intervening for Literacy, which is    sponding employers rated the job        ers are mostly looking to hire stu-       a college grad and want to ...
forward to the 144-page paperback.      going for about $20 on,        market for new college graduates        dents who majored in accounting,          learn our business, we will take
   The book is geared toward stu-       will be donated to the Jumpstart Pro-     as good, very good, or excellent.       electrical engineering, mechanical        you from that point on.”
dent volunteers, parents, and lit-      gram.                                     In comparison, last year at this time   engineering, business administra-

   HWS President Confirmed by Senate for National Service Post
    Hobart and William Smith Col-       Bill Clinton.                                 “I am honored by the Senate’s       Director of the Peace Corps. Ameri-       nities - helping to solve community
leges President Mark D. Gearan was          For Gearan, the confirmation con-     confirmation to this important          cans are looking for ways to make a       problems. AmeriCorps, the domes-
recently confirmed by the United        tinues a commitment to service that has   Board and grateful to President         difference and the Corporation ad-        tic Peace Corps, engages more than
States Senate to serve as a member      been a constant throughout his pub-       Bush for his nomination,” Gearan        vances that ideal.”The Corporation        40,000 Americans in intensive, re-
of the Board of Directors of the Cor-   lic and private life. When named presi-   said. “I look forward to advancing      for National and Community Service,       sults-driven service. Most
poration for National and Commu-        dent of HWS, Gearan was serving as        the ethic of service in our country     best known for overseeing                 AmeriCorps members are selected by
nity Service. Gearan had been nomi-     director of the Peace Corps in Wash-      with the various streams of service     AmeriCorps, engages Americans of          and serve with local and national or-
nated by President George W. Bush       ington, D.C., a post he assumed in        at the Corporation for National and     all backgrounds in community-based        ganizations like Habitat for Human-
to serve on the Board that oversees     1995. Under his leadership, the Peace     Community Service. I have seen          service. Established in 1993, the Cor-    ity, the American Red Cross, Big
domestic service programs. He has       Corps experienced a resurgence of in-     the power of service among              poration for National Service en-         Brothers/Big Sisters, and Boys and
served on the board since 2000 after    terest. The Colleges also have pro-       today’s young people as a college       gages more than a million Americans       Girls Clubs.
being nominated by then President       gressed under his guidance.               president and from my tenure as         each year in service to their commu-

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          Grads                                                                         of Competition                           of Koshare
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                                                                  CAMPUS LIFE
         Music Notes:
         The Colleges’ Woodwind and String Ensembles will present their winter concert on Tuesday,
      December 7, 8:00 p.m., at St. John’s Chapel. The Woodwind Ensemble, directed by John
      Oberbrunner, will perform works by Rachmaninoff, Haydn, and others. The String Ensemble,
      directed by Andrew Zaplatynsky, will perform works by Mouret, Johann Sebastian Bach, and
      Handel. The concert is free and open to the public. This event is sponsored by the Department
      of Music of the Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

