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					Staffordshire Prepared
The Newsletter of the Staffordshire Resilience Forum
Issue 10- July 2009

 Protecting Staffordshire
 from Swine Flu Outbreak
   Staffordshire Resilience Forum partners are working hard
   behind the scenes to help protect the county from the
   worldwide Swine Flu pandemic.

   Partners from across the county recently tested plans to ensure
   that the county's residents are protected from an escalation of
   Swine Flu.

   The exercise involved local authorities, health, emergency
   services and the Staffordshire Civil Contingencies Unit.

   Delegates took part in a series of intensive exercises using
   realistic scenarios relating to Swine Flu, which tested all the
   plans and preparations that have been made to protect, inform
   and direct the general public in Staffordshire including the most
   vulnerable groups.

   Andy Marshall, Director of Staffordshire Civil Contingencies
   said: "This was a very positive step forward in ensuring that
   Staffordshire's service providers are fully prepared for this type
   of flu and it was useful to see how our plans transferred into
   reality."                                                            What is swine flu?
                                                                        Swine flu is a respiratory disease, caused by a
   Judith Wright, Director of Public Health, at the South               strain of the influenza type A virus known as
   Staffordshire Primary Care Trust said: "This exercise effectively
   looked at how we prepare for an outbreak, how we cope with           H1N1.
   problems at their peak and how we return services back to
   normal once problems begin to ease.
                                                                        This is the same strain which causes seasonal
   The need to protect the public is the priority of all the partners   outbreaks of flu in humans on a regular basis.
   but there are simple steps that everyone can take now to help
                                                                        But this latest version of H1N1 is different; it
   prevent catching colds and flu based on good respiratory and
   hand hygiene.”                                                       contains genetic material that is typically found

                                                Further exercises       in strains of the virus that affect humans, birds
                                                involving partners      and swine.
                                                Staffordshire will
                                                continue to be held     Although the strain may have originated in
                                                over the next few
                                                months as the           pigs, it is now a wholly human disease.
                                                situation develops.     It can be spread from person to person by
                                                                        coughing and sneezing.
                                                Information on
                                                Swine Flu is
                                                available on line
                                                                        Symptoms of swine flu in humans appear to be
                                                from NHS Direct at
                                                www.nhsdirect.nhs       similar to those produced by standard,
                                                                        seasonal flu. These include fever, cough, sore
                                                                        throat, body aches, chills and fatigue.
                                                                                Town Centre Evacuation Plans
  Staffordshire Emergency                                                       Work has begun on a town centre evacuation
                                                                                plan for Tamworth.
    Flood Plan Launched                                                         Officers from the Staffordshire Civil
                                                                                Contingencies Unit are working closely with
                                                                                Tamworth Borough Council and emergency
                                                                                services in the town.

                                                                                The partners will draw up a draft plan and
                                                                                hold a multi agency exercise to test its