                    HEALTH HINTS FROM HUBBS  of the Influenza season. There have        Kleenex is not available, sneezing or
                                                                                                                                       Hadley Mongell, Editor-In-Chief
                                                                                                                                      I hope this editorial finds every-     was just happy seeing them for just
                                                                                                                                                                             a short weekend because it had been
    Terri A. Hannan                                                                                                               one settling in for the home stretch
    RPA-C, Hubbs Health Center               been a few cases in our general area,      coughing into a sleeve is recom-          of this fall 2004 semester. It’s hard to   so long.
                                             but none diagnosed on campus as            mended. Stay away from others if          believe that in a few short weeks we           Also this Thanksgiving I braved
        It was a year ago during the first   yet. We were unable to provide In-         you are ill. This does not mean that      will all be heading home again to our      the worst travel day of the year with
    week of December that Influenza          fluenza vaccine to healthy persons         everyone with a simple cold should        families and friends to celebrate the      everyone else in the world and suf-
    began to emerge on our campus. The       this year through the traditional “flu     avoid class, but anyone with fever,       holidays and ring in the New Year. I       fered delay after delay with my
    first few cases were scattered, but      shots,” but we do have a supply of         chills, body aches, sore throat, or       know I couldn’t stop reminding my-         flights. I camped out and read like
    as the week worn on, it was obvious      the live virus vaccine known as            heavy cough SHOULD avoid direct           self that it was really Thanksgiving       everyone else in the airport for hours
    that an outbreak was imminent. So        FluMist.                                   contact with others. Hand sanitizer       already and the New Year is just           on end. Then when I was up in the
    many students experienced fever,              FluMist is a vaccine developed        is recommended for use on a routine       around the corner. Where has the           air, the short fifty-minute flight felt
    cough, body aches, and sore throats      last year and recommended for              basis after touching doorknobs and        time gone?                                 like ten years because I wanted to
    that we had to reserve the waiting       healthy persons ages 5-49. It is not       damp surfaces in bathrooms or din-            This past Thanksgiving was dif-        get home so badly. However one
    room for influenza-like symptoms         an injection, but rather a nasal mist.     ing tables. It is imperative not to       ferent than any other for me because       thing that might have accentuated
    only. A sign that directed healthy       There are a few restrictions for the       share utensils, cups or cans with         this Thanksgiving was the first for        this situation was the horrific wind
    students to the clinic’s back entrance   live vaccine, but overall it is safe for   anyone. If your intimate partner is       my family in our new home in Maine.        and weather of Sunday, my unfortu-
    met students needing health care         use in the 5-49 year old age group.        ill, stay out of his/her face. Respira-   As you can imagine, it was a big           nate case of pneumonia, and the
    services.                                We are selling the vaccine at Hubbs        tory germs are hardy and remain in        change from the hustle and bustle          frightening sirens that went off in the
        In our best epidemiologic fash-      for $25.00 a dose. It is a one-time        the environment for hours. Persons        of living on Long Island. The whole        cabin        during       mid-flight
    ion, we tried to control the spread of   vaccine and will be given on request       with asthma, diabetes or chronic ill-     experience of truly enduring “trains,      turbulence…no…that didn’t help
    the virus further. We learned it is      by the Hubbs staff. We prefer that         ness should have received the tradi-      planes, and automobiles” just to get       too much.
    very hard to isolate students on a       students bring cash to the clinic at       tional flu vaccine. If you have un-       home for the holidays made me real-            Time just fascinates me. It can
    college campus especially during fi-     the time of vaccination. If we use our     derlying illness and get the flu, your    ize the different values time can truly    move along at a constant rate (i.e. 60
    nals week. Orders for Robitussin DM,     current supply we can re-order within      illness could be more severe, so seek     have.                                      seconds will always equal a minute),
    Tylenol or Advil and Sudafed out         a few days. It is important to get         medical care if symptoms develop.             For instance, I hadn’t really seen     but it can have different meanings in
    numbered our supply. A never end-        FluMist prior to a flu outbreak. Now            There are medications to help        my family since my birthday in July        different situations. For instance,
    ing flow of sick students approached     is the time to get vaccinated. The         shorten the length of time persons        when they came to visit me in Phila-       these past four years have flown by
    Hubbs, and our waiting room was          vaccine distribution will be limited       are ill with Influenza. These “anti-vi-   delphia. Though I hadn’t seen them         in an instant at HWS…but those four
    overflowing with bodies draped over      to students only. Faculty and staff        ral” medications must be started in       for a couple of months, it felt like       years spent say on an airplane would
    chairs and curled up in corners. The     should contact their primary health        the first 48 hours of illness to be ef-   years. It’s amazing to think that just     seem like nothing short of an eter-
    staff grew weary, and the days length-   care providers for FluMist availabil-      fective. Please contact Hubbs if you      four short years ago, I was lucky and      nity.
    ened. Our Res Ed personnel became        ity.                                       feel flu symptoms coming on. Anti-        saw my family EVERY DAY. Now, I
    Angels of Mercy delivering soup               Preventing the spread of Influenza    virals cannot be prescribed after the
    and juice to persons too ill to go out   requires some commonsense prac-            first two days of illness. Rapid Influ-
    to meals. Everyone rallied together      tices. The theme of the season is          enza virus tests are available through
    and counted the days until the dorms     “Cover Your Cough.” Just as your           the hospital lab and can detect the
    closed for Christmas. It was, as they    mothers taught you as children, we         presence of influenza virus within a
    say, a time for the record book.         remind you to cover your cough or          few hours. Symptoms include fever,
        This year we are trying to be pro-   sneezes with a Kleenex and then dis-       sore throat, cough, body aches, and
    active and make plans for the return     pose of the Kleenex properly. If a         chills that are not otherwise associ-
                                                                                        ated with strep throat, mono, bron-
                                                                                        chitis, or pneumonia. Until there is a
                                   Campus Green’s                                       known outbreak of flu on campus,
                                                                                        each diagnosis is made individually.
                                   Tip-o-the-Week                                       Please come into the clinic if you are
                                                                                        symptomatic, and do not stay in bed
                               Consider printing your term papers and                   with the shades drawn and become
                            assignments using both the front and back of                dehydrated. Treat the fever, drink lots
                                                                                        of juice or water, and seek medical
                             the paper. Professors won’t complain, and
                                                                                        care as soon as you are able. Stu-
                                       you use half the paper!                          dents interested in receiving FluMist
                                                                                        should          contact        x3600.
                                                                                                                                            Support Your
 Meet The Herald Staff                                                                                                                  Student Governments!
Katie Bell
                                             Roderick P. Thaler                      college: a compilation of “punk”             Come to the HSG and WSC joint
                                                                                                                                                                            Your Representatives:
                                                                                     cover songs that a friend sent to me,    meeting on December 7 at 8 p.m. in
Assistant News Editor                         Class of ‘05                                                                                                                  Danny Nelson HSG Pres.
                                                                                     an ASH CD a friend gave me for my        the Sanford room (note the new time
                                              Major: History                                                                                                             Angela Tallo WSC Pres.
                                                                                     birthday, an Ashlee Simpson CD           and place). During the meeting, HSG
                                              Minor: International Relations                                                                                             Brian Schubmehl HSG Vice-Pres
                                                                                     (guilty pleasure!!), and two CDs of      and WSC will be voting on a “pro-

         or your reading pleasure,            Hometown: Oyster Bay, New
                                                                                     nature sounds and relaxation music.      posal process bylaw” for each quo-         Megan Moffit WSC Vice-Pres
         the Herald presents some         York
                                                                                     My favorite artists are Radiohead,       rum; if passed, the bylaw will apply       Adam Chaput HSG Treasurer
         interesting information              Other Activities: College Repub-
                                                                                     Weezer, and The Beatles.                 to next semester’s proceedings. Af-        Stephanie Goldson WSC Treasurer
about ourselves... Check out the re-      licans
                                                                                        Who is the most influential per-      ter this and our regular business, the     Mark Hallman HSG Secretary
maining bios next week!                       If you were stranded on a desert
                                                                                     son in your life? My mother. I don’t     governments will be having a bingo         Lauren Shallish WSC Secretary
                                          island and could only take 3 things
                                                                                     always agree with her or take her        game for prizes.
                                          with you, what would you take?
   Hadley Mongell                         Sports Illustrated swim suit model
                                                                                     suggestions, but I do always con-
    Class of ‘05
    Major: Media and Society and
                                          Marrissa Miller, guitar, and a tram-
                                              What is your favorite HWS
                                                                                     sider what she’s saying. I also have
                                                                                     a lot of respect for my professors:
                                                                                     they shape me in ways that they
                                                                                                                                 Your New Teammates
                                                                                                                                                                         do is place a call in for an escort.
Writing and Rhetoric (double)                                                        probably don’t even realize, but I’ve     Kent Thorpe
                                          Memory? There are too many.                                                                                                    After a few moments a male and fe-
    Minor: English and Writing Col-                                                  grown so much as a person because         Campus Life Contributor
                                              What are your top 3 favorite CDs?                                                                                          male will meet the callers at the par-
leagues (double)                                                                     of them, especially my Writing and
                                          “Remain in the Light” by Talking                                                                                               ticular location. Armed with a flash-
    Hometown: Originally from                                                        Rhetoric professors.
                                          Heads, “1984” by Van Halen, “Smash

                                                                                                                                           he recent sexual assaults     light and a radio that is linked to Cam-
“Strong Island,” but recently moved                                                     What is your favorite part about
                                          Hits” by Steel Pulse.                                                                            have created many precau      pus security, they will walk with the
to Rockport, Maine.                                                                  writing for The Herald? The rest of
                                              Who is the most influential per-                                                             tionary steps to be taken     individual to his or her destination.
    Plans after H&WS: After college,                                                 the staff is so funny and smart. I
                                          son in your life? My parents.                                                        to increase safety on the campus.              Teammates are located in the
I would love to live in Hawaii, but                                                  really like to spend time with them. I
                                              What is your favorite part about                                                 Such measures include the increased       lounge room in the Scandling Cen-
realistically I will be working on the                                               also feel like I know a lot more about
                                          writing for The Herald? Freedom of                                                   rounds of Security and the R.A.’s,        ter- the little room next to the ATM
East Coast somewhere hopefully in                                                    campus goings-on since I’ve joined
                                          Speech.                                                                              the installation of new lights, and the   machine in saga. They work from 7
advertising, public relations, or in-                                                the staff.
                                                                                                                               cutting down of unneeded shrub-           till 1 in the morning. They are always
    If you were stranded on a desert         Melissa Sorrells                           Sarah M. Kirchoff
                                                                                                                               bery. A particular group of individu-
                                                                                                                               als have met together to get the cam-
                                                                                                                                                                         willing to help any one in need of an
                                                                                                                                                                         escort. They are also looking for
island and could only take 3 things           Copy Editor
                                                                                        Editor-In-Chief                        pus more involved. As a result,           volunteers to help the continuation
with you, what would you take? I              Major: Writing and Rhetoric
                                                                                        Major: Art History                     Teammates, a voluntary group, was         of the project. If interested, speak
would bring my dog Moose, a photo             Minor: Media and Society
                                                                                        Minor: Media and Soceity               created to offer assistance to who-       with Security in their office right
album of family and friends, and              Hometown: Long Island
                                                                                        Hometown: Rochester, NY                ever feels unsafe walking to any lo-      across the street from the Scandling
some Coronas since hopefully it               Other activities: Former America
                                                                                        Other Activities: HWS Chorale          cation on campus. All one needs to        Center or call their extension at x3333.
would be a tropical island with lots      Reads tutor and coordinator, Writ-
                                                                                     Member, Graphics Designer at the
of limes.                                 ing Colleague, and currently intern-
    What is your favorite H&WS
Memory? Late Late Late night full-
contact ultimate frisbee on the quad
                                          ing at Fahy-Williams Publishing.
                                          They publish several business-to-
                                          business titles. I think I would like to
                                                                                     HWS Communications Office
                                                                                        Plans After HWS: I hope to head
                                                                                     off to graduate school somewhere
                                                                                                                              Seagulls defeat Herons
                                                                                     and get my degree in Graphic De-                                                    ing the teams into overtime play. Jor-
during the freak summer time blast        continue in this field after gradua-                                                Patricia J. Foster
                                                                                     sign. Muuuuuuch later, hopefully                                                    dan totaled 10 saves in the second
in spring semester of my first year.      tion. I’m currently spending a vast                                                 Sports Contributor
                                                                                     you’ll see my gallery open in NYC.                                                  period, one being a penalty stroke
Hell of a time...                         majority of my time searching for job