                                                                                Plans are already in place for Burton,
                          Similar meetings are held in Stoke-on-                Stafford and Stoke on Trent city centre and
                          Trent, chaired by the city‟s Director of              discussions are now planned to carry out
                                                                                similar work at Newcastle under Lyme and
                          Public Health. Work has been carried                  Lichfield.
                          out to identify vulnerable people
                          throughout Staffordshire and to identify
                                                                              Director on Call Training
                                                                            BBC boss to address group
                          essential and non essential services if                 Owen, Station Manager at BBC Radio
                                                                            Sue One to one director on call training is
                                                                                 available from      Staffordshire Civil
                                                                            Stoke, is to attend the November meeting of
                          an emergency happened.
                                                                                 Contingencies Unit for the group.
                                                                            the emergency planning mediafirst time.
                                                                            She will give a talk about the BBC‟s
                      Buildings, Stafford and XX October at                      The training has been devised to provide
                                                                            Connection in a Crisis project.
A new plan to help tackle flooding in Staffordshire has been                      media group is on the by Ian Fegan,
                                                                            The practical advice chairedduties required from
drawn up by the Staffordshire Resilience Forum.
                      the Civic Centre, Stoke.                                   senior council officials Staffordshire Police
                                                                            head of communications atwho take on the vital
The new Staffordshire Emergency Flood Plan is designed to                         attended by press officers from the
                                                                            and director on call role.
ensure that Staffordshire‟s emergency services and councils                 emergency services, councils and health
                                                                   exercise, known as Exercise Ivor,
are ready to respond to future flooding problems.                                 group recently by the CCU. Each session
                                                                            The is being offeredheld a training day at
The plan is among the first in the country to be completed                       lasts Forty people attended and feedback
                                                                            Lichfield. around 90 minutes.
following the devastating floods of 2007.                                   has been positive with a large majority rating
                                                                                 For further information good.
                                                                            the training as good or verycontact Steve Berry
Large parts of England from Hull to Gloucestershire were hit                     on 01785 898618 or email
hard by the summer floods.                                             
Officers from Staffordshire Civil Contingencies Unit coordinated
the writing of the new Staffordshire Emergency Flood Plan after
consulting around 50 organisations involved in flood response                   Flood Forum Launched
                                                                                The first meeting of the Staffordshire
It follows the publication of the Pitt Report and the                           Strategic Flood Forum (SSFF) was held at
Government‟s response to the 2007 floods.                                       Chasewater Innovation Centre on Friday 19
                                                                                June 2009.
Andy Marshall, Director of Staffordshire Civil Contingencies,
said: “Robust flood plans were already in place for                             The terms of reference for the group are to
Staffordshire.                                                                  develop a professional partnership through
                                                                                which to share and disseminate information
  Jargon buster: What is a opportunity to study how
But the floods of 2007 presented an Cat 1 responder?
                                                                                and develop best practices in relation to
  Category One councils, the emergency services and the
bodies such as responders, commonly referred to as Cat 1,                       drainage and flood risk management
armed forces, coped with a series of major incidents. police,
  include all Staffordshire unitary and district councils, the                  activities across Staffordshire and
  fire and ambulance services, hospitals, health service primary                neighbouring authorities.
Our plan draws on the lessons learned to provide a blueprint of
  care trusts and the Environment Agency.
  All we have a vital role to people of Staffordshire have a
how mayshould protect the play in an emergency and if problems
                                                                                Representatives from all Staffordshire local
occur in future.
  seat at Staffordshire Resilience Forum meetings.                              authorities and some utility companies were
   Cat been a mammoth utility companies, transport providers,
It has 2 responders includetask and evidence has been taken                     invited to attend to the meeting, which was
        wide Highways Agency and Network the public and
from a as therange of organisations in bothrail and                             chaired by the Environment Agency.
   Government bodies, including the Health and Safety Executive
private sectors.”
   and the Government Office (West Midlands).
                                                                                Future meetings are expected to be held
For further information on the Staffordshire Emergency Flood Plan contact
Sarah Moore by email at
Samaritans Agree to Offer Emotional Support                                    New Forum Considers
The Staffordshire Resilience Forum can now ask for the support                    Loggists’ Role
of the Samaritans during a major incident.
                                                                               Staff from Category One responders
The nationally renowned charity has formally agreed to assist the              met to discuss the vital role of a loggist
SRF.                                                                           during any major incident.

Andy Marshall, Director of Staffordshire Civil Contingencies,                  A new forum has been set up by the
said: “The support of the Samaritans could prove invaluable.                   Staffordshire Resilience Forum to allow
People are often left feeling emotionally vulnerable during a                  loggists to share information about how
major incident and having expert help on hand can make all the                 they work.
                                                                                                     Megan Harris,
In the course of more than 50 years of supporting people, the                                        pictured, of the Civil
Samaritans have gained a wealth of experience in listening and                                       Contingencies Unit,
communicating, skills.                                                                               said: “The first
                                                                                                     meeting was very
The West Midlands Regional Representative, Marian Cuff, said:                                        useful.
“We provide completely confidential emotional support 24 hours
a day by telephone, personal visit, email and letter.                          It gave attendees the opportunity to
                                                                               comment on the proposed loggist
Through our branch network we also support outreach activities                 training package and to share their
at festivals, prisons, hospitals, schools, workplaces and with the             expertise.
                                                                               It was also the first time that some
Our purpose is to enable those who are experiencing feelings of                delegates had seen the new
distress or despair, including those who may be at risk of suicide,            Staffordshire Prepared log books
to receive confidential emotional support at any time of the day               which are being used for the first time
or night from appropriately trained volunteers. We wish to                     during the current swine flu outbreak.
promote a better understanding in society of suicide, suicidal                 Training sessions for loggists are being
behaviour and the value of expressing feelings which may                       planned for autumn 2009.”
otherwise lead to suicide or impaired emotional health."
                                                                               The loggist role gives crucial support to
Megan Harris, Assistant Civil Contingencies Officer, is currently              decision makers on site and is vital
reviewing arrangements between voluntary sector organisations                  when carrying out a review of how an
and the Staffordshire Resilience Forum and has researched the                  incident was handled.
Voluntary Organisations within Staffordshire.                                  For further information contact Megan on
For further information, contact Megan, on 01785 ………..