                                                                                        If you were stranded on a desert                 riday, November 19, 2004—       powerfully shot to the lower left cor-
    What are your top 3 favorite CDs?     openings.                                                                                      The William Smith field
                                                                                     island and could take only three                                                    ner. Salisbury had 15 shots on goal
“Best of Van Morrison,” Guster’s              If you were stranded on a desert                                                           hockey team lost in over-
                                                                                     things, what would they be? Prob-                                                   and once again, 11 penalty corners.
“Goldfly,” “Essential Billy Joel.”        island and could only take 3 things                                                 time to Salisbury University, ending
                                                                                     ably a couple copies of the Herald-                                                    Going into overtime, the Herons
    Who is the most influential per-      with you, what would you take? I’ve                                                 their eight game winning streak at
                                                                                     no definantly just kidding. I guess I                                               and the Seagulls each played seven
son in your life? I am thankful for       been dating an Eagle Scout for the                                                  the first game of the final four Divi-
                                                                                     would have to say a lifetime supply                                                 players in sudden death. The
everyone in my life, but the most in-     past 3 years, so my answers are sort                                                sion III National Championship.
                                                                                     of gummi candy, plenty of sunscreen,                                                Seagulls were awarded another pen-
fluential person in my life is my boy-    of lame. I would bring Rob (my boy-                                                     Five minutes into the game Eliza-
                                                                                     and a favorite book.                                                                alty stroke with six minutes left in
friend Geoff who always knows how         friend), a knife, and some rope. You                                                beth Saucier, sophomore, passed the
                                                                                        What is your favorite HWS                                                        the round. The stroke was shot at an
to make me smile and keep be              wouldn’t BELIEVE the number of                                                      ball into the center of the circle. Jun-
                                                                                     memory? Probably living here over                                                   awkward angle, and hit the back net.
grounded. Also, I have to credit my       things you can accomplish with                                                      ior, Margaret Dolan, tipped it into the
                                                                                     the summer, when I had campus to                                                    The Gulls advanced on to win the
parents (although they are far away)      those two simple tools (and some-                                                   net, quickly gaining the lead. The
                                                                                     myself and security left us alone!                                                  National Championship against
for always having a presence in my        one to keep you warm at night).                                                     Herons held the lead for the remain-
                                                                                        What are your three favorite                                                     Middlebury College 6-3.
life and always being there when I            What is your favorite HWS                                                       der of the half. The Salisbury
                                                                                     CD’s? Lets see... I kinda abandoned                                                    The Herons and the Seagulls
need them.                                Memory? My most vivid memory is                                                     Seagulls had 11 counted shots on
                                                                                     CD’s once I learned how to use a                                                    played an aggressive and very close
    What is your favorite part about      of freshman year, during the first                                                  goal during the half, while the Her-
                                                                                     computer. Moxy Fruvous’ Live                                                        game, but there has to be a winner.
writing for The Herald? My favorite       snow. One of my friends at the time                                                 ons had three. The seagulls totaled
                                                                                     Noise is my one and only!                                                           The players on each team played
part about writing for The Herald is      took off most of her clothes and laid                                               11 corners as well, compared to the
                                                                                        Who is the Most influencial per-                                                 outstandingly. Specific recognition
working with such great people. We        down in the snow … that’s a quint-                                                  Heron’s one corner play.
                                                                                     son in your life? Definantly, overall,                                              goes to Jordan and Saucier, who
have a lot of fun on Tuesday nights,      essential Hobart moment for me.                                                         Entering the second half, the
                                                                                     my big sister. When we were grow-                                                   made the All-tournament team.
and I love putting our ideas together     People don’t do things like that in                                                 Seagulls scored from a rebound off
                                                                                     ing up I wanted to be just like her.                                                   The Herons ended their season
to produce a great paper every week.      the real world.                                                                     Heron goalie, Susan Jordan, junior.
                                                                                        What is your favorite part of work-                                              with an impressive 18-3 record, and
Also, I really feel like a part of cam-       What are your top 3 favorite CDs?                                               Both teams had offensive opportu-
                                                                                     ing for the Herald? The hours I                                                     Champion of the Liberty League.
pus since we report and comment on        Don’t tell the FCC, but I am an mp3                                                 nities to put the ball in the cage, but
                                                                                     spend alone in the basement of                                                      Check out the season statistics at
what’s going on around H&WS.              girl. I only have five CDs with me at                                               the regular game ended at 1-1, send-
                                                                                     Scandling Center!                                                                   the William Smith field

                            OPINION-EDITORIAL POLITICAL FEATURE:
                                 The Soapbox      Political Activism at Hobart and William Smith Colleges.
                                                                                                                                         “         Quote of the Week:
                                                                                                                                                         “Well, it’s better than a hole in a tree”
                                                                                                                                                                 ~Roderick P. Thaler Jr.
                                 Note: the Herald does not have any official political affiliation, and those opinions expressed
                                   below are not necessarily those held by the staff. The Herald agrees to publish as many
                                                 submissions from as many different viewpoints as possible.

                       Values War
                                Will Harwood
                                                                                                              The Price of Competition
                               Op-Ed Contributor                                                                                               Alex Bianchi
                                                                                                                                              Op-Ed Contributor

                                                                                                                                   tention and cramping. In the last           ents. In 2002, a man from Boston was

                                                                                               am a member of the Hobart

             n November 2nd, the          times incompatible democratic no-
             “values war” within the      tion of “power to the people.”                     College football team.                three years, at least two students are      charged with manslaughter after he
             United States came to a      America now stands facing a great                  Throughout my life I have             known to have suffered kidney fail-         beat to death a father of a player on
head. With “Moral Values” consti-         controversy, not necessarily of gay-        played in several organized leagues,         ure due to creatine use. Ephedrine          the opposing team. Not only are the
tuting the most important issue of        marriage, but instead of America’s re-      and I’ve been a volunteer for orga-          and other stimulants are equally dan-       violent acts becoming more frequent,
the campaign, CNN reported that           sponsibility to either defend equal-        nizations such as the Boys and Girls         gerous drugs. A recent report in the
eleven states proposed and passed         ity, or, the voice of the people.           Club. Nothing brings greater joy to          Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery,
initiatives banning the marriage of            Since the interpretation of the in-    my life than friendly competition. Yet       and Psychiatry suggests that some
same-sex couples. While many vot-         stitution of marriage is undoubtedly        I write this not to talk to you about        supplements sold as energy pills
ers were either distraught or thrilled    the catalyst for this controversy,          the positive effects of youth or col-        may in fact cause strokes.
by this news, our country sat dumb-       why not take “marriage” out of the          legiate athletics, but to warn you that         However, the use of steroids is
founded by the interpretation of its      State’s jurisdiction? With marriage         your children are at risk.                   the most extreme form of risk. Ste-
ideals. In times of controversy, it is    interpreted as a sacred institution, it         Your children live in a world much       roids are known to produce severe
the federal court’s role, as the great    only makes sense for those who seek         different than that of your child-           side affects, including water reten-
voice of reason, to                                             marriage to be        hood; as times change, so do athlet-         tion, aggression, hypertension,
make decisions that                                             afforded it under     ics. Today student athletes are              cardio-vascular disease, jaundice,
reflect main tenets                                             the most sacred       tempted by performance-enhancing             and death. Last year there were over
and ideals of our con-                                          c i r c u m -         drugs and threatened by violence.            30 deaths in high school athletics
stitution. The storm                                            stances—in a          Unfortunately, sports are more dan-          that were related to steroids. Steroids     but they’re becoming more violent.
of controversy is-                                              church, mosque,       gerous than ever. As Theodore                are harmful to health, and, along with      Children of today have been raised
sued forth on Novem-                                            synagogue, or         Roosevelt once said, “Athletic pro-          steroid replacements such as DHEA,          on violence. They see it everyday in
ber 2nd has forced                                              any other place       ficiency is a mighty good servant,           androstenedione,                    and     video games, television, movies, and
our courts to assume                                            of worship. The       and like so many other good ser-             norandrostenedione, have been               music. It has reached a point where
this role. Perhaps it’s                                         State would           vants, a mighty bad master.”                 banned by the NCAA. (For more in-           athletic associations need to set
time for state-en-                                              then—to pre-             The use of steroids and other per-        formation on creatine and steroids          strict guidelines about parental in-
dorsed marriage to                                              serve        both                                                  r e f e r t o : h t t p : / /               teraction. State athletic affiliated or-
go.                                                             “equality,” and                                                    ganizations need to crack down on
    It seems that the                                           “Separation of                                                     2499/Steroids.htm)                          violence by setting a no-tolerance
dominant argument                                               Church        and                                                     If you suspect your child is us-         standard. Until these measures are
for sustaining the                                              State”—legally                                                     ing any performance-enhancing               met, I encourage you to emphasize
ban on gay-marriage                                             unite        both                                                  drug, please look into it. It is not dif-   fair play and keep close watch on
is the Oxford English                                           hetero- and ho-                                                    ficult to obtain drugs. Most drugs          behavior at your local level. (For
Dictionary definition of marriage:        mosexual individuals under the con-                                                      can be found online. If you have any        more information on violence in
“marriage is a sacred institution be-     text of a civil union. Without doubt,                                                    suspicion that your child is using          sports       refer      to:      http://
tween a man and a woman.” Un-             this plan could also ignite a firestorm                                                  steroids please contact a physician
doubtedly, historical evidence has        of criticism, that “Separation of                                                        immediately.                                h e a l t h _ s a f e t y /
validated this claim, but great flaws     Church and State has gone too far,”                                                         Drugs are not the end of it.             violence_kids_sports.shtml)
appear to surface when this rationale     when in reality, recent events have                                                      Today’s competition is becoming                 Our nation’s athletics have be-
dictates a legal policy of America.       proved that only State-endorsed dis-                                                     progressively more violent. Parents         come a mix of competition and ani-
Separation of Church and State            crimination has overstepped its             formance-enhancing drugs such as             and players are no longer just look-        mosity. Fair play is becoming pro-
should ideally prevent a religious        bounds. Under this plan, advocates          creatine and ephedrine is an increas-        ing to have fun. They are instead           gressively less important. I don’t
argument from tainting one of             for a “gay marriage ban” can feel           ingly large problem among students.          doing everything it takes to win,           mean to detour your child away from
America’s major missions—equal-           confident that their religious institu-     Students take creatine in hopes of           even if that means violence. Worse          athletics. In fact I encourage all chil-
ity—while the main idea behind our        tions will uphold the sanctity of mar-      improving their athletic performance,        yet, children are being taught vio-         dren to get involved. Athletics have
system of democracy, should insure        riage, while level-headed Americans         their appearance, endurance, and             lence is “alright.” A sixteen-year-old      done great things in shaping who I
that the decisions of the country (di-    can feel confident that America is          body building abilities. Recent stud-        Hockey player was charged recently          am today, and I have no doubt they
rectly or indirectly) rest in the hands   taking one more step away from its          ies show that 47% of students be-            with misdemeanor after he late hit an-      will do wonderful things for your
of the people. The vote of Novem-         racist, hateful, and discriminatory         tween the ages of 13 and 21 use it.          other player into the boards, para-         child. Issues such as drugs and vio-
ber 2nd overrode America’s claim of       past and towards a bright and un-           Although creatine is naturally pro-          lyzing him from the waist down.             lence cannot be ignored. Parents, I
“equality,” overridden by the some-       derstanding future.                         duced by the body, large quantities          Much of the violence occurs not             urge you to be on the ball.
                                                                                      have been known to cause water re-           among the competitors, but the par-