  Community Risk Register Updated                                              Our current top risks
 An updated version of the Community Risk Register for Staffordshire is
 available on the Staffordshire Prepared website.                              Pandemic Flu
 SRF partners have reviewed the        The register aims to reassure the
 previous version of the register.     people and communities of               Emerging infectious diseases
                                       Staffordshire that potential hazards,
 The Risk Register is used to direct   risks and threats have been             Influx of British nationals due to
 Contingency Planning, Emergency       assessed and considered.
 Planning and Business Continuity
                                                                               pandemic abroad
 Management workstreams within the     The register assesses the likelihood
 county.                               of an event occurring and its           Heatwave
                                       potential impact on the community.
 The new register can be seen by                                               Storms and gales
 logging on to:                        The Government„s national risk
                                       register can be seen at:       Local urban flooding
Staffing News from the CCU                                              Exercise Gold Phoenix
                                                                        A new exercise designed to rigorously test
There have been several role changes at the Staffordshire               business continuity management plans is
Civil Contingencies Unit with officers taking on new                    to be rolled out by the Staffordshire
responsibilities.                                                       Resilience Forum.

                   Marie Dale (pictured) recently returned from         Gold Phoenix was successfully run with
                   maternity leave and is now working with the          Staffordshire County Council for the first
                   health economies throughout Staffordshire.           time in May.
                   Her specific responsibilities involve liaison
                   with primary care trusts NHS North                   The exercise scenario involved a major fire
                   Staffordshire, NHS Stoke on Trent, the               in a Stafford town centre office block
                   University Hospital of North Staffordshire           housing staff from the council‟s Children
and the North Staffs Combined Healthcare NHS Trust.                     and Lifelong Learning service.

                      Steve Berry (pictured) is now working             Officers from the Staffordshire Civil
                      closely with Stafford Borough Council             Contingencies Unit have now carried out a
                      and providing support to the Director on          similar exercise with South Staffordshire
                      Call service at Staffordshire County              District Council and plan to roll out the
                      Council.                                          exercise to all borough and district
                    Ellie Gatrill-Smith has added preparation
                    work for Exercise White Water, which                The CCU also hopes to use the exercise in
will test the new Staffordshire Emergency Flood Plan, to her            the health sector, including primary care
duties.                                                                 trusts and hospitals.

Meanwhile, student placement Alex Evans will return to
Coventry University in September to complete his degree.

A new student placement has been recruited.
                                                                          Staffs fire appliance   CCU control unit

 Training is Pure Gold (and Silver)                                       Resilient Comms Plan
 More than 30 delegates attended Silver and Gold training
 exercises staged by the Staffordshire Resilience Forum in
 partnership with Leicestershire Police.
                                                                        Staffordshire now has a new Resilient
 The exercises were              For further information on training    Communications Plan.
 attended by officers from       and future available courses contact
 Category One and Two            Steve Hill by email at
 responders and the    
                                                                        The plan has been ratified by the
 voluntary sector.                                                      Staffordshire Resilience Forum and
                                                                        has been sent out to all Category One
 These included the
 emergency services,
                                                                        responders on a computer disc.
 councils, health bodies, the
 Environment Agency,                                                    Peter Taylor of the Civil Contingencies
 Government Office of the
 West Midlands and the
                                                                        Unit said: “It is important that the plan
 British Red Cross.                                                     is carefully read and revisited regularly
                                                                        as there are quarterly implications for
 The sessions were held at
 the Leicestershire Police
                                                                        the emergency services, local
 training suite at Ashby de la                                          authorities and the health economies.”

Staffordshire Prepared is produced and published by the Staffordshire CCU on behalf of the Staffordshire Resilience
Forum. Telephone 01785 898618 or e-mail

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