                            W. is for Wrong...                                                                                The Herald Staff Candids
   continued from last week
                                                     Kara Horton
                                                    Op-Ed Contributor
    As for other women’s issues that      believes that only married women         women is one full of oppression, sad-
W is WRONG about, let’s begin with        should have birth control, is now        ness, disenfranchisement, violence,
AIDS, welfare, birth control, rape,       making the decisions about my re-        sorrow, and silence, but what good
emergency contraception, and the          productive health and yours.             is it when this history, and the truth
list goes on and on. In 1998, there           In relation to AIDS, I read an ar-   it contains, falls on deaf ears. It sad-
were 1.37 million abortions in            ticle by Peter Gregory that informs      dens ME that someone as young as
America, and in 2003, there were 1.3      us that the Bush Administration has      Chad Nelson honestly believes what
million. Why the large drop? The          given “$15 million dollars to AIDS       he writes and that there are so many
availability of emergency contracep-      research,” a pretty penny, yes,          who believe the same things he does.
tion, which has the potential to                                                       Well I for one cannot be silenced.
prevent pregnancy 95% of the                                                           I am speaking up for women.
time when taken 24 hours after                                                             In closing, I would like to an-
unprotected sex, 85% of the time                                                       swer a quotation in Mr. Nelson’s                             Team Photo
within 48 hours, and 75% of the                                                        article. He writes, “I might have
time within 5 days after unpro-                                                        even had to sit in silence while an
tected sex. This pill, or series of                                                    entire Making Connections class
pills, prevents pregnancy by sim-                                                      tells me how I have subcon-
ply preventing the release of or                                                       sciously kept women down. But
the implantation of an egg. Not                                                        alas, I am not in school anymore. I
by aborting a fetus. The use of                                                        don’t have to face an ounce of
this drug, however, has been                                                           that backlash unless the Woman’s
halted by the Bush Administra-                                                         Collective gets my phone number.”
tion, which refuses to allow this                                                      Well, ladies, I happen to have his
contraception to be available                                                          phone number, his email, and per-
over the counter, a truly sad blow                                                     sonal home address. So, I ask you
to women’s sexual health in                                                            William Smith women and Hobart
America.                                                                               men, those of you who are as ap-
    This blow is furthered by his ap-     though nothing when you compare          palled by Mr. Nelson’s letter as I am,
pointment of Dr. W. David Hager to        it to the $200 billion he has given to                                               Caroline, clearly excited about the new J-Crew catalog
                                                                                   to call him personally at 315-457-6278
head       the      Federal      Drug     a war in Iraq that he instigated. Not    or email him at
Administration’s (FDA) Reproduc-          to mention the fact that AIDS aware-     Why, you can even send him some
tive Health Drugs Advisory Commit-        ness campaigns and AIDS research
tee, a position that has lain dormant     organizations contribute hundreds
since the establishment of Roe v.         of millions of dollars to AIDS re-
Wade. Dr. Hager is best known for         search annually nor the fact that,
his refusal to treat any pregnant         under Clinton, billions were given
woman who is not married, any             every year to research a cure for
woman who had EVER had an abor-           AIDS, a disease that now effects
tion and to give any unmarried            more American women than it does
woman birth control pills. Dr. Hager’s    men and more women in Africa than
beliefs in “Christian healing” are even   anywhere else. Africa is the conti-
more uncomforting to women, in that       nent where young virgins are raped
he believes in God’s ability to heal      to cure grown men of AIDS, while in
over the use of medications. As a         the process infecting these innocent
Christian, I believe that God works       victims with a disease that will soon    “snail mail” to Mr. Chad Nelson, 7444
                                          take their lives. This is a continent    Thunderbird Rd., Liverpool, NY
                                          that is torn apart by the confusion                                                                    mmmmm.....layout
                                                                                   13088-4140. I urge you to show him
                                          over tribal sovereignty and a conti-     your backlash. I know I will.
                                          nent where women are so very op-            And, for the record, if you are
                                          pressed, yet the U.S. under the Bush     reading this Chad, the Women’s Col-
                                          Administration does not want to be       lective has all of your information
                                          involved in this continent, because,     now too as provided to them by me,
                                          “AIDS is the wrath of God placed         care of the 2002-2003 Hobart and
                                          upon sinners.” A wrath that is affect-   William Smith College Directory.
                                          ing virgins who are raped? This is       Thanks to the Freedom of Informa-
                                          not how my God works.                    tion Act of 2000, brought to you by
                                              I could go on and on for hours       your “ladies man” President “W,”
in mysterious ways, but I also be-        about the abomination that is the        and the Buckley v. the Buckley
lieve that one of those ways is           Bush Administration, and about how       Amendment of 1976, I can provide
through the knowledge he provides         women are so far behind even more        this information to whomever I want
people to develop drugs that make         so now than they were 4 years ago.       to. So ladies and gentlemen, let him
healing possible. This man, who           I can talk about how the history of      hear YOUR voice.                                            Dave you sexy beast!
                THE HERALD
                 Established 1879                     ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT
             By and for the students
      of Hobart and William Smith Colleges
                                                     Another Great Performance by Adam Richman                          band might have liked, and
                   Sarah Kirchoff                                                    songs off his newest album,                                           cracking jokes and talking to
                                                   Katie Bell                                                           their comedic solution to the
                   Hadley Mongell                  Section Contributor
                                                                                     Patience and Silence, like                                            the band and the audience.
                                                                                     “ M a r y -                                            problem           Though Patience and Si-

                                                              his past Saturday      A n n e , ”                                            was     a      lence is more rock than the
                                                              marked an annual       “Suck It Up,”                                          highlight      acoustic Two, it’s definitely
                 Caroline Hettinger
                                                              tradition at HWS       and “Song                                              of    the      worth getting, and this con-
                    News Editor                    that I never miss: a concert by   10.”                                                  show: the       cert convinced me. Richman
                                                   Adam Richman.                        The con-                                           drummer         sounds as great live as he
                   Owen Oeterling                      The Pennsylvania native                                                             cut up his
                     Layout Editor                                                   cert took                                                             does on his CDs, and his lyr-
                                                   returned to HWS with a band,      place in the                                          boxers          ics are passionate and honest.
                                                   new songs, and a Mohawk.          Cellar Pub,                                           a n d           His songs focus on love and
                     David Diehl                   He performed with only a gui-                                                           placed
                                                                                     which pro-                                                            heartache, and the listener
                     A&E Editor                    tar for crowd favorites such                                                            them on
                                                                                     vided a very                                                          feels like they were in
                                                   as “One over Two,” “The Dis-      intimate at-                                         top of his       Richman’s relationships
                Roderick P Thaler Jr.              trict,” and “Everything that      mosphere                                             cymbals          along with him. You can feel
                Opinion/Editorial Editor           You Need,” from his indepen-      but also pro-                                        in hopes         his pain, while at the same
                                                   dent first album, Two. A few      vided some                                           of mini-         time the lessons he has
                 Melissa Sue Sorrells              songs later he was joined by      technical dif-                                       mizing the       learned. Though I am defi-
                      Copy Editor                  his three-person band, defi-      ficulties for                                        sound.           nitely biased, he is truly a great
                                                   nitely adding a more rock         the band.                                            That’s just      performer. If you missed it this
                    Kari Balakar                   sound, compared to his two        Unfortunately the cel-                       one example of his       year, mark your calendars to
                  Emily Corcione                   previous concerts that I have     lar isn’t as acoustically          humor, throughout the show,        see him perform next fall when
                Assistant Copy Editors             seen. He proceeded to play        equipped as Richman and his        and in between songs he was        he returns to HWS!

         Katie Bell
      Patricia J. Foster
        Kent Thorpe
                                 Jonah Levy
                                 Alex Bianchi
                                Will Harwood
                                                                                     DVD is that film. With so many     the 360-degree view of sets in     to the same menus, only with
       Terri Hannan              KARA HORTON
                                                                                     out-of-control CGI, visual         the movie (most of which look      different looks. XBOX own-
        Mike Kaplun             JOHN ROSENBAUM
                                                                                     stunts and other worldly ef-       like a bit of conceptual art re-   ers will be incredibly de-
                                                                                     fects, I felt that I was being     peated a dozen times).             lighted with the demo of Es-
                                                                                     attacked by the screen.               The DVD menus are excel-        cape From Butcher Bay,
         SUBMISSION GUIDELINES                                                           The special features were      lent in presentation, with a       which won game of the month
       The Herald is currently accepting sub-      Jonah Levy
                                                                                     a bit much for me as well, but     very intriguing intro menu         when it was released. I wasn’t
                                                                                     if you were mesmerized by the      which asks you to choose           able to play the demo, but I’m
    missions for our coming issue.Deadline for     Section Contributor
                                                                                     universe conceived and ex-         between Convert and Fight. I       sure it’s only a little taste of a
    this issue is Sunday at 7pm. All submissions                                     plored by filmmaker David          was disappointed however,          fantastic game.

                                                          imagine when DVD was
    left in the drop box MUST includeThe name            first conceived, prima      Twohy, you will enjoy these.       when both choices lead you
    and phone number or e-mail of an indi-               rily for its ability to     The adventure log of the new
                                                   bring out video and audio         exploited-badass character,
    vidual person that The Herald can contact                                        Toomb is cheesily entertain-
                                                   quality to
    regarding the submission. BOTH a hard          the sharp-                                          ing and the
    copy and disk copy must be left in the drop    est enter-                                          pieces on the
                                                   tainment                                            races and
    box. If you are submitting by email,                                                               planets of
    please make your submission an                 no      one                                         Riddick’s uni-
                                                   thought                                            verse      are
                                                   that a film                                        quite grip-
                                                   could be                                           ping. How-
                                                   created in                                         ever, some of
                                                   which there                                        the special
                                                   would be so                                        features were
                                                   many ef-                                           less exciting,
                                                   fects     it                                       particularly
                                                   would spell                                        the horribly
                                                   overkill.                                          dumbed-
                                                   The new                                            down visual
                                                   Chronicles                                         effects docu-
                                                   of Riddick                                         mentary and
The Herald   A&E   December 3, 2004   7
                                              The Herald Supports                                                                        Good Luck
                                                the Herons and
                                                   Statesmen                             SPORTS                                        in the Coming

         World Champions of America?
    John Rosenbaum                             world, in fact, they do not even play     FIBA Basketball World Champion-          bronze, but in most people’s eyes        the MLB considers itself the premier
    Sports Editor                              outside the U.S. if you disregard the     ships, despite the fact that the tour-   they lost the gold. Again, they man-     baseball league in the world, which
                                               Toronto Raptor franchise. In the          nament was held in the heartland of      aged to lose three games, one of         would logically, for them at least,

                     hen you grow up           National Football League (NFL) no         basketball; Indianapolis, Indiana.       which was against a very average         make their best team the world’s best
                     American on the           foreign teams are ever played. In         The games were won by a war-torn         Puerto Rican side. And while defend-     team, the overall quality of foreign
                     other side of the At-     Major League Baseball (MLB) the in-       Yugoslavian team, while silver and       ers of the U.S. might say that the re-   baseball has reached such levels of
    lantic Ocean, your view of American        ternational contingent con-                                                                               sult was due to   success that it is a big assumption
    issues, issues that other Americans        sist of a Toronto Blue Jays                                                                               the absence of    to make that the MLB is still the best
    otherwise view as natural, change          franchise and the now de-                                                                                 Shaquille         league in the world. Therefore it nei-
    quite drastically. Identifying the         funct Montreal Expos. So                                                                                  O’Neal, Kevin     ther should nor can call its winners
    United States with the world is an         in what way can these                                                                                     Garnett, and      “World Champions.”
    old American habit. Anyone, or any-        teams legitimately be con-                                                                                Kobe Bryant,          Ultimately, no matter where the
    thing, that is the best or the greatest    sidered World Champions?                                                                                  nothing can       globalization of sports goes, it will
    of something in this country implic-           You cannot lay claim to                                                                               convince me       always be impossible and further-
    itly and automatically becomes the         world domination, without                                                                                 that things       more unreasonable to legitimately
    best or the greatest in the world.         playing the world. It is need-                                                                            would have        crown a true “World Champion”
        Therefore, in this age of global-      less to say illogical even to                                                                             ended up dif-     (That is unless everyone is allowed
    ization, in which America has become       use the terminology                                                                                       ferently had      to compete which is where the World
    the globe’s leading military, eco-         “World Champions” when                                                                                    they in fact      Championships and Olympics come
    nomic, and also sporting power, the        you do not allow teams                                                                                    been there.       into play).
    implications of its actions have be-       representing the world to                                                                                    In Major           Not to mention the insulting im-
    come the cause of great frustration.       participate and compete.                  bronze went to Argentina and Ger-        League Baseball (MLB), players           plications of not letting anyone else
        No more is this exemplified than           In fact, considering the recent       many.                                    such as Manny Ramirez (Dominican         even compete for the coveted title.
    by the self-image that the “big three”     success European, Latin- and South            And although it would be a           Republic), Omar Vizquel (Venezuela),     The declaring of a title to be “world-
    (football, baseball, basketball) of        American athletes have had in the         stretch to say that U.S. basketball      Ivan Rodriguez (Puerto Rico), Ichiro     wide” without the possibility of it be-
    American sports have of themselves.        NBA and in MLB, it is becoming more       supremacy is in jeopardy, the per-       Suzuki (Japan) and Hideki Matsui         ing determined accurately voids the
    And while it may be second nature          apparent than ever that the rest of       formance of the U.S team in the 2004     (Japan) have all but shown that Base-    legitimacy to its initial claim.
    to most of you, and almost sound           the world is rapidly catching up.         Olympic Games of Athens left plenty      ball is no longer just America’s fa-         Therefore, America’s “Big Three”
    asinine, the way these sports per-             For example, the U.S. men’s team      to fear in future.                       vorite pastime.                          sports of basketball, baseball, and
    ceive themselves is alarmingly simi-       lost an astounding three games as             The U.S. might have won the             Although I would venture that         football are nothing more but “World
    lar to this current administrations        they finished a woeful 6th in the 2002                                                                                      Champions” of America.
    way of dealing with foreign insur-
        By self-proclamation they are per-
    ceived as incomparable and un-
                                                  It’s That Time of Year Again Orange Fans:
    equaled. They are unequivocally
    masters of their own domain and their
                                                          Why Syracuse University 2004-’ 05 Men’s Basketball Is Polished for another Championship Run
    brother’s keeper. Or at least the im-      Mike Kaplun                                   Hakim Warrick, unlike his good       eraging almost 21 points and 10 re-      handedly take over games and lead
    plications of their actions would so       Section Contributor                       friend ‘Melo, turned down the riches     bounds in the early part of this sea-    his team to victory.
    suggest. If you fail to see the anal-                                                of the Pro’s so he could                    son. He, along with fellow part-         Then there is the unsung senior

                                                            s Syracuse University’s
    ogy, I will keep you in angst no                                                     stay for one last season                       ner Gerry McNamara, carried        Josh Pace. Pace, who has probably
                                                            Football Team may have
    longer…                                                                              in an Orange uniform.                            the Orange to the Sweet Six-     the most awkward looking shot in all
                                                            concluded their season
        The typical American’s lack of                                                   A consensus presea-                                teen in the 2004 NCAA          of America, led the Orange in steals
                                               this past weekend, it means only one
    interest in, or knowledge of, the rest                                               son All-American                                           To u r n a m e n t .   last season in his first full year as a
                                               thing: it’s time for ‘Cuse Hoops.
    of the world is notorious; whether                                                   selection,                                                  And when you          starter. His do-everything play will
                                               Seems just like yesterday when on
    this apathy or ignorance bespeaks                                                    Warrick is                                                    talk about re-      be essential in order to frustrate op-
                                               that April night Carmelo and the boys
    superiority or innocence is a matter                                                 the re-                                                        turning stars      ponents’ offenses and defenses.
                                               brought smiles to all the Orange faith-
    of opinion.                                                                          turning                                                        for Syracuse,
                                               ful. Now, two years removed from
        Have you never wondered why                                                      superstar                                                     how can you
                                               the most successful basketball sea-                                                                                            Happy Birthday! to
    the winner of the National Basket-                                                   for the Or-                                                not talk about
                                               son in ‘Cuse hoops history, smiles
    ball Association (NBA) Champion-
                                               should once again be on the faces
                                                                                         ange whose                                               McNamara a.k.a. G-         Caroline Hettinger
    ship series is referred to as World                                                  play must be                                          Mac? This blue-collar-
    Champions? And how is it that the
                                               of all the Orange faithful.
                                                                                         ‘Melo-esque                                         shooting-assassin-from-             News Editor
                                                  After a 5-0 start (as of November
    victors of the World Series and
                                               28) and early season victories over
                                                                                         in order to                                        anywhere-on-the-court is         From the entire staff!
    Superbowl are proclaimed “Champi-                                                    carry Syracuse                                     the player to watch. His        Great job making it to
                                               then #14 ranked Mississippi State
    ons of the World?”                                                                   to that magnifi-                                   43-point performance
                                               and #23 Memphis, the 2004-2005                                                                                               21! Go out there and
        Forgive me if I seem a bit igno-                                                 cent stage in April. Hak’ averaged       against BYU in the first round of the
                                               Syracuse Orange Men’s Basketball
    rant, but as far as I know the NBA
                                               Team are already showing signs of
                                                                                         almost 20 points with 9 rebounds in      NCAA Tournament last Spring is in-           have some fun!
    have failed to play the rest of the                                                  his junior season, and is already av-    dicative of his potential to single-
                                               what they are capable of doing.

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